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Wednesday, September 1, 2021


Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
This's sort-of-kind-of a follow up to a comment I made over at Wirecutter's... Link HERE:  He poasted a link to a pseudo-smarmy asshole who (IMO) rails on those who got left behind in Affy as 'paper 'Muricans', i.e. NOT "Blood and Soil" born and raised Americans"... now, cutting out the bullshit of the article, which raises gen-you-wine questions as to who exactly got left behind, Let me copypasta my comment for brevity, incase you don't want to mosey on over to WC's house.  My response:

"OK: Now normally, yeah. Lotsa the 'trusties' that were travelling in and around Affy, up to and including retards like Johnny Taliban Lindh who was on a 'religious discovery trip' courtesy his headcase new-age hippy-dippy retard 'rents. LOTS of 'back in the home country' visitors... like those Cali-Kids and the High School now stuck like Chuck in Kabul. Probably went back to get Uncle Rashid out before the Taliban overran everything (remember up til they took over, the 'off-fish-shul' word was the Tallybananas kids wouldn't take over for -months-)

NOW? I got friends who made it out by the skin-of-their-ballsacks. LOTS of 3 letter agency contractors, who from what I heard, woke up in the a.m., went to -wherever- the work area was (lots of safe-houses and whatnot, nation-wide) and found the "Prime" (i.e. the -actual 3 letter agency dood or doodette) fucking hatted up and unassed. Some found notes, but mostly the 3 letter kids hotfooted it out of dodge without letting the Contractors know that the jig was up and gone.

This's why I always had a "Plan B"... I always made sure I had maps, personal transportation available, gazzoline, gold and cash, weapons you name it... evacc routes planned, 'cos once you've gotten a real-life 'burn notice' you be fucked.

I know of at least 3 folks who have NOT been in contact as of yet. I'm waiting. Figure two of them have to 'overland it' so it may be weeks before I hear. I'll be poasting aboot it later at my house...."

Now, the 'trusties' I mention are mentioned a couple of times in the article... those would be the "Fucking New Age Assholes" with MOAR money than common fucking sense... saw a LOT of that in ALL theaters of war I was in... the 'do-gooderer' morons... they usually got what they so richly deserved which, if a cute female, was gang rape with plenty of ass-to-mouth before they got beheaded...  IF they were lucky.  The men?  Lots of rape, followed by beheading.  One thing fer sure, they like rape.. no matter age/sex/species... see it all on thermal webcam FAAAAR too many times to count... 

Jes' Sayin'

Soooo what I'ma talking aboot here are the guys like meselves.
Like me, but the guys and gals who did decide to go 'all in' and accepted that groat to keep playing for the 3 letter agencies.  Now, me?  Honestly... got hit up multiple times to join.  LOTS of offers.  I turned down every. single. one.  If I die tomorrow, I can go to my maker at least 'clean' on that particular count...  I have far too much historical knowledge vis-a-vis ANY and ALL American Intelligence Apparatus/Services/Organs.   


I categorically refused to lay down with pigs, no matter what the economic impacts were, hell possibly still are.  Now, does this mean the people theyselves, some of my closest friends are like that?  Nope.. it's determined in MY book of "How High" in the food chain you are, coupled with longevity...   The Higher you are, the MOAR you sold your soul to the debbil... same goes for 'how long' unless you were perfectly content and very good at your job... (I have a few bros like that...)  The Institution itself however? Tools of the Great Satan IMO.

Do we need them, to a point... Yep
They've gone beyond any and all charters as we with any inside intel know.. they're literally above and beyond criticism, compliance, and control.  In fact 'out-of-fucking-control' is part and parcel of the problem.  So, to whit:

SO... you got a lot of folks who just got the fickle finger of fate stuffed up their collective asses.  Guys and Gals who, for lack of a better definition, fucked up and trusted the Biden Administration.

