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Friday, September 10, 2021

Frankie Sez "Relax"

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
I am now fully convinced that everything we're getting, seeing and hearing is designed to cause a 'rebellion on the right'.  Change my mind.  Yesterdays 'presser' with the (p)Resident The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den was designed to infuriate.  Case in point:
The language
The tone
The presentation
The content
ALL designed and probably put together by the 'Committee' that's actually running the show.  And of this group, they went as hard as they could into full on Dictatorial Mode, hoping that r/ourguys do something stupid.  

To which I say: Relax.
I know it's a bitter pill to swallow.  I know it's retardation at it's finest.  Thing is, it also shows how desperate they're getting.  All you have to do is quietly fail to comply.  Refuse.  Remember the -best- way is to use some of the shit that brought another Socialist Bureaucratic-Oriented DotGov to it's knees.  That was Poland.
Yeah... Solidarity and their leader, true Nobel Peace Prize winner Lech Walesa.  They most definitely don't teach -anything- about the Solidarity Movement is schools here anymore.  Nope, that'd be counterproductive to the plan.  It ended up being a primarily peaceful overthrow-by-undermining the State via strikes, ridicule, and whatnot.  Directly lifted from Wiki (not exactly an r/ourguys site):

"In the 1980s, Solidarity was a broad anti-bureaucratic social movement, using methods of civil resistance to advance the causes of workers' rights and social change.  Government attempts in the early 1980s to destroy the union through the imposition of martial law in Poland and the use of political repression failed."

Part of -why- it worked was that they essentially undercut like everything.  They started at the docks first, refusing to unload ships, which was a HUGE part of Poland's trade.  They did strikes, walk-offs all the usual union stuff.  Not for nothing, I was living in Austria as a kid and remember watching it on a Black and White TV with my DeadDad wondering if the Rooskies were going to roll in the Armor like they did in oh so many other places.  It was big news to all the 'Muricans overseas...  Thing was, we didn't know it, but Ivan the Bear at the time was a hollowed out pale shadow of it's former badass self... Sound familiar don't it?

So yep.  They're going the same route.  They as in Leviathan.  The DotGov is trying to 'rile us up' into doing -something- that provokes us.  And their "false flag department", while still active, is sort of, pardon the pun, IMO "out of ammunition" as no one fucking believes their bullshit-filled-bullshitting selves any longer.  They/, as they say, went for the 'cheap regular thrills' and now?  It's gonna have to be a really huge Whangdoodle of a -something- to get our attention these daysAnd if it's that big and horrific, guesstimates on my end are No One is going to believe them at all.

Hell... I'm getting intel that MANY Regular Army Units are in almost open rebellion mode now.  Troops are openly mocking the CinC (illegal to do on active duty) and daring the can't cunt commanders to try something.

Add on that at almost every. single. college foozball game, the most popular chant is now "Fuck Joe Biden".  That right there is some 'Romanian Level" shit right there.  And for those of you not in the historical aspect of things, Romania was a Communist Dictatorship, until it wasn't.
Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena fucked around, and found out hard.

Sooooo... what can we take from the Intrepid Reporter's short history lessons?  Well, for one, crack a book.  Research Solidarity and their tactics.  If you work in an industry that's critical and they want you to take the jab, fuck 'em.  Walk off.  Like Aesop is planning on doing.  ER/Critical Care Nurse?  Somewhere, someone will hire you, jab or no jab.  

Hell, yesterday's blegg had a comment from a reader who's an air-traffic controller, which in my experience (I knew a few of them back in the day) there aren't too many jobs as stressful and as skilled as an ATC.  They're like palladium in rarity and value.  He said that over 50% of them have all agreed to fuck off and walk off rather than jab.  

It's also fascinating to see who's exempt from this shit.  It seems all the 'makework jobs for retards' like the Postal Service are being exempted.  Man, if there's one group that needs culling and sterilization, that's one I could  be on board with.  Any bets the DMV gets to be vax free?

