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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Another Provocation

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Obviously they took the book "How to Win Friends and Influence People" and are using the bizarro world copy, where everything is the exact opposite.  Seems that the Marine Corpse (and yes that's an intentional misspelling, 'cos "It's dead Jim!") has imprisoned LTC Scheller.
"Pre-Trial Confinement"
Uhhh, what trial?
Been following this case pretty closely, and there was -no mention- of any 'trial' anywhere.  My spidey sense is tingling, saying "There be fuckery afoot" Aye.  Guess this's the next step in pissing off the DotMil.  A 4 Star Retard Murders 10 people seven of them kids and does some fag-assed weak shit 'apology' and hey!  No problem!

Question the responsibility and accountability of those driving this motherfucking Clown-shit-show-car, and Hey!  Relieved of Duty!  Taken to Mental Health 'cos he's obviously crazy and now?  "Go to jail, go directly to jail."  And I garon-damned-tee whatever trumped up (heh) charges they bring, guilt and incarceration is already baked into the cake.

'Cos these 'charges'...  I can tell you... it'll be the usual specious bullshit "unbecoming"... "raising a ruckus", "undermining" all the chickenshit charges they can find to persecute He Who Dared Question His Betters.  He was the one nail who stood up, and iin their eyes, ALL the subsequent fuckery, from the SEALs telling them to 'get fucked, die in a fire' to the lowliest private in the Army saying "Nope, no shot for thee, so no shot for me!" is his fault.

Hint:  It ain't.

Like I said yesterday it's the stupid man.  They just. don't. get. it.  People see and hear the fact that the CONGresscritters exempted all their own people (and more than likely theyselves) from getting the Nottavaxx.  So, "Joe Snuffy The Ragbag Private", yeah, he may not have a fancy-shmancy degree from The University of Higher Lern'in,  but he can see and sense the utter hypocrisy wafting and emanating out of "Sodom-on-the-Potomac"

It's not fucking rokkit science to see the "Rules for Thee and Not for Me"
And the stupid, it burns.
I mean why wouldn't people be highly suspicious of the entire fucking thing.  They've lied, coerced, and generally been so fucking shady about everything.  And they've been -trying- to make it the 'only game in town'... which, to some people, as they used to say, they'll play because it IS the only game in town, as crooked as it is.  However, they don't take into account that they can't force you to play...

I mean they can try
But that generally don't work out none too good in general... and since they ain't been able to take our guns, that's, from their point-of-view a thing of badness.  Not for nuthin' they have tried in a half-assed sort of pulling some shit, but it's all come to a big fat nuthin'

So far.

They ain't going to be able to go "Full Australia" on us, 'cos I mean they can try but man, eventually there's a thing called "a two-way-shooting-gallery".  And for all the vidya out there of "normal cops" in "firefights"... some of them are purely hilarious, in that usually it's two clueless bumblefucks throwing rounds at each other until one of them is made "good", be it perp or cop.  So, I can only imagine if they tried to do the "moving online" shew'tin rubber rounds?  The cops, outside of one instance, have never faced off against a trained and willing/eager opponent.

That time was Chris Dorner in L.A.  He put the entirety of the LAPD in full on pants-shitting mode.  To the point they had to pay out when some triggerhappy nervous-nervous cops shot the ever-living shit out of a pickup that was kinda-sorta like the one reported to be like the one Dorner was driving... two innocent wimmenz got shot all to hell just driving up the street.
8 cops.... over 100 rounds dumped into the truck.
4.2 MILLION dollar payout/settlement for the nervous cops fuckin' up by the numbers.  Per a quote from the LA Times regarding the panic factor that it happened: "...because department managers didn’t adequately prepare them (the fuzz) for the high-pressure situation."  If just trying to find ONE single ex-cop whos in turn 'supposedly' hunting other cops, well, that sort of shit?
"Wait til they get a load of me..."

Imagine how they'll react against a well trained individual.  Dorner was a hack... Naval Intel with bare bones Infantry training.  He wasn't by -any means- a real shooter by my standards.  He was a Reservist, and he put the fear of God into them.  

A Navy SEAL?  With a righteous case of the ass?  Oh yeah... they wouldn't stand a chance.  If dis fukkin guy:
Made them shytte theyselves by the pound, can you only imagine the stark raving terror that a fully trained, Combat Experienced, -completelyPissed Off Navy SEAL or Infantryman could do?  "Close with the enemy, double-tap, move on to the next..." 

Maaaan.  Popcorn time!!!  

