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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Burn Notice

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
"Send lawyers, guns and money..."
Just had an interesting day.  Thankfully the new job has started, and ALL my ducks are in a row, so when the Law showed up (politely) I'll give them that, I called my lawyer, (politely), closed the door and waited til he got here.

I'm clean as a preachers sheets
Dirty thoughts only
SO, if I'm poasting incredibly lightly it's per advice of counsel.

Seems mostly it was about that AR I mentioned a waaaays back, But they also has 'other' probing questions that I deferred to my mouthpiece.  Total time spent?  About 5 minutes once the ground rules were established...  

Otherwise... I feel wrung the fuck out.
The new job IS legit, it's just ALL fucked up with the hiring process... seems no one told HR that they were hiring a total now of 250 people.  In a week,  Like zero warning.  So they got caught flat-footed and shit like everything being literally back-asswards with me was the norm, rather than the exception.

BTW: Anyone I owe $$$ resend me the mailing addy, for either items not received or 'other'... The Computer that I had all that info on, for some reason the HDD first got hit with a bleachbit style virus?  I dunno?  And then the damnedest thing, a HUGE 240+/- volt shock went through it, essentially fusing it.  Burnt it up...  No recovery, so my a-polly-olly-geez for that.  The laptop was ok, as I had it outside the machine to run a diagnostic on it... damnedest thing Aye?
Smelled pretty bad too...

So, the news today?  Not sure.  Had me hands full.
So, because of that, give me a day or so to get me shytte back together.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. I hate when a hard drive gets fried that way.

    Is that the AR teciever that the cops confiscated and claimedthey didn't have irwas that the log book they lost? I forget.


  2. Too bad about your hard drive but lightning is a bitch in Florida ......

    BC. be careful because they SAY that it is about one thing but it REALLY could be some "glowy" person read your blog and is coming after you.
    If you need some dineros for the shyster, just let us all know.

  3. BC
    Love the song reference, I had excitable boy on an 8-track in the truck I drove to Alaska back in 1978.
    Played it until it stretched out.
    Sorry about your computer, it probably was a bigger surge than 240. Most computers are designed to be used in multiple countries, some of which have 240 in homes. I used to have a factory in Detroit, and we had 3-phase 240. One of my neighbors cut two of the three lines for the copper. Our power phased, with it coming in them grounding (that’s what my toolmaker told me, I am not an expert on electricity) Most of our devices got fried, but my HP printer was fine as it was designed to be used in multiple countries, with only a change to the power plug.
    Can any of you electricians please confirm or correct this?

  4. It would appear as though I was meant to be in VA when you posted that for sale, instead of driving up to get it. Peace Brother. As your legal team advised, keep your head low.

  5. Just probe to check the place out?

  6. Imagine enforcing, never mind even BELIEVING in, something as jewish as an "illegal weapon."

  7. Thats a nice hard drive you got there, be a shame if something happened to it.

  8. dam it, i had a feeling somebody was gonna try to stick it to you over some of your posts, "thought crimes" as it were. good luck bro. anything we can do to help, holla.

  9. From the CDC's own website, why would COVID prevention require CAMPS ?

  10. