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Monday, August 23, 2021

OK... Controversy Ahead: Updated

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Now this here subject is going to be a bit 'touchy' possibly for some.  BUT I. don't. care.  The topic:  "The Greater Good".  Meaning currently here in Florida, we've got a lawsuit that's been filed against Gov. DeSantis because he essentially said "No mandate, No mask, no problem, ."  This of course enraged the "Followers of the Mask"
Now, the way the Ministry of Propaganda is spinning it is that De-Statan-tist (their term, not mine) is trying to kill all the children in Florida by how dare you! banning mask mandates in school.  And any school that mandates a mask for all the kinder gets the state funding pulled.

What's really going on however is that he's doing just that.  If your kid doesn't want to wear a mask, or you feel that you don't need to have your kid wear a mask, no problem.  However, the power mad School Boards and Superintendents who apparently never met a statist-neo-nazi law or rule they didn't want to implement are suing.  THEY want to say whether or not your kid has to wear a mask.  Then throw on the Parents of kids who have 'issues' who are demanding ALL the kids bend at the knee, and wear the mask because their pwecious lil darlings have 'issues'.

Which brings me to the crux.  If your kid is immunocompromised, gee, that's a shame.
Really is
Guess what cupcake?  If MY kid has a superpowered immune system armed with tactically nuclear-powered white blood cells, HE doesn't need the mask, it sounds like only your lil generic-dead-ender should wear a mask.  

WHY do we keep embracing the weak?
If your kid is a genetic dead end, why do we waste so much time and money funneling it into worthless dead-ends like this?  I dig compassion... I dig empathy.  I also dig that there's such a thing as "too much."  It's called 'triage'.

Triage: noun: the assignment of degrees of urgency to wounds or illnesses to decide the order of treatment of a large number of patients or casualties.
              verb: to assign degrees of urgency to (wounded or ill patients).

If your lil pwecious is a genetic-dead ender, and yeah, that's what I consider kids who are all fucked up from the neck up... the 'can't eat peanuts' allergies, the 'breathe on them and they die/get sick' kids... the ones who have to be wrapped in bubble wrap because if not, they break a bone just looking at them... 

Don't get me wrong, but they're a genetic dead end.  Unless by some unbelievable miracle, they ain't going to get better... they're going to suck resources and eventually just cash out -anyways-... and notice, I -don't- include the mentally defective... they in their own way have a role to play in the game of life, and I know of a guy I went to high school with who had Downs, who still has a hell of a life, got married to a nice girl who fell hard for him, and his son?  Not-Downs by some weird quirk.  A million-to-one shot there Aye but I'm talking about these kids who shouldn't even be in a classroom.

Why should everyone bend-the-knee to the weakest?

Look, I'm not saying to go 'full neo-Nazi geneticist and eugenics.'  They're fucked up.  NOT their fault.  If anything I blame the parents.  And yeah, they are to blame.  The weirdo frozen-egg broad who waited to have her kids at 42, and the kid is barely functional, and can't understand why?  The 'late family/career first' folks who had the first kid when the dude was like in his fifties, and the wife in her late 30's more like early-to-mid 40s... and they wonder -why- their kids are genetic-dead-enders?  Fucking Jeebus people... despite everyone saying "50 is the new 40" and all that shit, reality is a stone motherfucker as is genetics.

Sperm and eggs?  Gotta be fresh... Just like bacon and eggs... try to make an omelet with some eggs that've been sitting in the fridge for 6 months past the 'use by date' and the bacon just starting to smell a bit 'off'... 
and there you have it.
You want to have an omelet with those fucking eggs?
Hard Pass for me
Same as having kids... IF I were to -try- to Spawn again (ain't going to mind you) BUT IF I were to, I'd want some 18-20 year old fresh n young eggs, thank you very much.  

Problem is, people are selfish and fucking ignorant
That's what's ackchully going to be what kills the Untied Statz for sure... willful, unabashed greed and ignorance of Man's Laws, God's Laws and Nature's Laws.
These morons genuinely believe that their 'lil pwecious's health' is MOR important than reality, science and any of those 'other bothersome children'...  THEY want what THEY want and fuck you, the governor, the rules and any and everything that stands between THEM and what THEY want/demand.  After all, the rest of us?  Serfs to be ignored donchaknow?

See, I literally picked The Xwife in part because of her family's genetic history.  Her great grands, her grands, her 'rents health ALL went into the equation of "Is this someone I want to have kids with?"  Intelligence played into it as well, mental health all of it.  I was raised a bit of a genetic-nazi to a point.  When DeadDad asked for MomUnit's hand, my Grandad, a great man in his own right, literally looked over DeadDad, and said: "Welcome to the family, you'll bring some height to the blood!" 

