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Monday, September 27, 2021

Fear and Stupidity

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Took the day off yesterday as it was a full day, and I'm bushed.  I -finally- re-started the gym, and because of it, I'm gimp, and can't lift my arms over my head.  And I went light to start.  Did a couple of miles on the stationary bike, then did arms and shoulders.  

Now I'm back at work and man, this's a bunch of absolute bullshit.  AGAIN they have us doing the. same. exact. things. again.  I kind of blew up at my boss, as I had been promised that the near-continual repetition of the worthless same old shit same old shit.  

I've been begging them to give me some info on 'how to be a boss' here for THIS job.  The training, which I've now gone through twice, once as the student, and then as the Trainer, and now I have to go over the training syllabus AGAIN because OMFG, third times a fucking charm?  And the training is literally basic training.  I do NOT need to go over this bullshit again.  What I NEED is to be able to know how I deal with an escalation, 'cos as of now?  Any member/customer problems that get escalated to me?  They're going to die on the vine...

'Cos I got no idea who or where I go to help out on an escalation.

But fuck, I can take a call and instruct a motherfucker all day long...
So enough about bitching about Ye Olde Gig.  Today, reading all the crap over the weekend, it's apparent that some things have just sort of gone to the wayside.  As I figured, the wet fart of the recount?  Yeah, by all normal things, the vote should have been invalidated, and re-done, but that's pretty much every single aspect of the 2020 selection...

Then we've got the "fear factor" coming from The Orifice of the (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den and his coterie of Handlers.  They reek of fear.  
This is where we're in trouble
Fearful People do stupid things.
And we've been witnessing an outrageous amount of stupid.  Like new levels of dumbassery.  I don't think I've ever seen this level of dumbfuck in politics.  MAD asshattery.  And that leaves us in a very sketchy position.

It's dangerous.  For US, as in /ourguys/...  As in fearful, stupid people doing stupid things that generally piss off and annoy the 'normies', well when the 'stupid' fails, and pushback occurs, well, they tend to push back twice as hard.  And if the 'stupid' they push fails utterly and completely, well, that's what they fear most... because that shows that their shit is weak.

And that's generally when even worse things start happening.  Fearful Stupid POWERFUL people who are desperately afraid of being OUT of power?  Oh yeah, this will not end well.  We're going to be in the crosshairs.  They've ramped up the ostracizing of the 'unclean' with the Nottabug.   I mean yeah Kung-Flu is real, but not near as dangerous as the Nottavaxx apparently... in fact the Israelis just came out an announced that out of like 300 new COVID cases in one day?  Like 280+ of them were all with the Vaxxed.  Apparently it's looking more and more like the Nottavaxx is a real nightmare.  

OH! New news... hilarious actually.  Seems the New Governor of Noo Yawk Kathy (MegaKaren) Hochul put a Nottavax Rule in place for everyone who works in healthcare.  EVVABODY needs to be Vaxxed up to keep doing medical stuff in Noo Yawk.  When confronted with the huge numbers of people who saying "Fuck you and I'm out", her first reaction was "You are all replaceable, bring in the foriegn nurses!"  which, as one can well imagine, went over like a wet fart.  

So, Noo Yawk, already having mad issues with having a preexisting shortage of medical workers, well, as they say "You ain't seen nothin' yet."  LOTS of folks are doing the "Fuck you, I'm out!" to the point Herren Gaulieter Hochul must be gettin' a mite nervous... so her "B" plan seems to be MOR stupid.  She's talking about calling out the Nasty Guard.  Link HERE:
>takes deep breath<

Absolute Genius right there Aye?
She apparently don't get that them Nasty Guard?  MOST of them are -already- working in the Hospitals that're short handed.  Which means essentially, the Guard is going to report in, and go right back to what they were doing BEFORE, already.  'Cept it's got one major difference.  Nasty Guard don't get paid at the 'normal hospital rates' so to speak.  Makes you wonder if this's intentional to put MOR monies back into the hospital's pockets.  

They can't not show up if called for duty, that's a big no-no.  So, essentially, they're going to get double-fucked by losing out on the anywhere from $25-75 an hour for a flat rate-at-rank DotMil bullshit pay.  AND more'n likely be doing the same exact job

Let me tell you, the DotMil STILL has a pilot issue.  Because during the whole Iraq thing, they brought guys back from the IRR (Inactive Ready Reserve) and forced them back into boots to fly... I knew one guy who lost everything because of that... He'd been a Chief Pilot for United... he took a $200,000.00 pay cut to fly for the DotMil AFTER he should have been loooong released.  He resigned first chance he got... LOTS of pilots did... they've never recovered...

Same shit is going to happen... you watch.

