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Thursday, August 12, 2021

Well THAT Went Well

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
"Hey Ma!  I got th' job!"
The Interview went extremely well.
So well that I went from interviewing for a mid level hourly, that I got offered upper level supervisory at salary.  With a signing bonus no less.
This, this here, this's a really BIG deal.
I can't thank all of you Droogs N Droogettes who've offered up the prayers n encouragement and financial support to keep this here location up n' running.  It means finally getting my rather mountainous pile o'debt cleaned up from the divorce, and paying back all who I owe, friends and family alike.  It's been a bitch of a 5 year slog.  
Oh yeah Baby...
See I -was- a salaried dude with a great job, and even with the X 'going nuclear' at first I thought it was a 'meh' situation.  Then my company lost the contract, I got laid off, and well, the charges of the time kept me from gainful employment for about 2, maybe 3 years.  Lots of help from fam and friends whom I can never explain just how grateful I am for their unwavering support
As well as Wifey
Which is why she's Now-Wifey as opposed to G/F or 'piece of the week' (she's gonna punch me for that LOL)  But seriously, major sigh of relief here.
Ok, so much for using y'all as my emotional tampon.  Onward!

So, the Marine thing I'm getting two stories, one, it did happen and two, it didn't.
Of course.
Now that website it was on?  Yeah a LOT of satire on it.  But I have gotten emails saying that It DID in fact go down, and this's the only way that it could get out?  Believable? Not sure.  Even a broke clock is right 2x a day...  I report, you decide.  Thing is to watch the Commandant over the next few... if they announce his 'retirement' or an 'accident' or 'death by COVID' then yeah, he did do it.

Then, the constant drum beat of stupid.  Australia, I swear THOSE motherfuckers... man, what ever happened to the great Country founded by scum and criminals?  The fact that they got their DotMil doing the door-to-door?  Man, when and IF they try that shit here, I can tell you, I'll snatch those dudes off the front porch so fast, it'll make their heads spin. 

And -not- hurt them, mind you. 

Strip them of ALL of their DotMil Cool Kid toys, wrap 'em in about 60 feet of duct tape (you do have at least 10 rolls on hand riiiiiiiiiiiight?) and then strip 'em to their skins and drop 'em off way-way-waaaaaay the fuck out in the middle of noweheresville.  Actually, Best to snatch them off some 'other' random neighborhood, but you get my point/picture.  Oh, and shave them bald. 

Completely... eyebrows, 'staches, all head hair. 

Then spray paint their nuggets Bright Blue.  Blue you say BCE?  Yep.  As in Blue for Blue-Dawg Traitorous Democrat fools and UN stupid.  Paint 'em up with the most noxious non-removable paint you can find.  DON'T hit 'em in the eyes... the point is to humiliate them.  NOT kill them... that time might/will come soon enough.

Trust me, that'll fuck with the troop morale in ways that you can't even imagine.
Sort of like when the Navy allowed itself to be captured by the fucking Iranians and surrendered without a shot.  THIS is the condition of our DotMil.  

Just let 'em know "We didn't kill you but we could have.  Spread the word"
See what that does to any future ideas our wannabe dick-taters want to play with.
Also, let them know to pass it up the chain that the Politicians need to do their own dirty work.  Why should they get killed insuring that the Gin Hag retains control?  I mean the Oath is to the Constitution not the fucking (p)Resident.  Remind them of that, and that a career switch might be in order, or maybe join up?

Time will tell.

More Later, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Congratulations on the job!
    I spent a few minutes on the good commandant of the Corp.
    The only thing I could find that didn’t seem like it was biased is that he and the Command SGT Major of the Corp got vaccinated at the same time.

  2. Goddamned slack-jawed faggots. From Da original PREDATOR movie

    1. Is this supposed to be an insult? WTF? Context pls

  3. Congratulations on the new gig BCE! Hope this one suits you better than the last (which sounded like a nightmare babysitting/ cat-herding operation).

