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"If you're going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it, or else you're going to be locked up." Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

More Strange Things

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
"Casual Observations" Time... more of a -personal nature- than anything else.
'Cos Affy?  Beat like a drum.  I'm done with it.  Nope.  Tis the 'other' weird stuff going down.  Now, a waaays back, I quit Fecesbook, and was better for it.  Only way I was able to quit was that I figured out how to download alllll my pictures on there, and save 'em in a file.  Hell, that was like the only reason I hadn't deleted my account was the long term pictures from the ghosts of cameras, computers and hard-drives of mission past.

Most of them didn't survive.

Negatives sure as hell are hard as hell to get developed.  Found me some recently that I'm scanning in as we speak.  Taking a bit as they're from 1996!  OMG Old... can't wait to get them done, (man I was thin and young once... what a head spin on that...)  More on what's up with fecesbook in a minute...

So, besides the ramblings... Told y'all about my dreams the past few days.  They ain't changing.  Pretty much a 'get ready, something wicked this way comes...' kind of 'itch' in my brain.  Now, for the doubters out there, let me explain something here... 

MANY instances where I got a 'itch' or a 'bug up my ass' as Lil Country would call it, or as Middle would say, "Big done got a hair a'crost his ass agin!" and give me shit about it, but my track record speaks for itself.  2004, went to work 15 minutes early, dodged the mortar shell with my name on it.  Showed up a hour early but was still too late to get on Major Duckworth's Blackhawk, which subsequently got shot down.  Rolled down Route Irish on September 11th of 2011 to the airport, and -somehow- didn't get blowed the fuck up by the 14 I.E.D.s that were planted directly on the stretch of road I had just driven down.

So yeah, I've learned to listen real hard to the voice that sez "Hey dood!" and metaphorically pokes me in my soft spot in my nugget labeled "Paranoia".  It's kept and served me in good staid so far.  Even Wifey and Sapper are on Board with my weird predictive/lucky as shit abilities.

Now, reason I'm a bit on the weird side right now?  Well, besides the 3 alarm (it ain't a 5 yet) ringing in my nugget, Last night?  Well my original fecesbook was deleted, and about 4 months later, to stay 'networked' with 'my guys and gals' in from the DotMil, I created a new one.  I hardly ever poast on it, mostly so's I have PM comms to them to exchange info and email addys.  And besides that I have the speed dial set up with some folks who're on the 'list of fuckers I want/need on my side in a Mad Max scenario'.  Seems I'm not the only one with these 'feelings'/'hunches'

No shit, 3 people yesterday... The Colonel, one of my Rakkasan Bros from 2nd Platoon, and then ANOTHER Rakk from MY platoon, all reaching out, one by phone PM, the other from FB IM.  ALL asking how I'm holding up, what my 'feeling' was about shit right now, and yeah they know about my abilities as well... my hunches were well known ack in the day... and 3 separate messages essentially saying "Hey, IF shit gets real, you're welcome to bug out here!  Bring ammo and all your shit!"
Then today, I get a call from Ranger Jay who's been off the radar for a few months (his ole lady ain't a fan of me and Wifey) and then, a chick I used to date back at Campbell from back in the day who I've kept in close contact with...female medic.  Was always 'part of the doomer crew' as we jokingly called ourselves back then... now it's not so funny.
Double Damn...

Sometimes the Memes, they write themselves
And yeah.. not sure how to do this sort of thing... lots of moving parts, lots of stuff pulling in multiple directions.  Not sure but something is going to happen
Something that's going to require a major team effort
Not sure.
But motherfuckers are coming out of the woodwork like a crazy...
That's about as good as I'm gonna get.
So I'll run with it.  If blogging gets light, it's 'cos I'm busy as fuck instead of fiddle fucking around here.  Should be able to keep up with a poast-a-day as I have been, unless comms go screwy.  Watch your six evvabody...
"Big Duke Six, this is Dove One-Three,  ...Get your people back and heads down.
This is gonna be a big one."
Methinks Aye?
What say you?
Hope I'm way the fuck off base
But prior history has shown otherwise
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. I have never believed in psychic abilities. Instead, I prefer to think of it as that part of our hindbrain that enabled my ancestors to survive when being hunted. Somehow, a primitive part of our mind takes note of things that the conscious part of our mind ignores, and then warns us that bad stuff is coming.

    When I was a firefighter, some situations would scream at me that there was something wrong. I learned to listen to it. Millions of years of evolution can't be wrong. When the brain says wait, I wait. When it says run, I run.

    For me, it's been over a year that this part of my brain has been warning me. It has been more and more insistent for the past few months. It almost feels surreal, like I know there is a hurricane coming, but why is the weather so sunny? Why aren't my neighbors preparing? Bad stuff is coming. I have a post coming in the morning about it.