Stupid people, well, lets face it, they're stupid.  And even worse, they'll never admit it.  So, when you get a self-reinforcing loop of 'stupid', combined with ALL the power that can be real AND imagined, that they, THEY are the "Masters of Their Destiny" and their beliefs are right and correct and anyone who dares point out their blatantly obvious delusions are insects and deplorables unworthy of their Greatness and Wisdom.  By Divine Right they feel that they're the Chosen Ones to lead the ignorant deplorables into "The Light".

And if you dare to point out this level of stupid?  Well, in the long run they -do- have Nuclear Weapons and man, considering just how fucked up our current (p)Resident is?  Yeah That right there is enough to keep me up at night, to a point.  After all, I'm only 18 miles away from McDill as the Crow Flies, and if they, (for the values of 'they') lets say Joe Chink Up and Drops on in retaliation for the (p)Resident breaking from their control, well...
Airburst 5Kt Dong Feng 5... Joe Chink's current ICBM "Flavor of the Month."

I'm well inside the "crispy zone"... Hell, I'm in the "Find a solid wall that might not collapse, dress ALL in black, and face towards the 'flash' with my middle finger extended to leave an interesting 'shadow' on the wall when I go >'poof!'<
I don't put anything past them at this point...
Yeah, worst case scenario, but who ever called me "Mister Cheery" don't know me worth a shit Aye?
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. On the bright side one of the dirty little secrets of the Cold War was that the reason the US of A and the SSSR had so many nukes is the cumulative failure rate for the ICBM's / SLBMs in any kind of shooty war environment was going to be very high. We're talking Ford Pinto and AMC Pacer levels of reliability here.

    One of the jokes of the Lockheed Martin guys was we can guarantee you a 200M CEP - as long as we are nuking the Kwajalein Atoll. Anywhere else, who knows.

    So any CCP home deliveries of buckets of instant sunshine will be more likely on the Left Coast. Its closer to home. For anyone on the Left Coast somewhere near to Vandenberg might be a good place to be if it gets Duck and Cover. Its where the Second Strike is based so lots of ABM's in them thar sand-dunes. The most well defended location in the Continental 48. Assuming the ABM's work of course.

    1. Oh, they worked in the early 70's. Saw Sprints and Spartans shoot down incoming at Kwajalein. Very beautiful sight. And we threw it all away. Fuckers.

    2. Used to watch the Minutemans launch from Vandenberg in the 1980's. Spectacular just after sunset. But those Sprints and Spartans knew there was a package on the way. From a particular direction. Lets just say if the target was not on an unexpected trajectory the kill rate was not quite as good. And after the first over the horizon air-burst all bets are off. Not just EMP to mess up those circuit boards. Lots of other high energy physics do-dahs to mess things up for hours / days afterwards.

      The current ABM's are pretty good. Mostly SDI spinnoffs. Just not that many of them. Should do pretty well against the CCP targets. The Russians Topol/Yars less so. It really helps to know where the rocket started from. To within 100M or less. To avoid unpleasant surprises.

  2. Not only will stupid people NOT admit they are stupid they DON'T KNOW they are stupid. They actually believe they are smart. It's called the Dunning-Kruger effect. And if you provide undeniable proof that they ARE stupid they IGNORE said proof and claim you aremthe stupid person. There is no cure for stupidity and we stopped allowing stupid people to remove themselves nfrom the gene pool a century ago. The only real skill stupid people have is perpetuating stupidity.

  3. and when you consider the fact that they are looking at what going on in oz with lust in their hearts.
    there is no telling just how fucking stupid they will get, as they believe they so close to winning everything.
    this past year was a trial run and all those fucks got wet using "their power" so, in their minds they can do no wrong.
    this is not going to plan for them. and neither is it for us. best to be very careful and ready for more stupid.

  4. The medical situ is going from bad to worse. Besides the fact most are losing what little respect we had for the profession on account of all the lies and obvious profiteering surrounding the wuflu, good staff are disappearing, and new folks are not to be found. This means the few experienced and dedicated practitioners are in high demand.
    One of my offspring is an RN at a major University ICU. They are currently offering them $1400+ PER SHIFT to pick up extra days. That's a pay rate of about $200 an hour...

    This won't end well.

    1. Longview, Texas. I'm seeing respiratory therapists getting from eight hundred, A few months ago, to as much as twelve hundred dollar bonuses, recently. And Now we are going to see how much the cold and flu season will increase the work load.

    2. That $1400 is probably for a 12 hour shift...perhaps a 10 hour shift. 8 hour shifts for nurses who do actual patient care is not common these days. But admins are STUPID they shit all over their clinical employees and pay them peanuts. Fun when they lose employees and can't replace them the are foced to offer insane amounts of money to get contract workers. If they would pay adequately and stop treating HIGHLY SKILLED employees like hih school drop outs they'd actually save money....but healthcare administration draws the most shortsighted, greedy and incompetent people imaginable.