Point is Organize.  Those with monies, assist those without.  God know I sure as fuck wouldn't have survived without you crazy folks here, and for that I thank you.  And provided I can keep this satanic position, I'll be in a position to assist those who need it as we go along (after I pay back thems I need to of course).  Pay it forward.  If you got extra food, give it to those who ain't got a deep larder.

And THAT.  Make sure you stockpile as best as possible.  Things are going to get weird, so it's now time to go pro.

Also, keep memeing and ridiculing.  Point out how fucking retarded the fucking Diaper Filler in Charge is.  Point out and mock him.  At any and all Public Gatherings, start the chant "Fuck Joe Biden" and record it.  Poast it on the Bitchute or the Gab... anywhere and everywhere.  Guerilla Flyers on telephone poles.  Memes being one of my talents, I made this one last night in my anger at the bullshit that'd flowed out of that sanctimonious fucktard fag's mouth:
Quick snip and save, open Paint, and then a cut n'paste of a 'Hitler' Stache.  Couple of Brushstrokes and thats it.  Takes about 15 minutes.  Then, I go to  You can make a meme there.  Now, I use the snipping tool so as to NOT save my shit.  I cut and save it after it's created so it's NOT on their database, as I eventually expect them to crack down on Dank Memers like they are in the Formerly-Great Britain.  So by NOT creating an account, and using the snipping tool, you still get the meme without the potential of being found out.

And to address something... lots of the 'true believers' of the hardcore that "Hitler was Right" were insulted on Blab about my utilization of der Fuher's likeness... what it is is that to a 'normie' the "Hitler Imagery" immediately sparks a negative reaction on an instinctual level due to the edgamuhcation they've had.  I'm not going to debate right/wrong vis-a-vis a dead politician from 70+ years ago...  And seeings that the target of the Meme -should- be the 'normies', especially the assholes who voated for that fuckhead.  Let them see what they have wrought.  Not that they'll give a fuck, but still, the constant deluge of this should be enough to overload their lil tender cortexes.

The fact of the matter is, they're weak.
These moves are designed to provoke so they can be "righteous and enlightened while they crack down on any and all threats to the Republic..." leastways that's how they'll try to sell it.  By standing pat on our end, r/ourguys can let them keep ramping up the pressure.  Every notch they crank it, it's going to start hurting r/theirguys.

THAT is where they'll fail
IF we can hold.
The shit they're ramping up?  Man, they're oh so fucking stupid.  It's hilarious.  As Princess Leia said: "The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers."  Yep.  The MOR they crank down, the more it's going to start to affect even r/theirguys.  You can see it in the supposed ratings polls.  They claim that he's hovering just above the lowest of the low numbers... and these are skewed polls... in reality?  Don't think I've ever heard a chant at ANY college level game that called out the Chief Executive of the Untied Statz to go fuck himself.  I'd have to say this fucker's real rating is sub-cellar levels.  Like the real numbers
Can there be a negative number poll?

So, that's it for now.
Be the Gray Man
Keep Stinging

Solidarity Now

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Report
Big Country


  1. "Dick-tater"?


  2. Need a meme of Jill and camel toe getting railed out by some big ole Blakey bulls while Joe sits off to the side watching

  3. As an addon I don't have the knowledge to meme. It took me 10 minutes to digger this out.

  4. Thx, I’ll study up on Solidarity! On board with non compliance otherwise I’m deadSteve. Although getting ready, I hold no allusions about being rocki, rambow, or j bawnd

  5. In the prophecy of Dumitru Duduman the Romanian prophet a rebellion first breaks out in middle America provoked by the communists that took over our government followed closely by Russia nuking the east and west coasts as well as Minneapolis with ten big ole nukes . I read his prophecies years ago but never thought about them until the commies took over in DC this last election and here we are getting poked in the eye with a sharp commie stick nearly every day . Take a look at them for yourself . Copy&paste

  6. Belushi did do a tank commander at one point. I really miss George Carlin. He was a wise ass even if I did not like his politics. What is it about Gays and Vegans they feel the need to self identify in the fist few minutes of a conversation?

