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Thursday, August 5, 2021

My Take: When to Shoot The Colonels

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Pete over at WRSA has repoasted one from -wow- 11 years ago... It's a mental exercise of "what happens with the DotMil in a full on shit hitting the fan" situation, primarily vis-a-vis gun confiscation.  Lots of links, lots of articles, lots of commentary.
There's some interesting viewpoints here n' there
Problem is, to me?  All of them are pretty much rendered moot at this particular juncture.  Roll with me.  Now, a big part of said articles linked in there, one by Tom Baugh, who according to his bio is a former Marine who went to the Naval Academy and became an occifer.  Now, his POV is in the 'usual framework'.  Meaning not in the dirt so to speak.

Mike Vanderboegh (R.I.P.) from Sipsey Street Irregulars did a breakdown as well.  Now, don't know a -lot- about him, but most of his perspective seems to be relatively spot on.  For the times.  Meaning almost 11 years ago, and my, how things have oh-so-radically changed.

To the point that Sipsey had the 'guns spiked' on September of 2016.  Not sure what the issue was, but 'Dutchman6', I believe Mike's son who'd taken over when Mike died in August of 2016.  He'd been pretty prolific in his poasts up til September and then left a cryptic message: "A couple of days ago, I received some news that ended up shaking me to my very core. After a great deal of consideration, I have decided to close the doors of the Sipsey Street Irregulars. Effective immediately, this blog not be updated or monitored."  Just what in the hell came down as a message that caused someone to bolt from the Blogosphere?  Very odd.  Especially since that particular blog was wide open with the who/where/when so doxxing wasn't an issue...  would love to find out what happened there... anywho... point is SSR went buh-bye.  Hell the whole III% movement, outside of the beliefs in the concept?  Deader n' Kelsey's Nuts IMO.

But back to the particulars.
Now, the DotMil.  My take?
Whatever happens, it's going to be regional.  Meaning that depending on the who/how/when/where orders that get issued, well, initially, those orders, no matter how fucked up they may be, they're going to be followed to a "T".  Case in point?  All the insane deployments of the Guard to DC for a non-existential threat.  They'll need -another- black flag/black swan event... it's almost like the script is written, we just haven't been given a copy as of yet.  It'll be something mind-bendingly bad.  Think 'lots of dead' and then the inevitable blame game of 'eeeee-vil whypeepo' and/or 'eeeee-vil black rifles'.  Both would be better.  A whypeepo superpreemiecyst shooting up a magic dirt/colored preschool.  Now THAT is something that'd rile up and rev the engines of stupid.

Problem is, after the initial onslaught, they'll need to keep up the momentum.  And in this day and age, well, they can by the judicious use of the Ministry of Propaganda organs that've been so successful so far, BUT... what they really fail to get, is outside of their 'echo chamber' not many of the reg'lar folks out there believe in anything they say any longer.  Their collective credibility is shot right-the-fuck-through.  Not that they care or even acknowledge that... it's all in their point of view and what we allow them to get away with.  

Basically after whatever made-up-bullshit they pull to get the DotMil up and running, there's going to be a 'settling'.  A lot of people are going to start to realize that yeah, we can ignore you... you've ignored us for even longer, so now?  We don't mind, 'cos you don't matter.  Will there be areas of all hell breaking loose?  Shit yeah.  We've had that just in regular time with no major issues, 'cept in Dem run shitholes (I'm looking at Minneapolis, Portland and Seattle).  The DotMil?  Well, I can see a lot of the 'wannabe Operators' trying to do some seriously stupid shit.  It's baked into the cake so to speak.  Yeah, they'll go into a Dem-run shithole, do the door-to-door confiscation thing... might even get lucky and have some asshole with a III% flag or hat who resists and gets shot... always good optics for them... BUT  The backlash?  90% of the 'urban shitholes' that they'll feel comfortable in deploying to?  Whelp, it's mostly going to be poor blacks who are on the pointy end, which then opens up a whooooole 'nother ball o'wax regarding disarming poor blacks.

And you can gar-ron-damned-tee that the hood rats are going to declare 'open season' on the 'invaders'.  Which in itself is going to lead to all sorts of potentially elevated 'sportiness'.  Especially since they (the poor bastards on the 'mission') you and I know for certain that the Rules of Engagement are going to be so fucking retardedly restrictive that it'll be amazing if -anyone- can actively be shot for 'resisting', outside of beer bellied whypeepo in Confederate hats that is.  I fully expect them to have a shoot on sight order for 'those types' of people.  And if the worst-case scenario cuts loose nation-wide?  I could see the DotMil, at the base commander level leastways, pulling in... much like a snail going into the shell... 'conserve forces in an unclear constitutional crisis' is what they if they have half a brain will do... Bring in ALL the dependants... do a full recall, and lock the fuck down.  

