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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Let's -REALLY- See Some Chaos!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
How does one add to the chaos one asks?  Simple... Just ask, out loud "How much worse can it get?"  I absolutely think that actually works.  I mean why not?  -Anything- that 'pours gas on the fire' or 'stomps on the accelerator' is welcome at this point

Pedal to the Metal indeed.

Listening to Talk Radio this A.M. was enlightening.  The normie moron bias out there, even in ostensibly 'CON-servative' demographics... man... all I can say, and this ain't gaslighting, but there is -no- hope for this country UNTIL we have a culling.  Now, this ain't 'doom and gloom.'  This's purely my own thoughts, but lets face it.  We done fucked up this world.  FAR too badly to rectify it in a 'normal fashion.'  The 'stupid' is so prolific... 

We fucked with Mother Nature, and she don't like to be fucked with.  We've coddled the worthless, the brainless, the stupid and promoted a world mindset of unsustainable growth and thinking that everything will keep being awesome for all time, forever.
Uhh no.

We've set ourselves, societally speaking, up for failure.  That so much and so badly, even the Elites can see it, and unfortunately for us, they have the means in which to institute a Darwinian Styled event to attempt to rectify it.  Of course they're doing it so that /theirguys/ come out on top.  That in itself has issues.  They seem to have forgotten that -sometimes- the "prey" gets a vote.  Recently there was vidya of a bison or African Buffalo getting attacked by lions... it looked pretty bad until the Buff decided he was done fucking around, and purely kil't said-Simba outright.  Horn through the bottom of the jaw, and through the brain.  The other lions?  Bailed.  As in "OK, we fucked with the wrong Buff!" and tucked tail and de-part-ted with haste...  

Fortunately for us, /ourguys/ aren't generally part and parcel of the 'useless eaters'.  In fact, the Elite have forgotten that people like us are the reason this country was so awesome in the beginning.  The 'take no shit' and 'Because Fuck You That's Why' fighters, drinkers, deplorable carousers... to quote Hedley Lamarr: "...rustlers, cut throats, murderers, bounty hunters, desperados, mugs, pugs, thugs, nitwits, halfwits, dimwits, vipers, snipers, con men, Indian agents, Mexican bandits, muggers, buggerers, bushwhackers, hornswogglers, horse thieves, bull dykes, train robbers, bank robbers, ass-kickers, shit-kickers and Methodists!!!" are all what made this country the most ass-kicking country for oh so many years.

And for this, we are purely hated by well, everyone us.  They hate us 'cos they ain't us
And they're loving the current insanity that's going on.  I can't find anything wrong with what's happening... I mean I can from a patriotic point of view, but I'm so over it.  It's like this.  They (for lack of a better term) The Committee, have taken over, and it's getting even MOR obvious how the 'battle lines' are being drawn.  The Generals just yesterday threw The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den under "Da Bus" by pretty much calling him out as a liar about the request for troop levels in Affy.  Now mind you, this's the same Slo Xi-Den who defended "Der Chenerals" from any and all repercussions of oh, treason, murder, and general lack of leadershit.  The closest failure in modern times I can find from World War Two was some general named Fredendall who was so bad they outright shitcanned him...

He only fucked up a battle or two...
The Current Klown Kar Show of Perfumed Political Princes of Pomp, Pimp and Circumstances, the Vagazelled and Bemedaled Manginas-in-Anusform?  Not one. single. firing.  Hell, not even a "You done fucked up!" in public nor private that I can tell  by anyone anywhere.  That to me is the Ultimate Crime.  I mean the charges that they're pushing against LTC Scheller?  As I called it... all bullshit can-make-it-stick "Unbecoming" and "Bad Monkey!" Charges... essentially the Crotch is going to fry him for badthink, and being public about it.

Which, by the very fact that no-one in charge has been fried, well despite all the posturing, postulation, positioning and bullshit, that can only lead me to one of two conclusions on the Bagram Bugout, also known as "The Afghan Haul-Ass: We Got Our Asses Kicked"

1) No one got fried because they were following orders  THAT right there, well, treason used to be something that -mattered-.  Guess these days, nosomucho Aye?

2) No one got fried because no one ever gets fried in this Administration.  This's the Zero Defect Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den.  Nothing shall ever sully His Works, nor His Good Name, Peace and Profit (and 10%) Be Upon Him, Evermore.

God... I think I puked in my mouth writing that last bit 

But yeah, those are the choices, and both, for whatever reason are valid, and possible.  Only time will tell.  In my case, it's payday this week, which means, provided it ain't on the 'rationed list' at CostCo, Ima picking up a whooooole lotta popcorn, 'cos shyttes going to get interesting to say the least.