  7. Nothing like a good Leia quote to bring it home, most people defer to Yoda but it takes a visionary to jump outside the box.

  8. fuck that, its time to start shooting mf's. lost my job a month ago. they're making me unemployable. lots of people talking the talk, not so many doing what i did. they'll be after my .mil pension next. when that shit kicks i'm going hunting. show them what 30 years of training gets you. let them try martial law with half of their troops stepping off to the other side or just giving an f/u salute. 80 plus million unvaxxed by their count, enough to surround the halls of mordor and go all jericho on their asses. btw, after the walls fell, they massacred every last one of those inside. jus saying. ask solzhenitzen about sitting on our asses.

    1. All that is needed is 10,000 Christopher Dorners, welcomr to the ranks.

    2. I have The Gulag Archipelago and have read about half of it. It's 1,700 some-odd pages. A great essay about leninism here:

      ...from a red diaper baby who left Communism.

  9. Here is an interesting data point. Behind enemy lines in the most Covidian city in the most Covidian state (SF, CA) you would be surprised at just how many people dont buy the BS. As expected almost all the local MSM media outlets have shut down comments on all stories as the comments showed too much Wrong Think (and more actual knowledge about subjects of the news stories than the journos). But in the few local media outlets that do have readers comments the comments are overwhelmingly against the vax mandates. This includes Berkeley. Even the batshit crazy people in Berkeley are not buying it. No matter what the local MSM is saying. That's how full Pravda / Peoples Daily the MSM have gone. Just like Back in the USSR not even paid up members of the CPSU believed what they read in Pravda.

    So there maybe a simpler explanation. Maybe there is no bigger plot. Unlike in January. Maybe Biden has just gone completely rogue and because he is surrounded by pathetic yes men (like the Chief of Staff) and the Dem Party is just full of geriatric old hags like Pelosi or casting couch pols like Kamala the whole situation has spun completely out of control. With a crazed senile cunning nasty vindictive incompetent fuck-wit on the rampage. So more Fuherbunker 1945 than Night of the Long Knives 1934.

    Either way, we're fucked. Its going to be pure Der Untergang. With Fauci as Goebbels and Chuck Schumer as Martin Bormann.

    1. and recall with Fuhrerbunker, the rats scurried to save themselves when Der Fuhrer bailed with the HCN. we need to be able to round them up

  10. First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a socialist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

    1. There's a place without Socialists, trade unions, and also without Jews? Sounds heavenly.

  11. Don't get on any train! Don't get on any bus or in any SUV! Apparently leviathan has a plan for "quarantine" camps for ... you make the call but I'm gonna say the unvaxxed.
    For hundreds of years only the sick were quarantined now I'm not so sure. For your own safety don't get on ANY transport when leviathan says so. BFYTW! If you become sick quarantine yourself so leviathan doesn't have an excuse to send you to the "camp".

    Keep calm and take 5 with you (Solzhenitsyn's rule #1 for the 21st Century); it's a condensed version of his "oh how we burned..." quote. The following statements are for information purposes only. The science says 2 Rounds of .45-70 through the "stack" will send them reeling and I don't give a shit what protective gear they are wearing or holding. Do the fucking math. I think there are STILL plenty of lever action .45-70's to go around in the govt gun outlets. If you believe in the right of self defense, do yourself a favor, man up and get a caliber that only takes one or two rounds when it comes to CQB defense. Once leviathan starts coming door to door, that is when the "jackasses" and their families end up dead and buried. At some point, LE will have to think twice about continuing unconstitutional BS. LE better get their minds unfucked and go pro liberty/freedom or they will be the first to go... then the Ministry of Propaganda mouthpieces. I am NOT threatening anyone as it is history that tells us this is how it ALWAYS plays out when things finally go kinetic because of dictators and their "executive orders".