No one in, no one out, deploy a HEAVY QRF and patrol the perimeter... 
Stay out of the way until the dust settles...
'Cos the US Army?  Self preservation will invariably kick in.  Both for the lives of the troops and the preservation of the institution of the Army, as well as the Constitution.  I mean I don't know... I'm just a fuckin' E-4 with a lot of experiences of varied and stupid things I've seen, participated in, and whatnot.  However, what's not been discussed ever (to my limited knowledge... anyone with more intel, please enlighten the class) is what does happen to the DotMil when the civilian chain of command becomes utterly and irretrievably broken?

I'm not sure.
There's -got- to be some RAND study regarding this.  Pretty obvious that they have to have something in place... especially back in the day when it was a strong possibility that Ivan would turn DC and all the shitheads there into component atoms (too bad they didn't Aye?)  The COG or Continuity of Government is the cornerstone of having the DotGov survive -whatever- is thrown it's way.  The problem here however is what happens when and if the legitimacy of the DotGov is in complete question?  

That is the million ruble question.

We can go around alllllll day long singing the praises or maligning the current superWoke DotMil, but the question remains is that IF the DotGov is supposed to be empowered by the consent of the Governed and that consent is completely and utterly revoked to the point of a Civil War being unleashed, then just where does the DotMil enumerate it's powers from?  Is it the civilian DotGov, who in this theoretical case has been told to "get fucked, die in a fire, go fuck yourselves LOLZ" by the people themselves, thereby revoking the 'will of the people', making them illegitimated, no matter how hard they scream otherwise, ergo, can it be said too then, that the very revocation of consent to be governed should ultimately mean that the DotMil -needs to stand the fuck down-, as the People have revoked the power that is supposed to be given freely to the DotGov, and therefore the DotMil has the mandate to ensure the safety of the People of the Republic, and not be a regime protection arm.

Period Fucking Dot.

The DotMil is not a Praetorian Guard
Gin Hag Pelosi seems to have forgotten her basic civics lessons.
What say you?
So, on that note, we got word that Father-in-law's Dog, Guido, (10 year old English Lab) is having medical issues, so I'ma gonna possibly be out of pocket.  I have a very bad feeling about this.  As in bad-bad.  And if Gui takes a run over the Rainbow Bridge tonight (hopefully not) then man, I'm not happy, as DIL, well, the experience I had with Dr DeadDad was that Bomber, HIS faithful dog that I had given him (look to the old archive on the blog poasts about it: ), MY Dr Dad didn't last 6 months without Bomb-bomb around b/c their bond was so strong, as it is with DIL.  Gui goes and maaaaaaaaaaaan this's gonna purely suck.

More Later if I can, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Red Mike Vanderboegh was a ZOGbot militia general.

    Red Mike Vanderbogus was a long-time ZOG agent provacateur who would fight with back in the 1990s with the rural Christian Identity / Klan militias as opposed to the big-city suburban whigger militias after Waco and Oklahoma City bombing. By the late 1990s the rural and small town organic survivalists stopped calling themselves "militia" and the suburban militias were infiltrated by such as Red Mike and the professional paytriot. By tjhe time Y2Kaos was bust there was no real militia movement left, so Red Mike continued to yap about the "III Percent" who fought in the AmurriKwan Rabbleution and retired from his job in the warehouse, got colon cancer and croaked off.
    I used to run two militias in southwestern Missouri and the leadership was all Christian Identity. Me and Red Mike used to fight it out in 1995-1997 in which I agreed that Timothy McVeigh was a fellow ZOGbot with Red Mike.
    Red Mike ran his own militia -- The First Alabama Cavalry Regiment which I called "Red Mike's Bolshevik Gang of Four or Five Horseless Mattoids." I also pointed out to Red Mike and others that they's precious CONstipation did away with the local militias and put it in the paws of the state governments, so his idiot gang was no more "Constitutional" than either of my gangs of Klansmen and Christian Identity.

    His spawn got out of the Army in Afghanistan and found out that Red Mike was a ZOGbot and pulled the plug on the ZOGblog.

    No the Mighty Evil Empire isn't doing too good. When the Collapse cums it can't be too soon.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

    1. As a Christian, I tell you that "Christian Identity" is not Christian, but is from the pit of hell.


    2. All a [babtised] "Christian jew" is is a "wet jew" spawn of Satan & Moar About Red Mike Vanderboegh.

      With a name like "Dov Sar" you sound like a jewboy. The Russians have enough sense to realize that a babtised jew is nothing other than just a wet jew and thus their name for you so-called "christian jews."