  5. Given how TPTB have been skimming billions, nay, trillions of dollars from the taxpayers of the US throughout the 20th and 21st century, I'm prepared to bet that we don't have anywhere near the number of nuclear weapons we've been told we have. They are similar to COVID: They're is a frightening level of propaganda about how they will destroy the world, but since when does clown world ever tell the truth? There's probably a few that actually contain thermonuclear devices, but I think if there was any kind of honest audit, we would find some silos with cardboard missiles. And, if you don't believe that could happen, please explain why no one is allowed to audit the gold in Fort Knox anymore. Do you actually think there is any left?

  6. Big Country
    Never saw the nuke map site before. Pretty interesting, I’m f’d too, thinking they would hit TACOM in Warren MI, and camp Graying.
    I will be in one crispy zone or the other.
    I think the Chinese will play nice until the week after the Winter Olympics, then Taiwan is toast.
    They are shutting down all their coal fired power plants to get the air clear for the Olympics ( and to “look good”)

  7. "face towards the 'flash' with my middle finger extended "
    Make sure to turn so your thin side is away from the flash. You want to leave a nice 'crisp' outline for the photographs.

  8. Have always lived in a first strike location all my life. Eh. It is what it is. Kids these days have no idea about living under the constant threat of death from above. Eh. It is what it is.

    But, yes, the stupid fucker in the White House has pushed our enemies closer to taking a shot at us than we were under even the Barky the Lightbringer era.

  9. My thinking is that the chinese are currently facing widespread blackouts because the commies are running isotope separation plants (like the Y-12 plant at Oak Ridge during WW2) at emergency maximum, to make weapons-grade uranium. Gotta replace the stockpile after expending warheads, and gun bombs are easier and cheaper to make than implosion bombs...

    No idea, I must admit, if that method is easier or harder, more or less efficient, than using centrifuges like Iran, or gaseous diffusion. But certainly power-intensive.

  10. Little dark for my taste. I am about 130 miles east of oamaha. I would expect a few targeted there.

    Keep your potassium handy and stay away from glass parking lots and you will be ok. Hair and teeth starting falling out and you did something wrong.

  11. The Demon Spawn are working overtime. Red

  12. the funny part is she thinks the new york guard has 65,000 trained healthcare workers. i think the total of all mos's is more like 10 or 15k. and like you said, most medicals are already doing that in real life. and foreign workers? is she going to suspend training /cert requirements too? as to china nukes, don't figure they are any better than the rest of chinamart stuff. be lucky to hit the country at all, maybe one in ten go bang. ours? way outdated, past their expiration/use by date and no evidence they ever worked. they went to build new ones but can't figure out how the old engineers made them go bang, seriously. there's some old process they can't seem to replicate now and all the old guys took the secret to their graves. we b fooked. as to stupid, yeah they tend to lash out when confronted w/ the stoopid. long dark winter part duece coming right up.

  13. If that happens it's called being put out of your misery.

    I still think there is a power vacuum in the cabal with lots of infighting over who is the boss. I look for escalation in the stupid because of this, still not good though. When things kick off the money controllers will pull it and crash the financial side of things hoping the chaos will allow them more control when in reality the torches and pitchforks will be on the march. That is what stupid creates so lets get this party started.

  14. back in the 1980's there was a common joke at the school cgsc. about chink weapon systems. there small arms where ok,
    but anything that had a chip in it, or had to fly over 20 miles was a joke. that all changed during the late 1990's
    as certain people where in power and A WHOLE LOT OF TECH GOT TRANFERED. then all of a sudden they where hitting their targets miles away. and they did not get that intel from the russians either. knew a few back in the day and they hated them as much as we did. they only got what they called monkey tech same as the sold to the ragheads.
    nuke maps are nothing new. before I moved to the retirement spot where I am now, I looked real hard at them and a lot of other factors as well. think about the great golden horde, and other problems in the making as well.
    that said. I don't think the chinks would nuke us per say. emp strike for sure, but destroy the land they want?
    back in the 1980's the us gov't figured over 60-70% of the country would be dead after a emp strike.
    that would me my guess as how they would do it.
    of other factors before moving

  15. I haven't read all these nuclear key phrases since the 50's and 60's. Youse guys have made the day better by kilotons. Still remember to get under the table at the flash, too...

  16. Keep in mind one thing. When the system, both civil & economic collapses, everything that ever mattered isn't going to matter anymore. Not a damn thing. At that point, the only thing that will matter is staying alive at any cost.

    1. a)
      For centuries, who did we breed for heavy manual labor and low intelligence.
      Who are content to exist in slums.
      Who are oriented toward immediate gratification with zero-zero-zero regard for consequences.
      Who are easily manipulated by BOLCHEVICS.
      Who identify as the 'down-trodden', owed everything.
      Because slaves.
      The chinese chucking chinesium rockets willy-nilly against 'every blade of grass'?
      Those were the threats from chinese agent eric swalwell and Glorious Leader chinesium joe biden.
      Promises from politicians? [ chuckling at naivety ]