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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

They. Shot. Dogs.

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Whelp...Australia's gone full retard.  
Completely fucking insane-retard.  
Make that Potato-Insane
Link Here:
According to the Sydney Morning Herald: "Bourke Shire Council, in the state’s north-west, killed the dogs to prevent volunteers at a Cobar-based animal shelter from travelling to pick up the animals last week, according to council’s watchdog, the Office of Local Government."

They. Shot. The. Doggos.
Somewhere there's a lesson here:  Something about the fact that IF they're so willing to kill innocent animals, then they sure as hell wouldn't have a problem killing humans... especially those who would oppose them.
Bigger Lesson: 
Never. EVER. Give. Up. Your. Guns.
Under ANY Circumstances.
The Australians did
And now?  The Psycho-Feelz Slores in Charge have unleashed their low-IQ bullyboys and trustees on the population.  And appear to be enjoying theyselves.  Lording it over the population.
Man, what a shame
Gutless Balless Wonders
I used to admire the Aussies... 
Wanted to 'do the Outback' thang before I joined the Regular Army... 
Loved the commercials... like the beer commercial where a giant-assed boulder would land on a dude, utterly crushing him, and you'd hear a muffled "Ow!" from under the boulder, and the Announcer would say "Wimp."
Not no more apparently.  'Cos me?  It's be old fashion night-rider time.  Masks, Nooses, Trees... just add Bourke Shire Councilmembers (and family members) wash, rinse repeat.
Hang 'em high, and leave 'em for the crows to pick out their eyes from their rotting corpses.
DARE the authorities to do something if they have the balls.
Per the German 19th Century Writer/Poet Heinrich Heine (h/t Ace):
Auf Deutsche: "Wo man bucher verbrennt, verbrennt man auch am ende menschen."
Translation: "Where they burn books, they will, in the end, burn human beings too."

The names like "Dahmer", "Bundy", "Gacy" and "Gein" come leaping to mind.
And also, these were the very bureaucrats I keep screaming about. 
The small-minded apparatchiks who make the day-to-day decisions
Who don't actually pull the triggers but order it done.
Any bets the guy who did carry out this loathsome and hate-filled mission is all fucked up now?
I at least hope he is... if not?  OhboyOhboyOhboy... Y'all in Oz got big trouble with a sociopath like that running around... in fact you got a lot of trouble on that there continent... bad enough that 98% of Mother Nature is actively trying to murder you all, but now?  You can't even trust your own people, or at least the lizard-creatures in people-skin-suits you got running around loose. Doggie-Murderers?
Oh yeah, that's a 'burning at the stake' level crime...
Right up there with child-rape and such

Here in the States, I somehow don't think this'd fly
In fact this weekend when it went 'retard' at some Patriot Rally, some Shithead in Portland, someone actually unlimbered a 9mm and threw live rounds at AntiFa who're throwing live rounds at him.  Of course the patriot guy?  Arrested, even though it was obviously a running shootout. Hell, AntiFa is ON CAMERA policing up their brass so's the fuzz don't have forensics... which, keep in mind everyone, two words: Brass Catchers.  
That and that the Geheime Staatspolizei will invariably take the 'bad guys side' i.e. the easy route, so you may as well light them up too, if the case is needed.  At that point, the switch is in the 'on' position.
At that point, what difference does it make?

Tell y'all what:
Best be ready
Unlike the Aussies, we sure as fuck are
Your move assholes
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Killing doggos is a step too far for me.
    I just had to put my beloved 16.5 yo cockapoo to sleep, thanks on the book idea, my wife bought me the rainbow bridge for my b’day (2 days after Bonnie was put down) was teared up all day.
    I am an old man (62) and she was my world
    F anyone who intentionally hurts a doggo, we DO
    NOT deserve them. They are examples to us of what we should be regarding love.
    I can’t imagine someone doing that to control human behavior. As to brass catchers, I have two words for you, multiple revolvers.
    I am an old wheel gun guy.
    Pro tip, black powder revolvers are not regulated as firearms, and neither are the cylinders that allow you to shoot .45 long colt cowboy loads in them.
    The cylinders are not that expensive
    And easy to swap out.
    My.367 mag is my go to, followed by my .327 mag, but I would have full trust in my 1858 Remington reproduction with the 45 long colt cylinder.
    Revolvers leave no brass, just have several!

  2. Alternative: Revolvers. No ejected brass.

    Another thought: When planning a protest, find a place up high for a sniper.

    President Elect B Woodman

  3. Shooting helpless dogs, wrong beyond words. Torture the order givers within minutes of death then release the hounds to finish them.

  4. Well, how much of this was them preparing their boys to open up on the big, bad, noncompliant people???

  5. They were not just dogs.... they were trained rescue dogs, the goodest of good boys, they were the best they could be and we were our worst. There is no limit on what the scum that killed them deserve, we need to find something worse then scaphism.

  6. Cannot believe the Aussies I drank with in the 80's and 90"s would put up with this... crap (being polite). Has the whole world gone insane?

  7. Shooting innocent dogs who potentially had new homes, thems fighting words! I'll just be glad when constitutional carry kicks in here in Texas. I pity the mf who tries to hurt my family or my dogs! Australia is in such deep 💩 and the only thing that can save it is an all out revolution.

  8. There's a reason I like dogs better'n people

  9. IMHO, this is worst than the Holocaust®, assuming the Holocaust® wasnt really just 6 gay guys on roller blades. Jews indefatigably earn their pograms, good and hard. These Rescue dogs, a bundle of love that works for hot.dogs, didnt.

  10. ...I'll just be glad when constitutional carry kicks in here in Texas.....

    You get used to it very quick. After a while, you feel naked when you walk outside without your piece. I cant imagine living anywhere where I cant just carry without the bullshit licence.

    I think this goes to show all White people int the same. That though the media lumps us all together, there are a plethora of white nationas. IMHO those white peeppoos have miscegenated here on this contenient call USA. Id think there are at least 4 distinct nation: Dixie, the Northeast Urban/Coast cooridor,. i.e. Yankees, West Coast urbans, and thet cooridor of interior states from North Dakota to Oklahoma.
    Bit the point I was wanting to make is I dont think this dog massacre would be tolerated in most any of the Post Empire Nations. Many line are finally coming into focus and this would be one of them.

  11. In defense of the guys who shot the dogs the council that did it is 10 guys elected to run a farming region a little smaller than West Virginia that has about 3,000 people living in it. Its sheep, cattle and nothing else.

    So my guess is it was a bunch of ranchers who said, fuck it, we cant deal with sick people and we have enough real problems to deal with so problem quickly solved with a .22. In previous generations there would have been no "strays". Any stray dog seen worrying farm animals and out comes the rifle. Problem solved. Anyone who comes from a ranching / farming family will understand how this works.

  12. Authorities in Australia are evil beyond belief, and the killing of these innocent dogs demonstrates that. Surely they will not hesitate to kill any people who resist their tyranny, if they will kill innocent animals who are the embodiment of pure live. Their evil knows no bounds. May America not descend into the helllhole Australia has become.