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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Whatever You Do...

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
You should never, ever do any of the things I found on 4chan last night.  I mean these things, who comes up with such things?  Talk about horrible, awful people.  I mean look at this:
Seems that was in a Council building in Jolly Olde... seems that the person in question was a tad peeved about some sort of bullshit 'notice' vis-a-vis him exercising outside during the Lockdown.  Fined excessively donchaknow?  So, guess he decided that his fines would be better spent on re-piping the Council hall... rather devious Aye?

Then, some of the other lads went a bit further in their 'suggestions' which I reproduce here strictly for entertainment sake.  I LOL'd at a few of them, as why not?  We need all the laughs we can get in this day and age, and I'm just trying to do my part is sharing the hilarity.
Now, there was quite the debate regarding hydraulic cement and quikcrete.  I personally think it's a matter of individual choice.  It was getting a bit heated, calling each other names and what not, but overall, they stayed on track, and considering the chans, that's quite the accomplishment overall.

One person suggested an alternative that takes a while to start to work, but is as effective to a point.  Think 'slow-time sabotage'.  That one involves acid on the valves and hoses in the same DoGov bathrooms.
Now, according to the poaster of that particular jape, it takes about a week plus to have the valve fail.  I'm not so sure... it's questionable, but, hey, I'll never know 'cos I'm not "that guy" so to speak.  

Then, someone also did a nice write up of some of the deviltry one can do to fuck with high-end pozzed out supermarkets: 
Again, from the formerly Great Britain...

This one might get costly and you -might- have trouble with the authorities, depending on how aware the store personnel are.  Now from my point of view, lately, in supermarkets outside of Publix, they 'give a fuck' factor is in the negative like completely.  

"I'm not paid enough for this shit" seems to be the overwhelming attitude.  Most of the people who spent the pandemic on their duffs, locked in, and getting paid fat stacks to play PS4 or Xbox, well, they ain't exactly pleased to be back in the grind.  As the Dilbert cartoon said:
That 'taste of happiness' is a stone truth.  Yesterday I had to take NewCat Nook to the vet early-early.  As in this's the first time in like...damn... like almost two years? since I was in "Morning Commute Traffic" and let me tell you.

I will full on fucking quit if I ever have to work outside the house again.  Ain't laziness... nope... tis more of an eye-opener.  Why the hell should I expend allllll sorts of precious time, effort, energy, gas, .....shiiiiit the list goes on and on to go to a place where you get told, on a regular basis that you're nothing more than an easily replaceable cog in a mighty machine?  That all that expenditure is not calculated into your pay, that it's out-of-pocket...  Fuck them if they think I'm setting foot in the cubes again ever.  Commuting?  HA!  "Never Again" as they say...

< /rant > Soooo.  As I was pointing out, you should never, ever think of doing such things at a DotGov facility.  Such things are highly illegal.  Get you in hot water as it were...  But yeah, seems that there have been -others- out there who're even more accelerationist than I or even the morons in charge.  This list here:
As stated at the bottom (click to embiggen) "Three feet on the gas" as it were.  Some of the 'stuff' listed on that there fun n games are very bad...  I personally think the 'throwing screws in the local newspaper/news station parking lot' has a lot of merit.  Same could also be said for them Mini-Cam trucks that are all over the major metropolitan hubs...  here in downtown Tampa, they seem to be everywhere on the regular.  Tell you what, lots of exposed wires and whatnot with them on the trucks, or a handful of screws under the front and rear tire of the cam-truck might make life a bit uncomfortable.  Hell, I did a meme a ways back about making the media uncomfortable in general... the one of the chick in the horse-head mask getting all up in "Roving Reporter-boy's" shit...
Shit like that is how to fuck them allll up...
'Cos mind you, IF they (stupidly) touch you, you own them.
But I'd never condone, nor encourage any of these actions.  That'd be a thing of badness.

But it is fun to write about and such...I'm like aggressively frustrated at the fact that things are so fucked up, and there ain't much that can be done except wait.  Wait for it all to burn.  At this point, that IS the plan, far as I can tell.  And in the meantime, dis here blegg is my outlet for now.  For Now being key words.  Hell, I hit the gym again.  This's a new record, three days in a row.  Of course I'm walking around like I got polio in my arms... in order to fully straighten them out, I have to lift full ammo cans to strrrrrretch out the biceps, and man they're screaming at me...

Now, other things,  hopefully I'll have a webcast set up by the weekend.  Not sure, BUT I'm working on it.  Spawn has been doing MAD tech work and setup for me, and I got the equipment, software and whatnot from him.  Little to no expenditure as of now.  The trick is going to see if I can upload it here... and the other backup site.  We'll see... I'm hoping to go 'short and sweet' for the first one... we'll have to see.  The thing is, most of the guys who do nothin but vidya have the personality of a dead fish.  Booooor-ring.  In a minute or so, you know it's going to be lame, so short and sweet maybe? We'll see.... Very few of the casts out there actually are really good.  Doubt mine is going to be anything special, but what the hell, I speak like I write, so why the hell not Aye?

So More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Let's -REALLY- See Some Chaos!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
How does one add to the chaos one asks?  Simple... Just ask, out loud "How much worse can it get?"  I absolutely think that actually works.  I mean why not?  -Anything- that 'pours gas on the fire' or 'stomps on the accelerator' is welcome at this point

Pedal to the Metal indeed.

Listening to Talk Radio this A.M. was enlightening.  The normie moron bias out there, even in ostensibly 'CON-servative' demographics... man... all I can say, and this ain't gaslighting, but there is -no- hope for this country UNTIL we have a culling.  Now, this ain't 'doom and gloom.'  This's purely my own thoughts, but lets face it.  We done fucked up this world.  FAR too badly to rectify it in a 'normal fashion.'  The 'stupid' is so prolific... 

We fucked with Mother Nature, and she don't like to be fucked with.  We've coddled the worthless, the brainless, the stupid and promoted a world mindset of unsustainable growth and thinking that everything will keep being awesome for all time, forever.
Uhh no.

We've set ourselves, societally speaking, up for failure.  That so much and so badly, even the Elites can see it, and unfortunately for us, they have the means in which to institute a Darwinian Styled event to attempt to rectify it.  Of course they're doing it so that /theirguys/ come out on top.  That in itself has issues.  They seem to have forgotten that -sometimes- the "prey" gets a vote.  Recently there was vidya of a bison or African Buffalo getting attacked by lions... it looked pretty bad until the Buff decided he was done fucking around, and purely kil't said-Simba outright.  Horn through the bottom of the jaw, and through the brain.  The other lions?  Bailed.  As in "OK, we fucked with the wrong Buff!" and tucked tail and de-part-ted with haste...  

Fortunately for us, /ourguys/ aren't generally part and parcel of the 'useless eaters'.  In fact, the Elite have forgotten that people like us are the reason this country was so awesome in the beginning.  The 'take no shit' and 'Because Fuck You That's Why' fighters, drinkers, deplorable carousers... to quote Hedley Lamarr: "...rustlers, cut throats, murderers, bounty hunters, desperados, mugs, pugs, thugs, nitwits, halfwits, dimwits, vipers, snipers, con men, Indian agents, Mexican bandits, muggers, buggerers, bushwhackers, hornswogglers, horse thieves, bull dykes, train robbers, bank robbers, ass-kickers, shit-kickers and Methodists!!!" are all what made this country the most ass-kicking country for oh so many years.

And for this, we are purely hated by well, everyone us.  They hate us 'cos they ain't us
And they're loving the current insanity that's going on.  I can't find anything wrong with what's happening... I mean I can from a patriotic point of view, but I'm so over it.  It's like this.  They (for lack of a better term) The Committee, have taken over, and it's getting even MOR obvious how the 'battle lines' are being drawn.  The Generals just yesterday threw The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den under "Da Bus" by pretty much calling him out as a liar about the request for troop levels in Affy.  Now mind you, this's the same Slo Xi-Den who defended "Der Chenerals" from any and all repercussions of oh, treason, murder, and general lack of leadershit.  The closest failure in modern times I can find from World War Two was some general named Fredendall who was so bad they outright shitcanned him...

