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Monday, August 16, 2021

The Hits, They Keep on Keepin' On

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
We know it's a shitshow
They know it's a shitshow
Y'all saw this tweet amiright?
Yepper... Joe's on the socially-distanced case... 
Having a meeting with all the power players
Didja notice something?
Let me zoom that in and tighten the pic:
Gets a bit distorted
BUT (again... lotta butts running this here show Aye?)
The bottom left pic?
Sez "CIA"
Next to it?
Sez "Doha Station"
As someone pointed out:
Now, to be fair, couple of folks noticed that the times on the locations in the close-up are off... meaning a three hour dif between London and Moscow, which, unless the clock is wrong, it means that this was taken before Moscow switched on March 28th for their daylight savings... if it -was- taken recently, there should only be a two hour dif...

Either way though, they didn't blank out the faces to the CIA Agents...
But at least we don't have OrangeManBad Tweeting mean anymore, amiright?
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country
I know, overdone... but I cannot wrap my head around this shit... pure amateur hour


  1. It me or does the writting below the vp look like it says something rude?


  2. Match the desk blotters with the wood grain across the photo's. Exact same position, from the pens to the pads, to the blotters. Phone/computer cord...exact same position. Either someone has the dress right dress down pat, or yeah, it's memorex with an adobe add-on.

  3. This is probably cover story. They will settle those Afghani's next to the mexicans. Mark my words.

  4. Bill Clinton released the news that we were listening in on one of OsamaBL's family's cellphones, which was a major source of intell.

    And Fumbles McPuddingbrains released the name of the unit that got OBL.

    These idiots... Fuck these idiots.

    I wish we had Mean Tweets back.

  5. That was just a photo shot to make Xi Bidet look presidential. Truth be told, that idiot was watching cartoon network. Ohio Guy

    1. I was just thinking that, I assumed one screen had the Teletubbies on and Joe would clap excitedly when the sun came up.

    2. He's more into Dora, a south america little girl wandering alone without an adult. He'd totally sniff that.


  6. so ive been watching the video out of shitstan. Damn those guys love to fight. I think it was here I read Afghanis love to fight. they make terrible soldiers. But damn they will fight anyone. Bring it on.

    I have a studpd logistical question. How are these 6000 troops getting in and out? Where are they going when they get there? Because Ive been watching vids of all the military look the Tabby jave gotten their hands on in the last 72 hours. So of those place where that loot is, could be former US positions. I have a hunch the Tabbys aint just gonna hand those positions, or the loot, back.

    Where will the guys be staying? Will they all fit on that air base? how many of these 6000 are trigger pullers?

    I hear the Afghan army has deserted to Iran. So these 6000 will be completely surrounded. Is this, tactically speaking, kind of stupid?

    1. It will be the American Dunkirk. Only planes instead of boats...

  7. fox did show the lawn darts, but add "allegedly" to the end. they also reported the taliban leader is one of the guys obama traded for bergdahl, and another one is the main front line commander in kabul. they had vid of them in the kabul palace yesterday...yeah, i kinda doubt the taliban will give safe passage to either u.s. personnel still trapped there or the security forces being sent, supposedly. so not only did joe abandon afghan allies, but americans, british and germans too. good job joe.