    Grey Ghost

    1. Have you heard the recent story about a guy in India dying of "Nipa" virus? That's henipavirus, and Peter Daszak of EcoHealth Alliance (Fauci's buttfucking buddy), has been studying it since at least 2007.

  12. The Rooskies are complaining about election interference ahead of their upcoming Duma elections. I heard somebody say they threatened that they had evidence of such things... but their election hasn't happened yet.

    If not their own... I wonder what election they have evidence of tampering in?!? *Jeopardy Theme*

  13. Unknown, the Right Wing Version of that poem

    First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a socialist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Money Boys, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Money Boy

    And than they stopped coming for people because all the worst problems were gone.
    The End

    That said, exactly as noted here. Organize . Once that's done, work on some common goals beyond leave me alone. That is how you get your country back.

  14. Doesn't matter if what they are doing is INTENDED to cause a 'rebellion on the right'.
    The issue is simple. They will do WHATEVER THE FUCK THEY WANT. And OUR choices are
    to either shut up and suck it up as we meander down the path to total slavery OR to
    START KILLING THEM and give them the 'rebellion on the right'. THAT is the very ugly
    reality of where we are now. It's time to step off the porch and go hunting or suck
    start your Glock and get it over with. The commies have siezed power, nullified the
    court/legal system, subverted the election process so they control it completely and
    they are NEVER EVER going to quit, give up or go away....EVER....unless they are DEAD!

  15. First, September 11. Never forgive, never forgot.

    If you'll forgive my immodest linking to my two most-recent essays:

    Fear is the Mind Killer…

    There's a video in there that discusses and explains the techniques being used. Including - citing you - that ridicule is a most potent weapon.

    Proverbs 16:18… and What’s Coming?

    In this I embedded a video from a real 2015 conference called the New World Order. In that, the speaker talks about global depopulation. This is my comment after:

    "Now, imagine that you’re in a lecture and you hear a person talk about the need to murder 90%+ of people alive today. Discussing, coldly, the “peace of the grave” of billions starved to death. Starved to death. And you sit there and still listen? You don’t scream out at that?"

    Hashem help us all, and bless America and Western Civilization.

  16. Outstanding essay. Yes, Solidarity showed the way to defeat a hollow, collapsing empire. If the injection refuseniks walk off the job, the country comes to a standstill. I know about nurses: retired RNs who keep their license up are getting offers every day in the area of $50k signing bonus, $20K relocation expenses, and insane hourly wages. The hospital corporations are crying about being full, but that is a cover story/lie. They can't fill beds due to under-staffing, due to nurses quitting. And as long as their are "no vaccine mandate" states like Florida, they can always find work, so for once, nurses hold the power.

    I just made my own Hitler meme, I use Imgur. Took ten minutes to add the hair, mustache and captions.
    "It's not about freedom. We're going to protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated. Our patience is wearing thin."

    (Which begs the question, if the mRNA spike protein clot-shot injection works, why do they need protection from the unjabbed?")

    1. The Polish Solidarity movement succeeded against the Soviet Union for a simple reason. The USA existed.
      It would NOT WORK today because there is no other country that can or will oppose the open criminality
      occurring now in America....and almost everywhere.

    2. Strangely weird. Went to look up the stock data on moderna. Go see what their stock symbol is.

    3. As of September 12, 2031 -- MRNA revenue is 'UP' nearly seven thousand percent (7,000%) since August 12, 2021... thirty days.
      I owned a restaurant business for ten years.
      Over that decade, our 'revenue' was 0% (aka 'flat')... inflation, taxes, and supplies and wage increases ate most of the difference.
      These fine Modema folks out-did my sixteen-hour days by several million percent.
      I am impressed.