He only fucked up a battle or two...
The Current Klown Kar Show of Perfumed Political Princes of Pomp, Pimp and Circumstances, the Vagazelled and Bemedaled Manginas-in-Anusform?  Not one. single. firing.  Hell, not even a "You done fucked up!" in public nor private that I can tell  by anyone anywhere.  That to me is the Ultimate Crime.  I mean the charges that they're pushing against LTC Scheller?  As I called it... all bullshit can-make-it-stick "Unbecoming" and "Bad Monkey!" Charges... essentially the Crotch is going to fry him for badthink, and being public about it.

Which, by the very fact that no-one in charge has been fried, well despite all the posturing, postulation, positioning and bullshit, that can only lead me to one of two conclusions on the Bagram Bugout, also known as "The Afghan Haul-Ass: We Got Our Asses Kicked"

1) No one got fried because they were following orders  THAT right there, well, treason used to be something that -mattered-.  Guess these days, nosomucho Aye?

2) No one got fried because no one ever gets fried in this Administration.  This's the Zero Defect Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den.  Nothing shall ever sully His Works, nor His Good Name, Peace and Profit (and 10%) Be Upon Him, Evermore.

God... I think I puked in my mouth writing that last bit 

But yeah, those are the choices, and both, for whatever reason are valid, and possible.  Only time will tell.  In my case, it's payday this week, which means, provided it ain't on the 'rationed list' at CostCo, Ima picking up a whooooole lotta popcorn, 'cos shyttes going to get interesting to say the least.

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Another Provocation

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Obviously they took the book "How to Win Friends and Influence People" and are using the bizarro world copy, where everything is the exact opposite.  Seems that the Marine Corpse (and yes that's an intentional misspelling, 'cos "It's dead Jim!") has imprisoned LTC Scheller.
"Pre-Trial Confinement"
Uhhh, what trial?
Been following this case pretty closely, and there was -no mention- of any 'trial' anywhere.  My spidey sense is tingling, saying "There be fuckery afoot" Aye.  Guess this's the next step in pissing off the DotMil.  A 4 Star Retard Murders 10 people seven of them kids and does some fag-assed weak shit 'apology' and hey!  No problem!

Question the responsibility and accountability of those driving this motherfucking Clown-shit-show-car, and Hey!  Relieved of Duty!  Taken to Mental Health 'cos he's obviously crazy and now?  "Go to jail, go directly to jail."  And I garon-damned-tee whatever trumped up (heh) charges they bring, guilt and incarceration is already baked into the cake.

'Cos these 'charges'...  I can tell you... it'll be the usual specious bullshit "unbecoming"... "raising a ruckus", "undermining" all the chickenshit charges they can find to persecute He Who Dared Question His Betters.  He was the one nail who stood up, and iin their eyes, ALL the subsequent fuckery, from the SEALs telling them to 'get fucked, die in a fire' to the lowliest private in the Army saying "Nope, no shot for thee, so no shot for me!" is his fault.

Hint:  It ain't.

Like I said yesterday it's the stupid man.  They just. don't. get. it.  People see and hear the fact that the CONGresscritters exempted all their own people (and more than likely theyselves) from getting the Nottavaxx.  So, "Joe Snuffy The Ragbag Private", yeah, he may not have a fancy-shmancy degree from The University of Higher Lern'in,  but he can see and sense the utter hypocrisy wafting and emanating out of "Sodom-on-the-Potomac"

It's not fucking rokkit science to see the "Rules for Thee and Not for Me"
And the stupid, it burns.
I mean why wouldn't people be highly suspicious of the entire fucking thing.  They've lied, coerced, and generally been so fucking shady about everything.  And they've been -trying- to make it the 'only game in town'... which, to some people, as they used to say, they'll play because it IS the only game in town, as crooked as it is.  However, they don't take into account that they can't force you to play...

I mean they can try
But that generally don't work out none too good in general... and since they ain't been able to take our guns, that's, from their point-of-view a thing of badness.  Not for nuthin' they have tried in a half-assed sort of pulling some shit, but it's all come to a big fat nuthin'

So far.

They ain't going to be able to go "Full Australia" on us, 'cos I mean they can try but man, eventually there's a thing called "a two-way-shooting-gallery".  And for all the vidya out there of "normal cops" in "firefights"... some of them are purely hilarious, in that usually it's two clueless bumblefucks throwing rounds at each other until one of them is made "good", be it perp or cop.  So, I can only imagine if they tried to do the "moving online" shew'tin rubber rounds?  The cops, outside of one instance, have never faced off against a trained and willing/eager opponent.

That time was Chris Dorner in L.A.  He put the entirety of the LAPD in full on pants-shitting mode.  To the point they had to pay out when some triggerhappy nervous-nervous cops shot the ever-living shit out of a pickup that was kinda-sorta like the one reported to be like the one Dorner was driving... two innocent wimmenz got shot all to hell just driving up the street.
8 cops.... over 100 rounds dumped into the truck.
4.2 MILLION dollar payout/settlement for the nervous cops fuckin' up by the numbers.  Per a quote from the LA Times regarding the panic factor that it happened: "...because department managers didn’t adequately prepare them (the fuzz) for the high-pressure situation."  If just trying to find ONE single ex-cop whos in turn 'supposedly' hunting other cops, well, that sort of shit?
"Wait til they get a load of me..."

Imagine how they'll react against a well trained individual.  Dorner was a hack... Naval Intel with bare bones Infantry training.  He wasn't by -any means- a real shooter by my standards.  He was a Reservist, and he put the fear of God into them.  

A Navy SEAL?  With a righteous case of the ass?  Oh yeah... they wouldn't stand a chance.  If dis fukkin guy:
Made them shytte theyselves by the pound, can you only imagine the stark raving terror that a fully trained, Combat Experienced, -completelyPissed Off Navy SEAL or Infantryman could do?  "Close with the enemy, double-tap, move on to the next..." 

Maaaan.  Popcorn time!!!  

I could be off base, but the reality is after the very first 'interaction' between any true professional, and the Kurrent Keystone Kops, AFTER they get stacked like cordwood, I can completely see like ALL the cops 'calling it a day'.  As in quitting in droves.  Taking their 'service rifles' and car maybe and head to    the house, and hoping like hell that whoever is out there doesn't hold too large a grudge with him...  I mean being a cop is going to be a very dangerous proposition in the next few methinks...

Best get right with God folks... 'cause thems with 'issues' ain't looking to be merciful methinks
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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Monday, September 27, 2021

Fear and Stupidity

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Took the day off yesterday as it was a full day, and I'm bushed.  I -finally- re-started the gym, and because of it, I'm gimp, and can't lift my arms over my head.  And I went light to start.  Did a couple of miles on the stationary bike, then did arms and shoulders.  

Now I'm back at work and man, this's a bunch of absolute bullshit.  AGAIN they have us doing the. same. exact. things. again.  I kind of blew up at my boss, as I had been promised that the near-continual repetition of the worthless same old shit same old shit.  

I've been begging them to give me some info on 'how to be a boss' here for THIS job.  The training, which I've now gone through twice, once as the student, and then as the Trainer, and now I have to go over the training syllabus AGAIN because OMFG, third times a fucking charm?  And the training is literally basic training.  I do NOT need to go over this bullshit again.  What I NEED is to be able to know how I deal with an escalation, 'cos as of now?  Any member/customer problems that get escalated to me?  They're going to die on the vine...

'Cos I got no idea who or where I go to help out on an escalation.

But fuck, I can take a call and instruct a motherfucker all day long...
So enough about bitching about Ye Olde Gig.  Today, reading all the crap over the weekend, it's apparent that some things have just sort of gone to the wayside.  As I figured, the wet fart of the recount?  Yeah, by all normal things, the vote should have been invalidated, and re-done, but that's pretty much every single aspect of the 2020 selection...

