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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Deep State War?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Man, the hit keep on coming and the weirdness... it's soooo rabbit hole at this point, there ain't no telling what or where the bottom is.  
Now, couple of things... I may go all over the place with this, as it's a flow-of-thought here that I'm going to try and analyze.   

The biggest and most confusing aspect of the whole fucking slo-motion debacle is the What The Fuck is going on? and Why?  

Couple of things -popping out- to me:
There's a serious disconnect between what's happening on the ground, versus what we're hearing here stateside.  Now some of MY sources have given me some updates, all the way until they managed to get the hell out of Dodge.  There appears two major Groups: Perps and Vics.  Under Perps, there seems to be three major 'players' in the whole fuckup, and then there's the Vics, which I break down into two groups.  I  think the best way to break this down is to name and shame the players as we go.

1) "Executive Branch"  This's Slo Xi Den and 'the team'... this includes the actual shot callers because Tater Joe ain't really 'in charge' except to fill his depends, and do stupid shit, which I'm also going to cover.  State is part of this cabal as well.  The enemedia/Ministry of Propaganda ALSO get grouped in here, as opposed to their own category, as they're providing extreme cover primarily for the Executive, so, they get grouped in here for now.

2) The Intel Kids:  These are the 'secret squirrel' guys and gals.  They've been responsible (ostensibly) for all the bad intel/good intel, but they seem to be the primary 'target' if you will in this entire battle.  By far, they ain't innocent, but they seem to be the primary target for sdestruction in this threed-way battle.

3) The DotMil.  This's the Joint Chiefs of Staff primarily, and all the troops and tools at their disposal.  Not for nothing, but you'll understand where I'm coming from as we flow with this.  They're guilty as fuck, just like AL the others under the Perp category

1) American Citizens, abandoned by well, shit.   Damned near everyone.  These are Contractors, NGO workers, Aid Workers, and folks who are "Blue Passport" holders.  The Blue passport is literally the blue covered passport issued to US Citizens.  According to my sources, there's potentially 6000 folks who got left behind.  The numbers are -countrywide- as a LOT of people seem to forget that there were people ALL over Affy, scattered to the four winds when everything went completely tits up.

2) Nominal and Actual US Allies.  Mostly Afghanis that have literally 'grown up' in Affy, supporting and working for the UD DotGov, DotMil and 'other' things... People don't realize that a LOT of people did the 'scut work' for the US and NATO forces, and all of them are now in extreme danger, as the Tallybananas kids consider ANYONE and EVERYONE who worked for the Great Satan to be a traitor and an apostate.  This means even Ali-the-Dishwasher in the DFAC is a dead man walking.  

Now, the issue:  I think, and this's MY OWN WORK, with bits and pieces I've gathered as we've gone over 'stuff' for the past few weeks/days, I THINK that there's a genuine behind the scenes war between the three major Perp Groups, hereby called PG for brevity now.  The PG is at war with each other, jockeying to be the Head Honchos when the smoke clears.  Because the Executive was actually 'installed illegitimately' (and this hypothesis is based on that, that Tater Joe was installed illegally) that there's a power vacuum, and nature and power-mad-motherfuckers abhor a vacuum.  Presuming the idea that the various 'powers behind the throne' have decided to go for 'all the marbles', they've gone to War with each other, and have been scoring 'points' against each other, without any consideration to the real-time impacts of said-action items they've done.  

First and foremost was State and Tater wanted to have a BIG photo-op on September 11th of this year.  -Someone- though that those optics would be great in leaving the country exactly 20 years after the initial war-starter.  Now, I got a hunch that behind the scenes the Intel Kids must have gone berserk, knowing full well that the Tallybananas kids would go bananas.  The IK have been the ones who helped broker the deal, and by altering the deal, they knew that an Honor Based Clan-Oriented group like the Tallybananas kids would completely flip their shit.  Leaks have now proven that to be absolutely dead on the money.  They (the IK) warned the EB that shit would cut loose, and they were rebuffed.  Other leaks have shown that the EB asked the DM kids if things would be manageable, and the DM said "Yeah, it'll be fine." 

Strike One against the DotMil AND the Executive side.

So, as things started to roll downhill, the Executive realized that they had a giant shit sammich on their hands, and ordered the DotMil to get out right then and there.  I think the idea was to get the DotMil out so as to NOT have casualties.  Bad optics, so get the troops clear, here and now.  A panicked uneducated choice, that led to the Bail-out/Bugout from Bagram.  Problem was, State figured that the Tallybananas kids would have the 'respect thing' going of an Embassy, and that things would be chill.  The Intel Kids seem to have been screaming at this point, and the Executive had the 'father knows best' attitude.  After all, State is made up of elite ivy-leaguers don't you know peasant?

Next thing you know, the word spreads:  The Tallybananas kids are coming, they're pissed off, and ain't fucking playing.  Panic then ensued at State, as they then realized the Capital was about to get overrun by a bunch of 13th Century Warrior-Ethos Religious Fanatics, and ordered the DotMil to get BACK into Kabul to 'assist with evacuations'.

