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Wednesday, August 11, 2021

This Bait... It Glows...

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
I knew -something- was going to be coming in this general direction.  The day that I heard the Gin Hag was expanding the STASI to Tampa, well, now I know where (and when)  Leastways this new Buffalo Jump:
First off
Anytime I see a poster advertising a "Patriot Rally"
I hear "Federally Sponsored Setup"
Intel Gathering.
No way in hell do I have any interest out of going down there.  And where it's at?  The Rally itself?  
The Motherfucking jail that I got stuck in when XBitch pulled her shytte.
Zoom in close enough, those pods?  You can see in the corners of each pod the outside recreation area we had.... talk about lazy... they don't even want to make it hard to cart evvabody off... literally... have the fucking Patri-tards come to the jail... makes the identification and processing oh-so-much quicker.
The only thing I like about this is they might have tipped the hand by calling it not-the-jail but the "Tampa Bay Regional Intelligence Center"  Then again, All I've -ever- heard it called was the North Falkenburg Lockup... never heard of any "Intelligence Center" -anywhere- 'round here... so that too... Hmmmn.

Now, TBH, I -am- nominally curious as to if anyone shows up.
However, I'm going with Ole Remus (Rest in Peace good sir)
Avoid Crowds
Be the Gray Man
Me?  I stick out like a wart on a witches' nose.
Ain't too many dudes as big as me.  Even if I were to mask up, cover up, my build is soooo huge?  Nope.  Not doing it.  Maybe Sapper can.  He's got the proper 'gray man' going on.  Have to see...
But me?  No fucking way in hell.  Ask CA who's met me in person.  I'm a big motherfucker... hell, y'all have seen pictures of me with a SAW.  I make it look positively dainty.
So hard no.

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Geez, even if that is not a giant Fed set-up, which in part at least it certainly is, the cringe level of that event will be off the charts. A bunch of Normiecon boomer Fudds strapped with 1911s screeching about the Constitution.

  2. Yeah, fuck that.
    I don't like crowds anyway.

  3. i agree bout this thing, but at some point we're just going to have to chance it, or jus bend knee and kiss the hand. slo joe says he's going down there to straighten out your renegade govna. yawl better back the gov's play.

  4. The only thing that might change my opinion would be if they'd invited 20 or 30 people to bring their home-made Killdozers to the party, for the After Party.


    But seriously, there?? They might as well have asked folks to handcuff themselves before arrival, due to a federal shortage of hardware.

    It's like TPTB hired Beavis and Butthead to do their event planning and trolling.
    I haven't seen anything this ham-fisted since Porky Pig played the piano.

  5. This event may not be organized by the Feds but you can bet your ass they will be thicker than flies on shit when it happens.

  6. Time for a little web foo...

    The poster has a contact person and a phone number.

    The phone is registered to a Patrick Allen Sullivan who was born 12/20/1992... that would make him 28.

    Looking at the florida voters website, his voter ID is 118341581. He first registered to vote in 2010 and as a republican in 2016.
    He's lived in beverly hills florida since august 2016 but lived in dunnellon prior to that.

    I won't post his home address as thats rude.


  7. The fact they keep trying is hilarious and a large indicator of ranking on the mensa list.