Then we've got the "fear factor" coming from The Orifice of the (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den and his coterie of Handlers.  They reek of fear.  
This is where we're in trouble
Fearful People do stupid things.
And we've been witnessing an outrageous amount of stupid.  Like new levels of dumbassery.  I don't think I've ever seen this level of dumbfuck in politics.  MAD asshattery.  And that leaves us in a very sketchy position.

It's dangerous.  For US, as in /ourguys/...  As in fearful, stupid people doing stupid things that generally piss off and annoy the 'normies', well when the 'stupid' fails, and pushback occurs, well, they tend to push back twice as hard.  And if the 'stupid' they push fails utterly and completely, well, that's what they fear most... because that shows that their shit is weak.

And that's generally when even worse things start happening.  Fearful Stupid POWERFUL people who are desperately afraid of being OUT of power?  Oh yeah, this will not end well.  We're going to be in the crosshairs.  They've ramped up the ostracizing of the 'unclean' with the Nottabug.   I mean yeah Kung-Flu is real, but not near as dangerous as the Nottavaxx apparently... in fact the Israelis just came out an announced that out of like 300 new COVID cases in one day?  Like 280+ of them were all with the Vaxxed.  Apparently it's looking more and more like the Nottavaxx is a real nightmare.  

OH! New news... hilarious actually.  Seems the New Governor of Noo Yawk Kathy (MegaKaren) Hochul put a Nottavax Rule in place for everyone who works in healthcare.  EVVABODY needs to be Vaxxed up to keep doing medical stuff in Noo Yawk.  When confronted with the huge numbers of people who saying "Fuck you and I'm out", her first reaction was "You are all replaceable, bring in the foriegn nurses!"  which, as one can well imagine, went over like a wet fart.  

So, Noo Yawk, already having mad issues with having a preexisting shortage of medical workers, well, as they say "You ain't seen nothin' yet."  LOTS of folks are doing the "Fuck you, I'm out!" to the point Herren Gaulieter Hochul must be gettin' a mite nervous... so her "B" plan seems to be MOR stupid.  She's talking about calling out the Nasty Guard.  Link HERE:
>takes deep breath<

Absolute Genius right there Aye?
She apparently don't get that them Nasty Guard?  MOST of them are -already- working in the Hospitals that're short handed.  Which means essentially, the Guard is going to report in, and go right back to what they were doing BEFORE, already.  'Cept it's got one major difference.  Nasty Guard don't get paid at the 'normal hospital rates' so to speak.  Makes you wonder if this's intentional to put MOR monies back into the hospital's pockets.  

They can't not show up if called for duty, that's a big no-no.  So, essentially, they're going to get double-fucked by losing out on the anywhere from $25-75 an hour for a flat rate-at-rank DotMil bullshit pay.  AND more'n likely be doing the same exact job

Let me tell you, the DotMil STILL has a pilot issue.  Because during the whole Iraq thing, they brought guys back from the IRR (Inactive Ready Reserve) and forced them back into boots to fly... I knew one guy who lost everything because of that... He'd been a Chief Pilot for United... he took a $200,000.00 pay cut to fly for the DotMil AFTER he should have been loooong released.  He resigned first chance he got... LOTS of pilots did... they've never recovered...

Same shit is going to happen... you watch.

Stupid people, well, lets face it, they're stupid.  And even worse, they'll never admit it.  So, when you get a self-reinforcing loop of 'stupid', combined with ALL the power that can be real AND imagined, that they, THEY are the "Masters of Their Destiny" and their beliefs are right and correct and anyone who dares point out their blatantly obvious delusions are insects and deplorables unworthy of their Greatness and Wisdom.  By Divine Right they feel that they're the Chosen Ones to lead the ignorant deplorables into "The Light".

And if you dare to point out this level of stupid?  Well, in the long run they -do- have Nuclear Weapons and man, considering just how fucked up our current (p)Resident is?  Yeah That right there is enough to keep me up at night, to a point.  After all, I'm only 18 miles away from McDill as the Crow Flies, and if they, (for the values of 'they') lets say Joe Chink Up and Drops on in retaliation for the (p)Resident breaking from their control, well...
Airburst 5Kt Dong Feng 5... Joe Chink's current ICBM "Flavor of the Month."

I'm well inside the "crispy zone"... Hell, I'm in the "Find a solid wall that might not collapse, dress ALL in black, and face towards the 'flash' with my middle finger extended to leave an interesting 'shadow' on the wall when I go >'poof!'<
I don't put anything past them at this point...
Yeah, worst case scenario, but who ever called me "Mister Cheery" don't know me worth a shit Aye?
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Big Fat Nuthin'

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
And a fine fine Saturday it tis.  Couple of Admin note:  Right Wing Terrorist, shit is in-route.  Same for you Lauderdale Boat-Guy.  My thanks to you both on your understanding and patience.  Telling you, getting my 'stuff' straightened out, it doesn't help having 6 confirmed TBIs.  ALL of which apparently affect the short-term memory.  Like 'duh!' levels of forgetfulness.  Nevermind when something like the ATF shows up and throws me for a loop... memory dump in 3...2...1...

So, the Arizona investigation is done.  Stick a fork in it.  Which, as I've said on the occasion, ain't no changing what's been done, unless we were to start shewtin folk.  (That, my Glownigs, is not an incitement, nor a suggestion, merely an observation).  And seeings that people are still way too comfy, shit is still, (for the most part) in stores and on the shelves, well, I just don't see the status quo getting too rattled.

And for all the morons and QTards on Blab who've been screaming "Victory!" and "Vindication!" Man, jeez, give it a rest already.  The Q thing was a grift and oppositional control.  Kept the autists too busy to see the "forest" by presenting "Trees" in a sloooow drip/drab to distract.
I mean they even told you it was bullshit.  Theyselves came out and said (poast-selection) that they'd modeled the whole thing on a similar Russian disinformation campaign to "purge undesirables" back in the day.  I mean what did they think was going to happen?

As Mike at Cold Fury said, "Is there a man alive so hopelessly naïve as to imagine that, in acknowledgment of these proofs, Biden would bow his head in shame and contrition; mumble an incoherent, rambling apology for the “error”; then pack his grip and stumble on back to Delaware?"
(link:  No shytte there Aye?

Ain't no how, no way ever is the Uniparty going to give up what they have.  There ain't no "two parties".  It's all a scam to keep us divided.  In fact, the fucking Scumpublicans are just a Full on Grift Machine at this point.  Some slore, who retreated from Twatter, she's some political hack who's been pushing for bux on the Blab, and man, the roasties are getting good on her grifting.  "Hey goyim, gives us monies for us to fight Dems and gift our bestest most awesomest ally Da Jews!!!"

Literally, anyone outside of the big monied folks out there who contribute a fucking centavo to either side should have their head examined, and subsequently be declared hopelessly retarded, and treated as such.  The big-monied folks, well, they give to buy access, power and control.  Tell me that Suckupborg of Fecesbook would have -any- say in anything IF the CIA and DARPA hadn't chosen him as the 'face' of the Social-Disease-Media?  I'll wait...

Same goes for Jackoff "Drowned Rat" Dorksey.  Fucker looks like he should be asking for spare change at a bus depot, and yet he's one of the most influential and powerful people in the world?  How the fuck haven't these guys 'caught a stray round' yet?  Dorksey is at least cautious.  He, in his heart-of-hearts knows that he's prime meat for being sniped.  That's why he pretty much bailed on the Untied Statz to Tahiti? I think?  Faaaaaaar away, no weapons really allowed in or out, and a "professional" would stick out like a syphilitic dick at a bridal shower.  I heard from a buddy of mine who helped evaluate Dorksey's security here in the Statz, hence why I am aware of this... his seaside San Fran house, they told him flat-out that the front glass windows, which pretty much run from top-to-bottom made him a very juicy target for a guy on a boat and the proper equipment and training.

"Only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise."  Or, in this case, a recently dishonorably discharged Navy SEAL mayhaps?  I mean the guys from SEAL Team Six took out, simultaneously, 3 dudes, with headshots, from a rocking boat underway, AT ANOTHER rocking boat underway.  There's a reason they call those guys 'Jedi Knights'.  And, also, just for clarification, the rifles they used were SR-25 7.62x51mm DotMil variants of the AR-10.  NOT .50cal as the legend has been spun.
So yeah, nothings going to change.