  17. Not Hitler. More accurately Joe Stalin!!! But one dare not mention that lest the Jews destroy you. THEY run the Media in the West. And the "education" systems!!!

    1. Exactly!

      Add Leo Bronstein (aka Trotsky), Illiya Ehrenburg and Yaggonovich to that list too!

      Here's a quick history lesson for those that don't know some of this stuff:

      Political control was accomplished by (((them))) via their front organizations like AIPAC, J-Street and others. Honest investigation, let alone legitimate criticism was deflected/downplayed by their front organizations like the ADL and SPLC and others.

      Congressmen, Senators and others have been forced to take a ‘loyalty oath’ to israel by AIPAC for decades; otherwise financial and social support could be turned off like water from a tap.

      In Texas, they held hurricane victims financially hostage unless those Texans signed a written pledge to not be critical in either word or print of the Rothschild's terrorist corporate/military colony 'israel' - as a foreign enemy entity they made them sacrifice their right to freedom of speech in order to be eligible for 'federal help' with hurricane disaster relief.

      John McCain and Joe Liberman KNEW who was really in charge; it's why they flew to "The City of London" to meet with the Rothschilds in a subtle bid to curry favor to be [s]elected as pResident and vp; obviously the Rothschilds DIDN'T think there was sufficient long term 'Return on Investment' and turned them down and sent them back here empty handed.

      Trump?...the Globalist Rothschilds have owned Trump since they saved him from personal bankruptcy that he created on his own in the 1990's to the tune of over $1 billion. As Bankster attorney Alan Pomerantz said in a videotaped interview, "..We OWN him! - He works for us!!"

      Don't believe that? Well, here's what Harold Wallace Rosenthal had to say about that in his interview in 1976, a month before he was murdered by mossad agents in Istanbul, Turkey (and blamed on the Arabs...just like the israeli run firebombings in Cairo, Egypt - the 'Lavon Affair' in 1957):
      “Americns have not had a presidential choice since 1932. Roosevelt was our man; every president since Roosevelt has been our man.”
      -- Harold Wallace Rosenthal, 1976

      Nothing speaks truth like hearing it from the mouth of one of "The Hostile Elite" as Dr. Kevin MacDonald refers to them

      So now, we arrive at where we find ourselves in ‘current year’ America. The congressmen, senators, judges and pResident DON’T work for any of the productive working class individuals – not at all!

      They are all nothing more than mere corporate employees of the jewish globalist banksters that call “The City of London” home.

      NorthGunner - The Truth Is It's OWN Defense!

    2. That was Lev Bronstein, not Leo.

      Add Jacob Schiff, the Rothschild Bankster
      front man who personally recruited Lev Bronstein
      in NYC and acted as one of several financial
      conduits for the Rothschilds program of destroying
      Christian Russian and the Romanov's..definitely
      a bolshevist/zionist shitweasel if there ever was

      My apologies for that mistake.

      NorthGunner - The Truth Is It's OWN Defense!

