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Thursday, September 16, 2021

командная экономика

 Привет Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Yep... we're looking a bit 'rooskie' here in the near future, so I thought it appropriate to use the old Google Translate to throw it out there.  The title of this here Blegg is "Command Economy" which is what I think we're headed full bore into.  Lots of indicators and people putting 'stuff' out there... lots of threads which depending on how one 'weaves' leads to some potentially unsettling conclusions.  Like "Zimbabwe and Venezuelan" levels of shit...

That's some "Dr. Evil" levels of stupid right there Aye?
But they did print them.  And people say "But Big Country, it can never happen here in the Untied Statz!  We're the reserve currency of the world!"  To which I say "Yep...for now."  Much like the "The Ceausescu Moment" as I'm going to refer to as from now on, as the Zen would identify it as 'something is something, until it is not.'  (Yeah... loving my new studies)

Currently  since 2019, there are 192 countries with exchange rate agreements, and 38 of those have exchange rate agreements with the United States. Of those 38 nations, 14 have currencies pegged to the USD.  'Pegged' unlike the loathsome Cara Delevigne’s Met Gala thing... (I unfortunately saw that shit plastered like everywhere...'Peg the Patriarchy'... hey you stupid whore, you are the Patriarchy by dint of your lineage)  Anyways, sorry Uber-rich assholes shitting on 'normie 'Murica' pisses me off... So to contine, pegged means thhat the rate of the exchange between the USD and the one I'm most familiar with is the KWD or Kuwaiti Dinar.... when I was there in 2006, it was ONE KWD equaled $3.40 +/-.  Reason their cashola is so strong?  Oil baby, straight up light, sweet, filthy crude.

That was in 2006... and today?  
Huh... howabout that?
THAT is what we got for kicking Saddam the fuck back north.  Only time it spiked was back in the height of the recession in 2008, where it shot up to $3.80 per dinar.  I fully expect to see that to climb BTW back up...  it keeps the oil flowing at a relatively fixed rate despite OPEC and fuckery.  Now, I'm NOT an economist... I just see the pieces parts that supposed experts have out there and what I've experienced.  I mean I -almost- took a bath on the Iraqi Dinar... I know some folks who purely took it fully up the ass on IRD.  IRD under Saddam had a similar exchange rate as KWD.  Then 'stupid' happened and a lot of my fellow contractors bought in on the NEW IRD.  They got taken to the cleaners... What a glorious grift right there Aye?  I -only- invested $200 in the shit, and dumped it and actually made like a $25 profit at the time.  Now?  Shitpaper man... the dollar is king still there.

So, point being, in a recent interview out there, Eric Prince formerly of Blackwater Fame, well, he was being interviewed about the goatfuck in Affy.  He was asked his opinion on things, and he in the middle of it, threw out casually, he said, “By the way, this is the end of the US dollar.”  From the article:

"Now, why is Eric Prince talking about the dollar? And he very quickly went on to say that, why do people have confidence in the dollar? Why is the dollar the leading reserve currency? Why is the dollar the leading currency for payments worldwide, not just, of course, the United States? But why is China stuck with dollars, or Russia stuck with dollars, et cetera? Why is oil price in dollars? On and on. And the answer is, military power"

Annnnnnnnd there it is.
Yep.  Thank you Hudson.  
Sometimes it takes a Private to identify the problem.
Something the Brass don't understand.  They (the Brass... the real higher-higher) don't like to associate with the lower ranks 'cos the fumes from the lower-enlisted make them tarnish...  What Prince is referring to is we just got our heads metaphorically and literally handed to us by goatfuckers.

Now, what does that mean?  Means a lot more folks out there might be 'feeling the groove' and confident.  Like say, Kim Jong Un, who -just- launched some highly sophisticated ICBMs, one of them from a fucking TRAIN.... as I recall from Cold War days, when the Soviets revealed train-launched ICBMs we lost our collective shit, as you can't rally track them easily.  Well, the Norks just stuck a middle finger in the air, then horizontally, for "Fuck you, and the horse you road in on!"  Japan must have freaked, but we won't hear anything from the Ministry Of Propaganda Organs...  All is well and serene and good and righteous in the New Xio-Bi-Den Regime.