Other 'stuff'... one of the readers asked about the Areas to look at here in Flor-ree!-duh and asked about The Villages.  Now, first hand experience as the In Laws are up there.  It's cool, but the costs of the houses is pretty high, but the amenities are off the charts.  The -other- issues are the age of the population (all oldsters) and like the single highest concentration of Boomers in the southeast.  There's like a different 'theme' to each "Village" center so to speak... one of them, the one closest to my In Laws
is Sumter Landing, which has a '50's' setup... looks like a 'Back to the Future" set-piece.  They even have an A.M radio station on a dock, like right out of the movies on the lake.  Then there's another one,  Brownwood, which is really cool... it's right out of the "Old West" with a Spanish Missions style thing going on... I half expect to see Clint Eastwood from his spaghetti westerns to be walking around...

As far as any coastal areas?  Fuggeddaboutit.  Ain't happening.  No how, no way.  Not when MY house is at $450,000.00 in current value.  Probably even MOR if I put it on the market, as the Serbian War Criminal put HIS on the market at the zillow price, and pulled $50K over asking...

So unless you want to live in the "Hood-Hood" of the St. Petersburg Island area, then nope nope.  All that diversity out there is one of the biggest drivers of violent crime.  In fact it's out there that kid punched some oldster to death in a Dunkies for 'supposedly' calling him a nigger.  BTW:  Never had a follow up on that, but of course, the vidya of the store showed the old guy -didn't- call the young nigger a nigger, and that it actually was a reverse-race crime, but the Ministry of Propaganda of course, buried that infobit, per usual.

Now I have to report to the Reeducation Center for Badwords and Harshthink.  <Le Sigh>

Anyways, got to cut this short, Spawn is coming over to assist with a new project I'm cooking up, namely a Podcast by yours truly.  Not sure how or if it'll work, but he's got the gear and is going to assist his tech-pig-ignint Da with this shytte.  Wish him (and me) some luck.  Y'all may actually be hearing from me quite literally later.

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Friday, September 24, 2021

Fucked Around, Found Out

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Bit behind ye olde power curve today as I had to be the 'facilitator' at training today.  Seems being 'the boss' also entails re-certifying as a fucking trainer as well.  Thing is, it's not a requirement, but a 'time waster'.  They ain't got shit for me to do until 'kick off' in Mid-to-Late October which means keeping me busy.

Le Sigh

If I wasn't so far behind on the $$$ side of things, I'd be like "put me on LWOP" (leave with out pay) because this here is toe-nail rippingly painful.  Like OMFG... the things I do for shekels.  I'm thinking I need to explore y'all suggestion(s) to write a book or something.  I really would love to but man, as if I ain't got enough on Ye Olde Platter amiright?  Maybe, maybe... have to see.

Now, couple of topics:  First, some good news out of Oklahoma:
Seems a 9 Year old had dis fukkin  guy being overly 'fondle' of him at the bus stop.  And guess what?  He's a pastor at the Local Church.  Or was as the case may be.  He was at the Lakehoma Church of Christ, so not sure what denomination he is... if he was Catholic, it'd be cool.  Not sure with the Baptists/Lutheran/"Other"...  But the kid deserves a gold star.  Or at least 
Takes guts to tell your folks that -someone- is 'touching you' inappropriately the embarrassment is usually what fucksticks like this piece of shit count on to keep doing dirty deeds.  This kid?  Told Mom and Dad

And Dad waited in Ambush.
And caught the fucker
On film no less...
THEN he beat the ever loving shit out of the guy.  The story is here:
Notice one really smiley face on this story?  Yeah, me too.  No charges for Dad.  Like nada.  Any bets that "fell off the curb" was on the 'official police report?'

I ain't take that fucking bet Aye.

Now, besides the happy-happy of a future MorBark Candidate, we also have heard from several sources that the higher-higher are getting a might nervous about the possibility of a concerted effort on the part of the Notavaxx Resisters in Uniform.  Seems that most, if not all, want to take it to a General Courts Martial.  Which in itself is huge.  Unless they bring back a 'drumhead' Courts Martial, or empower so serious judicial chicanery, requesting a full Courts Martial triggers a bunch of shit, most of which, on a small, onesie-twosie basis, not too much hassle.

However, IF all of them demand it (as is their right), first an Article 32 needs to be conducted.  That's like a Military Grand Jury... now they -might- be able to derail the process, but if they do, it risks upsetting long established legal precedent.  So, that's a couple of things, Time, Money, and People.  Lots of moving parts in a Article 32.  Watch the show JAG and you -might- get a 10% idea of the shit that goes on, never mind the trial.  And if they get a hotshot legal beagle who wants to introduce like actual evidence of the Notavaxx being bad for said-targeted individuals?   

Yeah, that shit is going to be as fucked up as a soup sandwich with big floppy noodles flopping alllll over the place.  Straight up Eleven Up, and Three Down...

All Ate Up.  Fucked Up From The Neck Up as we used to say.  I think they were counting on the threat of a Dishonorable would be enough to coerce them.  What they didn't figure was on the SEALs stepping up en-mass and telling them to get fucked.  Now the regular Joes, who're already highly disgruntled about, well, like fucking everything.  

That's a BIG part of the issue.  "The Cloud People" tend to forget that the lower enlisted tend to be insanely bright go-getters.  The 'worst of the worst' imagery from the Draft in Vietnam still carries with these fool, so they seem to think that the grunts, well that they don't so to speak.  In their eyes, the filthy enlisted swine, from the Elitist POV is that they're too stupid to know better, and therefor they, the Highly Schooled and Intelligent and Elite need to lead these wayward, backward hick "Children of the Deplorables" into the Benevolent Light of the Progressive side of things....

Heh..."Children of the Deplorables"... more like "Children of the Corn" complete with crucifixions when the Grunts decide that they're done dealing with these assholes.... 

What hilarious is it's pretty much the exact opposite in-ranks.  The more pozzed out assholes in the ranks?  Who tend to be poozzed as fuck?  They've been promoting faaar out of range/ability and are among the most worthless, brainless, and fucktarded "soldiers" in the DotMil.  They're the ones who parrot the "party line" and make good little "stukaches" (Russian slang for 'informer'... NOT a nice term to be known by... we usually called 'em Narcs)  Case in point?  That collision of of Singapore?  The McCain?  Yeah... the end result of that investigation was that two fucking split-tails, who were promoted because of "wahmens" and "reasons" and from what I heard, "diversity".  These two bee-atchas weren't on speaking terms for whatever reason, and because of a personal waaaahmans beef ten sailors died.  

If I'd been C.N.O. I'd have hung the two of them, and cashiered -anyone- who had ever had anything to do with their 'moving up the ranks.'  But nowadays?  I think they're both still serving.  In fact the "investigation" of this?  Yeeeeeah... here's a direct quote: "...(it) report “should not be used to assign blame or determine liability”.

In other words, nothing to see here
Just like the Perfumed Fake and Ghey Fucktard-Princess on Sodom-on-the-Potomac.
Treason?  Never heard of her.

So, be of good cheer, and move to Florida.  
It's looking smarter and smarter being here.
We'll have to see.
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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Told Ya and Possible Mayhem?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Well that didn't take long.  Seems these cases were released by the local county mounties who didn't feel the need to keep their mouths shut vis-a-vis the "Xtra-Rapey" nature of our soon-to-be-Democratic Voaters/"Guests"
The latest outrage, leastways it would be an outrage IF the Ministry of Propaganda were to deign itself able to cover such stories, it would seem besides the attempted Gang-Rape by the "Guests" at Fort Sill, it seems that at Fort McCoy, two of the "Guests" are now in the county lockup.

The story can be found at American Greatness HERE:  Seems one of these lovely folks is charged with at least three counts of sexual assault (probably rape) of a minor.  The other?  Beating and choking the shit out of his wife.  That one, meh.  That's what they do.  The only saving grace here is that the child-rapist ain't going to last none too long.  Got me a hunch the cons in county are bidding on who gets to shank him, if not the guards theyselves.  