    3. Although a mighty tome on first glance, SUPERMOB by Russo carefully documents each step of subversion by an inbred group known as 'ashka-nazi'.
      They spontaneously appeared in Russia around 1830 or so.
      They have zero-zero-zero legitimate claim to any heritage lands anyplace.
      To garner sympathy, they adopted the ancient religion of the jewish people... as a cover.
      Chameleons, they adopt local names from anyplace they spread... as a cover to appear part of that community or nation.
      In America around 1910, they invested in movie studios, and later, radioprogramming and televisionprogramming.
      By owning movie theaters, they established a monopoly to only project their movies and 'news-reels', skillfully chosen to project films with content favorable to their cause.
      Prior to World War Two, their theaters showed racist propaganda skillfully engineered to incite rebellion against neutrality.
      'Dirty Japs!' and 'strutting dictators' cartoon caricatures played on Americans automatic distrust of rule-makers and tyrants.
      One primary reason the ashka-nazi manipulated Americans into WW2 -- greed.
      They craved the properties owned by Americans of Japanese ancestry -- farm land, warehouses, the ground and buildings of thousands of businesses and homes.
      Accordingly, they ordered their government lackeys to build concentration camps in desolate out-of-sight areas, and order all those Americans into 'quarantine' 'for their safety'.
      The property was acquired at bankruptcy prices... or seized by ashka-nazi owned judges under eminent domain.
      An auxiliary reason for WW2 -- the military-industrial-complex.
      Their one hand skimmed billions while the other hand mis-directed our attention to 'those enemies over there!'.
      By advocating unions of the government agents, ashka-nazi control billions in pension funds.
      As interest in Las Vegas gambling waned, ashka-nazi advocated government-operated lotteries such as PowerBall.
      The skim is billions each day.
      Who were the cinema villains during the 1970s?
      Italian gangsters, crude cowboys, dirty cops, uppity Negroids.
      How many movies or televisionprogramming show corrupt members of the jewish religion?
      Their brag "We own every politician!" is accurate.
      They owned the roosevelt administration, but he was lagging in his support of a specific area to qualify as an ashka-nazi 'homeland'.
      In a scratch-my-back, Harry S Truman was elected... based on millions of hours of repetitious 'news-reels' showing the 'opposition' (also owned by them) as corrupt and inept.
      In office and despite no legitimate authority, truman instantly approved taking Mediterranean Palestine from Palestinians.
      They brag about owning nixon, ford, carter, reagan.
      The pritzerCrimeSyndicate of Chicago owns barack hussein o'bama.
      The buffoon and hollywood actor arnold schwarzenegger -- a billionaire because he is owned by ashka-nazi.
      His "Screw your freedoms!" scoldings are merely more words written on another hollywood script.
      Speaking of pritzkers, can you imagine fleets of the largest newest airliners converted at the factory into flying mansions... separate areas for servants and security?
      With daily maintenance costs of a third of a million dollars... daily... per plane?
      An uncountable fortune.
      Trillions skimmed by their lackeys The Federal Reserve Bankers.
      By some accounts, the ashka-nazi skim equals the national debt of several countries.
      If you attended a government school, if you listened to radioprogramming, if you read any newspaperprogramming, if you paid to watch any movieprogramming...
      * Can you imagine everything you know is wrong?

  18. Got to agree, and add...DO NOT GO to the Washington DC "Protest"
    As a famous Fish once said "IT'S A TRAP"
    Much better to play the game we win, cause we gots the numbers...
    We outnumber them 1,000 to one
    Solidarity their ass til they break...Cause if goat fuckers can make them flee in terror, just imagine what the American people can do when they put their minds to it...
    We will infest their nightmares with nightmares...

    MSG Grumpy

  19. Of all the people, you should be the least surprised to hear that the "true Nobel Peace Prize winner Lech Walesa" was actually a communist collaborator and a "rat". He was brought to the striking Shipyard to dissolve the strike, but it was too big and out of control already. He did enough damage though slowly over the years.

    It'll be less to your liking, but check out on wiki the Orange Alternative from Wroclaw, Poland. Seems tough to believe but that had bigger impact than the Fighting Solidarity that you would love.


    1. I remember when that Lech Walesa smear story was first put out by the SB in the late 1970's for internal consumption. The Radio Warsaw English service were running a much more sophisticated version of the same story at the time. Except in the English language version Walesa was a saboteur working for the CIA and MI5. Walesa was as tough as nails and was playing his own games to survive but whatever games the SB played with him, and they were unrelenting, I am 100% certain Walesa had all 5 aces in his hand at all times.

      The sort of Poles who were settled in Danzig and the former German lands after 1945 were a very tough lot. After kicking out almost 10 million Germans they had to be. In case the Germans tried to come back.