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. I read yesterday about Chesty Puller when he went to inspect an outfit on one of the Marine bases . When he was done with the formal assembly of pretty marines in their dress uniforms he asked to go to the brig and inspect the real Marines . He grabbed the crew he was assembling from the brig . All badasses .

  2. I've noticed that most of the time a gun just has to be pointed at someone to get them to do what the pointer wants. When was the last time a tyrannical government was removed by vote? The American civilian -- the largest army on earth -- may need to start pointing.
    "; when the gov fears the people, you have Liberty."

  3. "Now, this ain't 'doom and gloom.' This's purely my own thoughts, but lets face it. We done fucked up this world. FAR too badly to rectify it in a 'normal fashion.' The 'stupid' is so prolific... "

    It's not it's just a case of facts are facts, but WE did not do most of it WE just allowed it to happen same as the founders did. They took care of it and now we have to take care of it. It will be HELL on earth but the sooner we get to the bottom the sooner we rise like the Phoenix out of the ashe heap.

  4. High Speed Trans-Cortical Lead Injection Therapy IS the answer, 100% cure rate for any and all pernicious, recidivist societal problems known to mankind. Become a practitioner and start making the world a better place. You'd be surprised how easy this wonder therapy is to apply. Won't you help make a better world?

  5. The honorable Patriots Rittenhouse and Scheller are flash points in a nation standing up to its neck in gasoline. J6 political prisoners too but they are less visible. Accelerants.

    Even moreso than the election fraud.

    Most don't see it, they just see those poor sorry suckers that tried to pick up a penny in front of the steamroller. Or that Chinese dude in Tiananmen Square.

    But as a student of history, I know an inflection point inside a Fourth Turning when I see one.

    Purdy doggone sure.

    They as individuals make us search our souls. And identify or not. And therefore, have to live with what we find.

    The cost for them is high as individuals. As is the cost for us as individuals when we see the real reflection in the mirror.

    To thine own self be true.

    1. It sure does seem like weak men making bad times.

      I kinda think of that saying as the kindergarten explanation of the generational theory.

    2. Great post by BCE, great comment by Adino.

  6. The parasites keep feeding on the productive until they are stopped. Permanently.
    When the switch gets thrown there will be 40mil dead in the first 6 months.
    The burn-off will be glorious.

    1. Decimate -- reduce by ten percent.
      I anticipate a decimation every week.
      Week One -- thirty million grudges, dope-fiends, bumblebrats
      Week Two -- twenty-four million eaters, slums and med-dependent
      Week Three -- twenty million hoarders and preppers
      Week Four -- fifteen million 'not us', illegals and chinese students
      Week Five -- farmers and ranchers over-run by walls of starving mobs
      Week Six -- electric grid collapse, a hundred mil gone in hours
      Week Seven -- epidemic(s) from miles of corpses, every stranger is a vector
      Any time during these days, the chinese collapse, their financial house of chop-sticks crumble from within.
      A half-billion peasants dead from snitching to Political Officers.
      Another half-billion starve, another half-billion die of thirst, another half-billion die after 'traditional herbal treatments' turn out to be quackery.
      Millions of Heritage European males hunted for sport, executed by recent military-age imports.
      Heritage European females return to chattel status.
      The squatters in Palestine, evaporated.
      Without billions in welfare from gullible American tax-payers, Tel Abib is dismantled, brick by brick, gone as if it never existed.
      New York city is cannibalized.
      San Angeles/Los Diego and frisco die of thirst.
      hollywood escapes to sprawling ranches in Idaho and Montana, are immediately executed by their security people.
      On a small organic teaching farm near the outskirts of Eugene, Oregon, frequent commenter LM sits in the porch-rocker, occasionally tossing a tennis-ball to the dogs.

  7. See if anyone can find out where the Local Whorehouse is located around D.C., and I don't mean Congress.
    No class talent is located there without a good value for services rendered. Michael Finn certain members and have them placed around the areas in full view of cameras. Make sure badly done obscene tattoos are visible.

    Get some popcorn and drinks, then record the festivities for posterity. Red

  8. AIn't sayin' nuthin' I ain't been thinking the last eighteen months. Been thinking we needed a Darwin Implosion since the Masks went full throttle and I was able to see just how much STOOPID really exists. Some can fake it, some days, but not everyday, and the masks 'unmasked' the fakers IMO.
    But that's not all by far and we all know it. In the words of my grandparents, "there's gonna be a reckoning'. " and soon, me thinks.

    1. As I've said many times here, never stop an idiot from doing the planet a favor. I won't waste another second trying to talk sense to an idiot.
      I've got a sister, brother in law and MANY old friends who've taken the jab, sucks to be them.

