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Wednesday, August 11, 2021

DotMil Promotions and the Marines

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Yannow, there's just too much blog-fodder out there these days.
Couple of t'ings 'ere Mon...
First:  We'll cover the promotion thing.
Seems according to Stars and Stripes, the DotMilNav is going to start re-including promotion pictures in it's promotion packets.  Now, to those of you non-DotMil Civvies, that's interesting to say the least.  See.. the DotMilNav stopped using pictures in Promotion Packets a few back... theory being that it was rayyyyycist and sheeee-it that someone would see a black/Hispanic/oriental and use their Whypeepo Superpreemiecyst Powers to not get said up-for-promotion peepul promoted.  Now in the DotMilArm, it's called your "DA Photo"... Department of the Army Photo...
The example here is PV2 Benjamin Ravenue... he did NOT give permission FYI PTB IF he's even still in boots... I found it under a google image search of "DA Photo Examples"... so don't fucking crucify him because I used his picture... it's just an example

(And BTW: Interesting, his uniform, his regimental crests are my old unit 1-4 Infantry in Hohenfels Germany... they're also metal, which means he's in Bravo Company... 1-4 lost it's right (except Bravo) to wear the metal regimental crests when they ran from the field of battle and lost the guidon to the brits during the War of 1812 when they burned DC... 1-4 was the city's defense and broke and ran, so the -normal crests are fabric with the red-green-red on a fabric... Bravo Company died-in-place, so they're the ONLY part of 1-4 to get to wear the metal crests...VERY illuminating...)

So, to continue.  
From experience, you get a DA Pic ready when you start 'moving on up' in ranks, and it's supposed to be sort of a 'cover sheet' of you in uniform.  ALL The branches USED to do it, and apparently, because RAAAAYYYYYCISTS the DotMilNav quit doing it.  


Now?  According to the article, "The Navy could include service photos in promotion packages again after data suggested minorities are less likely to be selected blindly in some situations by promotion review boards, the service’s chief of personnel said Tuesday."

Huh... how about that?

I can tell you the reality of it.
You average racial minority... well.. to be completely honest with you, they tend to be somewhat worthless for the most part in the DotMil combat wise...  Case in point, in the Infantry, no shit, back during the pre-war Army of 1990 to 1999 when I was in, I could count on one fucking hand how many Black Infantrymen I knew... like that fucking few.  The blacks for the most part tended to go into non combat support roles which are, far and between are far less dangerous or demanding.  The black guys I did know?  Fucking gold man.  Guys I'd still take a a round for... all the rest?


Meaning that the logistics branches, Supply and whatnot?  Positively flooded.
Hell, I've talked about it here... the contracts I was on as a Whypeepo in logistics?  Overwhelmingly black run... "Being Down With the Brown" as we called it, what few whypeepo that were allowed to play.

And the Navy?  Well, lets just say that what I heard from this story is that when a black goes up for promotion, well, their records just couldn't or wouldn't stand up and above.  Meaning broken farm equipment tends to stay broken.  Soooooo re-add the pic, and now?  You'd better have a damned good reason  to deny Chief KuntaKinte for his promotion to Master Chief, despite the fact that he missed every. single. combat. deployment in the past 15 years, and he suffers from chronic bedwetting, and that he's been accused of 4 counts of inappropriate sexual behavior with subordinates...  You better promote his nigger ass or YOUR career is over.

By the way...
No joke... the above 'indiscretions'? I mentioned?
ALL of them applied to my immediate NCO, (E-6) a fucking whypeepo hating whygurl rapist black man who tried to accuse me of racism for pointing out his ass was worthless, except as a bayonnette dummy.

And they actually investigated me, until I provided ALL the evidence and witnesses.
No worries though... he positively loved his sugar in his coffee... I just made sure that the 'additive' was out of an 8-Ball, and then the remaining part of the eight ball was planted properly in his car...  then the call to CID took care of the rest.  He suicided shortly after being drummed out of the service for drug dealing/abuse of cocaine.

