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Monday, August 2, 2021

Sorry 'Bout That

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Had brunch yesterday with Spawn and his woman.  Was a -really- nice mid-morning time.  Appeared to be a nice place that they'd picked to go.  The price was aight... I had a Western Omelet.  After that, it all went down hill.

Sick as a dog.  Again.  Puking and Destruction of Internal Organs.  Finally was done with the Purge around 1am this AM.  Couldn't do -anything- at all.  So, sorry for missing yesterday, not that anything changed all that much.  I was Miserable... and when I called, the fuckwit at the place just did. not. care.  Oh well... that's what the Health Department is for then I suppose.

It seems to be a pattern with me right now.

Back in February of 2020 I placed an order online with BassPro for some small rifle primers and a pound of CFE223 powder.  This was -right- as the "Great Powder/Primer/Ammo Shortage of 20/21" was really kicking into gear.  Paid for it, and then was like totally out of mind as there just ain't no primers or powder available anywhere for any price that I can tell.  Until yesterday evening.  Got this in the email:
Wait... Whut?
Oh hells yeah.  "Things I thought I wouldn't See again in 2021 for $500 Alex"
Figured I got til the 16th.  No ish.  Wait til I can stop being sick, then pick up some shewting stuff.
Even better, it's all already paid for.  NICE!
Until then, 2 hours later I get another email:
Again, Wait... Whut?
So... I attempted a couple of phone calls.  But it being Sunday, no luck/No dice.
Called this morning and after a loooooong drawn out phone call, I get the standard runaround.  The store said that I had picked them up (I hadn't) They insisted.  I asked (with the corporate rep on the phone as well) what proof did they have... "Uhhhh well we check ID"

No you didn't
I finally just gave the fuck up.  I know what probably happened was that -someone- took the shit, said I signed for it, and I'll bet dollars to donuts tonight that if I look on gunbroker, the 3 packs of Remington Small Arms Primers and my CFE223 will be on there as a lot for about $250.  I mean right now primers, last time I looked were $40 per 100.  I told both parties involved that they were full of shit.  The only thing they could do was offer a refund as, of course, both items are out-of-stock AGAIN.  Go figure.

Told 'em no prob.  Refund it, but be aware, I'm calling the AFT next.  Let them investigate the store and it's shady shit practices.  THAT caught them up short...  

Fuck 'em.
Thieving pricks.  
Let the BATF Glowniggers loose on them.

Then, today as well, the interview I did for that work from home gig?  Yeah, no word yet.  I called and left a VM Friday, and didn't hear, and today I talked to someone who said "they're still evaluating candidates."

That right there.
You want to know how to get people back to work after this COVID Crap?  Allllllll them jobs places are 'supposedly dying to fill'?  Fucking tell ya whut, fire 1/2 the HR department.  Cut 'em dead.  Cast them out.  THEN get the motivated can-do no-fucking around people to start doing the hiring.  

Too many lackwits and fuckall morons who're dragging out the job hiring process to justify their own existence.  Not enough "Is he breathing?  Can he do the job?  Is he honest?"  These days, it takes all of 30 minutes to run a full scope background on someone.  You can vet a motherfucker so quick it's not even funny.

If they're good to go, get the offer letter out, fire up a training class and have at it.

Not this Holy Fucking Gawd it takes 3 months to even hear back from a fucking job.
Did I mention right after I got canned that I heard back from a job I had applied to like BEFORE I got hired for that one?  Yeah, no shit.... Applied in like April of 2020.  Heard back July of 2021 that I was 'no longer under consideration for the position.'

Well, really glad I wasn't counting on that gig to see me through a rough patch Aye?

Yeah, so there's that.  Problem is the bureaucracy IS the problem.  Both politically speaking AND economically.  We've created a new "Mandarin Class" who's arcane abilities in HR-Fu really don't carry any real time use to an organization, except as a 'jobs program' for those who'd otherwise be the truly worthless eaters.

Hiring and Firing?  That's the bosses job
Anything else is strictly a legal-ass-coverage

Post Revolutionary 'Murica, first order of biddness?  

Shoot all the lawyers.
Then the media.
(Any who survive the initial go-around that is)
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Flammenwerfer any HR puke and any HR department. People are not resources, well, unless people are Soylent Green or slaves or sex-trafficked individuals.

    As to the bang-stuff, yeah, heard a lot of that happening all over. The black market for bang-stuff is really outrageous.

  2. Hey there, how in the fuck did anyone know you got the email that the powder/ primers had come in and were ready for you to pick up? That HAD to be an inside job. Some fucking employee there, stole your shit.
    I would demand to see the receipt that was created by you picking up your stuff.

    1. Agreed, I would absolutely not let that go.

    2. I wouldn't let it go either. I believe it was an inside job. I'd ask for the camera footage. Everything is recorded in these orwellian stores right?

  3. loved your description of the HR on. The only people worse at putting people into jobs than HR is recruiters.

  4. I got turned down for a temp job doing rework on transmissions. I had four years already inside the factory doing pre-assembly, rework to raw materials, quality control, and logistics as a 3rd party contractor. My contract was up so there was no COI. Dumbass in HR said I couldn't be hired because I had no experience working on engines and their client (the transmission factory) made engines. Nevermind that Transmissions was literally in the company's name.

  5. I have nothing but revulsion toward HR but like so many bureaucratic mandarins they have no incentive to process anything efficiently. In fact the opposite is true. If the hiring manager can't fill positions in a timely fashion, then obviously human resources is swamped and probably needs more staff. No one ever asks why HR is fucking around forever. HR epitomizes the parasite class, people who serve no useful function and simply leech productivity off of others ( )

  6. Had that happen with some mags I ordered from Springfield Armory. FEDEX lady tracked it to Atlanta, where it disappeared. She said that a lot of gun stuff evaporates at their facility there.

  7. When I worked corporate... I managed procurement.... tore up a lotta HR position definitions... I never hired on boiler plate definitions. Such BS.

    Cognition, presence and experience.

  8. Bigcountry, buy a bottle of activated charcoal and keep it in the house. If you ever (God forbid) get sick like that again, please take it as soon you feel bad.

    I had something similar happen to me 3 years ago. A local bar that has Fish Fridays. 30 minutes after I left the bar I was violently ill. Called them the next day, they didn't give a damn. I was as weak as a kitten for the entire weekend.

    I finally got better, but the one thing I didn't do was start taking probiotics. My gut was badly messed up for a long time. I had chronic stomach pain. Most of your immune systems are tied to your stomach. I believe that vulnerability with my gut contributed to my getting bacterial pneumonia last year.

    Get on probiotics now. Take an activation dose of 2 a day. For 14 days. Then back to one a day. I take Culturelle. It has probiotics and prebiotics. I buy it at Walmart for $16 plus tax for a 30 day supply. Since I've been taking them, I've had very little gut issues.

  9. BC, you've probably already considered the possibility that your flagged

  10. Absolutely, positively, and with a burning passion I hate those HR worms.