I could be off base, but the reality is after the very first 'interaction' between any true professional, and the Kurrent Keystone Kops, AFTER they get stacked like cordwood, I can completely see like ALL the cops 'calling it a day'.  As in quitting in droves.  Taking their 'service rifles' and car maybe and head to    the house, and hoping like hell that whoever is out there doesn't hold too large a grudge with him...  I mean being a cop is going to be a very dangerous proposition in the next few methinks...

Best get right with God folks... 'cause thems with 'issues' ain't looking to be merciful methinks
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. I think that for PSH, no one has as yet outdid the Beltway Snipers. Two low-talent no-accounts kept the place in an uproar for months over several states. Lead shooter was a 12B. I think if an actual SpecOps guy decided to go rogue, they'd not catch him for years.

  2. 1) You're not over-stating things; if anything, you're soft-soaping it.
    2) it won't be "just one" Dorner.
    a) It will be like popcorn. One, two, five, eleventy, and then all of them.
    b) They won't be sending out a handy self-identifying manifesto in advance. They will simply start stacking corpses. Somewhere around ten or twenty, the brighter lights among the minions of TPTB will twig to "Hmm, there may be some pattern to this..."
    c) The police station scene from The Terminator, and Rambo's evening vist to Hope with an M-60 is what this will look like. Over and over and over again.
    To crooks, twenty cops is a bad day. To someone looking to start a fight, twenty cops is just a target-rich environment. Against two guys robbing a bank, the LAPD was about a hot minute from sh*tting their pants. Bravery that day: 11. Tactics and strategy: 0. Giving them ARs isn't going to help, when they still have no tactics nor strategy against people who've hunted men for a living, doubly so when 90% of po-po from coast-to-coast never served a day in an actual military unit in their entire lives. People forget that after they'd killed the actual two robbers, they spent another 12 hours tearing up the neighborhood looking for the imaginary other three or four guys, the prospect of which was a pants-wetting realization for most of them.
    d) When po-po start getting whacked getting coffee, or sitting in cruisers, and from range, the incidence of Blue Flu will reach about 75%, at which point the entire affected area will become the Seattle C.H.O.P. zone, in city after city. Law enforcement per se will become an endangered species, and that actual mission will devolve to either citizen militias, or the biggest, baddest gang in the area. Civil government will become a myth. And military interest from the active, reserve, or Notional guard sectors for restoring order will be about nil, knowing who they'll be going up against.
    e) Any government enforcement of even basic law will be about as viable as ice cream on the sidewalk in July, and in short order, Operation Parking Lot Round Up and Operation Lamp Post Trial And Punishment will come into effect, for anyone ID'ed as part of the former governing bureaucracy, down to dog catchers and janitors at City Hall.
    f) After that, it gets ugly.

    1. The first rule of law enforcement: Go home safely at the end of your shift.
      To that end, the second rule of law enforcement: Back the regime until it looks like the might lose, then switch sides to the insurgents.

  3. That BLM shooter in Dallas back in 2016 got five cop KIA and 9 WIA (including one noncombatant) in less than a half hour. He shot one in the back while the cop was looking around the corner of a column. They ended up blowing him up with a robot stuffed with C-4.

    He served in the 420th Engineer Brigade and did a tour in Afghanistan until he got caught stealing panties from a female. Then the Army screwed up his discharge. First he was supposed to get an Other Than Honorable. His lawyer got them to agree to a General Under Honorable. But the Army gave him an Honorable.
    A fuck up, but one who did some damage.

  4. The really interesting thing about Chris Dorner is he went after cops. And cops ONLY care about other cops (do they care about FBI? asking for a friend). The entire state, all of their cop offices were after one guy not just LAPD. Because 3 cops got murdered.

    but 3 regular dudes or chicks get wiped out? yeah, a detective will be there to take a statement in a few hours. maybe.

  5. they have no idea what type of hell they asking for. they also think we all going to knee down and go with the flow.
    who was that guy who blew up a bunch of baby killing clinics back in the day ? one thing I do remember is that he
    spent some time with the 101st while he was in. and he gave himself up after what a few years on the run ?
    these clowns do not realize if they keep fucking with us the problem will not be one or two, but a few hundred guys
    and like the ira back in the day. a whole lot of them will be part timers at it. think about it, old crippled up guy
    who drives the school bus every day and helps transport weapons and people around check points and such ?
    and it needs to be said, any cop or guard who fucks over the people without cause will be fair game as they say.
    just saying as I learned a few things from history how these things play out.
    but never in history has any fools tried to fuck a people so well armed as this country is today. do they really think all the ammo sold is being shot at the range ? or stored for when needed ?
    they are going to find out the hard way that there is a life other than their own way of thinking and seeing things.

