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Friday, September 24, 2021

Fucked Around, Found Out

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Bit behind ye olde power curve today as I had to be the 'facilitator' at training today.  Seems being 'the boss' also entails re-certifying as a fucking trainer as well.  Thing is, it's not a requirement, but a 'time waster'.  They ain't got shit for me to do until 'kick off' in Mid-to-Late October which means keeping me busy.

Le Sigh

If I wasn't so far behind on the $$$ side of things, I'd be like "put me on LWOP" (leave with out pay) because this here is toe-nail rippingly painful.  Like OMFG... the things I do for shekels.  I'm thinking I need to explore y'all suggestion(s) to write a book or something.  I really would love to but man, as if I ain't got enough on Ye Olde Platter amiright?  Maybe, maybe... have to see.

Now, couple of topics:  First, some good news out of Oklahoma:
Seems a 9 Year old had dis fukkin  guy being overly 'fondle' of him at the bus stop.  And guess what?  He's a pastor at the Local Church.  Or was as the case may be.  He was at the Lakehoma Church of Christ, so not sure what denomination he is... if he was Catholic, it'd be cool.  Not sure with the Baptists/Lutheran/"Other"...  But the kid deserves a gold star.  Or at least 
Takes guts to tell your folks that -someone- is 'touching you' inappropriately the embarrassment is usually what fucksticks like this piece of shit count on to keep doing dirty deeds.  This kid?  Told Mom and Dad

And Dad waited in Ambush.
And caught the fucker
On film no less...
THEN he beat the ever loving shit out of the guy.  The story is here:
Notice one really smiley face on this story?  Yeah, me too.  No charges for Dad.  Like nada.  Any bets that "fell off the curb" was on the 'official police report?'

I ain't take that fucking bet Aye.

Now, besides the happy-happy of a future MorBark Candidate, we also have heard from several sources that the higher-higher are getting a might nervous about the possibility of a concerted effort on the part of the Notavaxx Resisters in Uniform.  Seems that most, if not all, want to take it to a General Courts Martial.  Which in itself is huge.  Unless they bring back a 'drumhead' Courts Martial, or empower so serious judicial chicanery, requesting a full Courts Martial triggers a bunch of shit, most of which, on a small, onesie-twosie basis, not too much hassle.

However, IF all of them demand it (as is their right), first an Article 32 needs to be conducted.  That's like a Military Grand Jury... now they -might- be able to derail the process, but if they do, it risks upsetting long established legal precedent.  So, that's a couple of things, Time, Money, and People.  Lots of moving parts in a Article 32.  Watch the show JAG and you -might- get a 10% idea of the shit that goes on, never mind the trial.  And if they get a hotshot legal beagle who wants to introduce like actual evidence of the Notavaxx being bad for said-targeted individuals?   

Yeah, that shit is going to be as fucked up as a soup sandwich with big floppy noodles flopping alllll over the place.  Straight up Eleven Up, and Three Down...

All Ate Up.  Fucked Up From The Neck Up as we used to say.  I think they were counting on the threat of a Dishonorable would be enough to coerce them.  What they didn't figure was on the SEALs stepping up en-mass and telling them to get fucked.  Now the regular Joes, who're already highly disgruntled about, well, like fucking everything.  

That's a BIG part of the issue.  "The Cloud People" tend to forget that the lower enlisted tend to be insanely bright go-getters.  The 'worst of the worst' imagery from the Draft in Vietnam still carries with these fool, so they seem to think that the grunts, well that they don't so to speak.  In their eyes, the filthy enlisted swine, from the Elitist POV is that they're too stupid to know better, and therefor they, the Highly Schooled and Intelligent and Elite need to lead these wayward, backward hick "Children of the Deplorables" into the Benevolent Light of the Progressive side of things....

Heh..."Children of the Deplorables"... more like "Children of the Corn" complete with crucifixions when the Grunts decide that they're done dealing with these assholes.... 

What hilarious is it's pretty much the exact opposite in-ranks.  The more pozzed out assholes in the ranks?  Who tend to be poozzed as fuck?  They've been promoting faaar out of range/ability and are among the most worthless, brainless, and fucktarded "soldiers" in the DotMil.  They're the ones who parrot the "party line" and make good little "stukaches" (Russian slang for 'informer'... NOT a nice term to be known by... we usually called 'em Narcs)  Case in point?  That collision of of Singapore?  The McCain?  Yeah... the end result of that investigation was that two fucking split-tails, who were promoted because of "wahmens" and "reasons" and from what I heard, "diversity".  These two bee-atchas weren't on speaking terms for whatever reason, and because of a personal waaaahmans beef ten sailors died.  

If I'd been C.N.O. I'd have hung the two of them, and cashiered -anyone- who had ever had anything to do with their 'moving up the ranks.'  But nowadays?  I think they're both still serving.  In fact the "investigation" of this?  Yeeeeeah... here's a direct quote: "...(it) report “should not be used to assign blame or determine liability”.

In other words, nothing to see here
Just like the Perfumed Fake and Ghey Fucktard-Princess on Sodom-on-the-Potomac.
Treason?  Never heard of her.

So, be of good cheer, and move to Florida.  
It's looking smarter and smarter being here.
We'll have to see.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. At the bar last night there was a gal from the local army base. Been in 13 years, has not got the shot, will not get the shot, there is all sorts of BS they are threatening them with. She said there was over 88,000 soldiers who have not gotten the shot. At this point they need to just accept that those of us who haven't gotten the shot just are not going to do it.

  2. Church of Christ is a semi-fundamentalist to totally-fundamentalist protestant fucked up sect. Not quite snake-wranglers, but about half of them are pretty darned close (and the more fundi of the bunch also may cross over to snake-wrangling churches.)