  4. BC, as a 40 year mid level corporate worker - international and 57 countries (never wanted to be the top man, early heart attacks and aggro usually result), so take these words as a gentle nudge. Put on the corporate hat and keep whatever you do there totally and completely out of sight on this here medium. Prolly preaching to the choir, but it does take some effort to keep the two zones isolated. My trick, learned from dear old departed dad and gramps, when you walk out of the office or workplace, mind goes blank on what happened there that day. I got so good at it that before leaving each evening, would jot key points for tomorrow on a note pad. That way, arriving next day, one glance and re-engaged the brain. Works for remote too, if you stick to the disconnect/blanking practice. Makes for sanity and better all round survival. My wife OTOH, is type A and NEVER disconnects, counting the days till she too retires, which is going to be a very interesting transition to say the least (for here anyway, I am RE TY RED).
    Good luck and rake in that moolah with a savings bucket for when we get to SHTF status.

  5. congrats! i lost my job today at VMI vis a vie no vax. like a professional gave them two weeks notice to set them up for success for the new semester and they shitcanned me within the hour. so much for professionalism. it'll be a clusterfuck now, lol. what a shitty thing to do to a seven year employee much less a 30 year veteran. the major thinks he hurt me, but i been planning for this for months. sic semper tyrannis, mf.

  6. Dee-vorce is very detrimental to one's finances. Ask me how I know.

  7. Congratulations on snagging that gainful employment.


  8. Happy for ya BC. Ohio Guy

  9. Awesome news, can't keep a good man down!

  10. BC,
    Congrats on the new job! Long may it last. Or long enough to make you debt free and happy.

    On the topic of the FedGov over reach, snatching and embarrassment of same; the "paint 'em blue" reminded meof an early RAHeinlein book, "Sixth Column" (1949). The US is invaded by PanAsians (not Chinese?? suuuuure). A super scientist invents a super weapon, and American citizens start fighting back. One thing that's done is that the PanAsians are stripped and painted blue. Total humiliation.

    Thx for letting me into The Kool Kids Klub.
    President Elect B Woodman

    1. LOL! You got me you utter -bastard- Is zigzactly where I got the inspiration from. I have about 90% of Heinlein's original paperbacks that DeadDad left me, 6th be ing a fave... Good on you for knowing! "King of Obscure References, Crown Issued"

    2. The crown is gratefully accepted. Uneasy lies the head.......
      That's what I get for being such a bookworm.
      And lucky you for inheriting and treasuring such priceless works from The SciFi Master. The best entertainment evah is between your own two ears. (I said "entertainment" , not "fun". big diff),

      President Elect B Woodman

  11. You left out branding them with a "T" for Traitor on their foreheads, with a woodburning iron.

    Get caught a second time: execution.

  12. Congrats on the new job! Fully expect to be fired from both of my little part time gigs—in home autism therapy and Shipt, though neither has announced a notvax requirement yet. Taught high school math for twenty years so might look for some good parents through the local churches.

    Buddy called wanting me to go with him to a musical in the shitty in October. Checked the theater’s website—sure enough warned “safety protocols might include masks, proof of vax and/or negative test.” Ah, no. Besides, it’s in fookin’ Deetroit. The police chief who had kept the Blimmers clamped down retired. I’m thinking Devil’s Night traditions will return to the D majorly

  13. Visquene. Much better because you can see their face

  14. Not paint. Dye. Like RIT dye. Paint can be removed, and in heat, can keep the wearer from sweating and they can cook. Dye, dye, dye.

    Either a nice obnoxious blue or rainbow colors or whatever.

    Doesn't work too well on heavily melanined people, but, well, shaving or nairing everything.

    But if they're white? Dye them as that shit won't come out, especially if you add vinegar and salt (mordants, makes the dye take in better.)

    Or use a stain. Same shit, but gotta watch out for to not use the deep penetrating oil version as that will be very toxic.

    And... cold pitch and feathers. Always a popular method. Hot pitch is for when you want the fucker to die in agony. Cold pitch is when you want to make a point and leave them to live.

  15. ...Ok, so much for using y'all as my emotional tampon.....

    I sense a Sam Kennison fan.