Now, one the other hand, other side of the Globe, a HUGE Chinese company China Evergrande just shit the bed.  Full on "Lehman Moment".  300 billion in a potential default.  TL:DR is that they bought a shitton on real-estate on margin and using questionable loans, built GIANT apartment complexes and whole cities on said-property (google "ghost cities in China... weird creepy stuff)  and then no one moved in.  The expectation was all them redneck (yellowneck?) farmers and country folk would pull up and move into these here big fancy cities, and populate them, work the factories and enjoy them thar new thangs like them ceeee-ment ponds and whatnot.

Reality?  The Chinese are intrinsically tied to their land As in you always are tied to the home village.  It's where your ancestors are buried.  Ancestor worship is HUGE in China... that can't be understated, and the new modren Chinese business model never took that into account.  Most of the modren elites spurn that stuff as backwards... which is also why Xi Jingping is cracking down on the modren side of Chinese life... no more allowing western corrupting influences...  but anyway, this place Evergrande took a giant shit on the table so to speak.  Because of this, Evergrande's liabilities involve more than 128 banks and over 121 non-banking institutions.  Which means they fall, they all fall.

And considering the Chinese economy is as Fake and Gay as ours is?  Phony Baloney Money allllll over the place, cyber "0"s and "1"s in a computer somewhere, add a few zeros, knock a few off? 

Whatever.  Now the rubber is meeting the road.  Part of the problem is that years ago, China was the 'go-to' for cheap slave labor.  Now?  Not so much.  With the modrenization of China, comes the 'wants and needs' of the common dirt-folk.  Meaning that yeah, Wang may be uneducated, and left the farm for one of them 'high paying (to him, at the time) jobs' for $.50 an hour and learns how to put, say an iPhone together.  He works 12 hour shifts, 6 days a week in near slave labor conditions.  Problem is, what little time he has off, he starts seeing the "WORLD" for the first time, and all of a sudden, he realizes his labor is worth more and that he wants more as well...  Multiply that by half a billion folks, and all of a sudden, the wants and needs' require a bit more than "A honest days work for and honest days beating".  And considering this was all done by expanding credit everywhere?  

Reminder: Debts eventually, in some way, shape or form, have to be paid back.

And so, I foresee a a wipeout coming.  Especially in light of the fact that my house?  I just got another offer on it.  The "Fuck You Money" is up to just shy of $400K!!!  OMG... That should tell you something right there.  That ain't a "It needs a new roof (almost time) minor repairs" sort of thing, that's "Here's the check, Thanks so much." and boom.  That right there is the biggest personal indicator of serious problems... this bubble that's happening makes the one from 04/05 look like nothing.  In response, the new command economy, which because of the Coof seems to be well on it's way to being a GlobohomoMegaCorpDotGov amalgamation of the Zon, WallyWorld and some other Giant Mega corps like Fecesbook and Goolag for total control.  Think Ultra-Fascist-Socialist Lite.

Consider also that the Xio-Bi-Den regime just totally fucked over the French, (not that for nothing this isn't quite a bad thing in many quarters) however, The French had a deal with Australians to provide a new Submarine (nuke apparently) and we went and cut them out by offering them a technology transfer (along with the Brits) of Nuke Tech to form a 'new alliance' AUKUS.  Now, as Hershel has posited over at his house, that Australia is beholden to China in a major way, way worse than us apparently, and any transfer of tech is sure as fuck prolly gonna end up in Joe Chink's pocket.  He makes a valid point.  My concerns are more along the lines of that The Aussies and Brits have gone "full retard" on their population...

Who'd be wagging the dog in this AUKUS group?  
Are WE in charge?  What's the deal?  Seems questionable either way, seeings that we're already Balls Deep with both countries in NATO.  Are there going to be new restrictions and/or requirements in this 'alliance'?  I mean considering BOTH Oz and the UK are gun free zones, I wouldn't put it past them to try and exert some sort of anti-gun thing?  "We won't participate/dock/work with as it's too dangerous in the CONUS."  Which would ALSO go a long ways in explaining the ramping up/promotion of general lawlessness all over the Untied Statz... what if it is a long term plan?

I mean why not?  These days any conspiracy is as good as the next?  Brit/Aussie Boat docks in a city for liberty, and a large apportionment of the crew out on-the-town gets wiped out by "gangbangers" or "outlaws" or better yet, "evil Whypeepo Superpreemicysts" trying to stop "The New World Odor"?  At this point anything is on the table.  Especially since I can see them selling it as "In order to preserve our 'Special, Historic Relationshit', Our Dear and Glorious Infallible Dear and Beloved Leader has ordained that all firearms are outlawed and to be turned in forthwith immediately in odor to preserve our military obligations!"

