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Saturday, August 28, 2021

NOW you 'Kil't the Target" !?! RUFKM?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Sweet Jeebus (and yeah Large Marge, I'ma tryin').  But Oh! How I need wings to stay above this bullshit.  NOW, only NOW does "Tater Joe" suddenly and magically blow'd the fuck up the 'mastermind' behind the Kabul ISIS-K bombing?
Wow... just that...
'Cos do I doubt that they droned the ever living fuck out of -someone- in Nangahar province?  
Do I doubt that dood was prolly Tallybananas oriented?
Do I doubt that they blow'd up the right dood?
Oh hells yeah.
If they really wanted to blow up the dood responsible for the Kabul Bombing, then Langley'd be a smoking hole in the fucking ground about now.  Pro Tip assholes;  You're so transparent, so thin at this point, man, -you're- worthless as far as any real-time intel/actionable intel goes.  It's done.  You're done.  Most importantly we're done.  

Y'all 'shot your wad' like a bad porno movie.
Got a hunch that some poor sap in Nangahar was sitting, making hummus, whatever, and he -might- have heard the >foosh< on the missile inbound before it hit.  BUT

That's if they even actually shot a round off.
'Cos at this point, without vidya, certified statements, fuck, even doodz fingers/ears/something, as far as I'm concerned the DotGov is MOAR full of shit than GranBebe denying that she stole some M&Ms out of my bowl when I literally caught her red-handed.  (She did, I caught her, and she still lied to my face "No Papi I no steal, Gigi (wifey) said I could have some M&Ms" LMAO... got to love her)    

OK: Reality Check
ISIS, no matter WHUT the name (Currently the 'K' Model... what the fuck is up with this current crop of asshole's fascination with alphanumeric identifiers?) is a CIA created, sponsored and funded Creature that ostensibly was born, raised and fed under the Red Diaper Baby, the traitorous Obamamessiah.  His filthy nasty homosexually-oriented Paki-loving cockgobbling self is responsible for them, and every thing they do.

Seeings that when OrangeManBad took over, and utterly fucking -crushed-them like the retarded Islamic Pedo-boy-and-goat buggerers they are, isn't it fascinating, that a group that we've had ZERO TROUBLE WITH IN LIKE FOREVER (Under OrangeManBad)

That they Suddenly and Stunningly struck at our valiant but overwhelmed and under-supported troops? 
JUST in time to have all the 'Usual Suspect" Neocons (mostly from the (((Tribe))) mind you, Jes' Sayin'... don't like it, tell them to stop fucking with us... shady is shady, whypeepul shady ain't no different from Jewpeepul shady, 'cept whypeepul seem to get the stick, shitty end, type one each on the reg, and the Jews skate...)

Which then makes a thinking man go "Hmmn."
So, lets get this right:  
1) The Tallyabananas kids took over... like OVERNIGHT

2) Tater Joe and ALL the 'other' fucktards got caught with their collective cock in hand.  No hiding it... They got Publicly Shamed.  

3) Instead of 'doing the Spike Lee', they blamed OrangeManBad, circumstances and hell, even global fucking warming.  No one stepped up and fell on the sword as expected, 'cos no one wants to admit that Tater Joe -is not nominally running the showThat line about "I was instructed to..."  Are you fucking kidding me????

4) When it became apparent that Tater Joe and the rest of the fucktards weren't doing the job right, instead of doing what is called for, ie. calling for heads, assigning blame and resignations ALL over the place, along with some court martials as they so richly deserve, they:

5) Doubled down on "fucking stupid" and, with the blessing from the Neocon (((Conservative-Permanent War Party))) had a CIA Asset go and kill a fuckton of folks, kill a bunch of innocent US Marines and 'other servicemen' (I think one was Navy) in the hopes to INFLAME the nation into restarting the whole fucking shebang again.

6) They expected everyone to get on board

7) But it ain't working

They shot their wad... they don't get it.  Jingoism, patriotism?  Nope.  Done.  They burned that particular house to the ground over the past twenty years, and only recently salted the fucking earth with this current fucking debacle.  Hell, they shitcanned a TRUE combat leader who livestreamed that Higher-Higher stepped on their collective cocks, with golf shoes, and no one stepped up to say "Hey, we fucked up."

A Marine Light Colonel.. 17 years... career combat leader.
Fraggings and Mutiny have happened over less.

OhBoyohboyohboy... as Charles Bronson would've said years ago....
The "Overseas Bloody Bucket Gambit" failed...
Next step: FBI-Run CONUS Terror-Attack Black Flag

Mark my Words on that one.
Two Weeks max. 
Hopefully I'm wrong, but it's apparent that Tater is faltering hard, no one wants the whore in there, and shytte is out of control.  If OrangeManBad was still there?  He'd already be in jail. 