I know if -I- was a guard there, that dood would be having multiple incidents of 'falling in the shower' and 'down ten flights of stairs' until he learned to be a good hajji i.e. fucking dead.  Now also, according to the article, they overall intend, they being The Orifice of the (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den's "administration", to "settle" a 100,000 of these "culturally enriching individuals" nationwide.

Now, not for nothing, but man, considering the DotMil, at the odors (intentional spelling) of the aforementioned DotGov pre-emptively droned an innocent fambly in Affy.  So, by the pretzel logic of Clownworld, I'd think that somewhere, there's some (((lawyer))) who's money hungry enough to defend a pre-emptive strike on the Military Age Rapey-McRape Monsters that'll be shortly arriving in the various Areas of Operations nationally.  

As in when the Greyhound drops them off, say, a rando-drive by hoses them down.  Or the Lutheran Mission Relocation Center were to 'suddenly and unexpectedly burn to the ground' or the houses of the people facilitating these invasions were to ALSO be burned to the ground in the middle of the night... cars tires slashed, the like.  Not that I'd ever promote such devious and malicious acts, however, going by OUR OWN GOVERNMENTS ACTIONS, I got a hunch that someone, somewhere there might be some pipehitters who don't cotton to these mooks being forcibly inserted into the peace and quiet of Smalltown USA.  That'll be interesting

Especially since now?  Seems the SEALs have decided to call it a day on the Notavaxx.  So, THAT is going to get reely reelz really quick.  Word -I- got from some of my sources (those that are left) that some of the Teams... like the entire team told the Chain of Command to fuck off and die in a fire on that shit.  As in whole groups of Shooters and Looters have decided to walk off the job.  Some of them, word is are going to go private.  Add on the what now seems like the The Orifice of the (p)Resident, wants any and all folks who're not getting the Notavaxx a dishonorable discharge.

Hoo Boy

A fucking D.D.?  Oh man, now that is a line that they don't seem to understand what that means.  A D.D. means like zero post-military bennies, in fact it's like getting a felony on the record.  In fact it's worse than a felony.  They fucking lose all veterans' benefits, and are forbidden from owning a firearm, working for the government and taking out bank loans. Often, they also lose the right to vote and accept federal assistance as a civilian.  
Ab-so-loot-lee God-damned Brilliant!
This has to be the stupidest fucking plan EVER implemented by ANY and ALL DotGov and DotMil in history.  I mean Holy. Fucking. Shit.  Not only are they going to purely gut the Special Operations Community, but then after busting their asses loyally, doing the dirtiest of deed for them, to not only cashier them all, but also essentially fuck them in the ass (with ground glass and sand, sans lube) on the way out the door in the form of "criminalizing them".

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah.  That'll work.  I'm sure that they'll take that news with a calm, measured response.  Well, actually, the few SEALs I've interacted with?  On a good day they tend to be the sleepy-eyed bored looking dude at the back of the room, who's usually calculating how much effort it'll take to kill every one in the aforementioned room.  So, yeah, it'll be calm and measured.  But NOT in the way I think these idiots think it'll happen.  Just short of locking the SEALs up, we're talking for real no-shit trained unmerciful killers.  

And by literally criminalizing "freedom of choice" and "my body, my choice" in DIRECT violation of the Nurnberg codes, whelp, In my fictional world, three SEAL Teams in concert could wreak absolute havoc in an incredibly short period of time.  Hell, a Direct Assault of the Capitol by one Team, killing as they go, and the Senate and congress hit simultaneously by another Team?  Or even a simple "decapitation strike" on the White House?  I mean these guys?  The "regular fuzz" to include even the Secret Service are not prepared to do anything other than to become "good Feds" i.e. dead as doornails IF the SEALs decide to turn them into "good Feds".  Literally there ain't no "quit" in them.  I could realistically see it.  

If anything, IF the SEALs went "full retard" I could literally visualize the cops, standing on the stairs of the Capitol Building listening to the gunshots, screams, grunts, explosions, and not doing a fucking thing.  Like standing there, waiting.  Watching torrents of blood run in rivers down the marble stairs and saying to each other "I ain't paid near the fuck enough to go in there for anything."  and waiting for the noise to die down.  Then, as the noise tapers and stops, a platoon sized element of blood soaked warriors walk out the door, covered in gore, gobbets of flesh, weapons shouldered and smoking, and look at the cops and the leader says something: "Don't make us come back..." and walks off, unmolested.

When the first cop finally braves the carnage, he walks into the main rotunda of the Capitol, and finds in grim presentation, every. single. head. of most, if not all Congresscritters and Senators, various aids and hangers-on, all mounted on whatever stake that could be improvised... bodies, torn asunder, stacked allll over the sides of the room... blood ankle deep.  The media, suitably subdued after the CNN Atlanta building is subjected to the same treatment, refer to it as "The Great Cleansing" while most call it "The Harvest of 500 Heads".  The Purge 202(?) indeed.

It's make a great movie, that's for sure, IF it wasn't fucking Clownworld.

Shit like this underlines the complete and utter disconnect between the fucktards in the Orifice of the (p)Resident and the Perfumed Fat Fake and Gay Bejazzled Bemedaled Manginas in the Puzzle Palace from real fucking life.  What the fuck do they think these guys are going to do?  Roll over?  

Completely and utterly clueless.
This's gonna be fun.
Pass the Popcorn Aye?
And save 10% for the Big Guy
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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Found It!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Man, Y'all rock.  Period F'n Dot.  One of you sent me the link to the SIR Report of yesterdays Poastage.  Now seen here:
Huh... so sees this happened on September 15th.  Nothing in the news anywhere.  
Guess they're too busy giving "Whypeepo Privileges" to that DeadChick Gabby whatserface...  THAT has been like story numero uno on the Ministry of Propaganda's sounding board for the past few.  And the demonization of Dude who was with her?  Well, t'ain't helped that he went on the lamb.

But as a few of the red-pill sites have said, ain't no-way-no-how are they gonna give him what would be considered a fair trial.  Oh, they'll give him a 'fair trial' but between the leaks and well, the generally shitty way he acted in general, they'll hang his ass either way.  Personally I think he kil't her.  Some of the RP Guys said she may have left him and gotten a ride with -random murderous dood- who did the deed, but as of now?  Don't look good for him

But besides the distraction...
The DotMil can't be happy about the whats obviously a screenshot photo from a phone camera of the report being leaked.  Got a hunch the reaction's going to be banning of personal phones in the TAC.  The actual breakdown of events was that she was showing up to work at the DAV (unfamiliar term) and got accosted.  She made her break and went to ECP 1 (Entry Control Point #1, guys at the front gate more n'likely, with loaded weapons) and they took her to the 1-6 IN TAC which is 1st Battalion of the 6th Infantry Regiment, and assigned to 1st Armored Division.  The TAC could be either the Tactical Air Center, or, my guess, is the Tactical Assessment Cell (Intel Squirrels) who'd be more likely to be watching over the "Guests"...

So, the reaction to this of course will be to hide it
Deny it
and Bury it
Would you expect anything else?  One of y'all reminded me of the 'neutral steer' option on the What-if-Rampage... yep.  Now for those of you who don't know, neutral steering allows one track to move forward while the other reversed, allowing the tank to spin in place like a 74 ton top.  And man, it can go fast if'n you can deal with the nausea.  First time my driver did it, I had to puke into my CVC shell (the hard part of the Tanker Helmet comes off, and makes a good emergency puke-bucket in a crunch, rather than puking on the floor of the turret.). 
If the What-if-Rampage happened, the neutral steer, well the tracks grind -everything- as they continually spin in opposite directions... on soft ground you can actually 'dig in' a bit as the tracks will throw dirt like a motherfucker.

In Gulf One, a lot of the tread-heads literally ground up pockets of Iraqi Infantry in the trenchlines
Ain't pretty, but War ain't supposed to be.  Which is a BIG reason we're so fucking pussified as a nation.  The people here in the Untied Statz get a really sanitized bullshit happy-happy fucking Point Of View.  In real life, War is a right horrorshow, and not in a Clockwork Orange way, but a fucking nightmare kaleidoscope-from-hell.