No shit.  He really said that.  In fact ALL the prospective spouses' got the same evaluation, and for it, outside of the environmental impacts (the cancer I got was due to depleted uranium and DeadDad's was a one-off) but the entire family is still kicking... some of the Aunts and Uncles are about to hit the age of 90... and my cousins?  ALL are in fantastic health... kind of scary how that sort of stuff plays out IRL Aye?

But since we've devolved to the 'feelz' "I luv her" lots of doodz think with the dick, and overlook the fact that the brother of his one-twue-luv is an immunocompromised dwarf with an extra chromosome...

And that same exact timebomb may or may not be ticking in his chick

Most of the shit out there seems to go maternally.  One of my weird things I got was a spare set of kidneys.  They found it during the whole-check every inch of me CAT scans and such whatnot back in the day during an earlier cancer scare... that because it turned out I have an extra set of meniscus muscles on the back of my legs.  That's what prompted the full body scan when I was on active duty... I was roadmarching so much that even the extra meniscus started 'bulking' on the back of my legs, and the medics at first thought they might be tumors or something... so I got the full body workup and lo and behold, MOR tissue, right over the kidneys.  The docs then worried I had kidney tumors or something... bit more work, some more other testing and nope.  Turns out I'm a mutant.  "Duplex Kidneys" and MomUnit during one of her ultrasounds found out she's the culprit with her own spare set... not common, but it does happen...

I like to think my filtration system is a four barrel rather than the standard two barrel... might also explain the extreme ability to process the booze and not get hung over?  The docs don't think so but hey, I'll believe what I want to believe

It's my truth after all Aye?

But back to the issue:  Dood overlooks that his lovey is from a long line of genetic fucking errors, annnnd he compounds it by breeding with her waaaaaaaaay later than he and she should... because careers and 'reasons', and when their widdle pwecious comes out, incapable of being exposed to even the -slightest- breeze, THEY expect the REST OF US to 'bend to the knee' for their poor widdle pwecious.

Fuck that
Not our fault that your genetics are bad, and I'm sorry as fuck for you and your kid... but I'm not giving a fuck about him... in fact I care more about the sammich in the fridge than I do about your fucking kid... and you for that matter.

Make Selfishness Great Again
'Cos otherwise, today it's forcing you to put a mask on your kid (and I'm not even going to touch the science or anything on that particular bullshit) but then, it's forcing the vaxx, and then eventually killing the unvaxxed.  Ask the Jews how that worked out for them...   Having a sense of Empathy is part of being human, but being able to know when and where to utilize it is what matters.
Tribe Matters
Family Matters
Friends Matter
Neighbors Matter
Everyone else can fuck off.
Too much empathy leads to stupid shit like loading the so-far 50,000 Afghans who haven't been vetted onto planes ahead of our own people and citizens.  THAT sort of epic dumbasshattery, trust me, is going to come back and bite us in the ballsack in spades.
All for the goodfeelz.
So, I got a Zoom Meeting, so that's it for now.  Your thoughts?

Got a lot of people emailing me, and the question of Autism comes up.  That one is tricky to me.  It's something that's so random and hard to track, as from the studies I've seen shows its so random and really hard to track... the -only- thing and studies I've seen has been a lot of studies, real and or fake that it's to do with the vaccines... and I know, I know, whoooole nuther ball of shytte to get into... I personally think it does have something to do with the mercury preservative in the vaxx's out there... MY spawn got all their vaccs back in the day, but they got it one at a time.  Special Ordered that shit specifically so as to NOT have an oopsie...    I didn't chance it... Autism is a pure-motherfucker to deal with, and in this case, it gets filed under 'other' in this particular argument... so just for the record so to speak...this here is more a rant about the Karens who insist on causing a shyttestorm because 'their pwecious snowflake is MOR important' than yours.  Fuck those people... people who have to deal w/Autism, man, you got my respect.  That shit is a motherfucker.

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Total control of people's children (and by extension, the parents) has been the plan forever. Tyranny never stops until it's forced to. As a side note, I'm curious to how destroyed these kids will be when they grow up.

  2. Thank you for saying this stuff. My wife and I have been bemoaning the genetic dead ends for quite some time now. It seems soooo onvious, but mention it in "polite company" and you're looked at as some kind of inhuman monster. Glad to know we're not alone. A serious culling wouldn't be the worst thing to happen between our shores...