No regerts ever.
Fuck that guy.
So anyways...
Yeah, gotta give the Nogs their 'edge' to get promoted, 
As sure as fuck they can't stand on their abilities.

Then, Next Story:  The Marine Corps.
Much fun been made here, as hell, easy targets and a target rich environment.  However, in reality?  The Jarheads are some bad ass motherfuckers.  Crayon eaters for sure, but still, gotta love 'em.  They are OUR Marines after all.  That and the word slipping out that the current Commandant Marine Corps General David H. Berger, well, lets just say it appears that the Ghost of Chesty Puller, Lou Diamond, maybe even Gunnery Sgt. John Basilone possibly (if the reports are true) inhabited his ass to eat a new asshole out of an asshole name of Lloyd Austin, current broken farm equipment and Secretary of Defense...  Now Lloyd (man thats a faggy name ain't it?) he and the Commandant went round and round aboot the NotVax, with the Commandant essentially calling the SecDef a Traitor and a Fucking Worthless (no shit) Politico.  "Get Fucked, Die in a Fire, Thatisall"
Link HERE:

Now, as to legit?  Ooh... tough call.  All of the Magic 8 Balls I've consulted have said "Probably Happened."  Berger is a Marine's Marine.  Dude makes Mattis look like a fag.  This dude?  he's the real fucking deal.
That's how his ribbons work out...
Heavy on real awards and light on the "I'm a Gen'rul who didn't get the clap and sucked the right pee-pee" awards.  
Lots of "I was there when boolits were flying" ribbons
TBH, I think I met this guy as a contractor in Iraq.  He was the Regimental Combat Team Colonel in charge of "Fallujah 2: Hajji Boogaloo."  He kicked a lot of ass and stacked a shit-ton of haj carcii.
Tough call... back during those days I briefed and assisted a ton of senior folks... he was prolly one-of-many that I met...either way.  Cool as fuck.

So, IF and that's a IF that's a big 'un, then this's UUUGE.  Means that the DotMil is not necessarily 'all in' on the Biden Cabal.  Makes for interesting times Aye?
Greatest Marine cartoon ever.
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And lastly
Yeah... that'll do pig.
So, You read, you decide
Me?  Been a full day.  Two interviews with more to come.
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  1. BC, My Aunt and both my cousins were Marines. My Aunt was a sergeant (what E level I don't know) She refers to herself as a broad-assed Marine, but you'd better not call her that, she is still pretty tough at 89, My older cousin wanted to be an aviator, but hit 20/30 eyesight which disqualified after ROTC, so he took what he could (artillery at 29 stumps).Did his 6 and out, his younger brother, followed the same path (all at Purdue) and when told he couldn't be the pilot, decided to the the weapons officer. The Corp wants all of it's planes back, so the weapons officer has to also be trained to land on a carrier, so he became a full fledge Aviator. ran his own wing at Cherry Point, as technically a weapons officer. Retired as an O-6 Bird Colonel, and has been a government contractor since. Knowing my cousins (and Aunt), I think the cartoons are spot on, although my cousins are gentlemen from Michigan and Kentucky, have never eaten crayons that I saw, and drink only the finest Kentucky bourbon, they would only use the K-Bar when it was absolutely necessary/fun

  2. Your coffee story XD oh man I am looking forward to when the lesser races find out that without a jewish shield, tolerance is LONG gone.

  3. If you believe that dumbass Berger story, you are a gullible moron

    1. And you and YOUR sources please? The class would -love- to hear from such a elevated and highly intelligent sophisticate such as yourselves. Enlighten us

  4. my intel guy says the berger story is absolutely true. called him a traitor and biden a puppet president, lol. guess he's looking for a job today. to which austin said troops are govt property and have no rights. scotus has disagreed in the past.