Bad move gang... 
Jes' Sayin'

Well, a LOT of these here contractor folks that I mentioned, whelp, when they signed on, they got a LOT MOAR 'specialized training' so to speak.  Languages, disguise... shit that makes and 'operative' "operational" so to speak... to include a hell of a lot of specialist combat training.  Now, that training right now is what's helping to keep them alive... that and whatever resources they had stashed for a 'rainy day' so to speak.  And since this's mah motherfuckin' house, I'll defer to me on that particular expertise.  See, I used to keep certain things on my carcass at al times during my Iraq Adventures.  The inner soles of my boots were literally a 'Mission Impossible Escape Kit'... I know, sounds retarded, but after that KBR guy got out from being captured by having a spare handcuff key on him, I made damned sure I was set.  Left boot had taped a razor blade, and a 16 inch guitar string.  Good for an improvised garrote if needed.  Right boot?  Handcuff key, and $300 in 3-$100 bills... anything broken down more would have been too thick.  I'd rotate the $$$ when the sweat factor started them breaking down, and considering that the $$$ I got from finance back then tended to be 'new printed shit' it lasted quite a spell between hoof-rotation...  I also had a handcuff key on a hide-away belt link that just happened to sit exactly in the middle of the back of my belt... getting to it and practicing was a bitch back then... many a night while drinking practicing with Lil and Middle Country to get out of the cuffs that they'd oh-so-helpfully put on me... but, I fucking did it. so proof is in the puddin' so to speak

Anywho... point of this:  LOTS of betrayed folks... lots of "left behind" I said: "...woke up in the a.m., went to -wherever- the work area was (lots of safe-houses and whatnot, nation-wide) and found the "Prime" (i.e. the -actual 3 letter agency dood or doodette) fucking hatted up and unassed. Some found notes, but mostly the 3 letter kids hotfooted it out of dodge without letting the Contractors know that the jig was up and gone."  THOSE folks.

Yeah... as I said also: "... Figure two of them have to 'overland it' so it may be weeks before I hear..."  Yep... They're going to be headed back here to the land of the Big PX, any bets on how they feel about being utterly written off and abandoned?

NOT Fedpoasting here... this's ALL supposition, but any of you Fucking Moron Federales at this point, IF you stick around to enforce this illegitimate and illegal troop-and-civilian-abandoning Administration you get what you fucking deserve.  Double that anyone related to you.  'Cos eventually, the gene pool needs to be 'cleansed' as well... so, as I was saying...
HIGHLY TRAINED CIA/DIA/DEA/NSA Contractors, completely disavowed by the DotGov?
Oh fuck yeah, that's a killin'
I fully expect UNLESS the current crop o'criminals starts World War Three to see the start at minor functionaries, followed on by major players, up to and including the Chief Moron having shots thrown at them.  Figure it'll take 3-4 weeks for these 'types' to exfil... with a bellyfull of hate and vengeance-old-skool on their minds...

I wouldn't have it any other way.
Jes' Sayin'
To all my FedBros out there?  Quit now, while you still can
Shit's about to get, from the intel I got -reely-reelz- and there ain't no forgiveness, nor take-back on this 'un here... this's downright personal, and y'all earned this pain that's coming to you.
Hope you like Hell
I'll see you there
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. When the people that caused this to happen see their loved ones go down ,because they have a good hidey hole ,they will realize they won't be able to walk the streets. Oh well.

  2. Shakespeare sucked, YOU sir are a poet.

  3. I could definitely see a repeat of the French Army in Algeria playing out. Some expendables take exception to being expended.

  4. Thanks for confirming about what I expected.
    The Hardcore will get out, and exact a toll.
    The Clueless will get what the Clueless deserve.
    Which latter means, effectively, 10,000 or so fewer reliable DumoCommunist voters and contributors.
    And even when Gropey Dopey wins (an election), he loses (everything, including even legitimacy with his frothing tongue-bath base demographic).
    "So much win you're going to get tired of winning."
    In 5, 4, 3, ...

    Stand by, and prepare to take full advantage of the situation.
    "Never let a crisis go to waste cuts both ways."