The fucking snowflakes out there have like NO idea what they keep begging for.  To them, it's a movie or TV show.  I -was- guilty of that shit too until I got in my first scrum.  Nevermind my first suicide bombing.  In fact, story time... One of my more memorable Mass Casualty Events was in 2005.

It was June it seems.  I didn't remember it until I was watching HBO with Wifey the other night.  Watched a show called "Baghdad ER" which follows a emergency room unit at the main CASH in the Green Zone in downtown Baghdad.  Right in the middle, they had a Evac Chopper fly in from Victory/Liberty after a rocket attack at the PX, and I was all like "Oh shit!!! I remember that!  I was there!!!"  I then told wifey the same thing I'm going to pretty much lay out here, and I paused the movie and told her...

June 12, 2005, I had an early morning.  We had a whoooole slew of replacements coming in from the CRC in the states.  Since I was the Operations Manager, it fell to me to shepherd the FNGs around (fucking new guys). These were normal rotational replacements, so I had to be at BIAP at oh-dark-early for the pickup.  Got there and got 6 New People.  They were tired, worn out.  I knew exactly how they felt, between time changes and weirdness.  I got them from BIAP to the house so to speak, where they turned in their paperwork, where our admin took it all in.  Next step was to get them to the PX, which we called Wally World, 'cos it was as big as a stateside WalMart.
Now, that pic was BEFORE this attack... I'd say late 04.  The literally covered the ground with 3 foot by 3 foot pavers and gravel at one point.  On the right hand side was a big open lot, a horseshoe shaped thing of smaller "Hajji Shops", actually run by Indians, jewelry shops, T-Shirt shops and the like.  

So, this's actually where I dropped off my folks to get the bare basic minimums.  They needed pillows, sheets, soap, the stuff you wouldn't normally pack when you have such a baggage limit.  FYI, you were allowed to bring two standard duffel bags of gear, one of which was usually packed chock-a-block full of Army Issue Bullshit from CRC.  Of course once you lern't how to game the system, you could get away with NOT taking or signing for the gear from the CIF (Central Issue Facility).  I used to BMOBA (brought my own body armor) because it was better and lighter than the issue, and my own skull-bucket. 

The rest of must have shit?  I had a deal worked out at the local surplus store where I'd 'rent' the needed gear for CIF day... You had to have the gear that they were issuing you, and if you 'already had it', then they checked you off... only once did I come close to getting caught, and that was a keen-eyed NCO who spotted that some of my shit was Xtra Small sized... he was cool about it, and so, when it came time to leave, I had almost a full duff worth of space for my own shit to take with.  Like ammo.

So, most of the FNGs didn't know that angle.  They had everything issued, and the minimum of their own shit.  So, to sleep, they needed bedding.  Anyways, long story getting longer.  I dropped them off almost at that exact point in the pic above.  Told them I'd be back in a hour.  They went into the X-zone so to speak.  I started back to the 'house' for my late dinner.

Halfway up the road, I heard AND felt was a big >KABOOM!<  Shook the truck like a motherfucker.  I started looking around, and ahhhh shit... the rear view mirror?  Fucking Mushroom Cloud... right where I had juuuuust dropped off the FNGs

Damn.  Ain't that a bitch.  Dialed around 180 and hauled balls back to the area (highly discouraged normally, as you never knew if there were MOR rounds inbound to the same general area.)  I screeched to a halt, grabbed my omnipresent aid-bag and ran into, well, hell.

Bodies everywhere.  Pieces parts, Blood, the smell of high explosives and empty bowels.  Bunch of the shops riddled like a colander with shrapnel and faaaar too many people all sorts of fucked up.  

In the chaos, I stayed the fuck away from the casualties, as it seems the Joes had everything well in hand.... What I did do was started looking for my folks, who, thankfully -suddenly- showed up a little worse for the wear, but alive.  One Joe had gotten killed apparently, but man, the Indians took the brunt of it... lots of Indians blow'd the fuck up.  My folks? One of them had blood splashed all over them, but it wasn't his...  That dude had the 'I'm in fucking shock' face going, so I rallied everyone up, and threw them in the truck, and we boogied the fuck out of Dodge.  We got back to the office and everyone, who'd heard about the attack, well, needless to say, much relief all around (we had lost people before in a Souk Bombing in 04, that was my first Mass Cas event, identifying our folks who got whacked). and the Boss broke out the good forbidden booze and passed the bottle.  

I however, despite the shit, wasn't allowed to partake.  I had to drive to manifest 3 out of the 6 back out of country right fucking now thank you very much.  "No offense Mr. Big Country, but we fucking quit bro, this's a little too real for us."  They were on the next thing smoking to the USA via Kuwait.

Hey, no harm, no foul bro.
Not everyone can deal with that shit IRL.
Of course it's the after... the long after where you've buried that shit, when it comes back to the surface on bad nights or some such, then it sucks all over again.  PTSD, pleased to meet you, won't you guess my name.   Fucking Aye to that me Droogs.  In fucking -Spades-.

I'm better though.  After relating the story of this, I un-paused the movie, and sure as shit, in rolls all the cast of people I saw and such, mostly the Indians and a few of the lighter wounded Joes.  The story was here:  Needless to say, Wifey was impressed... hell, I was... always had wondered what happened to them poor guys and gals who got blow'd up after the fact.  We got the fuck out of there to avoid witness statements and getting involved... gray-man avoidance mode you dig?  But, at least now I know....

Man, lived history.  Fucking cool IMO.
But yeah, so I gotta bounce, another busy day.  I'll get with you all later if'n I can.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Good Job and Expect MOR!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Times like these are trying.  especially when ye olde 'puter doesn't do what ye aske of it.  Any wonder why we get the urge to go all "Office Space" on occasion?  I had (I thought) saved to the reading list off of the Blab.  Notsomuch apparently
And it's memory holed like a motherfucker.  Nothing on the goolag or any other search...
Unfortunately, we're going to have to rely on ye olde Reporter's memory.  Reading it, t'was highly disturbing in it's, shall we say 'clinical' precision.  

Seems it was a copy of a SIR report to the MPs at Fort Bliss.  A SIR stands for 'serious incident report' and this one detailed a female Private coming back from the PX getting 'sexually assaulted' by a group of 'guests.'  Nice euphemism Aye?

"Guests"... as if they were old friends over for a slightly extended visit.
Maaaan the cog-dis with these motherfuckers.

Now, from memory, essentially a group of 5-7 'guests' 'accosted' the Private-in-Question and started to harass her, followed by a description of what sounds more like an attempted gang-rape, rather than a 'sexual assault'... thing is, she managed to fight them off, which probably shocked the fuck outta them, and she managed to make it to a CQ desk (CQ = Charge of Quarters desk, 24-7 manned by an enlisted soldier and NCO to answer the phone and deal with shit like this, as rare as it was)  The report followed that a 'group of 7 "guests" were found 3 blocks away in the housing area and taken in for questioning".

So, the Haj are given free rein to roam and rape all over Ft Bliss.  Bliss mind you is a shithole.  Right on the border.  Bad water, hot, dirty, old.  Hated going there for CRC for the pre-deployment bullshit.  And now overrun with 10000 mad-dog rapists.  Tell you whut, they ain't gonna stop.  In fact, watch it get worse.  Because when they don't get the treatment that they -should get-, they'll be like "Lets get our rape on!" and then it's going to go completely batshit in a quick-quick.  The proper response is to gather up ALL the "guests" and then on a stage, bring all 7 up on stage, and in front of every. last. one. of. them. Explain that if any of them even looks askance at a American female that THIS will be the consequences, and then shoot all seven fucktards in the head, and leave the corpses for the buzzards. Have the whole crowd surrounded with hard motherfuckers with belt feds, and a couple of Apaches fully loaded circling.

There's only 38,000 troops on base.  
Out of them, considering that normally in the US Army there's a 10 to 1 support to shooter ratio, then yeah, 4000 +/- shooters... if the Haj decide to rock n' roll, shit's gonna get real reely reelz quick.  The name "Custer" comes ringing to mind.