      British Israelism / Covenant Christian Identity is the belief that Northern and Wastern Europeans are the "lost" 13 tribes of Ancient Israel. Dual-Seedline Christian Identity says that there are Two-Seedlines, one of Adamic Man created circa 5500 BC after the Sixth Day Beasts of the Field without souls, and Satan's Spawn from Satan's seduction of Eve leading to Cain the first jew. Thus you jews are literally the Spawn of Satan born evil and doomed to the Lake of Fire.

      Enough theology. The vast majority of Missouri militias were small under 20 members and you couldn't get into them unless you were family and friends. Then after Waco a bunch of suburban whiggers wanted to play militia and initially were friendly until after the false-flag Oklahoma City Bombing by MK-Ultra subject Timothy McVeigh who used to hang around federal informant nest in Elohim City. These suburban militias got to buying $120 SKS's for Troost Avenue Kansas City negroes and inviting the FBI to give "their side" of Waco and whining that my Southwestern Missouri militias were "racist" which they were but acceptable from 1993-1996 or so.

      By the summer of 1999 these suburban whigger militias in Missouri and Michigan were whining to the FBI about all the "racist" Klan / Christian Identity militias and militiamen that they had allegedly kicked out. Rather most of these survival groups either stayed underground or went back whence they came.

      Red Mike Vanderboegh and myself always used to fight between his pretend ZOG militia and my disbanded militia. I eventually researched that "There Ain't No Such Thang As A CONstitutional Militia" and asked Red Mike when exactly the Governor of Alabama authorized Red Mike's Bolshevik Gang of Four or Five Horseless Mattoids / First Alabama CONstipational Cavalry.

      Red Mike and I got into it during the Timothy McVeigh shoah-trial:

      I also got into it with "Cliar the jewkal Wolf" who is from the left-coast cities but doesn't want to live amongst her own kind and a number of other professed paytriots. She got all huffy on me and demanded that the militia hangers on take a side -- even going so far to demand that people don't read my on-line free Militia Newsletter and rather pay $10 per issue for the Special Forces "Resister" just in time for Sgt. Barry to in the next issue "The Special Forces Resistor Goes Tribal" and print about how one of the perks of occupying Haiti was in screwing the negresses who wanted mulatto offspring and shooting Haitian bucks.

      Claire "the jewkal" misnomered Wolfe is probably a jewess herself living amongst the ZOGling whigger ass-clowns playing LibberToon. Such a phony and fraud.

      But eventually as I look at it, the (bowel) Movement is nothing but ZOGbots leading ZOGtards into perdition.

      And no, what does it matter whether what I view as just another Spawn of Satan thinks of the Aryan Nations? None of us bother to do anything other than to stay home while the Mighty Evil ZOG/Babylonian Empire Collapses.

      The reason I showed up was that Red Mike Vanderbogus and his ZOGtarded Militia Corps(e) was mentioned in this blog post and the author of this blog was wondering why Red Mike's spawn spiked the Sipsy Street Irregular bowels-blog and it was because Red Mike's spawn found out that daddy was a ZOGbot twat of long standing and he pulled the plug.

      Hail Victory !!!

      Pastor Martin Lindstedt
      Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

  2. I work at HRC in Fort Knox. Currently I think in a major constitutional crisis 1/3 would go home, 1/3 would hunker down waiting for the winner to emerge, and 1/3 would do whatever they're ordered, especially if it is eliminate structural racism. There have been a lot of 'diversity hires' in the past decade. And remember that all officers colonel and above are both ego driven and politicians nowadays. If they weren't they wouldn't have made the rank. And also remember that the army relies on large numbers of civilian and contract workers to get anything done.

  3. I would give a decent chunk of money to know what is what that M was alluding to. For that matter the same goes for all the cryptic messages from like minded folks. After the lives some of these people live you'd think they'd be shouting it from the rooftops.

    I agree with ya on the local matters. Will depend a lot on whether a group follows a local government or governor or if some stepper decides to self impose martial law in their AO.

  4. When the Army gets involved, I see it as in cities that are NOT run by the Dems. Wouldn't look good when the gang-bangers put a whipping on grunts. I think instead that they will go for conservative strong holds, since we've shown them we are toothless. When someone with testicular fortitude resists, then grunts will be praised for rolling over the consies however they want to. Conservative territories is where the fight will be. It supports the .gov narrative. Beers and back-slaps for the grunts, medals and promotions for the sniveling officers.
    Just my two cents....

  5. some random thoughts.

    Though the situation is dire, "the military" isnt going to act as a unified force.

