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Monday, August 9, 2021

Nailed It (Corrected)

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... a night in me own bed.  


Woke up only a few ago, the four days of only 'sorta-kinda' sleep left me out of it.  Wifey is still currently snoozing and it's about 12:15.  I'm having a nice iced coffee, and reflecting on the small gratification of a really nice mattress.  That was Wifey's call back when she was just G/F.  Insisted on replacing the mattress that XBitcho used to sleep on.  Meh.  It's a chick thing I hanker.  Being a guy who's utilized every weird-assed bunk between Baghdad and Istambul and Kabul, I ain't picky.  However, all bullshit aside, this memory foam monster?  Oh yeah baby...

So, fully refreshed and operational.  Behind the power curve so's I figured to hammer out some 'stuff'.  Seems I might have been a bit more prophetic than I realized when I started talking about the Capitol Police becoming the American State Police.

The link is here:

Seems people are beginning to wake up to the potential danger with these clowns.  RTWT.
I called this a waaays back.
Not sure how "the play" is going to go, but I'm making a few calls.

In order for this plan to work, and for them to get full on STASI/KGB level powers, -something- is going to have to fail spectacularly.  As in a complete and utter failure of intelligence, and protection.  

Now, this's not a FedPoast.  This's strictly what I -think- would nominally have to happen in order for Gin Hag Pelosi to gain full and unending control and install a socialist-democrat run Junta.  In no way am I doing anything but fictional prognostication, so all you Glowniggers in the back, shut the fuck up, sit the fuck down.  When we want your opinion, we'll ask for it

Right before we kick the stool out from under you AND your kin.

So, besides the "I ain't doing shit" 'cept some predictions:
Ah yes... these days cappin' a senate critter or congress critter, well, we saw it ain't that big a deal. Giffords, those ball playing dudes... lots of times -someone- tried to whack a Rep, and the overall reaction is a (YAWN) from the public... also the fact we got what? 545 Reps?  Kill a few, we still got plenty of spares and plenty of hungry go-getters in the wings waiting...

Jes' Sayin'

However, no one (besides the guy who tried to kamikaze the Clinton White House in 1994 story here, no pics available! has really taken a shot at El Presidente since Kennedy.  

CORRECTION:   Will pointed out Reagan.  DUH!  Coffee hadn't kicked in... sorry bout that!  Either way, he had an (R) by his name so's the Enemedia didn't care except to sell papers back then... so to continue...

And if there was, well I got a hunch it depended on who the Prez that got shot at was.  'Cos I gar-ron-damned-tee that if anyone threw rounds at the Obamamessiah, the Ministry of Propaganda would never have spoken of someone mad enough or hating enough to kill their "Anointed One."  Now if anyone tried to off the Shrub?  Sheeeeee-it... it would have been front page news.  Hell, when some Haj chucked a shoe at him, it was front-page-news 24-7 for weeks, with the replay of him dodging said hoof-cover.

So, here's where it gets a bit dark and murky.
Slo Joe, A.K.A. Xio Bi Den ain't zigzactly 'popular' if'n you feel me.  Also, according to recent reports from Dan Bongino, a retired Secret Service agent who supposedly still gets intel (how valid is open to discussion) but the word is, and despite the Ministry of Propaganda, well hell.  Joe is Tater-Joe.  We can see it.  Fuck...  the lack of awareness by the media in their persecutions of Trump vis-a-vis his mental stability/acuity and the obvious and oblivious treatment of what is a man who literally mentally falling apart in front of the whole fucking World???  Jesus please.  I swear.  No more booze if you make things right.  Sorry, I get soooooo fucking frustrated.  Wifey asked me what I needed to stop being soooo angry and upset all the time... told her flat out "Without joking, if I could remove at least 50 IQ points, I think I'd no longer care as much."

Anyways... to continue.  Joe is going to have to go, sooner rather than later.  It'll be public.  It'll be huge.  It'll be the false flag to end all false flags.  Eeeee-vil Whypeepo Superpreemiecysts who've already been on the radar, by which in reality, it'll be an FBI stooge-fest of Glowies and Plants...
(A-polly-olly-geez to Mr. Larson)
But yeah, ALL the Eeeee-vil Whypeepo Superpreemiecysts will -somehow- get old Joe in for his permanent dirt-nap.  Figure Kamel-Toe-the-Hoe to get whacked too.  The Gin Hag wants to be "The One"...  Probably using Eeeee-vil Scary Black Rifles.  Bunch of kids will need to be whacked as well, so as to 'sell' the "absolutely critical right now ban of said Eeeee-vil Scary Black Rifles and if you don't then you too, are an Eeeee-vil Whypeepo Superpreemiecyst!!!"  The drama will be so-over-the-top that there'll be no escaping it.  And then, the finger pointing will begin.... 