Now, as alllll of this has been playing out, lotsa leaks.  Mostly from the Intel Kid side of the house, showing just how fucked up things have been on the Executive side.  Now, even the Ministry of Propaganda can't cover this shit up, so they go with the 'if it bleeds, it leads' and shows the lack of true leadershit that we have in the Offal Office at this point.  So, in turn, and I have zero proof of any of the following, this's all my own prognostication, based on what I've seen:

What happened then were a couple of extremely fucked up things.
State 'just happened' to 'accidentally' leave behind ALL the biometric and intel computers, databases and well, all of the IK toys and intel for the Tallybananas kids to snatch.  This was, as far as I'm concerned a willful stab in the back at the Intel Kids.

And in turn, The DotMil then actively blocked people from getting on base.  Primarily, from MY sources, it was the chickenshit 82nd Two Star who gave THAT particular order, but who the shot-caller was in DC?  More than likely Joint Chiefs level.  This was the DotMil 'getting' points against the Intel Kids by locking out the very people that the Intel Kids promised to keep safe.  It gets even uglier from there.  Word I got, was that the Marines at that one particular gate were actively ignoring the orders to NOT allow people on base.  When confronted, there were tense moments between the Army senior NCO/Officers, and the Marines, who pretty much did the right thing, and kept processing people in, despite orders to the contrary.

Now, the Intel Kids, and reminder zero proof, pure speculation and fiction BUT: I wouldn't put it past the Intel Kids to have sent out an asset to blow'd the gate up... payback to the DotMil for fucking them over... and those who think that they wouldn't do something as cold as that for political jockeying behind the scenes, remember, these are the same government agencies that have been actively doing dirty shit for 50 years against all of us.  For them to blow'd the fuck up a platoon of DotMil to advance/embarrass the DotMil, isn't that far a stretch.

And that was that.
The Chickenshit 2 Star was the last man out.  
Officially "Mission Completed"

Except it's not.

LOTS of people, countrywide left behind.
And the ultimate responsibility for ALL of this?
Apparently no one.
Not one motherfucker has been 'called on the carpet'
EXCEPT A light colonel from the Marine Corps LTC Stuart Scheller who demanded accountability from the Higher Chain of Command.  And for his efforts, they shitcanned his ass.  Relieved of command.  

Even worse?  He resigned, and he could no longer in good conscience serve under such leadershit.  But the worst is apparently the now-ongoing 'Sovietization" of this issue.  They've now ordered him to be "evaluated by mental health professionals to judge his competency"

THIS...this right here:  That's exactly what the former Soviet Union used to do... IF you had the audacity to stand up against the USSR DotMil/Gov/Pol, they declared you 'insane'... so what does this particular shitshow tell us?

Yep, full commie.  The DotMil has gone 'full commie' in the higher ranks
Never Go Full Commie

Now that it's over, I'd also say that the specious -they- whoever they are are STILL trying to provoke a violent response...  Leastways from the public-at-large....  Maybe wrong, maybe it's just 'Tater being Tater' but man, it's hard to believe that they AREN'T being provocative.  Tater checking his watch multiple times during the transfer ceremony?  The fact that when he met with the family members who were -willing- to sit down with him, (not many apparently) and him spending all his time reminiscing about his Good Son, you know the dead one?  Instead of talking to the newly grieving families about THEIR loss?  Yeah... Keeping it Classy there Tater....   Then... his casual scripted approach to the whole thing?  Man, Tell you what, them parental units got waaaay more self-control than I would have had. 

One sister of the fallen apparently screamed directly at Tater "I hope you burn in Hell!"

The very fact that they're broadcasting all of this tells me they either want to use this as prima facie reason to  25th his ass OR they're hoping that a good ole boy finally loses his shit and goes after the lot of them.

Dunno, but all of the above, to me tells me, from MY perspective mind you, that there's some serious knife-fighting going on behind the scenes.  Primarily because the guy in charge?  He ain't in charge.  In fact he's told us as much.  "I've been instructed..."  "I'm not supposed to..."  I mean wow.  Leadership?  WHAT leadership?  And what's the end game?   Right now, end result of the Bugout Boogie was to utterly and terminally damage the Intel Kids.  ALL of their assets that -didn't- get out are all, for the purposes of this, fucking dead.  The Executive Branch is floundering... and the DotMil?  No clue as to what their game is, as supposedly, this's a representative democracy, not a Junta...of course, maybe we need to modify that to a "Yet"
So we'll see.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. All of this, and now we found out that they left the military dogs at the fucking airport.

    We have become Australia, and not in a good way.

    1. Apparently not. The up-front claim is that NO mil dogs were left behind. The dogs seen in cages in news reports were apparently local "civilian" dogs being taken care of by a sort-of local Humane Society/dog rescue group.

    2. And they'd NEVER lie to us, would they.

  2. Sounds pretty plausible to me. I'm thinking the Intel boys aren't going to just let that shit slide either.
    There is going to be MUCH more fuckery going on. It's whether or not we hear about any of it that is the question.