  5. That post is on a parody website...

    I wish it were true, but alas is not..

    i know young marine in Oki now, and he will not take the kill shot, and most likely be discharged, hopefully not a DD...

  6. I did a couple weeks in Hohenfels and a couple more in Graf and Ingolstadt.
    97 days in a row at Graf. Back in the 70's. 12b10 Wildflecken. They didn't do pix back then and the negro's were even lazyer.

  7. SNAFU blog does not have a lot if love for the direction he is taking the Marines in.

  8. The Berger story was scrubbed from the site I picked it up from. Also, perused the RealRawNews site a bit. "Military tribunals setting up for Bill Gates". While I wish that would happen, I have my doubts.

  9. On the subject of Marines, our wise friend Aesop dropped this a bit ago. As his site does not allow annons to comment, I'd like to use this venue to say: Aesop, if I ever meet you in the after, I'm buyin' the beer. Ohio Guy

    1. Dr. Pepper. Lifetime designated driver. Nothing against alcohol, I just get more entertainment from other people drinking it. But I appreciate the thought.
      Sorry about no Anons; it wasn't always like that. But last year, as my page views climbed, so did the Troll Patrols. The trolls were out in force, and forcing sign-ins was the only way to herd them back under their bridges.

      BTW, re: Berger:
      If I'm reading that rack pic right, he has apparently been awarded six Combat Action Ribbons. (For Army guys, that would be a CIB with five stars on top.) And down there on the bottom left, that's a Good Conduct Ribbon. Gen. Berger is thus a mustang: former enlisted Marine. That's the only way generals get Good Conduct Ribbons in their racks. Pvt to General is one helluva pyramid, even in the Corps.

      And Marines don't at crayons. Except the purple ones. They taste like grape jelly.

  10. RealRawNews has the smell of a dezinformatsiya site about it. But as a way of burying ligit stories when needed. The complete opposite of the John Schindler operation for example. Which does straight dezinformatsiya when his TLA needs a media smokescreen for a story but the rest of the time is fairly ligit. A typical XX operation.

    A few hundred $ a year to host a badly written "satire" site is a bit much even for a vanity project. The site code is a bit too clean for a vanity project. But to build a high profile online reputation with "fact checkers" as a site that publishes fraudulent conspiracy theory stories would be very useful if you need to bury a legit story every now and then thats embarrassing to the party / regime.

    Mix the ligit story written in the same style as the other made up "satire" stories and get it into the search engines first and you will have successfully poisoned the well.

    Thats how the game has always been played. The dezinformatsiya game.

    1. NICE Analysis! Fantastic. My thanks!

    2. I knew there was something odd about RealRawNews that I had missed. So I went back and double checked. Whoever created the site put a lot of effort into making sure the content was picked up by search engines. Not your typical WordPress site. Even basic e-commerce or ad supported sites rarely do this.

      So RealRawNews looks like it is carefully designed to feed poisoned search results into Google and other search engines. Some of which eventually make their way to the "fact checkers". Looks like a pretty professional job by someone who knew what they were doing.

      Its a dezinformatsiya site.

  11. I think this is doesn't pass the smell test. Furthermore, as a former enlisted Marine, I can say the ribbon at the bottom left is NOT a Good Conduct appears to be the Marine Corps Recruiting Ribbon. As far as I know, officers do not get awarded that ribbon.

    1. Since he was enlisted, he could have served in a recruiting command for 36 months before getting a commission - so that would explain the ribbon; sometimes, such ribbons are awarded for less than the specified time.
      These days, it seems there's a ribbon for everything.
      I think the USAF now gives a medal and ribbon for knowing how to shoot a weapon - something the comms unit that got wiped out in Laos did not pass since they didn't know how to shoot their M-16s when NVA sappers attacked them.
      The SecDef even wanted to give a combat medal for drone pilots sitting in an A/C office outside Las Vegas with a computer and a joy stick.