  3. Big Country
    I agree that masks on kids makes no sense.
    Went to the store yesterday and about half the people were masked.
    Now on the peanut allergy issue.
    My son was born when I was 26 and my wife was 27, so, we didn’t wait around. Up until my son, we had no food allergies in either my or my wife’s family (ran my own genetics program like a benegezerite from Dune) and my Boy was the first to show up with that allergy.
    We never told other people not to eat peanuts around him, hell I used to eat them on the plane sitting next to him. It’s his responsibility to carry an epi pen and Benadryl.
    Don’t lump all parents of kids with allergies together (of course, we raised him in the 80’s and 90’s before everyone became so f’ing pc and woke)

  4. I'm going to toss my 2 cents in here.

    1) I used to do cooking for dinnets that were fund raiser for a charity group. Did it for 15 years in my spare time 3 or 4 a year. Met my wife in a kitchen. I used to publish in advance the menu and the ingredients in each dish. It got so bad that every time we did one of these feasts I would have 8 maybe 9 people showing up in my kitchen demanding i either make a dish sans the one ingredient they wete allergic too or had some belief against. I finally got so pissed off because these Karens demanded that every dish meet every one of 100 to 200 diners dietary requirements.

    2) peanut alergies.... PBJ is a common food for small kids. To ban it across a whole school because 1 kid has an allergy and everyone else has to give up for the snowflakes.

    3) I think food allergies are way more common and there is something fundamentally wrong with our society that is causing it. But sometimes its just in peoples heads.

    4) Mentally handicapped kids in schools. Our school had 3 boys, all fetal alcohol who were junior high age but in a special class intellect of a 4 year old. They used to send them to 'play' with elementary kids. They used to beat the crap out of smaller kids, but the schools idea was it was socializing the violent thugs. After a kid got hurt bad enough a lawsuit was brought against the principal and school board personally they quickly stopped putting the retards in with little kids.


  5. Too bad the genetically vulnerable were not identified in the womb. The very people arguing for policy decisions to protect them today would have wanted policy Demanding they be aborted.

  6. I had this argument just the other day. A hysterical "the kidz iz all dyin" woman. When I pointed out to her that according to the CDC there had been no kids under the age of 18 to die in our state and that nationally in the last 20 months only 361 kids had died from the chinaflu (most I suspect with underlying health issues) she went extra hysterical. Claiming I wanted those 361 kids to die and she hoped my child didn't die from chinaflu because she "actually cares about other people". I got no reply when I asked about her concern for the 1600 kids who have drowned in the past 20 months. Did she want to ban pools and put fences up along every riverbank? No reply when I asked about the other 53,000 kids do die in the past 20 months. She did not want facts or "science" she wanted to virtue signal how much she cared.

  7. BC, you hit the nail on the head...what they call "the Tyranny of the Minority".

    It's such BS that you can't even eat peanuts on a plane anymore. Why can't anyone say "if you are THAT allergic to peanuts then DON'T fly" !
    No one wants to hear the truth and that is that if you want to have kids, DON'T have them after 30--- you are too damn old and the kid may be screwed up. You see it with Grandbaby and I do with my nieces and nephews (I'm about your age), 20 years ago I could have played with the kids all day, no problem. Now being over 50, I'm wiped out after a day of that. There is no way that I could properly raise young kids again at my age (my kids are all over 18 thankfully).

    The biggest issue in this country is that people want reality to conform to their ideas and ideology and sorry folks--it doesn't work that way !!

    1. The tyranny of the weak over the strong. It is the only tyranny that lasts. – Oscar Wilde

    2. As John Wayne said, "Life is hard, it's even harder when your stupid".

  8. The Spartans actively practiced infanticide to ensure that genetic (primitve animal husbandrry really) issues were nipped in the bud before breeding could even be considered.
    And yet, this country encourages wimmz to abort viable babes when they are at thier peak, and have non-viable when they are the trough. Ass backwards, just like the CNC of this country,,
    What can't go on, won't, and that time seems like its fast approaching.

  9. We are seeing the results of dysgenic breeding all around us. The weird and the losers used to die out because no one would breed with them but now they seem to be the only ones breeding. And let's face it, having babies is a young woman's game. Check any mid 30s mom and you will find an exhausted chick. An early 20s mom? Usually far better able to handle it. It used to be that we married younger women who were in prime child-bearing age range to somewhat older men who were financially stable. Not anymore, lots of guys are stuck with girls racing out of their prime who have spent their best breeding years riding the dick carousel and now they want a baby with aging eggs. Little wonder we have such a mess.

  10. Your thoughts on the subject are almost identical to mine. And it's not just about masks, as you pointed out. It's about EVERY DAMN THING. A lot of people in this country have bought into the American Exceptionalism so deep that they each think they are exceptional to the nth degree. I'm about ready to agree that we COULD stand to lose about 90% of the fucktards we see among us every day. When the collapse happens, as we all know it will SOON, the people that caused the situation will be the first ones to perish, and STILL be claiming they are too important to perish. It's time to throw a little chlorine into the gene pool.