Change my mind.

They are more than capable.  Speaking of conspiracies,  I'll take this as a solid confirmation that The Speech that the Retard spewed, the one where I did the "Frankie sez Relax" poast about?  I called it like I saw it at the time, which was an intentional provocation with the hopes of having someone, somewhere lose their collective shit, and lash out.  Sundance at Conservative Treehouse makes the case which, to my reading, he's dead to rights:
The TL;DR: In order for the DotGov to do anything the bureaucracy has to be involved.  The Kidsniffer Pursuivant's speech?  Ain't no movement -anywhere- in order to get such a TALL mission implemented.  Nevermind even started.  ZERO mentions of the 'mandate' at the Department of Labor and/or OSHA (ostensibly the how and why of implementation).  Which means Dear Leader, for lack of a artful term,  was full of shit.  

A direst quote: "The silence of the machine tells us it is not turned on. The bureaucracy has not been triggered."  And considering how it IS the bureaucracy IS the DotGov right now tells me they were never serious, but were hoping to provoke something.  Anything.

Yep.  Looks like I called it. Yay me. 
Look, we got to keep on keeping on.  No matter what they say, no matter how many 'lines in the sand' they have us draw... ignore them.  After all, it's just sand.  And by ignoring them, we 'take the piss' out of them, remove the wind from the sails...  Best thing?  Work local.  figure out if the locals are going to enforce anything.  Because ultimately, it's going to be the locals who have to try and enforce anything Leviathan puts in place.  Aesop had a great article on how to fuck them up...

But, Gotta git back to work/woke.  Yeah, "Unconscious Bias Training" today.
I'm going to go dig my old mouth guard out so's I don't damage the enamel.
Add on we got GranBebe again... >le sigh< her, but cancel sleep again
Head on a Swivel.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country
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  1. What cannot continue will not....and the light aat the end of the economic tunnel is a train heading right at us. Nobody can say for certain exactly what's coming but whatever it is will be very ugly.

  2. When yer greenbacks are worth less than toilet paper, there will arise other mediums of exchange. I see a big revival of barter: goods-n-services for goods-n-services. Call it black market if you wish, but it's as old as civilization, and in some countries today, it's the larger part of the economy, gummint be damned. Italians SAY they pay their taxes, but if they're livin' large and only reporting a low wage, part time job, you know they operate on dual economies. Cuba? Isn't the mighty greenback illegal in Cuba? Try flashing Cuban pesos (or whatever they call it) versus some of those greenbacks. See what works.
    I like silver in medium to small forms because gold is too hard to make change for. Besides, Selco advises that the time to get your gold is AFTER SHTF, when people will trade grandmas' wedding ring for a solid meal.
    We are also trying to get our heads around what will happen when the interwebs go dark. Information sources reduced to shouting distance?
    No matter how ugly it seems out there now, these are the "good ol' days" compared to what's around the corner. Getcher preps in order friends.

  3. you know, if there was a evil YT conspiracy to take over a aussie nuke submarine, that would make a heck of a book. Be like the 3rd or 4th most powerful nation on earth (the little sub)

    Make a heck of book too bad no one reads anymore.

  4. Currencies only stop being reserve currencies when there is another one available to replace it. Pound Sterling got the heave in 1944 because the mighty $ was pushing its way on stage. Stomping all in its path. There is nothing to replace the dollar. Not the Yuan, not the Euro, not the Bolivar. So the Fed Reserve madness will continue.

    As for Oz being a security risk. A bit much from the country that handed the whole 22 million record Federal SF 86 database to the Chinese. The security clearance background check forms. I know quite a few people who got that Dear John letter from the Feds. The by the way the CCP now have all your most personal info letter. Especially the embarrassing stuff. Just think what the CCP could do with that all that juicy info. The CCP now owns General Dynamics Electric Boat for starters

    As for the Oz subs. There was a typical fuck up on both sides but it looked like the French were trying to do a Brit aircraft carrier deal on the Ozzies. Plus there was more than a hint of the Charles De Gaulle big boat reactor fuck up. Then there is the usual behind the scenes battle in Canberra. Between the civilians and the "do you know just how many hundred of million people live north of us who would love to fuck us over" military types. Those discussions always get very shouty. The Chinese may be a big problem but the old enemy Indonesia (or rather the Javanese) has not gone away. The nuke Darwin to stop the Slopes if they try to cross the Timor Sea is still the Oz way of thinking. Behind closed doors. In the meantime lets keep the guerilla war in Western New Guinea going. Just like we have since the 1960's. That will keep Jakarta busy..