The current way we deal with these tards are going to be a slap on the wrist, probably a transfer and 'emotional and councilling support' for the Private, and watch

It's going to happen again.
And Again.

I figure they'll rape the wrong chick.  Some hot young wife.  Of a soldier who has access to his weapons AND friends who are ab-so-looooot-lee pissed at the whole situation, and decide that "Fuck this shit" and man, let me tell you.   M4, M249, and M240s ALL eat civvie ammo, links aside, the belt fed?  Let me tell you, IF what happens what I think is going to happen, watch for a rebellion of the lower ranks, followed by a fucking massacre of epic proportions. 

Shit, even if I couldn't get a belt-fed, if my wife got raped by these goatfuckers?  Let me tell ya... The motor pool has armored vehicles.  And for the 'authorities' to A) get permission and B) unlimber an anti-armor weapon?  You can do a HUGE amount of damage with a tracked vehicle.  See "Killdozer" for an example.  Killdozer wrecked a town... can you imagine if he's decided to kill people?

Wind up and run an M1A2 through the "guest camp" at full speed?  Top speed of an M1 with the combat throttle regulator off?  Try like 75-80 MPH.  There's a BIG handle in the drivers hole that was a "do not ever pull this lever under UCMJ dire threats and jail." It literally pulls the governor offline, which keeps the Beast at about 35-40 MPH.  True story, they put a M1 on a Dynamometer.  Ran it full-throttle.  The tracks disintegrated at like 100 MPH.... blew the fuck up.  That engine, the AGT Lycoming 1500 Gas Turbine engine is the same exact engine on the CH-/MH-47 helicopter... fucktons of power and speed...  Maaaaan that'd be a lot of track grease right there.

The videos would be hilarious
Visualizing it, news chopper pursuit style video, an M1A2 chasing down individual and small groups of huddled Hajis and >SQUISH<...

I know... I got issues... Tell me -you- didn't laugh at the imagery tho...

 And I do not care about the 'women and children' thing... they shouldn't be here.  NONE of them should.  Any and ALL of our genuine terps got out when the getting was good.  And even then, some of THOSE fuckers we've found are dirty-as-fuck... these assholes are the purest piece of shit opportunists.  Fuck 'em.  ZERO fucks given, as well as pity.

Especially since it's MY sisters now in danger.
MY family
Those fuckers in DC may not give a fuck, but tell you what, I fully expect that these Afghanis, IF they try to pull the shit they pulled in Europe?  Man, this's 'Murica
Homie don't play that.
Fuck around Hajji, and find out.  Got a feeling the cops are only going to be picking up a lot of corpses of the Afghans.  Don't see a lot of them getting the 'innocent until proven guilty' thing with them.  In fact, considering how the administration has been acting, that's in-line with their treatment of r/ourguys, so, fair is fair.  Now, of course that's IF they get stupid/retarded.  Unfortunately they seem to be sending 1000 of them to Central Florida... guess that'll 'enrich' Disney quite a bit Aye?

Stay on the East coast fellas, you don't want none of this.
So, Gotta actually pay attention today, so so much for ye olde lunch break.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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Monday, September 20, 2021

A Case of Waiting

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Now, it used to be that the only country known internationally for it's pugnaciousness and attitude besides 'Murica was Australia.  Oz was an is a location  that's always had a bit of allure to me.  The far East and Oz are still on my bucket list, however, I'ma thinking it's not happening in this lifetime unfortunately.  Now, Oz, like the Untied Statz, was made up of the Euro-rejects of the world.  

America was the religiously intolerant that shipped over here, the Pilgrims and Puritans, man, a bunch of seriously uptight fuckwads...  no-one wanted them uptight assholes, and can't say I blame them.  Puritans literally thought buttons were tools of the devil... they had laws against wearing short sleeves... Celebrating Christmas was a no-no.  A real fun bunch of folks Aye? 

 Then you have the Catholic settlers waaay down south... Little known history of early 'Murica, the Catholic Spanish and the French Protestants and Lutherans used to slaughter each other whenever they came in contact.  Theoretically, and by the 'kumbaya' bullshit taught is schools, the U.S. was founded as a bastion of religious freedom.  IRL?  Notsomuch.  Reality was Massachusetts Bay Colony was a theocracy pretty much. Everyone else murdered each other regularly over "who's invisible man-in-the-sky was better."  Either way, most of the folks who came here came here because they wanted to be religiously uptight assholes who no one in Europe could stand.

And Australia?  Well known as a penal colony.  Got some family shipped there I believe...  a cousin who was like 12 who stole a loaf of bread.  Really nice guys them Brits...  Sent a shitton of criminals to either die off or build a colony.  England literally DGAF.  It's like Mother Nature or God took a remote chunk of land, and said, "Yannow, some of the shit that I made is just too dangerous to have people around... I'll stash them waaay off for safety's sake." 
Literally a Murder-Continent.  I mean even the lakes in Australia... land locked lakes have Frikkin Sharks in them, (BTW: I can neither confirm nor deny if they have Lasers on their heads).  I mean for the Brits?  Win-Win... ship off the criminal undesirables, and let 'em either sink or swim so to speak, however swimming is highly inadvisable as the Great Whites surrounding the entire continent preclude most days at the beach, never mind escaping.  I mean the cachet of Oz was always that these people there were the survivors of a real-life 18th Century "Survivor: This Place Will Fucking Kill You" series.

Tough?  Sheeee-it.  Remember them Fosters Commercials from the late 90's?
4 Minutes, some funny, some Meh.  It's missing my personal fave, which showed some dude standing there, and a giant assed boulder falls on him... he gets mashed like fucking flat... and you hear a muffled "Ow." from under the rock... The announcer goes: "Wimp."  That one stuck out in my head over the years.  Now, in Iraq, I partied with the Australian Army... Man, do not mention Fosters to them... apparently that stuff is like worse-than-Bud-Lite to them.   A MASSIVE insult to call it "Australian Beer"  The stuff they had sent?  (Yeah, fucking Diggers could drink, bastards, hence why an invite to the Oz-House was a coveted prize)  They had Victoria Bitter or Cooper's.  Those are apparently -the- real beers that're drunk down there.  By the fucking gallon.  In one sitting.  Drinking Aussie beer, you learn quickly NOT to be known as a 'two-pot screamer' as I lern't that's what a lightweight is called... not me mind you not for nothin'...

So, anywho.  Something, somewhere, some time ago it seems, Australia got neutered.  I think it started when they took the guns.  The Port Arthur Massacre in 1996 which 32 people got whacked caused them to crack down and essentially outlaw all the firepower.  No, not for nothing, couple of people over the years said this was a False Flag.  There's a lot of evidence, best rallied up here:   If you're bored, it's TL;DR but very enlightening

Also, WikiLeaks has some stuff on it too, so it looks like it was a FF, but for now, I'm just going over some of the shytte that's happening RH-RN.  But historically, since they took the guns, Oz was then subjected to an insane level of Super-Political Correctness and Feminism indoctrination.  Like a complete emasculation of the country.  Reading reddit and the news from around the world, Aussie women seem to be the most mind-bent, insane, fucked-in-the-head group of Wahmens out there.  A lot of them are stone-cold beauties, but OMFG, the level of danger/crazy is off the charts.

So go the Wahmens, so goes the Country
“Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.”  Oz went full retard.  Never go Full Retard.

