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Thursday, August 19, 2021

Well Well Well

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes! 
Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Sorry... playing with y'all  Apparently the "Ludicrous Potato" I mentioned earlier today has yet again that hallmark false-flag identifying that I came up with, "The Man With Three Names"
Yeah... he -does- kind of look like a tater don't he?
"The suspect, identified as North Carolina resident Floyd Ray Roseberry from Grover..."  

Man I need to trademark that "Man With Three Names" thing.  Far as I know I'm the one who figured that out?  Might be wrong, but what the hell, I'm an egotistical bastard so why not?  Anywho...

Seems his momma died just a bit ago, and his family (he apparently has one and is married) said he's got "issues" so I'm more leaning towards the M.W.T.N. being a co-inky-dink, and not the real deal.  His criminal record is minor, minor driving without a license, resisting a cop in 1993... realistically, I got to just say in this poor bastards case, he snapped.

Which by the by
Watch for a lot more of the >SNAP< to be happening
Lots of 'normies' like this guy... he seems, from all reports your basic good ole boy... literally "Joe Sixpack" who possibly, depending on his worldview, the events of the past week or so?  They might have been "ye straw that broke the back" so to speak.

I unfortunately think we're going to see a LOT more of this, especially if Leviathan comes out swinging at 'reg'lar folk' and tries running the "Covid Lockdown 2: No Soup For You" bullshit.  People are scared, fed the fuck up with the constant bullshit, and I'm half-waiting to see the CNN headquarters have something happen there... I mean people purely hate the media these days... and maaan... I can't says I blame 'em.  Add on the complete failure  of any aspect of our DotGov and, even worse our DotMil failing and out-and-out saying they can't (more like won't, the risk adverse fagGenerals that is) rescue the possibly 30,000 Americans left in Affy?

That's a one-two blow that most normies can't wrap their heads around
They expect to be fucked by the DotGov
But the DotMil "Thank you for your service?"
Ohhhhhh shit...... not. good.

THAT right THERE is why I used to have a Bugout Plan when I was over -anywhere- overseas.  I knew not to trust the DotMil, 'cos when we had infiltrators coming on the base in 2004 at VBC/Liberty and 'sappers' in the wire so to speak, those of us on the faaar perimeter were left to our own devices. 

The 1st Cav pulled back to the bridge between Liberty and VBC.  We were told we could unass and get in the perimeter or we were on our own.  Me and Lil Country, well, at that point we had enough guns to protect our lil compound by the power station, and we bribed the crew of the M113 track that IF they heard a shitton of gunfire coming from our direction, they needed to head out to us ASAP.  A case of Jack sealed the deal... THAT was the kind of shit you needed to do, so I'm not even remotely surprised this shit has gone sideways in spades.
So anyways

Yep... not feeling the glowies for this guy.
If he were an unmarried, never-been-on-the radar dude like the Nashville Bomber, who you'll notice has completely fallen off the radar for now and evermore Amen?
That motherfucker, IF he even really existed? 
He sure as fuck didn't get blow'd up in an RV on 6th Street.  
Add on this guy was broadcasting for 30 minutes on Fecesbook before they found it, and he was ranting and raving?  Yeah, unhinged, but not the 'usual suspects' other than the three names.
So, thats my take
Your thoughts?
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

I need the laugh as y'all do too


  1. Ya. Told my wife the PTB needed a distraction since Joke Biden is tanking.

  2. The VAST majority of Americans have three names...first, middle, last.... it's a long standing custom here. So when the .Gov releases a name and the media reports it they tend to report THE WHOLE LEGAL NAME. This prevents confusing John A Smith who did something from John W Smith who was at work all day....and possible legal action for libel. No way to know who pissed in this guy's Cheerios or who dun him wrong....or if he's just an actual mental case. And the ACTUAL facts will be massaged and manipulated to serve the current agenda. But more and more people are being pushed to the edge and beyond. Hardly a weekend goes by in the ER where we don't have at least one mental patient self admitting themselves because then can't handle life anymore. And this is a TINY 7 bed ER. The insanity being forced on us by the criminals in power is taking its toll.

  3. I think one if the more sucessful aspects of the Bezminovian demoralisation campaign of 40 odd years has been the atomization of the White guy. When I was a ute, there were masons (for good or ill), jaycees, rotary clubs, active vet groups, etc. We just dont group any more. And I think tjat is intentiinal. White men, even in small groups, can be effective to the point where the sum is greater the addition of parts.
    And this scares the bejesus out of the glowniggers, judges, mangerial class overlords.

    But I think us white guys mist share the blame. Yes, we love our freedom and rightly so. (Driving I-90 across a fucking contenient withoit papers is awesome) As a fellow egotistical bastard, I cant imagine living with people telling me what to do. But perhaps there are duties to the Nation, not the State, fuck the State, that involve time and interacting in meatspace with your people.

    35,000 FBIs have 80 million gun toting deplorables cowed into doing nothing. Because we are 80,000,000 1's, individuals. And it is super easy when it is 35,000 to 1.
    35,000 white guys, broken down into 4-7 man squads, would be inconquerable.