    1. "who was that guy who blew up a bunch of baby killing clinics back in the day ?"

      Eric Rudolph, 1998 Hide & Seek champion

  6. The good Lt Col committed the ultimate crime in the Crotch; he embarrassed them. They will always punish such heresy because they are as an institution psychologically afraid.
    Boat Guy

  7. Now, make this a fire team on home terrain. Well versed in ambush and SUT courtesy of the MIC.

    Guys who have bled together and who know each other better than their respective wives. Guys who meet for beers and don’t talk about anything digitally other than sports, kids, and BBQ.

    They can’t be infiltrated and they have nothing but time and a growing level of irritation at not being left alone.

  8. On what basis do they have the right to imprison and force to trial Lc. Col Schiller? Is it now illegal to quit?

    1. What basis? "Might makes Right". They (currently) have the might, so they feel they have the right to do whatever they damned well please. In other words, tyrants gonna tyrant, and they will be vindictive about it.

    2. I suspected as such. "You are disloyal, you must pay."

  9. The Cabal wants shit to go side ways. There attitude is let the problem people kill off a buncha useless eaters, kill off each other. When the time is right, release the highly paid, trained, middle eastern/eastern European, former mil, mercs. Their motto is Order out of Chaos. They are fine with wrecking the world economy. Money is only another tool to them, what they care about is POWER. Remember, they only want 500 million skilled enough slave force to survive. Dump your normalcy bias expectations about how you think they will act/react.

  10. I stopped by the local VFW last night with an old school buddy that did a tour in Nam . We drank lots of beer and played poker . I let them win so they could enjoy more beer than normal . I'm not gonna' mention what they were all talking about but it wasn't purty . Had to take my bud home he got so stoned . They were all old timers but don't shit yourself,they can every man pick which eye to shoot out of a deer at 500 yards after having six beers . I hope for the sake of mercy the ptb don't take this shit with Scheller any further . That's the only word I didn't hear last night. Mercy !

  11. The Marine being crucified is an example. The criminals in charge want everyone to know what happens to people that don't STFU and do what they're told. Facts and reality are irrelevant. He called them out and they will make him pay BIG TIME for having the nerve to do so.

    The criminals in charge no longer care about what us tax slaves believe, think or want. Our job is to STFU, pay our taxes....which of course are NEVER enough to satisfy their greed....and keep the wheels turning so the elite aren't inconvenienced in any way. Polls don't matter, approval ratings don't matter, opposition doesn't matter. The OWN the election machinery and CANNOT be voted out office. The are large and in charge and will be FOREVER unless they are dragged out of their offices and HUNG for their crimes. Nothing less will save this country....and it may be too late to save already.

  12. At the range yesterday and the instructor and I were discussing Mike Seeklander how and when he came to U.S. shooting academy in Tulsa. After the early middle east campaigns he and others came home had no jobs so started teaching firearms there. When the current crop come home and there is no jobs I think a different tac will be taken.

    First time I read this quote of unknown origin my heart sank a little because it made complete sense.

    The most terrifying force of death, comes from the hands of "Men who wanted to be left Alone".

    They try, so very hard, to mind their own business and provide for themselves and those they love.

    They resist every impulse to fight back, knowing the forced and permanent change of life that will come from it.

    They know, that the moment they fight back, the lives as they have lived them, are over.

    The moment the "Men who wanted to be left Alone" are forced to fight back, it is a small form of suicide. They are literally killing off who they used to be. . . .

    Which is why, when forced to take up violence, these "Men who wanted to be left Alone", fight with unholy vengeance against those who murdered their former lives. They fight with raw hate, and a drive that cannot be fathomed by those who are merely play-acting at politics and terror. TRUE TERROR will arrive at the Left's door, and they will cry, scream, and beg for mercy . . . . but it will fall upon deaf ears.

    1. Yep. I know several men and a few women who only are holding back because they have too many potential hostages and victims living with them. Make those people loners by whacking their families (via medical bullshit or, well, just whacking them) and the now-loners will all go off, like a chain of fireworks.

  13. I know everyone already knows this but here it is again. UCMJ Article 88 - Contempt Toward Officials. The Marine will be dragged through the Courts Martial system. What he faces: a maximum punishment of dismissal, forfeiture of all pay and allowances, and 1 year of forced confinement. Your life is essentially over after this. My 2 cents: If you're a single guy, have at, speak your mind and pay the price. However...he's married with kids and flushed a nice retirement check for life that would have come in handy AND medical benefits etc. It wasn't his to throw away. That's why in a divorce, a spouse male or female gets half because you're essentially a team if you want to look at it like that. He will have charges preferred, go to trial and will lose. The USMC lawyer platoon will eat him alive. No pleading out, no hall passes. In other services, you might get away with this along with a GOLOR but the jarheads do not mess around. They see this as a stain on their collective honor and everyone will roll in hot. Poor bastard.