  5. I hope.... I pray...that you are correct. That a lot of these special "assets" make it back angry, vengeful and looking for some big time payback. But I'm not holding my breath. Because getting OUT of a shit hole country might be possible for them but getting back here in one piece, WITH meaningful assets they can access and use without the 3 letter agents LOOKING for them and making them disappear will be no mean feat. The people running this shit show are evil, not stupid. They will have countless OTHER hired thugs out there looking to intercept and nullify the angry set of hired thugs. So blood may be shed and violence may be visited upon people but it probably won't be the right people shedding blood and feeling violence.

  6. It never is the "Right People". We turn the other cheek. be prepared to do Violence.

  7. From the day it was decided, probably long before 9/11, that we would invade and occupy Afghanistan it was only going to end one way: chaos.

  8. I don't know how Zhou Xi Den can last out till October, never mind the rest of the year. If the Junta Deep state cabal was smart, they would get rid of Zhou, but They have a Kamala probablem, she's very devious and ambitious and is not going to be as controlled as Zhou. So they are sticking with Zhou. Which will be their fatal mistake.

    With credible intell coming out that they had the suicide bomber in their sights, and Zhou refused them the authority to pull the trigger because the Taliban said no. And that the higher ups knew the target and said nothing to the troops on the ground at tue the gate, and then when the people who he got killed were being brought off the plane Zhou kept looking at his watch. Then when he met with the families he kept making it about him and his REMF son. Then when confronted by the Gold star mother he turned his back on her and threw up his hands and said "whatever".
    This illegitimate regime is coming to a head, I can fell it. The Junta picked the wrong front man this time, everyone hates him, and that hatred wil be applied to those who enabled this wretched cretin to steal the election and run the country.

  9. Funny someone should mention Algeria. The people who kept trying to kill de Gaulle after 1959 were all people who were working for de Gaulle's side pre-1959. The uncle of family friend was one of the five generals put on trial for the failed coup in 1961. Considered a great patriot and a hero by the locals. Interesting stories of just how close de Gaulle was to being killed on several occasions after 1959 in essentially green on blue assassination attempts. It was the former insiders who did almost all the shooting and bombing. De Gaulle had several miraculous escapes from death. The current regime in DC wont have that kind of luck.

  10. ...This illegitimate regime is coming to a head, I can fell it. The Junta picked the wrong front man this time, everyone hates him, and that hatred wil be applied to those who enabled this wretched cretin to steal the election and run the country.....

    the whole world knows this is a a sham except the hive mind left. I can smell the fear though. I think they get the message that the Vlad memes and removing entire DNA lines aint hyperbole. I think there are about 75,000,000+ "us". I can only imagine the chatter being vacuumed up in Utah.
    A brutal reality cascade is comeing and the hive-mind thinks they have all the advantages right now. But the psychopaths running the show and are realist.
    To be honest, I think our side is ready. I think the trigger will be disappearances. We already have a Jan 6 Gulag. Everything else is only a matter of scale.

  11. I find myself saying, "He needs killin'," more and more often lately.

  12. Yeah, that foreign interventionism will fuck you up for decades after the pull out. The u.S. empirists had twenty years to unfuck this mess, when the correct action (twenty years ago) was to NUKE a large Saudi city, and listen to those effin wahabi-ists scurry into their spider holes.

    Fuck around, find out. Overwhelming, immediate and unrepentant death and destruction.

    And we might run the oil wells for you, if you don't keep your extremists in your own part of the world.

  13. "SO... you got a lot of folks who just got the fickle finger of fate stuffed up their collective [edited -- 'wazoo']. Guys and Gals who...trusted the Biden Administration"
    I said this after Derek Chavin was arrested (for being in the general vicinity while george floyd finally completed his inevitable suicide):
    * Officer Chavin trusted TheSystem, and that back-fired on him
    Moral Of The Story:
    * keep other people's fingers out of your wazoo

  14. Book named Good to go. Has a chapter were as the local 3L agency was gone before the TET. They knew it was coming and left the boys in green to eat rounds. Also happen to contractors tracing down those Benegazi weapons.