    If white guys started groups, whether about D&D, restoring cars, rating titties, identifying glowniggers, etc., the media will loose its mind. Mantaining that atomisation will under pin every piece of information (i.e. commercials) warfare thrown at us.

    Those groups probably provided a kind of therapy safety net. There was no one there for him to vent his spleen to.
    And I think this guy didnt have to happen. He is a casualty of war if you think of war in 5g terms. Normies have issues think of him as a war casualty because most people think of war in merely 3g terms or reference. They are boiling us frogs slowly.

    1. Troy,
      I agree that we have discarded groups too easily. I was happiest years were as a scouter from 1996 through 2007, when my Boss insisted that it took too much time from work (My father was my boss, so what could I do?) I lead my troop on a historic adventure to Gettysburg in 2005, and we re-created Picket's charge (strange for Northerners, such as my troop, but it gave you a new perspective on the courage of the southerners who made that charge. My fellow scouters were defiantly my people and I was comfortable with them. Now, even though my Father is gone, I don't feel i could go back, because then I'd just be a creepy old guy who wants to hang out with young boys. I also did Rotary, and it was amazing to me that well over 70% of my club were fellow Eagle Scouts. I morn for what Scouting has become since I left, and am not certain i would want to go back to the more "woke" scouting of today. I joined the Sons of the US Veterans of the Civil War (kind of like a Sons of the Confederacy for winners), but there was no local group, so I joined the statewide chapter, and have no meetings to attend. I am too old to be much of a threat/help, but I have a lifetime of knowledge (NRA certified instructor), which I long to share. Perhaps others on this thread would have ideas how an old fart like me could help

  4. For the record, as a 3-namer with no dirt on Hillary Clinton, who fears God, loves his family and Nation, I would never kill my self.

  5. Thanks for the badger meme. Was overdue for a little levity from this clown world, a k.a. America 2021

  6. OK, for entertainment value, only... this is what I forsee- China attack West coast. Russia hit east coast. Farms will be considered where fallout is concerned. Most ports spared. High population density areas will be smoked on both coasts. Florida will all be a memory. Kings Bay and other facilities like it will be smoked. All they want is the farms and the petroleum processing infrastructure. Gulf coast will be pretty much spared. One of the two will destroy Israel after we are gone. They will immediately become a hero in the eyes of the Muslim world.

  7. Nothing can stop what is coming!

    1. "When GO is positive, it will destroy anything it comes in contact with."•Stage 1: the V•Stage 2: an EM pulseSo, if GO is in the vaccine, then it should be possible to kill all the vaccinatedwith an EM pulse. Such a pulse would generate a charge throughout their bodies -throwing everything into disarray.-Property and other creatures will remain intact and unaffected -but an EM pulse will instantly kill or incapacitate the vaccinated

  8. 'Man-with-three-names' is not as well-known as 'the guy agitating for direct action is a Fed, the rest are narcs' but, well, the 'Lone Gunmen' on "X-Files" referenced it.

    You're not the first, but you are definitely keeping it in the front of things.

    And, yes, used to be we'd send a friggin warship and a short company of Marines if one person was locked up for false charges. Take multiple hostages or potentially fuck with American people, then you used to be able to expect the Hammer of God to come down on the agitators, hard, like during the Boxers' Rebellion in China or Tripoli.

    Now? I'm surprised the powers-that-be just didn't abandon everyone, civilians, military, three-letter-agencies, contractors, etc. And tell them to Anabasis their own asses out.

  9. Keep in mind this will be writ large as the new case for American terrorism. We'll just forget the dude that actually shot up Congressman practicing for a softball game. Among others.

  10. Dude snapping doesn't surprise me.
    Everyone seems to be on edge and aggressive.
    Hell, I'm on edge and increasingly aggressive/agitated.
    Add into that those who are notvaxxed who seem to have diminished mental capacity running amok.
    Especially those who are driving.


  11. If you do go for a trademark make sure to put up some tune. SOmething like a horse with no name

    ♪♪ Well I went to a meeting with a man with three names ♪♪

  12. i have reached the conclusion that none of the people doing all this crazy shit are just naturally occurring idiots, and i have a hard time believing that there are that many of em lining up to throw their lives away. not on purpose anyway...and, it is beginning to appear to me that this stuff is all being scripted. we know the why. now we should examine the how.
    look up 'angels trumpet'.
    its a hypnotic masquerading as a garden flower that is used by thieves, whores n other neer-do-wells to cause people to do as they are told for a day or two. everything. exactly as they are told. happily.
    it would explain the behavior in lots of these incidents, from people that you'd think would otherwise be too stupid ignorant to plan or carry out these 'attacks'. the kind of incidents that leave people shaking their heads and saying..."i just never would have expected that sort of thing from him'. the kind of incidents that have been popping up with more frequency of late.
    just sayin...

  13. "Covid Lockdown 2: No soup For You".... dude I laughed so hard, the shot of vodka I was drinkin, almost went out my nose....

  14. there was a movie about this a few years back: Falling Down

    was it a prophecy, or a guide to deportment?