    And the Chinese problem, well, once Japan triggers its 90 day programme and nukes up, no longer an Oz problem. In the meantime lets buy some insurance..

  5. yup. I also got a dear john letter from opm and life lock for 2-5 years because of it. thing that pisses me off the most about it was the dumb fucks watch them do it for what ? 2 years before doing anything about it. the bozo years !
    now to be over shadowed by the bifuck years. way these clowns are going, I figured the country will be gone before the
    next selection.

  6. "The Trident Ultimatum" Ex sailors take over trident sub, nukes mid east and Washington for starting whole mess.

  7. Sorry memory fart It is "The Triton Ultimatu,"

  8. Anonymous doesn’t count for shit – ‘cause you can’t back it up with prior opinion

    The Auzzie deep state went full deep state- complete with camps for the ‘unclean’. I’m sure fireworks will follow and hopefully rope

    The French as usual for the MIC tapeworms took the piss on the sub contract. As soon as the original contract was signed the delivery date sailed off into the distance – a bit like the F35 thunderbrick.

    By the time these subs are designed and built the whole debate will have been settled.

    Keep your eyes on the prize – the audits

    Keep your guns but no compliance is the key – they want violence. Not diss’ing it- just keep your powder dry. Ghandi called it Sinn Fein tactics – ignore them and carry on regardless is the death of their control.

    We have no guns here but that is irrelevant. The Irish are as compliant as cats

    Fuck them – we will kill who survives the winter

    1. Anonymous because some of us not only knew people whose names are on the lobby wall at Fort Mead, had very interesting conversations with ADF types who did a lot of jungle stomping very very west of Port Moresby back in the day, and have been online since the Arpanet days.

      And as for Sinn Fein tactics. A great way for criminal psychopath thugs to kill lots of people. In April 1916 Ireland had an all Ireland unified Home Rule Parliament(passed and suspended since Sept 1914 for the duration) but by 1921 it had partition, civil war, and several thousand dead and one hundred years of killing many thousands more in front of it. Thats Sinn Fein tactics for you. Now its just an organized crime outfit (the Provos) that is the second largest "political party". An origination that tortured hundreds, dozens of who died, and runs the drug trade making Ireland the junkie capitol of Europe. Ireland makes Transdniester look law abiding and functional in comparison. All thanks to Sinn Fein tactics.

      And Gandhi killed millions. First in the Bengal Famine in '43 then in the Partition of '47. Both due directly to Gandhi's political games. To sink the Union of India. The guy was just a really slimy fucking lawyer. Thats all. Gandhi had complete contempt for the kaffirs when he was in South Africa. Considered them subhumans. He was a worthless piece of shit who killed millions. That movie back in the 1980's about Gandhi, pure propaganda paid for by the Indian government. Gandhi and his Congress(India) henchmen made the Clintons look principled and honest. He was that bad.

    2. Yeah, right on nony’mouse’. Opsec and all that.

      Another ‘scholar’ of Irish history lectures a participant. The Sinn Fein method of the early 20th century was to ignore the power of British Empire by building a parallel system of governance.

      Ignore the beast - any participation in its machinery opens the dissident movement to subversion from within.

      This is reinforced in both your country and mine in similar outcomes. How many have run and gone to congress on a reform platform? How’s that been working out? You can’t drain the swamp at this late stage of corruption. Nuke from orbit and start again.

      In my country I have known and stood with many fine and courageous Irish Volunteers even some who died for our desire for freedom. We weren’t trained killers but we faced those that were. We had next to fuck all weapons but we kept going. Any that got good were singled out for special attention.

      I respect the Brits but I am under no illusions they are hard, cunning and callous killers. They have wielded hard power for centuries. Witness what modern “Sinn Fein” have become since joining in ‘constitutional politics’

      In 20 years we went from willing to starve to death to fight the Brits to purple haired social justice pukes. Just like those in the US. Fuck ‘constitutional politics’ it’s just dancing to the tune of the big finance paymasters. I wouldn’t piss on them now.

      My original comment was meant as a hopeful pointer for the many fearless and intelligent readers of BCE’s great posts.