There is hope.  The heads of each State of Oz has imposed soooo many draconian lockdowns and stupid, the people are fed-the-fuck-up.  And the other day, Saturday, they protested, and the fuzz did what reactionary politically controlled pigs do, they laid the smackdown
O a 70 year old Grandmother, who they pushed down and then hosed the shit out of with pepper spray.
AFTER she hit her head -really hard- on the concrete.  The Victorian Police: "We'll protect the ever-living shit out of you, because COVID and reasons"

Sees that the fuzz over there for some time have been enjoying their 'Trustee' powers over the population.  Running MAD roughshot over the people.  What I've seen is they purely love the power, and the asshole commie running Victoria, now known popularly as "Chairman Dan" as also been enjoying his emergency powers.  BUT

That may be changing.  Seems the largest labor union in Victoria, some 70,000 heavy construction workers, well after the vidya of Grandma getting the beat down/hosing (brilliant BTW to use something like cop-strength pepper spray on elder folks that can fuck up their breathing, when yannow, the main killer of COVID is usually caused by respiratory issues? On the highest risk group an old lady?) The Labor guys?  They went to the Union Hall to protest, 'cos Dan Andrews, by way of his "Chief Health Occifer" mandated that ladi-dadi-evvabody in Construction gotta get the Notvaxx by today.  And man, they were pissed.
Vidya and Story Here:

As the article said, the Union has been donating millions to "Chairman Dan" and his, of course, Labor Party, and not getting anything in return.  Which, unlike the Untied Statz from what I can tell, at least here?  When you buy a politician, they tend to stay bought.  Just ask "The Big Guy" amiright?  So, for a troubling 'lack of return on investment' so to speak, the Union went apeshit.  From all reports, the Union Leadershit browned theyselves silly, and issued some mealy-mouthed bullshit statement, knowing they're dead men walking, and then "Chairman Dan" dropped the banhammer, and shut down the means for these guys to work, which man, give it two weeks... no paycheck, no work, then no food?  Hoo Boy.  

Got a hunch it's going to be, as I call it "The Waiting Game."

Ten to One odds that IF they had their firepower, we'd be seeing "Ned Kelley" redux allll over the place.  So, Oz is 'Waking Up'... leastways I hope.  Here in the Untied Statz?  Not sure.  The things I'm hearing -right now- is that it's all quiet on the fronts, for now.  Eye of the Storm.  The Notvaxx news broke with minimal coverage, but that that did break?  Well a few normies woke up. 

They're confused and puzzled.  the people behind the scenes are confused as well, as they're not sure which way to go.  The Branch Covidians that they 'riled up' have taken this shit as a religion, and now?  Because of their low-IQ 'follower' mentality, well, the Karen are gonna really be pissed at the Management this time.  And when those 'types' of people go in, they tend to go all in.

It's sort of like a retarded dumbass Lieutenant, who, despite the Platoon Sergeant's pleadings, led his platoon into a fucking minefield.   Couple of guys have bought it, and the rest of the Platoon are now looking at the LT from behind, probably debating on whether or not they can get away with shooting the stupid cocksucker in the back?  

So yeah, it's like the Phoney War in WW2... 8 months of no major action
We'll see.
So, keep prepping
Head on a swivel
Be the Gray Man
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Maff and Organs

Greetings Me Drrogs N Droogettes!
So much for a lazy Sunday. Short bitchfestivus before I get to the meat and taters of todays topic. Wifey wakes me up at 0830 on the only day I can sleep in screeching "That fucking bitch!!!" To whit, your author, known for his witty repartee, responded "Whuzzle!" and tried to cogitate a bit...

Seems she had a new client yesterday who decided to reverse the $200 that she paid for the services, but THEN went on every. single. website that Wifey advertises on, and trashed her rep.  She poasted pictures saying Wifey was incompetent,  a scammer the usual when a crazy bitch decides to go full throttle retard.  What's common with these broads is they generally are Karens who're scamming the system for a free service, and being bitchy to intimidate by trashing her out on the intahwhebz.  The pics?  She even admitted to changing and re-doing the makeup herself after the fact...  God I hate crazy bitches...  But, the good news?  Thing is, she can leave shitty reviews, but only on the website she contracted through.  She left them like everywhere.  THAT was a bridge too far.  We've won in court before on this.

That's by Florida Law Slander/Libel, 'cos this's got the potential to have Wifey lose business.

So, Hi-Ho off to court I go...
Quick Laugh before we start though to lighten the mood/load:
Now, for todays topic, Bear Bussjaeger has a poast, and he's far more knowing than I, about the numbers on the FDA Reveal about the Notavaxx.  It's here:
Now, I ain't none too good at Maffs.  But he breaks it down so even a four-time-basic-math failure like me gets it.

The FDA conference which dropped truth-nukes and has been subsequently ignored by everyone especially the Ministry of Propaganda stated that 1 in 1000 who got the jab are going or have ALREADY developed Myocarditis. Myocarditis is defined as usually being caused by a viral infection, (the Jab apparently). A severe case can weaken the heart, which can lead to heart failure, abnormal heartbeat, and sudden death, i.e. fucking stroke and heart attack.

The only solution is a new ticker.
Now to the maffs.  He figured out that there are aboot 218,872,070 jabs delivered... that means 1 in 1000?  Yeah that's 10,535,018 “vaxxed" folks, and out of them? About 10,533 are going to possibly needing a new heart, my Ex-Nephew being one of them...

So, a lot of things to unpack.  10,533 people potentially needing new hearts.  Now reality, well the news that HAS slipped through, it seems that yeah, a LOT of people are running on borrowed time... and these 10,533 are of the young age group... the oldsters are dying as opposed to getting sick, sort of like my Ex-Father in Law who cashed in two weeks after #2.

Soooooo from a Globalist Perspective and every one has been saying

Cui Bono?

Think I figgered out the bono of that cui.  Me thinking, a most dangerous concept...

The average cost of a heart transplant in the Untied Statz is:
That doesn't include allll the 'other stuff' that goes along with the post operative stuff... anti-rejection meds (huge $$$) and therapies, and lifelong maintenance on said-victim/patient.
That works out, on the baseline Bear came up with of $14,746,200,000.00 or more simply put, Fourteen Point Seven BILLION dollars in MedCorps pockets.  NOT including post-op.

Then, lets look at the 'other' unpleasant aspects.
Where you gonna find 10,000 +/- new, fresh healthy tickers?
What country supplies the majority of organs via illegal organ trafficking?

Huh... what a co-inky-dink
Well whaddya know George?

Don't forget the 10% for the "Big Guy" I guess.  Now it makes a hell of a lot more sense.  China has zero qualms about harvesting organs... Ask the Uighurs, if you can find any outside of the Concentration Camps they have set up over there.  Big Pharma has a couple of things going for it too, as well as the DotGov and the Globalist mass murderers.

1) As they said on /pol/ on the chans, "Congratulations, you just turned you immune system into a subscription service." meaning those who -haven't yet- experienced anything bad looks like they NEED to keep taking the Notavaxx now and forever, as if they don't bad thing may happen.  Too soon to tell, but either way, the 'subscription service' business model is a winner income wise for Big Pharma

2) The future is Transplants and the Future is Now.  Expect the cost of the organs to go through the roof, and I fully expect that the FedGov will broaden the 'donation' requirement quietly... be interesting to see if that's in the Omnibus they want to pass... if so, then that's telling... something like "unless you opt out, you'll be added tot he National Organ Donation Registry" or some shytte to that affect.  However, even if they do that here? There still ain't going to be enough hearts to go around, and also, the people who got the shot?  they're going to be exempt as the 'damaged goods' they now are.  Which then means

3) China.  The Number One illegal organ trafficker in the world is now staged to really get going on the ole 'slice and dice' of them political dissidents.  Add on the ChinkVaxx is not doing the same thing as ours, i.e. damaging nor killing their population... hmmn... things that make you wonder if there was a larger plan in place?  Add on that Xinney-the-Poo is starting to rehab Moa's Cultural Revolution, and looking like he's rolling back tot he Bad Old Days where Joe Chink kil't off 22-50 million of their own, then yeah, I'd call anyone who Xinney and his neo-commies consider 'dissidents' to be 'donations on standby' there Aye?

4)  And here and anywhere else that used the Heart-clot-shot?  It's killing off the oldsters.  Which is a net win for the DotGov.  No expending massive amounts of valuable resources on dead-ender Boomers and the like.  No more paying for Med Care for them nor maintenance like Social Security.  They cash in, and the DotGovs worldwide win.  The Globalists also dig it because it's part and parcel of the Population reduction they dream of.

So, that's my theory for today
Prove me wrong
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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