    1. So lets do what we can to support his family while he is confined. Then let's help him when he gets out with a job.

    2. This comment sounds like classical shit poasting to gaslight this community to accept the fait acompli results because reasons. Don't accept this line of thinking. It's bullshit.


    3. Maybe not.

      The situation amongst a lot of people is, well, taking care of those around them. If those around them weren't there, then they'd go postal. Up above I refer to one's family as potential hostages. Seriously, think about it. With DNA and biometrics, all which were used and abused in Haji-land, were used here in the States against 'deplorables' and 'local terrorists,' how quickly could the powers-that-be roll up one's family? How quickly could the FedGov take into questioning and confinement your family. I mean all your family, from your direct family to your distant 2nd cousin you never knew about?

      That's the question. Do I keep my family safe or do I stick my neck out. Scheller stuck his neck out. And now his family (both direct family and his extended family) will pay for it.

      Remember all those people who's families were doxxed by left wing terrorists because they showed up at various protests and supported American values? Parents fired from their long-term jobs. Sisters and brothers hounded out of where they work. Houses egged and vandalized. Cars vandalized. Bank loans cancelled along with credit cards. Kicked out of colleges and schools. All of this has already happened. The Left has already done this to people who have resisted the tyranny.

      Seriously. I stand in line at Publix with all the old farts picking up meds for their seriously ill or terminally ill wives and hear the grumbles. "When she's gone, I don't have to hold back." They grumble at each other and other people in the same situation. Guys wearing unit hats from Korea and Vietnam, the endless war on terror (have yet to see a Grenada or Panama hat.) The undercurrent from the old farts in my lefty hellhole is bad things are coming for those who keep fucking us. All will start happening once no more family ties are there.

      To stand against today's tyranny, openly, defiantly, means not only the FedGov but the ShadowGov will use their full powers to fuck you up to, well, fuck you up. How many more people have to have their lives destroyed for doing the right thing (self defense, standing against government tyranny and such) before good people realize it's not just about them, but about everyone they know. Just look at how everyone on Trump's side were subjected to lawfare and outright covert warfare against them for no reason other than they supported Trump. How's General Flynn's bank account now? How are his children enjoying their new schools versus the ones they got kicked out of?

    4. As if.
      The conga line of Alan Dershowitz-level lawyers that will take his case pro bono will take what he said once, in a YouTube vid, and turn it up to 11, straight outta Spinal Tap, and make his original video indictment of The System like the Rodney King beating: on TV, 24/7/365, and the Corps won't be able to shut up fast enough to get both their collective feet out of their mouth. They're about to create their own Billy mitchell, and they'll never get that genie back into the bottle. It's going to haunt them for a hundred years.
      If they were smart, they'd simply drop all charges, separate him from service post-haste, and grant him a full pension, and hope he just goes off and plays golf. But they're not that smart.

      Even after the baked in "guilty on all counts" verdict comes back, this will get appealed, and overturned, and the minute this guy picks a place to settle down, he'll be the next freshman congressman from BFEgypt, and even the DNC won't have enough voter fraud to block his election in a landslide.

      Two terms, which he'll win without breaking a sweat, and he's got a congressional pension-for-life, and gold-plated everything until he dies.

      And he's going to end up being the guy throwing molotov cocktails on the House Armed Service Committee every day he's there, and raking those same perfumed princes over the coals, and sticking a pitchfork in their guts and twisting it, for as long as he feels the urge. Probably only for another 20 years or so, on national TV.

      It won't matter if nothing changes, because for him their agony is The Mission.

      The smartest thing the Corps could have done was ignored him. Everything else not that they're doing to him is throwing jet fuel on a raging bonfire, and then trying to beat the flames out with their own dicks.

      And that's before he writes the inevitable best-selling non-fiction book about the whole thing, which immortalizes this in print forever.

      This is what happens when, institutionally, you've promoted the biggest ass-kissing Courtney Massengale crayon-eaters to the senior positions, which mega-douchbaggery was exactly what he called them out on.

      His position, right now, is about the same one as that of the 1st Marines surrounded by five Chicom regiments at the Chosin Reservoir in 1950: I pity the poor bastards who've surrounded him. he's going to eat their hearts for lunch, and hand them their asses back on a platter by the time this is all over, and they'll wish their mothers had never met their fathers.

      And then, 5 million current and former Marines are going to help him pile on.

