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Saturday, August 21, 2021

Sorry I'm Late

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Talk about a full frikkin day.  Up at 0600 to the VA... get there and OMFG... I forgot the whole "It's a death plague!!!" hysteria.  I had to be screened at the door, asked about 7-10 questions, given a mask and informed by a stern faced true believer of the Church of Branch Covidian that "You must properly wear and use the mask during your entire visit or we will have the Veterans Police/(Gestapo) escort and/or arrest you for violating health and safety protocols."  

OK... yeah lady.  Sound fucking spiffy.  Downright ducky.  Peachy even.
Fuckin' Clown-Shoes man....

So, I played nice.  Went in, did the monthly blood/piss drop and rolled out rather smoothly.
Sometimes, you gotta go along to get along, and when it's time for the opioid re-up, I generally play nice.  Don't want to risk having my meds pulled as it took me year of fiery-hoop-jumping to finally get the meds I need to be able to function.  I've tried damned near everything under the sun, but the raw 'juice of the poppy' is like the only thing that dents the pain to manageable levels.   

Then, race back to the house to nap.  Only an hour because like zero sleep as last night Wifey gave me a fucking HUGE scare.  Her BP shot up to 188/155.  Stroke level shit, although no symptoms.  She felt fine.  She was at a clients house doing a cut n color, and her client is also a friend, and was doing her own health check, and said "Hey, let's check your BP!"  Next thing you know her BFF is on te phone with me freaking the fuck out, freaking ME the fuck out.  

All in all, it all worked out, and She's good now, BUT appointment inbound, and I'll keep y'all in the loop.  Don't need her cashing in.  I mean she's a pain, but I -do- love her, and as they say, Better the Cray-Cray you know, than the Cray-Cray you don't know. Never stick your dick in full on lunachicks man.  Bad stuff amiright?  

Then, lets see... Oh yeah, snatched up NewCat "Nook" and took her to the vet.  Spawn had given me his PetMedic Credit card as I'm broke, so went and dropped her off as she's been feeling crappy... like you can tell she's 'off' and started running a fever.  Extraordinarily bad breath too.  Like "Death Breath" man... I mean cats are kinda bad anyway, but man, this shit stunk worse than some of the 'floaters' I smelled when they were fishing out Iraqi Corpses from the VBC canals in 04.  Like when it's worse that rotting hoomun flesh?  Yeah... bad teeth.  Turns out, I was right.  Infected and abscessed.  

They shot her up and gave us antibiotics, and now we have to decide which way to go.  The infection is now under control, and it's readily apparent.  LOTS of energy and waaay happier now but the dental pricing is positively insane... the quote was I personally thing highway fuckin' robbery. Low end? $500 to start and that does not cover the extraction(s)

Telling ya, I'ma half temped to knock her ass out with some of my meds, numb her lil head up completely with some lidocaine, and have at it with my leatherman...

I joke, I joke.
Not on me, this's Spawns choice.  We -are- gonna 'doc-shop- so to speak.  Spawn is ackchully in the veterinarian biddness as the computer guy.  Told him to embrace his 'inner scrounger' and try and set up a "Crapgame"...
I mean it is in the blood...
I'm a -known- at least Third Generation DotMil Scrounger/Ferengi.  Not sure about back in Ireland, but from what I've seen of the family history, it's replete with scroungers and 'deal-dealers'  So (I hope) that the Spawn has some of that in hism.  He's a bit uncomfortable dong deal-deals' but still, I told him it might be good experience, and everyone wins

OK, so, drop NewCat Nook, or NCN off, race to house to assist getting the house prepped as I just found out GranBebe is enroute for the weekend.  Get home, clean house, and an aside: where the hell does all this trash come from man?  There's only three of us, and NOT using a lot of shit on the reg?  Some weeks? ONE regular trash bag o'trash.  Today, 4 fucking bags man... and we haven't had -any- Zon deliveries or any of the 'usual stuff' as we're all broke AF.  For -whatever- reason, the trash?  Giant pile o'bags this time... meh.