    2. @SemperFi 0321

      I also have many family members and friends and people around me who have taken the various shots (Pfizer - Moderna -Johnson & Johnson).
      So far no severe problems from any of them other than muscle aches and extreme tiredness for a day or two after the shot, but will have to wait to see how things go over the Winter months.

      A few are with me in preferring not to get any of the shots and are choosing to remain "Pure-Bloods" and trusting in Quercetin, Zinc, Vitamins C & D and Claritin as prophylactic and Ivermectin if needed.

      Do know of a friend of a friend in his 40's healthy with a family died of sudden heart attack. No information if/when he was jabbed. His death was attributed to some unknown heart defect he always had and/or "God has promised tomorrow to no one".)

      So if bad things happen I suspect a lot of cases of heretofore unknown bad heart and stroke genetic conditions are going to start showing up and God is suddenly going to be deciding to be calling a lot of people home. Or at least that's the way a lot of the people who currently believe in the pro-vax propaganda will probably be looking at things.

      About a third of us don't trust this shit, but we're dialed into the messages of the doctors and nurses and others who are sounding the warnings and are getting banned from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. We will be in the control group.

      A lot of people are on the other side are going to be slow to come around and rather than a sudden awakening I suspect a lot of other alternative explanations will be offered for the fully vaccinated people dying and will be parroted by those who have taken the shot(s) and don't want to think about the possible bad that has happened to them.

  9. ". . .two choices. . ." Embrace the power of "and".

  10. as i see it, this is the chairman of the joint chiefs declaiming uncle shmo as a liar. publicly. along with some other generals ?
    in the real world they would've all been red-shirted by now. the fact that nunn been said or dun yet makes
    my brain wanna conjur up dark shit. like is this the mil getting uppity, and drawing a line in the sand ?
    that is a hand that'd HAVE to be forced. or else.
    who is actually running this shitshow ? money sez it aint the purported c in c

  11. Covid "Vaccines" are Decimating US Army, says MD


  12. We definitively need a massive die-off, a 90% extinction level event.

  13. Even Stevie Wonder can see shit WILL go sideways. What gets me is the Conservative normies are standing around like cows in a pasture, chewing the cud, and don't have the faintest clue about the level of fucked-upness that is poised to drop on heads all over the political spectrum. And I ALMOST feel sorry for the leftist retards who think they will be among the ones spared by the elite pricks. At least the lefties can wrap their minds around the culling that's about to commence. They just don't know they're on the menu !!
    My prediction, if there are enough of us from this small group still standing, is that once all the useless eaters from BOTH sides are culled those badasses among us that remain will be offered a peaceful co-existence by those elites when they realize just how close THEY came to annihilation.
    Hope I'm clever enough to see all of you on the other side of that wet dream.

  14. How much worse can it get? I'll take "questions you do not want to know the answer to" for $1000, Alex.

    1. "Questions you do not want to know the answer to"
      (Hat Tip to Matt Bracken) - "Bosnia times Rwanda"

  15. Who is this "we" of which you speak? It certainly isn't me, or you, nor your readers. Don't be shy, say the quiet part out loud. It was (((them)))!

  16. I'm glad Large Marge pointed out for us how it's going to go, millions-of-deaths-wise. Uh, the only requirement to be a prophet is 100% accuracy. Sorry, but that's the rule. Even if she is right, no one will remember or even know. I would say, whatever you do, be prepared for anything if you can. And then be flexible. In case you remember the 100% thing. For all y'all hooked on the Jews did it thing, what happens if you make it to the other side of Armageddon, and no one else is left, but you and the Jews? All well, que cera, cera.

  17. " ... some general named Fredendall who was so bad they outright shitcanned him..." Yet according to Wikipedia: In spite of being relieved of command, Fredendall was promoted to lieutenant general in June 1943, assumed command of Second Army and was greeted in the United States as a hero.

  18. ... Just ask, out loud "How much worse can it get?" I absolutely think that actually works.

    answer, a lot worse. see, i.e. anne applebaums's Gulag.

    God I hate you normies out there. Stupidly comfortable. The morons that are going to enthusictically vote for Trump becuase they think Mr. Miliqieatoast will save them. Hopefully, the ADE kills off all the stupid normies

    1. You're not alone, it comes up in conversation frequently, but very quietly too.
      They will never wake up to the fact they got sold out by their hero and savior.

    2. Most of these normies have spent their entire lives on this political hampster wheel, and never wake up that it never ends, that's the entire game, keeping them going in circles and hoping next time their side wins, but the wheel is run by the Uni-party, they don't care who wins, because they always do.
      Humans are so fucking stupid.