"Intelligence Failures at all levels..." with the FBI failing to uncover (their own) plot
"Eeeee-vil Scary Black Rifles are military weapons-of-war, they need to be banned now!"  Figure they'll use Gin Hag Pelosi as she'll be "last whore standing" after the "incident" and use an Executive Order.  The Gin Hag has zero compunction in using absolute power whether it's constitutional or not.  Figure massive attempts at round ups of 'the usual suspects'.  

They'll figure that the 'shock and horror' will be enough.  Then they'll stand down the FBI, and fold it into the A.S.P. and then they'll try to get a firm grasp of things.  Problem is, even if they do whack out Joe and the Hoe, well, hey, appreciate ya!  Saves us the trouble.  And rooting the rest of them out?  Not so much... 'Cos yer average Veteran and whatnot?  This's the sort of shit that'll get the kickoff started.  But because the live in a bubble of their own feedback and bullshit they have no idea what the real world is like, nor do they understand just how outnumbered they are.

Come at me bro.
What say you?
And yeah, I know... going to be lots of assholes here throwing comments and shade.
I don't know you, and you sure as fuck don't know me
Those who do know me?
Ask them, they'll tell ya.
I'm really slow to anger.  And when I speak of 'anger' I mean the bone deep level stuff... not petty argument 'I'm pissed at you' stuff, but the anger level where when I -do- ultimately hit it, I have literally had people run away in terror.  I'm very slow to really anger.   But when it does get to that point, it's on.  

Thunderdome on.
Two men enter, one man leaves stuff.
Whew... sorry.. I get pissed.  AGAIN I had to delete a bunch of really shitty comments from fucktards.  Think the Glowies are trying to bait me, but it ain't happening.  I'm more frustrated than anything.  So, I'm off now.  Gotta hit the unemployment orifice and see what I can.  More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Have you forgotten Reagan took a bullet in the side during his Presidency?

    1. No shit.... duuuuuh..... coffee hadn't kicked in... many thanks! Then again, not -too- much of a fuss made, as it was a (R) who got shot... just like the Scalise ball players

    2. I am really surprised nobody seriously tried to off Trump.

      I'm guessing the word got around to keep everyone in line as he would be a maryter and think might go sideways spectacularly fast - especally if the election shenanigans were already in tye works

  2. What you said makes too much sense and it's all stuff that the eneMedia and our Betters have been actively doing since 2015/6.

    As to yesterday's post about FedGov required vacc proof, seems the Pentagon has set the date of September 15th. Report here:

    They are accelerating their program. Wonder if it's due to the masses beginning to wake up and open their eyes?

  3. Anyone who thinks that repercussions don't exist need only walk up to a hornets' nest and use it as a speed bag for 10 seconds. The following shit storm will be from a bunch of non-intelligent fucking bugs whose survival instinct has kicked in.
    Now push real Americans to the level of our survival instinct kicking in...
    The result will be nuclear hornets on steroids who haven't had their morning coffee and haven't been laid for a few weeks.
    I shudder at the thought...

  4. BC, your intel was correct. ALL .mil must get the vax or ELSE:

  5. Sarah Jane Moore came within 5 inches of nailing Gerry Ford with a 38 special in 1975. Her second shot wounded another onlooker. This was right around the time that Lynette Squeaky Fromme failed pull the slide back on her 45 and also failed to kill Ford. Both incidents happened in the Bay area. Ford was very forgettable so it's understandable that he was overlooked. And those incidents are pushing 46 years ago.

  6. Before october or christmas timeline? I'm thinking sooner is likely what they would prefer and October is start if flu season. So we could already be in a bunch more lockdowns. I could also see christmas as people will be visitting and more shocked because of the season.

    If you were the gin hag really wanted to make a move, youd have the patsys posting on a bunch of blogs andsites frequented by conservatives. Then you can use the grstapo to raid the homes of anyone else who posted or visited said sites. Claim your investigating people who provided material support.