    2. The Poles did a lot of ethnic cleansing of Germans in Danzig and Silesia in 45.

    3. @Skyler the Weird

      What a load of bull Skyler. You must be German yourself. Perhaps your grandpa "worked" in one of those Konzentrationslager?

      For everyone else, check "Fall Eva" (in German). Then, the Soviets' policy of "taking German pride away" finished the job. The only ones who stayed were ethnic Poles (including Slazaki), but when they saw a commie heaven from up close and personal, they run off as well.


  20. They aren't worried about individuals or even small militias popping off; they'd love that, they are past masters at killing small groups safely from a distance. Often women and children, or aid workers, or Reuters photographers whose camera looked like an RPG, but sometimes they get it right, and don't seem to care when they get it wrong.

    So we can't get 'sporty' as people on sites like this have fantasized about for a long time. And we can't just let them get away with it, as it will never end.

    What they are worried about is us getting organized, getting control of state governments. Note the mention of state governors not getting on board with the program. A swath of several states refusing to implement federal mandates (or should I say womandates to increase gender equity?), and using force to do so if necessary. (completely unrelated: would a state gov have the resources to take control and use any nukes located in that state?) But NOT necessarily rebelling. Spain banned slavery, and all of its colonies just shrugged and kept on slaving. Result: nothing changed, until the Spanish empire collapsed and its colonies found themselves free w/o having to do any heavy lifting. Well, the Spanish were free, the slaves were still chopping sugar cane.


    My theory on covid:

    I’m pretty sure covid mandates won’t be enforced rigorously, that it is mostly a bluff. There are 2 things that people should know, but probably haven’t put together.

    1. Those behind the government are past masters at influencing crowds.

    Billions upon billions of dollars have been spent researching how to influence crowds, both for marketing and government abuse. Bernays, Lippmann, Ivy Lee. There is also the Tavistock Institute, and the MKUltra program, whose goal (based on the incomplete documents found) was about controlling peoples’ minds through various means including drugs and repetitive loud noises.

    The UK even ran a pandemic field exercise in 2016 that included how to manage public reactions:
    “Exercise Cygnus was centred around assumptions of public responses that have yet to be validated. Expectations of how the public will react was postulated based on the magnitude of “swan flu”.

    2. The effort to get people to get vaxxed is amateurish, which is being generous.

    Influencing crowds should be a slam dunk for the elites. So why have they made it so obvious? If this was a scam just to get people to take the virus, why is their script so horrible? Like Fauci saying “X is true!” then “Y is true!” then “Z is true!” Fauci isn’t a shot-caller, he is the hired help reading from a script. Why do they state so many obvious lies, while telling the truth about half or less of their staff being vaxxed. It is so obvious, only an easily controlled person would fall for it… which is exactly the point.

    What has happened is that those in control have created a badly carved pagan idol, and put it up to see who bows down to it. This will separate the population into 2 groups, those who are easily controlled and those who resist. To put it another way, those the elites want to save and those they want done away with. The few who die of the vax would be considered acceptable losses.

    The question remains, how are they going to accomplish this winnowing of the resisters? An extremely deadly bug that the last covid update just happens to protect against? Wouldn’t want to waste all that research into “gain of function” viruses…

    Remember, they don’t want the resisters to take the vax, as they would have had a much better script. They want the resisters gone.

    The way to test this theory is how badly the gov continues to be at getting people vaxxed. If they fail at enforcing a mandate (which is Constitutional-ish), I will consider my theory as close to proven as it can be.

    1. Had this same conversation Friday night, maybe the elites are looking to save the resisters, just getting rid of the mass idiots?

    2. Wyomarine,
      And anybody downstream of an inoculated individual (aka 'mass idiots').
      Give a kiss, spread the mRNA via saliva.
      Give a trans fusion, spread the mRNA.
      As a quiet form of jihad, could a mohammadan get inoculated -- as required by dictates -- and go to work in a slaughter-house... accidentally hawking a loogee into the Dinty Moore vat?