Then, get the 'come get yer cat' call, so now, Sapper is home from work, so I grab him, and we go FIRST back to the VA to get the aforementioned meds... THAT was a bit of a shytteshow, mostly because of crazy Tampa Traffic.  The traffic at this is sort of completely hit or miss... Tampa, if anything can be unpredictable.  Today was an hour-and-a-half for what should have been about 30 minutes.  A truck roll-over and the usual rubbernecking... <Le Sigh>

Then, we got the cat, and came back.  I dropped Sapper and THEN hit Publix, as Spawn and Shorty are coming for dinner.  Get the groceries, race home to the GranBebe and all, and start making dinner.

Full day Aye?
Spawn left at 21:30.
So otherwise, we went over the options for the Nooky, and we're going to shop around as I said.  'Cos now that -I'm- nominally responsible for her, I should be paying... but Spawn is like "She should be unbroken when I gave her to you, I got this."

Dunno... til I get the unemployment AND the job sit-rep unscrewed (which at this time) is ackchully starting to look good.  Got a very apologetic email from the HR, as well as an offer letter.  Now, the start date seems a bit crazy, as in Monday and since it's a work-from-home, IF a FedEx shows with the equipment (supposedly being prepped) THEN I'm good...

We shall see
Now get back in your hole...
Either way, Spawn is a damned good kid and I can't say how proud of him I am, as words can't cover it.
And, Again I am humbled as well by you gals and guys who've thrown me some scrim -again
Please don't.
No more K?
I'll let y'all know if I'm in the shitter LOL.  Hell, IF this job is legit, I'm honestly half-temped to refund these boolit bean and boot donations as shiiiiit... I positively hate being in this position... and BTW: Dude who floated me the $1500 and saved my ass?  Yer first bro.  PM me at the your mailing addy so's I can at least get you a Charlie Mike Comix autographed appropriately.

Now, only thing I got right now, as I really have to polish this off and crash (00:12) soon, as the GranBebe woke up at like 10pm and started playing the "I'm not tired" game.  OK... that's what Melatonin gummies are for...  she should be down n'out for a good spell, what with Wifey running her ragged in the pool today.

But the notation today:  At the VA Outpatient Pharmacy, there was a new thing there.  Behind the building, which has -never- been there before.  And trust me, 20 years of going there, yeah, I got an eye for this sort of stuff... it's a genny.  Or Generator for you pedants out there.  A big fucking towable 15kW diesel motherfucker.  Like a nice one to... and NOT hooked up, set up or rigged at all.  MOR than enough to run the building and keep everything up and running.  What's interesting is that it's a gen-you-wine VA labeled and owned Genny.  Big ole "Property of" all over it.  Now, not saying anything, BUT in 20 years of going there, I never seen on on site.  And this's an "Over and Above" to the 'normal hospital-sized' backup genny... this's like a backup-for-the-backup mayhaps?

What are they possibly expecting?  Because the angle of it, the location, and the way it's set up, it's literally a couple of grounding wires and plugs, turn of the key and Bob's yer Uncle that fucker's good to go. 

OK... your thoughts?  Mine are hiden like Biden
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country



  1. The Genny? Had a curious conversation with an ex-almost boss who ran a COVID contingency office in the Ft. Pierce area last year, and a whole buncha fed funds got released after the steal-ection and a whole lotta upgrades to federal facilities for to cover failing infrastructure/hurricanes/natural disasters/man-made disasters.

    Of course, a lot of the infrastructure needs was identified in 2004, and got potentially approved post 2008 and never got done by Barky the Lightbringer's administration, and then was hidden from the Trump's Admin, and now...

    Like, well, Publix. Go anywhere and you see a Publix. But in 2004, Publix corporate took a big friggin hit because Florida took 4 smacks in less than 3 months, and cost lots in lost foods. So Publix corporate added whole-building gensets with huge fuel tanks. Just like the one you are describing.