      For the Common Core grads out there, tell the class how dragging Ollie North before Congress, making him testify, and then trying to crucify him in public has hurt either his life or career prospects since 1987, last time you looked. Non futuis militae Nautae.

  14. methinks TPTB are more worried about the SF folks coming home and training 'mercans on the finer nuances of Asym-warfare....

  15. Forgot...UCMJ Article 81 Conspiracy will be a tack-on charge as the USMC will scan all email traffic to see who he talked to about this. Also UCMJ Article 133 - Conduct Unbecoming of an Officer and a Gentleman. Is it overcharging? Perhaps but they will throw everything to see what sticks. As a mid level Field Grade officer, this is bad ju ju. An NCO could do this with minimal pain, not a guy of this rank. One final note, now that he's confined pretrial, he needs 24/7 eyes on him from another officer of equal or greater rank. Literally this is so the enlisted jailers don't kick his ass day and night. I had this duty once as an O-4. A CW-3 thought the better half was cheating so SHE beat her hubby to within an inch of his life with a baseball bat. Attempted murder, etc.

    1. I think he is safer with the enlisted then with some of the communist ossifers... my two cents, but with the current inflation two point two million dollars.

    2. My guess is that the enlisted cats are pretty happy that someone had some stones.

      As for future endeavors? I’m thinking there’s a decent home for this guy somewhere amd he’ll be just fine financially.

  16. I think he is safer with the enlisted then with any communist ossifer... my two cents, but with the current inflation index, two point two million.

  17. folks are forgetting TPTB have planned this all along and know exactly what steps will be taken to keep control- UN(china) peacekeepers will be given full authority over the population

    the mandated jabs are meant to thin the ranks and the herd... the 'passports' will be used to control their ability to secure sustenance so it will be easier to police the survivors..


  18. "The cops, outside of one instance, have never faced off against a trained and willing/eager opponent."

    We respectfully disagree.
    Larry Phillips Jr. and Emil Matasareanu

    1. Yeah, I thought of that shootout too. But I think night 1 and 2 of the LA Riots in '91 is an even better example.

      Some "veterans" of Watts in '65 decided if the city was going to burn then they were going to make sure to spread the goodness around. So they organized a big diversion downtown outside the Courthouse keeping the LAPD busy while things really kicked off over all over the city.

      So by the time Gates knew what was going on the LAPD was completely out maneuvered and outgunned. The South Central gangs having combined their firepower. Outside of LA it was a total news blackout. In LA the TV stations gave enough idea what was going on for people to stay safe but the old style radio news stations like KNX who still had lots of local beat reporters back then had them phoning in live to air what was going on. Uncensored. No time delay. The guy calling in his report from a call box outside the Beverly Center when the first few carload of Bloods and Crips rolled up, different colors in the same vehicle, is still one of the funniest things I have ever heard.

      The LAPD collapsed on the first night of the Riots and the mayhem only ended when the Marines arrived from Pendleton. The State National Guard callout was a total fuck up. They turned up days later. The biggest firefights were in Koreatown. Once the Korean realized they were on their own after the first South Central crew passed through a few ex SK Rangers organized the defense and after two sustained attacks by the South Central gang bangers they gave up. The Koreans dropped off at least two pickup truck loads of bodies of the wannabe looters at local hospitals. Out front. They ones who had not crawled away. The official death toll is way low. It was at least double.

      Of course, most of the people caught looting were...Mexicans.

      And the only person who came out looking not covered in shit from the clusterfuck was Rodney King. Cant we all just get along. No truer words said by a habitual drunk and all around fuck up.

    2. "Eager", yes. "Trained"?? Hell no. Just hopped up on speed.
      Fucking amateurs, and both dead inside of a two minutes, and didn't manage to finish the job on one single target engaged.

      The po-po aren't going to be that lucky indefinitely.

      They ever meet so much as a four-man fire team's worth of guys, and they're going to fare about as well as Dutch's team in Predator: they'll be trophy heads on someone else's wall.

      And that's before One Shot Paddy (times 1000) starts lighting them up for sport, 24/7/365, for No Particular Reason, other than Because I Can.

    3. Dead the fuck on on that Aye? Only thing those jokers really did was show that copious amounts of meth and body armor can forestall the inevitable for a little while and then, game over. It was entertaining from a observational POV of "Zero Fucks Given" with them however when everything went tits up tho... Jes' Sayin'

  19. Former enlisted Marine here to say that the guy was out of line. I don't want him or Milley vanilli or any other officer running the foreign policy of the country. Biden is the biggest douche we have ever had as president but that doesn't mean I want some officer running the country. In the Corps I saw how most of those officers couldn't run a platoon or company or battalion.