  7. Here's what I think in under a minute. Ohio Guy

  8. time they have kids come to the w/h to sing carols. damn, diabolical.

  9. so when did they over rule john doe v. donald rumsfeld? the g.o.p. set the precedent when obamy got slapped by the scotus but just ignored them and went on doing what he wanted. should have been impeached but the rinos were chickenshit. now they can't. no rule of law, no nation.

  10. "Less than 2% of the US population, but ensconced into every nook & cranny of Govt. Media, Education & Banking. That makes for an unbalanced system where everything, in typical Judaic fashion, is torn asunder.

  11. sure looks like a FF in the works.

    1. ok
      (((they))) nuke dc with xiden, camal toe, peelousy, lotti, dottie, and every fucking body in it.

      and this allows the opening salvo of WW III to effectively end it at the same time CHECKMATE!

  12. All Presidential assassinations or attempts have been for very Pro-America presidents. fwiw

  13. I might be wrong but I don't think the whole thing is going to lead to Nancy Pelosi in charge, she is just too old. Having her in charge wouldn't calm things down after a false flag.

    I assume there is some Manchurian candidate lined up who will be charismatic enough to keep things under control but completely sold out to the Bolshevik globalist powers.

  14. Some little British faggot stole a gun from a pistol range in Las Vegas to try and off the Trumper but got caught at a rally, I believe.

  15. Back when I was in the Intel biz, I was pretty good at analyzing coups, so here's my take:

    Joe is on ice, waiting to be thawed out and declared dead of a heart attack; but that won't happen til KamelToe is removed [fired or quits] - because she can be challenged on Constitutional grounds [neither parent an AmCit; she was an Anchor Baby, so technically, she would be disqualified to move up to POTUS, and that would delay Nancy from ascending [although she may also be on ice.

    So, how to solve this dilemma.

    Well, there's the communist ex-mayor of South Bend, currently the Secretary of Transportation [because he knows a car has four wheels]. That's Pete Buttplug, an acolyte of the Truman Foundation [a communist front]. He's US born, although his dad was fired as a Notre Dame professor for being much too blatant a communist.
    Pete will be appointed VP once KamelToe is removed, and he'll become an unelected communist POTUS.

    But, the Truman Foundation has been prepping Pete for several years now.

    Regarding assassination attempts on past POTUSes, Reagan was shot by a SS guy, close up, under his raised arm and above his vest;

    1) a black SS guy shot the cop and the other SS guy who jumped in front of Reagan [watch the video in slo-mo]; He's across the street, circles around toward toward the hotel entrance, shoots a cop so he has a clear shot at Reagan but instead shoots the SS guy who's in the way.
    He then moves forward, drops the pistol on the sidewalk in front of the kid, then blends into the chaos.
    And another SS guy "finds" the pistol and arrests the kid [a St Elizabeth hospital mental patient - and son of a Deep State guy.
    2) Another SS shooter, steps up to push Reagan into the limo, shoots Reagan via the armpit - by-passing the vest.

    3) The SAIC [Special Agent in Charge] first demanded Reagan be taken back to the WH, but the driver insisted on taking Reagan to the hospital; after a heated exchange, the SAIC said - take him to Presbyterian Hospital, [halfway across town where the docs were prepped to finish the job on the operating table].
    4) Instead, the SS driver said, BS! GWU hospital is right around the corner and that's where he drove to a "friendly" hospital staff - who found the bullet wound and the bullet, lodged close to Reagan's heart.

    Now, given the consistent incompetence and corruption of the SS, Trump had his own security guys surround him while the SS could go through the motions at a distance. BTW, Trump survived four [4] assassination attempts; 1) one close in,
    2) another by sniper at Mar-al-Lago,
    3) a third with a skin penetrating poison [also used on Scalia] so a handshake would kill him - but he wears gloves now.
    4) The fourth was poison in the bottled water he would have drunk when he was giving his SOTU address.
    Videos showed Nancy and other pols calmly discussing how to respond when Trump fell over dead once he drank the poison; they were also showing each other [on cell phones] who had been compromised in a pedophilia set-up.
    Trump's security provided their own water, and later forced several perps to drink the poisoned water.

    The key to surviving as POTUS is to have your own security detail.

    It's all on video; Tom Fitton requested from C-Span.

    The pols all thought they had this in the bag, but Trump was always a few steps ahead of them.