    So, yes, they (the VA and others) may be preparing for End-Times vis-a-vis civil unrest, or it's just shit that's been planned for like forever and is now finally being implemented (nothing's slower than government when it's supposed to be doing something good.)

    1. Our local supermarket has a backup generator. In fact the other day when I was checking out, the power went out because of a thunderstorm and the generator kicked in with no loss of computer connectivity. The main store lights just dimmed a little.

  2. One our sites brought in a towable unit when power company had to work on the feed line. I can't remember why we couldn't use our hardwired gensets but thete must have been a reason. I'll ask one of the sparkies and see if they can tell me why.


  3. when my Grandbebes play the "Its 22:00 hours and I am not tired yet,",

    First, I try a full shot of Old School Nyquil®. I give that 16 minutes or so then I break out the brass knuckles. Or I just send them to coal mine to vent all that energy. "Shut up Butters, and dig."

    /satire obviously

  4. If you can, start setting aside a pill or half pill whenever tolerable for a dark day. I've seen people denied refills or had them delayed for nothing to do with the patient ("oh yeah sorry doctor's on vacation and didn't fill your script, go to a heroin dealer bye.")

    1. Yea right...I'll try that. I might just fell on black days. Ohio Guy

  5. Not saying your "intel instincts" are wrong, always good to notice unusual things. However, I work at a facility that has many emergency generators and we are regularly running portable gen sets when the installed generator goes down for maint. or repair, and there's also emergency switchgear maint. that we'll run temporary portable gens for. Maybe with all this covid infrastructure stimulus money being thrown around, some lucky VA maintenance dept. got a new toy. We have a contract with the .gov and within the last year or so, four spanking new portable emergency gens have been added to our stable. Just throwing that bit of intel out there for anyone not intimately familiar with facilities maintenance.
    Attention to detail is a good thing.
    Also wanted to say this is the first blog I hit after work, good job, good luck, and Have Fun!


  6. had my annual on monday
    179 lbs of lean fucking muscle
    labs ALL textbook

    NO panic up here, girls at desk wore them around their neck, still NO pic of Xiden hanging anywhere.
    nurse and PA asked which sites they should visit to learn the truth.. RENSE of course

    picked up another pak of solar motion lights, 2 more night vision w/ sound cameras, 1000' of wire, 2 more trail cams, and an eighth driveway sensor for the near outer perimeter woodline- need to keep things out of sight so any criminal type murkins are caught off-guard. sometimes it sucks to be the rich guy wherever i live.. bet it sucks a LOT moar to be the other guys.. there is just NO hiding my good fortune, everything i own is expensive and i don't work- ever

    it is time to get serious about night vision upgrade.. are these what i want?

    AGM PVS-14 3AL3 Night Vision Monocular Gen 3+ Auto-Gated Level 3


    1. My checkup: BP was 114 over 70... after practically running into the VA... overweight by 25 pounds (down 15 since last exam 3 months ago), unfortunately still diabetic. Doc cannot believe how good a shape I'm in despite all the other issues
      AGM PVS-14 3AL3 Night Vision Monocular Gen 3+ Auto-Gated Level 3. Great tube, good price. Send me one if you got an extra or you older on LOL
      Just don't forget the weapon mount and a compatable red-dot... not all red dots will work in line with a PVS-14...

    2. Helmet mount with Steiner DBAL I2 on the boomstick works pretty good doncha think? Ohio Guy

    3. green or white phosphorous?

      what's any advantage?

    4. White has better line definition and depth perception, also runs more $$$

  7. Contracted building, or .gov owned? .gov owned, at least the ones I've worked, require at least an annual breaker test and calibration for some. Usually requires a generator or alternate power source as they work around the main breakers. Fucking stupid to need a backup generator for the backup generator, but that's how it works. And a 'big' 150 usually means a shit ton of soundproofing, as the business end usually fits in an 8-10' truck bed.
    Otherwise, it 'is' hurricane season.

  8. And 15kW...that's Hilux bed sized