  11. Awesome post, and awesome comments, too. Hit a home run.

  12. Read this article today from Archer Florida (part of Gainesville metro which is run by Leftists) where a kid with a medical exemption was forced to wear a mask !!

  13. The people that worship at the altar of Macro-evolution refuse to let it work. Nope, save every leaf. Par for the course as always. No chile leff behind. Pour everything into the ones who won't make it anyway. Ok, but do it at the expense of constraining the bright ones?

    If I was a healthy kid I'd be looking to get infected with the Covey and let my natural systems do their work and create the anti-bodies without whatever the hell is in that syringe

  14. Yaknow, this masking shit wouldn't be a problem is we'd started shooting motherfuckers 18 months ago.
    Just saying....

  15. “Once the herd accepts mandatory vaccinations, It’s GAME OVER. They will accept anything – Forcible blood or organ donation- “For the greater good”. We can genetically modify children and sterilize them- “For the greater good”. Control sheep minds and you control the herd. Vaccine makers stand to make billions. And many of you in this room are investors. It’s a BIG win/win. We thin out the herd, and the herd pays us for extermination services” Henry Kissinger~

    Original Article:

  16. Right on the money. Been saying about the same thing for a while and DAMN people get all butthurt bent out of shape about the truth.

  17. "Too much empathy leads to stupid shit like loading the so-far 50,000 Afghans who haven't been vetted onto planes ahead of our own people and citizens. THAT sort of epic dumbasshattery, trust me, is going to come back and bite us in the ballsack in spades."

    Well, it's going to bite you peasants pretty hard. Those of us who are annointed, however, well...we might lose the odd one or two, but we'll make out just fine, thanks.
    - Your Friendly Government Elites

    1. The ‘Annointed’ need to have the fear of G*d restored in them, and not just via the ballot box. We’re fast approaching time for the next box, since it now appears that we ‘cannot vote our way outta this’. That’s a shame, because whoever takes the first vermin out is gonna get ‘Kyle’d. Maybe several someone’s - unless the range goes hot and there is no ‘rapid fire prohibited’ rule, like my local range. Take out enough in a short enough period of time that the rest ‘abdicate’, in an attempt to save their sorry asses. Oops - I mean souls - at least for those that hadn’t sold theirs yet, that is.

  18. For a humorous (in a very offensive sort of way) solution proposed by another blogger for this problem, see here:

    1. Ack!
      After reading the hilarious column, I wasted three hours on the arthurshall joke forum.
      A 'rough' bunch...

  19. My sentiments exactly, BC.
    When I got home last night from work I found out that the local school sent the kids home for the week so the school could waste a whole bunch of money deep cleaning. Fuck, schools are giant germ factories. Seems the admin freaked out and "tested" 30 kids. For what reason and with what test I've no idea. The way I see it is that it's good for the little ones' burgeoning immune systems to be immersed in said germ factories. Helps them become healthy adults to be exposed to all of the cooties out there.
    Hell, one of the reasons I've got various livestock is so that they become systematically strong.
    *shakes head and sighs*


  20. This was hilarious.
    I got a friend who didn't do his research with his mate. His son was born with some of her problems. My buddy had a vasectomy and I asked him why, he said "so I don't have anymore fuck up kids". I thought that was kind of harsh, but honest.
    Another guy I know had kids later in life. All his kids got teeth problems, ear problems, other stuff I can't remember. His youngest is like 4. He's 51 this month some time.
    My youngest is 19 a month after I turn 50.
    I've been saying what you posted for years. My son went to school where someone had a banana allergy so no banana bread or that stuff. we didn't have much one day so the ex told him to take a banana muffin and sneak it. It was like he was a crack head hiding his habit. Too funny.

  21. "Problem is, people are selfish". That is it in a nutshell.

    All life except human life is survival of the fittest. I am a compassionate person in a big way also but yeah if your immuno compromised mask up. What is rarely being said anymore and I did not see it in the comments or all of us unless I skimmed them to fast. THIS BULLSHIT HAS A 97 PERCENT SURVIVAL RATE, even higher for the youngun's. FUCKING PEOPLE NOT ONLY SELFISH BUT STUPID.

  22. Hurts so good. Ohio Guy

  23. Our local school district here in North Idaho sent out a survey a few weeks back asking for input on the face diaper issue. Apparently they listened. Got an email from the superintendent this week stating that the Garment of Gates will be "recommended but not required." Was very glad to hear it. Grandkids even more so.