  3. pretty fucked up. No rest for the weary.

  4. Sounds about right.

    But never underestimate the IK's when it comes to fucking people over. They play a long game. The FBI plot against Nixon by Sullivan and Felt by leaking all the Watergate info only got serious when the IK's decided they wanted Nixon out. Once the IK's decided, Nixon was dead man walking.

    Since Jan the IKs were running interference for the EB's happy to have Trump gone. But not anymore. They are doing most of the leaking against the EB's and other players. Biden is toast.

    As for the IK ops. The airport gate bomb does nt sound right. But the Hellfire into the interpreters car and killing the family, the supposed suicide bomber car, thats a classic IK op. Huge story outside the US, not much play by the MSM Ministry of Propaganda in the US. Embarrassed all the right people for the IK's.

    Now the real death match starts. The one that was put on hold in Jan. As the Swamp People duke it out like King Kong v Godzilla. With the US getting stomped like Tokyo as collateral damage.

  5. Leaving animals trapped in cages to starve or dehydrate to death is a sign of evil. Not just stupidity or incompetence. These people will gladly put you on the boxcars and laugh about it.

    1. And yet the average American lives in denial of who their owners are, all around me I hear fools still talking of voting themselves out of this, by voting the same criminals back in for another dose of this shit.
      We truly live among idiots.

    2. Sigh. I could not have said this any better. I do not worry about the Orcs and Orcettes with badges as much as I worry about the sheeple, normies, and cucks who will vote for more wealth confiscation and other anti-liberty trickery. God help us. Bleib ubrig.

    3. You forget nobody voted for these shit stains and nobody will vote for these shit stains next time either. George Carlin was correct. Those military aged males shipped over here will be put to good use by these sick mofo's.

    4. Talking with the wife this morning: She commented that her "better educated friends were avoiding the jab while those with poorer educations were flocking to the clinics for the latest vaxx. I suggested that while the 'plandemic' might be a bad thing for individuals it could turn out to be a good thing for humanity-in-general. I know I'm treading on slippery ground here, but God is still running this show and this might be His way of culling the herd.
      I'm not claiming to be overly intelligent but I've learned a few things in my 87 years and if an agent of our government were to tell me the sun would rise in the east tomorrow morning - I'd still watch the western sky over my shoulder.

  6. You notice that congress , mostly democrats, have not said a word about this shit. They gladly give away their jobs to try and look clean. The courts probably won't step in either.

    1. hell, a whopping 26 republicans demanded joe's resignation, out of how many? no honor among them.

    2. Congress did give away most of their job. That's why the EB is the fatass it is.

  7. Hopefully we see some politicos having heart attacks, maybe a few car accidents. If a member of the JCoS get thwacked in a "hunting accident". Shit like that, just watch. Langley is Minas Morgul to DC's Barad-dur. Still evil fucks, but in this case I would cheer them on.

  8. SFC Johnny US Army RetiredAugust 31, 2021 at 5:53 PM

    I am sick to my stomach! Serious things need to start happening!

  9. Quote the scum:

    “Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you,” Schumer told MSNBC's Rachel Maddow.

  10. The Patriots, Traditional Americans in this formerly great nation are in deep shit !

    The ENTIRE .fedgov cabal needs to be "removed". And that just for starters.

  11. The further we get into this year, the more fondly I look back at 2020.

  12. Just when I start to think I know what these assholes are up to, they do something outrageous again and remind me that I am only scratching the surface.

  13. "provoke a response?" nah, its pure arrogance, drunk with power, and too stupid to know when to quit. yes, a battle, maybe 4 ways. somebody completely different is running the pacific command, acting contrary to all edicts put out of d.c.... word is two super secret subs are missing in the south china sea. they ain't missing. shits about to get REAL real. got iodine?

  14. i call milley little bo peep. says yes sir yes sir three bags full to everything tater joe says. tater did what he does best, blame.

  15. It'll only get worse. Been practicing head shots at the pistol range.

  16. He came out of his psyche eval clean.

  17. The last time a POTUS effed over the intel gang this badly his initials were JFK, and we all know how that turned out.

  18. I get the sense there are 3, or more competing factions.

    ...I worry about the sheeple, normies, and cucks...

    Because when us guys finally decide to do something, these are the fucking cowards that will fret, suck some jewish cock, then stand in our way.

    Normies are too busy streaming netflix and acquiring chattels. The people Mark Dice will ask a question (like name just two the freedoms enshrined in the 1st amendement) and they will laugh at thier own ignorance. I want to ...ahem... process them first.

  19. Gotta tell ya, I very much like where you are coming from in your posts. I find they help me get my thoughts together on all the BS thats going down. I'm a Former Airborne Grunt, no genius here. It's your blog and you can do anything you want. I get it. But damn dude, reading your writing that sound like a defiant junior high schooler wrote it is tiresome. Just my opinion. That and a buck will get you one round of 5.56.