    Some of the services are more subverted than others, from most yo least, navy, air force, army marines.

    I live in the rocky mountains so the navy i dont have to worry about.

    Sending the national guard to dc to sit around is going to be different than sending them to chicago (where the pavement apes will have reduced rulls of engagment if you will) which is different than sending them to sandpoint, idaho. Each scenario has its own pitfalls.

    The Niggers, excuse me, Sec of Def's, order to mandate vacccinations will be an accellerant to whatever is going to happen.

    To riff off what Mr. Country said at the beggining, it will be regional. Efficacy will be regional. How well order will be followed will be regional. Going in to San Fansisco shooting faggots would be fun. Going in to Amarillo Texas wouldnt.

    IMHO, the biggest take away is that we are even having this discussion.

    And for the brave souls that reject jab and get kicked out or sent to Leavenworth for refusing the jab, Ill say a prayer.

    .....that the very revocation of consent to be governed should ultimately mean that the DotMil -needs to stand the fuck down-....

    Agreed. and very well said. I think most of us White .mil and veterans think this way.

  6. BC,
    I am sorry about you father-in-law's dog. I hope the dog's passing doesn't speed up the DIL (as you called him). My own old girl is coming to the end, and it will be hard on me, so I understand.
    Be strong for your wife.

  7. "The DotMil is not a Praetorian Guard". Why do you think they're purging the services? To CREATE their Praetorian Guard. Which may or may not work out for them, but I believe that's their plan.

  8. you are entirely MISSING one thing- the People's Liberation Army AKA UN "peace keepers" is china joe's "trump card"

    that corrupt child molesting old traitor is fused with the commie reds- till death do they part

    fellas, we're ALL going to be fighting the blue helmets and international mercs- who most likely, will be wearing U.S. uniforms

    this is what tfA-t sees

  9. BC, I will pray for Guido the Labrador. I have a Lab, and know of the strong bond with dogs.

  10. I don't have enough context here to speak authoritatively but the other factor is that there are millions of vets out in the hinterlands who have combat experience versus the leftover new woke troops that will "miss out" on Iraq and Afghanistan. It seems like the recently retired are demographically and politically very different from what is left.

  11. Since BHO their has been a real effort to social experiment and destroy or military culture.

    The upper echelon was corrupt as dysfunctional as any .gov organization, but tradition, loyalty, and winning trumped all of that. From what I have heard - that is changing big time.

  12. what happens vis a vi no civil leadership? well our orders were to find something communist and shoot it. s to what happened in d/c? well SEVERAL o6's balked at pelosi orders and one nearly got into a gunfight with d/c popo over it. there's still some investigations going on over it, and the matter of a quarter million missing rounds is yet to be resolved. and there's still some good men in high places, not many but some..... i also agree w/ anon above that blue helmets will be called in when the army/natty guard wavers. happy times for me, if i'm still alive by then to join the helmet hunt. lord i hope so. its coming soon , real soon. hope yawl are stacking the food to the ceiling folks.

    1. they're getting ready...

      everything tfA-t has foretold is happening in realtime

  13. We all know that it's the NCO's who make things happen and gets things done.
    IMHO...the vast majority of them won't go along with the commie coup.
    I would bet, most have seen this coming and have "networked" with like minded
    individuals and "prepped" for the times in which we see. Whether they've mustered
    out or they're still in...said "network" remains. Another poster, above, mentions
    "regional" actions. I would agree with that observation, as missions are tasked
    by importance and need. Case in point, "Shoot the closest enemy first."
    Anyway, we're all in for the ride of our lives. Many will get OTJT but it will be
    one's heart, passion for righteousness, and quality decision making which will
    guide us through to victory. So all you vets, we're counting on you to steer
    the wheel of this ship, this ship of rag tag Patriots, to victory over our oppressors.
    liberty tree M-F 5,6, & 8 pm

    1. most NCOs aren't worth squat. fucking losers who can't make it in the real world.

      NO. it's the ENLISTED MAN " who make things happen and gets things done."

      ewe have FAILED at this station and have received a NO GO.

      ewe will NOT get a re-test. thanks for playing

  14. I seem to recall reading some comments somewhere recently (in the last month or so) that NG units were being activated and sent to other states in the near future. Sort of like what the Chinese did at Tiananmen Square. I.E. ship in units from a different region to mow down the locals.
    Don't know if it's true, but I did find it interesting.


  15. Things are getting spooky. My company is also thinking about mandating the vax, fascists, I say, but maybe I'll play along until there is stronger unity in opposing the tyranny. Besides, my high school alma mater doesn't have such a kool name like, wolverine's!!! And i may not make it long with such a wimpy name...