      I hear many versions of this in the stuff I read. Local, local, local or ‘meat space’ it all comes down to the same thing. If you have the balls, then organise locally and assume no one is legit.

      Try working in that sort of environment for decades nony’mouse’. No backup, no arty, little intel for us bullet catchers and the complete hatred of ‘polite society’ and media (I originally typed press – showing my age).

      It can be done. Just remember there is no glory, no pat on the back, no medals, no R&R (as old yanks used to say) and usually no thanks. Just know that free folk can say BFYTW ‘cause we earned it

    3. well chuckyman, thats the difference between you and me. You sound remarkably like so many Oirsh 'Mericans who all think that just because of some NORAID stuff they did and they have a red passport and being able to say the cupla focail they are some kind of great Irish patriots helping the cause. Too fucking clueless to realize they are just being plamased by the Shinners who like everyone else on the shit hole island thinks the Plastic Paddies from America are just fucking eegits, gobshites and stupid c*nts. Every last one of them. No one actually think you are Irish. None. You're a foreigner. Always will be. Thats how the tribe works. If you were actually one of the tribe you would have known that already.

      But I got to live it. I got to see the hardmen up close. Psychopathic criminal scum. The world of car bombs, knee cappings, "punishment beatings", intimidation, sectarian killings. And the IRA running the drug trade with an iron fist in the 26 counties and most of the 6 counties. The rest being run by the UVF. Sinn Fein/IRA are just another Narco gang. SF/IRA = Sinaloa + PRI..

      So not a good model of how to organize to defend against the DC Swamp. For a start you are not dealing with the kid glove Brits. It more like the Forest Bothers v the NKVD in the Baltics after WW2. The lucky ones who survived capture got the shot in the back of the skull.

      I've got to see how Pelosi's people operate up close over the decades. All the way back to the Phil Burton days. Also psychopathic criminal scum. I have zero illusions of what we are up against and how far they willling go to get and keep power. Because I have seen what people do with Black and Decker drills when the Royal Vic Hospital got so good at reconstructive surgery for a 9mm pistol shot in the back of the knee.

      Of course you would not know about any of that, would you. They dont mention any of that stuff in the Rebel Songs you sing down the pub. A nice safe 3,000 miles from the Falls Road and the Shankill. Try wearing a Celtic jersey on the Donegall Road on The Twelveth and see how long you last..

      Because some of us know what we area talking about. Been there, done that, still nervous around cars that are sitting low because it might be a car bomb.

  9. Kudos to the media, they are doing a great job of distracting/hiding just how effed up everything is but sooner or later it won't be enough and the Normie stampede will be glorious.

  10. I have been saying for many years now that Chia will get old before it gets rich, back in 2013, we and Red China both had a median age of 37.4, since then, the Chinese have gotten older, while we have, for better or worse, gotten younger through migration. China kicked ass about fifteen years ago because they had very few kids and very few old people (cultural revolution, etc.) so almost everyone was working age, they are still having very few kids, but are living longer, so pretty soon, most of their people will be 50 years plus. Not enough workers to supply the needs of the old. The Chinese are a race based society, if you aren't Han Chinese, you are garbage. This is why they are very dangerous right now, they are in a race to get as much as they can.
    We have the ability to turn any migrant'ss grand children into fat american kids, drinking coke, watching Disney nonsense, eating McDonalds "chow" amd listening to whatever grbage is on the radio. As a society, we are literally entropy, the lowest form of society, and it is irresistible.
    As far as the reserve currency, It may have something to do with military power, but it has more to do with functioning financial markets, which I fear idiots like AOC and Bernie will make slo Jo destroy. That happens (and too much fiat money is a good start), and then we are Zimbabwe, or, Weimar Germany.

  11. There a *lot* of financial cracks showing right now. When the dam bursts . . .

  12. Loss as reserve currency has happened many times in history. There's a video out there recent of multiple simultaneous implosions of those ghost cities buildings.

    The "reset" has been a topic for a few years. First crossed the word many years ago on zero hedge when it was still a good financial blog, now just click bait but I do read a small amount of the headlines. I have always been leary of reset discussion but somethings going to happen, how and when I do not know.

    All that is happening I do feel is by design but putting pedo bidet and kamal toe in office I feel has created a huge power vacuum behind the curtain and there is lots of in fighting and that's how we got Affy. You won't help me I'll fuck you and speed out of Affy. Bam you get another fast and furious gun running scam designed to add to their gun control agenda.