    They are very big on handling everything through the Church and through the local church's council of deacons. So, well, wife beating? Church council. Child abuse? Church council. Say anything to an outsider? Church council and get shunned (like the Amish, but they (church of Christ aren't cool) or worse and then expelled from said church and they'll follow you and report on you (like the Scientologists) and scare you to keep silent or else (like disappear into a holler or cave in the Smokies.)

    They also are very big on getting members into law enforcement, so they can keep tabs on other members.

    Know a few who finally escaped from those fucks. One was going to be murdered by her father for ratting out to the civil authority that he'd been abusing her for years. How'd he know? One of the sergeants in charge of rape crime investigation was a deacon in the church and ratted on her. She escaped, and spent the rest of their lives running from place to place. She'd move across the country, pick up a job completely different than the last one, and 3-6 months later she'd come home and her parents would be at the door of her abode. How? The whole greater church will spy out for one of their own in order to keep tabs on the wayward girls. While she was hidden and on the run, the local church and the overall governing body both excommunicated her. An escapee from the church, a male who wised up, said there was a reward on her for sighting and spying on her. And a bounty to take care of her if she ever spoke to the cops.

    Several other ex-Church-o-Christ girls have similar experiences. And me? Friend-zone totally. These girls are scarred psychically forever by the freaks in the church.

    So, well, father beating his ass? Good. Because his overall church most likely won't care one bit about the diddler's actions and will welcome him with open arms at another location, as a pastor, in charge of children's services, because that's how those worthless fucks in the CoC act.

    I mean, imagine a church specifically set up for the most idiotic and sleazy used car and house siding salesmen and other door-to-door and phone bank sales people. Yeah, a bunch of people that make street gypsies look almost good. That's my experience with them.

    So the dude that lived across the street with his mommy? That's the sterling people that I've found function in that church.

  3. Been looking more and more at leaving this shithole state (CA) and relocating to Florida. Researched The Villages but 132,000 retireds driving golf carts scares me a little. Grandparents years ago retired to the beachy side of Tampa Bay (Largo) but I'm sure it has changed quite a bit. Last visit there was 2007 or so to St Pete Beach. Spent many a vacation as a lad up and down those beaches. Real estate on the beach I'd imagine is completely insane by now.

    1. They may drive golf carts, and there are golf cart paths to the medical complexes and shopping centers. And they are well armed golf cart drivers.

      Stay away from St. Pete, it's a shithole.

      The Villages really are a good place to stay.

  4. Best friend all through school, her daddy was a Church of Christ preacher. Me being all “Christian but no church home,” I attended with her fairly often. NOTHING like the previous commenter described. More like Baptist, only without the musical instruments in church. Not callin’ nobody a liar, just sayin’ maybe there are different flavors of CoC. (Bear in mind, I grew up in the Bible Belt’s buckle, so it was all normal to me.)

  5. Best friend all through school, her daddy was a Church of Christ preacher. Me being all “Christian but no church home,” I attended with her fairly often. NOTHING like the previous commenter described. More like Baptist, only without the musical instruments in church. Not callin’ nobody a liar, just sayin’ maybe there are different flavors of CoC. (Bear in mind, I grew up in the Bible Belt’s buckle, so it was all normal to me.)

  6. Big Country,
    When I was still a Scouter (Boy Scout adult leader), we had classes we took every couple of years on youth protection. We learned about "grooming", it made me sick to my stomach. How anyone, of any persausion can look at a child and feel sexual is beyond my ken, (or the understaning of any normal person). I hope he burns!

    1. When I was in Scouts back in the early 60's, they showed us the documentary, "Boys Beware" (1961). It's made me aware & beware for the past 60 years.

  7. Roughly 20% of my unit hasn't taken the not-vax. Some of those will take it, but quite a few won't. Lots of first-termers are saying they'll take the administrative separation. Lots of people like me saying "Fuck it, all they can do is retire me so I'm going to be as big a pain in their ass as I can possibly be." They done fucked up. They won't admit it, and the media will never cover it, but they done fucked up bad.

  8. ....These two bee-atchas weren't on speaking terms for whatever reason, and because of a personal waaaahmans beef ten sailors died.....

    Yeah, ten men died in the name of giving equality to vagina transportatiion systems (VTS's). The erratic propensity of VTS's to exhibit bazarre behaviors outside mission parameters gets men killed. Every sailor for example, that has had to pull extra duty because a VTS decided it was in its own best self interest to get knocked up, that sailor gets one bat swing for every day of duty. There is an option to beat the shit out of the guy that knocked her up since he got laid but you got duty.

    There are only a very small number of jobs VTS's should ever be allowed to in uniform.

  9. Not sure if the threat of all those soldiers demanding a full Court Martial would be a deterrent to the assclowns in charge. takes time, money and a lot of personnel to make it happen but guess what....the assclowns in charge HAVE plenty of time....they get paid no matter what....and money, after all it's OUR tax dollars being spent AND plenty of hired paper pushers to make it happen. And We The People foot the bill for the WHOLE DAMN THING. So while the enlisteds may decide to demand a Court Martial the criminals in charge will almost certainly call that "bluff" and see what happens then.

  10. While it is a bit encouraging that the Okie pedo got his a$$ kicked, the fact that he is still breathing only proves that the USA remains a pussified lockdown compliant serfdom. Sadly one must look to the Russkies for an example of how to properly dispense justice to pedos:
    No need to deal with the corrupt popo - good for arresting folks not wearing face diapers & related nonsense, but not so good at dealing with actual criminals.
    DOL mofo’s