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Friday, August 27, 2021

Right in the Feelz...

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Sad news from Kenny, 'Wirecutter' over at Knuckledraggin today.  He had to put his pup Legal Lucy down today.  Totally feel for the guy, as we just recently went through it with Guido.
I've followed the adventures of CharlieGoddamit and Legal Lucy, and now Asshole Jack for the past few years.  Really really gets me in the feelz.  His poast is here:
Feel free to stop by and pay condolences.  
Kenny's good people, and Legal Lucy was really special to him.
That and after the news from Oz and the dog-murderers, if you have doggos, give 'em a cookie, a hug and tell'em that they're good dawgs... they're the most loyalest people you'll ever know.
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  1. My favorite description of Heaven is you know you are there when all your past doggies/--- come to greet you.

  2. Bit o' good news today. Anyone notice Raptor2 is back over at his place? Been AWOL since May.


  3. There really is a doggy heaven. Because I think it, and so it is. Ohio Guy

  4. Thanks for that BC. I left a note, he must have posted that after I left there today.

  5. I cried for WC, don't know how he managed to type that out, I couldn't have just reading it. I too have been following him for too many years to count. God Bless him & Ms. Lisa for their loss.

  6. Reading his post brought tears. Love my dogs, oh hell, ALL dogs.

  7. The animals I've known are the first ones I want to see.

  8. To test loyalty, try locking your wife and dog in a trunk for an hour and see which one is happy to see you when they get out.

  9. In the great lodge of Valhalla, dogs sit alongside their people.
    Or else I am not going.