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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Some Intel Analysis

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Whelp, man, it's a three-ring circus, and keeping on and keeping up... man, if I was paid to do this shit legit, I'd be making mad bank.  I do appreciate the donations y'all have made... seeings that Unemployment still hasn't kicked in grrr.  I got a call in at the Inspector General's side of the house 'cos I got nowhere with the minority-hire at the UI call center.  Dumber than a 8-Ball and thicker than a bitch on "My 600 Pound Life"... Yeah, unfortunately I do know that show... Wifey is a fan of ALL the twisted shit-shows on TV which is why I'm quite content to leave her to in in the bedroom  to watch that bumblefuckery.

So, besides.  Sitting here, waiting on a mission/job/whathaveyou, it's cheaper than doing anything else.  I'm not about to start Ubering again, not until I can be sure that Idon't have to do all the retarded shytte involved with that.  Worst case scenario: If no job in a week, Pizza Hut has an ad up for $15-$20 an hour for drivers, plus tips.  No idea if that's legit but that's better than Uber.

So the topics of tonight:
First, we got The Hoe bailing to Viet-fucking-Nam.
I have not a clue.
Lots of fellow bloggers have been making mad hash out of the hilarity and incongruence of it.  I mean c'mon man!  However, I did a bit of skull sweat.  I'm genuinely wondering... mainly because:
Just for fun, did you know Vietnam is a one of very few countries that doesn't have an extradition treaty with the Untied States...  I find that
Innit though?
Because as it's been pointed out that someone is calling the shots.  Tater-Joe is absolutely not in charge, so therefor, who be calling the Shots?  AND as things appear to be going, someone is going to fall and fall hard.  I mean I can see Jill screaming "Get that bitch out of here before she opens her mouth and fucks us all!"  
Jes' Sayin'
Now, the potential of upcoming 'festivities'
Let's get the first thing out of the way: BLAME.  Ain't nothing more than the DotGov likes to do is assign blame.  -Someone- -Somewhere- needs to be hung out to dry... which is why right now, despite ALL the recordings, vidyas and whatnot that floating around out there of the coterie of Milley and Austin and the rest of the Perfumed Princes (who should be executed for gross dereliction of duty if not out-and-out-treason as I've stated before) are spinning up 'their side' sayin' they told Ole Grampy McStinkie-pinky that the A.N.A. was going to fold like a fucking lawn chair... The Wall Street Journal stated: "...the Pentagon is claiming that Joint Chief’s Chairman General Mark Milley and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin warned Joe Biden about the pending collapse of Afghanistan if 2,500 troops were removed."

This despite plenty o'evidence to the contrary.  
Got to love their "60 second attention news cycle"
They live in a bubble, where only the "here and now" are reality.
Hey guys, hint/note from a former enlisted man:  You guys are too stupid for words.  Quit before you get arrested and charged with the aforementioned crimes.  Now, that bit might now happen, BUT

A demoncrat in the Oral Orifice?  A gin-soaked hag and demoncrat run CONgress?
Yeah... The DotMil is gonna go under the bus
Just like after Nam.
Never been a demoncrat who had any use for the DotMil 'cept to demonize, berate and undercut at every. single. moment. they can.  So yeah... I figure the next move will be hearings, and the CONgresscritters will pass a HUGE budget reduction "as you threw away billions of dollars worth of taxpayer equipment by leaving it behind for the enemy, you apparently don't need any more as you has so much to give away" or words to that effect.  THEN the next move will be to re-allocate ALL that filthy defense lucre into "Reparations" "Social Justice" and whatever grift-of-the-week that satisfies the hard left Berniebros and BLM maggots.  Look to see Antifa being brought in as 'social justice police' under the new 'American State Police', much like the Muj strongarmed their local precincts in NYFC to form "Muslim Community Patrols" in the no-go-zones of Hajjiland NYFC.

Any bets?

THEN:  False Flag.
In order to do this, well, some folks been sayin that the United Statz DotGov wanted this to happen.  Which, again, got me to thinking.  The guys who just got out, all them Affagistan Boi-Buggerers?  Well, they are Afghanis, and the majority of them when not kidnapping and raping lil boys for Bacha Bazi, and skimming that filthy State Department payola, well, they're not all like Da Prez who packed so much cash on his helo on the way out, they had to leave pile of it behind... and mind you that was the cash on hand... Nevermind what that corruptocrat has stashed in Switzerland or wherever those fuckers stack fat cash in cubic fucking meters... They gotta be angry

Add on all the now-untraceable weaponry
Add on the fact we can't stop heroin from coming in by the metric ton from Affy
What's to stop them from bringing in a metric fuckton of 'stuff' and do some good ole for-really-reelz Islamic Terror here stateside?