Fucking cowardly legislative branch...ALL of them need to be impeached/fired.  ESPECIALLY the ones who impeached Trump over a fucking phone call... that shit seems purely fucking trivial now donit?  Fuckers'll never learn... til they get confronted.
Head on a Swivel
Avoid Crowds
Buy MOAR everything, as the budget allows.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. That "oh we magically whacked the guy who was behind this attack in like 48 hours even though no one had heard of this group until....48 hours ago" is the lamest attempt at salvaging this shit I have seen in a long time. Some poor dipshit got smoked just to give The Usurper some cover.

  2. Kind of off topic.

    The media is talking a lot about the biometric scanners that the taliban had handed to them by slo and his band of crooks.

    They keep talkibg about the database beibg a gold mine for the taliban.
    Dose each unit have a database in it or do they use a central database? Just curious because one article made it seem as if each one has an integral database which would be a huge data storage in each and require frequent updates. Another article said tgey linked to a central database.

    So does anyone know which it is?


    1. OK: Biometrics circa 2004-2007 (when -I- was the Operations guy in Baghdad) we had the L.E.P. Screening cell... Local Employment Personnel screening... can't go too deep into it 'cos it was secret squirrel stuff and prolly still is. The Biometrics consisted primarily of Fingerpritz, and Retina Pritz (EXXXTREME close-up of ye olde Eyeballage, just like in the movies... there were 'other' aspects but I dunno whats still cool and uncool to speak of, so's I ain't saying shytte.

      Thing of the matter is that the Database was ALL that info, and -generally- for 'common labor' only had that doodz info on it. Name, where he was from, where he currently lived, political affiliation (if any) and basic next of kin... really basic shytte

      NOW, OTOH, a guy who was being 'run' as an 'agent'? OMFG... Thankfully I never had the need-to-know but I DO know that an 'agent' could have like his/her ENTIRE history in there (they do a deeeeep dive on them folks) as well as all known associates, fambly and well, fucking everything.

      Think of it this way: If they got the BIG database, and it was current-up-to-date? Think the 'Ultimate Doxx' as well as the 'who' on our side who was running them... i.e. Bob Smith, NGO healthcare worker by day, is ackchully Bob Jones, CIA Deth-Commando by Night... AND all of Bob's shit too

      Thing is, depends on how up-to-date it is, was it the centralized DB or was it a copy?... now I don't know -anything- about Affy, but in Iraq back in the day, Updates had to be couriered on DVD by hand to update shit... and that had issues of it's own, as in -sometimes- a 'known baddie' would get released in Balad, but we didn't get the update that Ali-Al-Sleezeen was picked up as a 'doer-of-dirty-deeds' but got released because -reasons-... he then hot-footed it to Baghdad, where he THEN tried to get on a work crew at Camp Victory, BUT

      Our interpreter, Badr (a Houston Born Iraqi restaurateur, no shit) caught him out, and we ended up (me that is) holding this fucker at gunpoint until the QRF (quick reaction force) could get out and make the bust to haul him to Abu G. True story brah... really happened... so I've seen a failure IRT of failures in the intel side

      But, as I said, that was 15 years ago, in a different set of circumstances...
      Either way, the Haj got a treasure trove of like I figure -everything- either way
      What also kicks my ass is that no one is stepping forward to take the blame... another poast will be up about that shytteshow later...

    2. The reason I asked was if its a central DB with a link to the machines then couldn't they just shut off access for everymachine lost?
      Looking at the pics of said hand held device the media showed it doesn't look big enough to hold a DB of data on 10million people. Unless dotmil data storage is insane.

      So either the bad guys have a unit that will over time get more out of date orsomeone is allowing them to still have access to the naster database remotely.

      Based on the one medua report it sounded like this things used saytelite phones to connect to the DB, another report said they were 'linked units' and a third said each was a stand alone unit.

      So the things i've read seem to contradict each other. Also if it is a central DB then why do they dtill have access?


  3. "Currently the 'K' Model... what the [naughty f-word] is up with this current crop of asshole's fascination with alphanumeric identifiers?"
    According to my understanding of the situation -- and correct me if I am in error -- the 'K' model is-is was preceded by the 'J' for 'Jaws' is-is.
    Before them, as we all know, were the 'I' for 'Intended' is-is.
    But... wait!
    A year or two ago, under President Trump (pbuh), were those is-is bunch eradicated... turning them into the was-was?
    Or was I dreaming again during another of my naps [fondly strokes hammock collection]?

  4. Man, I need a bullshit deshitifier just to make it from my house to the car.

  5. I thought that report was the new comedy routine from the entertainment section. Guess I was wrong.