    1. Well, DM, I'm on both sides of the fence... growing up in an extremely superstitious Irish family, (DeadDa and his side) and some of the weirdershit I've seen/experienced (read my Charlie Mike Comix cover story Oct 2020 for a IRL ghost story) But I do agree... milllllyunz of years of evolution? We may have some predatory instincts, developed over millenia, but our bodies? Omnivore, and not-so-tough compared to like mother nature's killing machines like Sabre Toofuses and such...Our BRAIN put us on the top of the food chain sorta-kinda, (and opposable thumbs paired with)

    2. I call it my lizard brain; designed for survival, it is. Started poking me back in 2015, but lately it's been pretty damn insistent. Just following orders and hoping millions of years of evolution ain't wrong. Head down, but eyes open. Stacking and loading.....

    3. Perhaps it's more that there ARE signs - they are just very subtle. If the signs were of something you had a lot of experience in (enemy in the bush, people moving in a suspicious way, slight sounds that might indicate a kinetic event is near), you would be able to respond quickly.
      But, these are not the usual things. You just see some patterns, can't put your finger on just what is bothering you, and feel uneasy.
      Women do it all the time. You call t intuition.
      For women, it's what keeps them alive and in one peace. We cannot rely on brute strength, nor our superior size to wrangle our way out of danger. So, it's even more important to listen to the back part of the brain whispering "Warning!"

  2. What happened with the job? Was it a scam?
    Be safe
    BTW, did you see HAMBRO on wirecutter’s site today?

  3. Sorry HAMBO
    Looks like some the national guard they had in Washington

  4. "Chewy, I got a bad feeling about this"

  5. These days you don't need any special aptitude to see that the feces is in the air and rapidly approaching the oscillating atmospheric circulator. Even Stevie Wonder can SEE that. And when it hits the splatter is going to be EPIC.

  6. Sure seems like all the puzzle pieces are in place and the feds are operating with a nothing out of bounds attitude.

  7. I'm with you on the weirds. Lately, when driving the back country roads, especially on the days where the smoke from distant wildfires is thick, and the sun is tryin to burn through it at a thousand degrees, I get a sinking feeling in my chest and it's almost as though I'm looking at the same place but in the not too distant future, and that smoke isn't coming from wildfires but from some shit going down right close. Dunno. Could also be imagining things cuz I'm expecting bad things in the near future.

  8. Wife and I have come to listen to our inner voices. Some days, we just don't go out. Other days, well, when the inner voice says 'do this' (like go get a dog, NOW!) we follow the inner voices.

    Wife disregarded one inner voice and managed to crack the engine block of her motorcycle through her leg. She survived, but...

    Years later, severe brain bleed.

    Years later, severe abdominal infection.

    All on the same day number of a month.

    We avoid that day anymore as much as possible. And listen to the car crashes, the power outages, the po-po chopper floating over our neighborhood all damned day long.

    Inner voices are good to listen to. Like the one saying "Don't go there" or "Don't walk there" or "Avoid the crazy lady at X location."

    Stay safe and keep alive. We need people like you.

  9. Up your game on disinfecting. It will be the small miscues that will get you sick.

    Remember Red October. Crazy Ivan wasn't so crazy.

    Good Luck.

  10. My wife has a similar "gift" at times. If she gets a strong feeling about something, I've learned to listen (learned the hard way). Trust the gut. It's usually right.

    Not counting on my wife to pick up on this mess though. She just turned 80 and has dementia. Still, if she does, I will listen. If not, I'm trusting my gut feelings.

  11. Oddly enough, I was inspired to make this quick video yesterday per a funny feeling of my own. Time is short, aye?

    I don't normally share my own shit, but after reading your post, I figured it was oddly appropriate symbol for what you're feeling (and I'm a little weirded out myself by the timing of the thing). Certainly the rats are all jumping ship... ear is to the ground and getting ready to jump myself if necessary. As for the prescient warnings, you can call it whatever you want... psychic powers, magic, the Force, whatever... but I don't think it's "luck", or at least not in the ordinary sense - that same kind of "...but for the Grace of God" shit happens to me, too. Pretty sure you're one of God's bastards, like myself. Not sure what He wants us for, to work so hard to keep us disagreeable assholes around, but I'm sticking around to find out. Keep listening to that voice, man. It'll keep you alive.

    Best to you, the fam and the cats... and good luck!

    US Flag on my mountaintop at night on the edge of a storm that rolled through this Friday past, accompanied by Civil War drum and fife music.

    PS: Apologies for the poor illumination, it gets goddamn DARK out in the boonies (we like it that way), and I didn't get to review or process the video until after I got back. Hrm, maybe get a solar spotlight for the flagpole-tree...

  12. You're not alone.

    My radar is pinging that something is very, very close. Like you, I hope I'm wrong.

  13. I hate posting anonymously, just don't have have the creativity for a handle. Anyhoot, I'm not going to ask for any Ham freq., but will there be any coms to look for and stay aware? Thanks.

  14. You want weird. A very senior politician in Britain basically called Biden a worthless lying cowardly piece of shit in Parliament and everyone in the government agreed. Also, NATO's dead. Same guy said game over. No one will trust a single word the US says now. As long as Bidens is Prez. US has no more allies. Biden lied to everyone. Shat on everyone. Fucked over everyone. So they are all outta here..

    It looks like Biden collapsed the US as the world power just like Gorbachev killed the Warsaw Pact. And the USSR. It took Gorby 4 years to kill his country. Only took Biden 7 months.