Tell you what, it'd be a nice change from all that FBI Sponsored Islamic Terrorism.
Those fibbie guys were fucking lame man
Like "You are a No Go at this station Numbnuts!!!"
How they going to do it?
No idea, but if they have their way it'll be a bunch of Haji meeting up with a bunch of "Patriotic 'Muricans" who 'want to overthrow the Untied Statz, and form an unholy alliance to bring down the Biden Regime.
Don't think they wouldn't
It's a twofer
Go after any Whyte Superpreemiecysts here stateside, and then ramp up the "heat" on whatever Haji-du-jour (Iran comes to mind) for overseas fun with guns in the sun

"War Against Islam, The Final Chapter: This Time, We Mean It"

Credit where credit is due BTW... one of y'all suggested this to me.
That being said however
Believe you me
They're MORE than capable of doing it
The Ministry of Propaganda is, has, and is still -all in- on anything the fucktards who're really running the show want to do, and nope, I don't think it's Tater Joe and the Assclowns.  Nope... The real shot callers are out there... the ones who get the media to literally parrot the local news nationally to the point the scripts are nearly eye-fuckin'-dentical nightly.

Also, because of DotMil reductions mentioned before, you can almost count on "Special Weapons" being used.  In the name of "preserving our valiant fighting men" or some such bullshit.  Truth is, they hate soldiers, always have, always will.  We're, like the contractors ALL abandoned in Affy right now (quick aside: BOY am I glad I didn't go overseas last year... Jes' Sayin') soldiers AND contractors are replaceable parts light lightbulbs in their minds... a dim 20 watt bulb, easily replaceable because, unlike them, we for the most part didn't got to Haaaaaa-vard.

So nukes are definitely on the table right now.  Besides, unless we economically cave like a building in Haiti in that earthquake before, shit's gonna get real-er.
Head on a Swivel folks
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country 


  1. Spot on I'd say except I think China figures in this also to a huge degree. China may even be calling all the shots.

  2. Starting to feel really ominous re: the inevitable false flag mass shooting. I was thinking a school or something but now I am thinking it might be a significant mass casualty type deal far bigger than Las Vegas. They have held off which surprises me but the fuse has certainly been lit on some loon out there.

  3. Did you see that australia announced they are building camps? Gateway had the article. Evidently unvaxxxed are going to camp till they either get the shot or till the 2 to 3 years passes which is how long they thing it will be till the wuflu burns out.

    If you think anyone is ever leaving one of those camps while still breathing I have a bridge to sell you.


  4. Minnesota State Fair is coming up. Ideal place for a mass shooting.

  5. Nice new ads you got here.

  6. “Never been a demoncrat who had any use for the DotMil 'cept to demonize, berate and undercut at every. single. moment. they can”
    But only after getting the campaign contributions from the contractors for the MIC.

  7. I think it is getting to the glowniggers and deep staters that we know the magnitude of their incompetence. That DOD nigger is the epitome of big dumb nigger diversity hire.
    The whole fucking world is meme-ing thier incompitence. That digital vacuum cleaner in Utah is scooping millions of memes dedicated just to the incompetence of your average glownigger.
    The negative feedback loop caused by the inability to acknowledge and deal with reality just increase the franticness of their decisions. Their OODA loops are comprimised..... Oh and they are just plain really fucking stupid.


  9. Kid almost hit it. She is meeting with the regime Chinese handlers in Vietnam, where better.
    Flying into Beijing would just be a tad too obvious, but I don't put it past this bunch to do just that as the regime crumbles.

    I stick by my prediction that OBiden will be ejected under the 25th latest by May 2022, maybe sooner. They can't risk him blabbing about the next steal and magnificent work by Kamala, Dominion and their proxies. President Harris is literally one synapse away from taking the mantle.

  10. Hey BC, note that we had another FF op in DC today, complete with the 'suspect' having three names like always. "The suspect, identified as North Carolina resident Floyd Ray Roseberry from Grover", lol. The Fibbies aren't very smart.