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Thursday, August 26, 2021

My Take

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
OK: Couple of things here.  First and foremost, may Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. name go down in history as one of the most incompetent, retarded, incapable, fucktarded, moronic and certifiably insane chief executives to have ever darkened the Oval Orifice. 
May the fleas of ten thousand camels infest his nether regions until madness overwhelms him, and may the haunted screams of the dead torment him from now, til the day he dies, and goes to Hell, straight to Hell, do not pass 'Go', do not collect 10% for the 'Big Guy' and may Satan piss in his eyes for all eternity.  May his name forever be used as a curse, much as Vidkun Quisling is forevermore associated with 'traitor'... Let the name 'Biden' be used instead of 'Moron' or 'Retarded' from now on... Cursed be he, and all who spawned from him, evermore.

Whew... so, now that that is out of the way.  I want to congratulate the Democratic Party for doing exactly what they do best, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.  Great job you assholes.  May all and sundry who voated for that sewage-filled-skullfucked asshole be as cursed as he is as well.  Know well this:
I think that's another one of my better memes.  That and Angry Cop... man that one made me LOLz doing it... dunno if he reads this, but man, hope he ain't too offended...  Feel free to steal/copy/repoast
'Cos I know in the "Great Memewars of the Early 21st Century"?
My shit is Dank and "Shitlord Level: Epic."

So, to cases.
In this particular one, I am finding it 
...that ISIS, now with a "K" added on (Special K... ISIS Flavored rice-cereal?  Who knew?) ISIS-K (for Khorosan) is back after somehow, somewhere being driven off by Trump and Company... or should I say Trump drove "The Company" off, i.e. Cocksuckers In Action or the C.I.A. for those who just don't get it, but Trump essentially buried Barry's Bois. 

For anyone who was paying attention, ISIS was pretty much a C.I.A. bought-and-paid for "Rent-A-Terror" group that we used to keep shit completely and utterly destabilized in the Middle East.  Now that Trump is gone, and Bidet... er... Biden or "Slo"... Grandpa Stinkfinger, The Kidsniffer Pursuivant... or as some have taken to calling him "Obamamessiah Term Three: The Return of the Jig", whelp, ain't it interesting that a group, that Trump had cut ALL funding to, and had smashed to pulp at every turn, and pretty much annihilated on all front, that they -just so happen- to be the guys who take credit for blowing the fuck up our troops and a shitton of Afghans at Kabul the other day?
You smell that? Yeah... so do I
I smell Neocons
They reek of failed policy, and DotMil contractor Kickbacks.

As we've all seen, without the F.B.I, there'd be no terrorism here in the Untied Statz, and man, overseas?  If it wasn't for (((Mossad))) and the C.I.A. there'd probably be no overseas terrorism either...  Funny how even the Tallybananas Kids were like "Hey! Wasn't us!" when that dood blew hisself all over the scenery along with all our guys...  For that fact, the guy was at the inner perimeter... which meant he made it there, where it seems currently, ain't no one was getting through and yet this motherfucker?  In like Flynn as the term used to go.  

I smell a Big, Fat Neocon Rat.
'Cos even the Kidsniffer Pursuivant is now again talking about 'going back in' and this time doing it right.  OK... so if now yer all about 'doing it right', just what in the ever living fuck have we been doing these lo! past 20 years asshole?

Inquiring fucking minds Joe... howzabout a hint there?
Yep.  C.I.A. backed terror cell does it's 'thing'... just enough to re-enrage Mom and Pop 'Murica and try to get us gung-ho for another round of the Afghan party.  Problem is?  We planned on being home from this particular party back in May... 

We've overstayed our welcome, and the Neocons and Joe just don't get it.
No matter how many we lose, it's on the Kidsniffer Pursuivant
No matter what happens, it's on him
No matter how it goes, it's on him

My opinion?
They are flying the Hoe straight back from The Nam... she was supposed to stop off and apparently shtupp Newsome in California or something, instead they're racing her home, prolly to brief her on how to take over when either Joe dies of a cerebral hemorrhage brought on by 'stress' or they finally 25th his ass... personally, I think they'll off him... good Martyr Material and allows them to use the "It's what Joe would have wanted" for the next 3 years of retarded spring legged action from the Hoe...

Any bets?

Telling one believes anything they say anymore
In that alone, they don't understand they've lost all legitimacy.
As this meme (not mine) said:
Got a hunch they also, in conjunction with today, when they've lost on ALL points, they're going to have to do something here stateside in order to regain their initiative.  'Cos right now?  they ain't got shytte Aye?  They're flailing and floundering, and that's when Leviathan is most dangerous.  Blind anger lashing out with no true thought?  Yeah, Black Swan/Flag event here in the Statz in 3...2...1...

So, keep your eyes open, and heads on a swivel.  
Avoid Crowds
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. As long as there are muzzies there will be muzzies terrorists seeking to kill kafir like us. But of course they are much more successful when the FBI, CIA etc. Provide them aid and assistance.

    Slow Joe will no be Martyred.....he will be a scapegoat. All the shitty criminal acts the left has engaged in since infesting the White House will be blamed on him. The only real question is will Kamala be offed before she can name a new VP thus allowing Peloser to become POTUS....which is REALLY what she wants.

  2. BC I do not know anything about how the military operates. I am just a 56 year old Granny behind enemy lines in left coast blue state. What I do know is my blue state made all the necessary changes to our welfare eligibility system to process as many afghan refugees as smooth as possible months ago. We don't normally make system changes to process a few hundred cases, only thousands. This was not a stupid mistake by this administration. They did this on purpose. They will use this to het rid of Joe and replace him with the ho AND import as many afghan into the United States as possible. And they are not vetting them in hopes of the Taliban and ISIS making it into our country. They are our replacements. Until, they are no longer needed.

  3. Going back in and doing it right......

    "Nuke it from orbit. It's the only way to be sure"

    President Elect B Woodman

  4. I saw the news about the Whore of Babylon flying home in a hurry. I think Joe is about to go.

  5. They'll off Slow Joe, death by 'natural causes' because opening up the 25th Amendment will put that in play for every following president. Of which the Dems think they have complete control of.

    25th Joe's addled ass, replace him with the Ho, the Ho's unfitness will make her eligible for the 25th, replace her with Pelosi and that gin-swilling hag will be 25thed, and so on, and so forth, until the only one available is some dude with the first name of Damien.

    So, natural causes. Like a pillow, over his face, in the middle of his sleep cycle, oh, say around 3pm....

    1. snuffed or 25th'ed, kamelface will nominate hillary or mitch'elle. hillary has already been in contact w/ the wold leaders that joe should have told about the pull out. whichever one kamelface picks will replace her when pelosi "leaks" evidence of wrongdoing to the "press", who will then nominate pelosi and then have an unfortunate plane crash. at least that's what the geocasting tells me.

  6. so that fucking nigger that murdered Ashli Babbit thinks hes a fucking. Fucking niggers.

  7. They will sprinkle some coagulants on his scrambled eggs and he will clot out by suppertime.

  8. "all and sundry who voated for that sewage-filled-skullfucked asshole". You forget nobody voted him in. My friend got a good laugh at buffalo man's expense. He got to escort him on con air.

  9. I think there will be Another 9-11 Scale or greater attack before the end of 2021. Either a false flag or Muzzies. When this happens Old Slo Joe will Vapor lock and kill off the few remaining Brain cells he has left. Then the Ho and Gin Hag will take over.

  10. I'm kind of surprised Harris made it out of Vietnam alive. Much easier to take care of that kind of business overseas.

  11. It's like a Game of Thrones episode, I tells ya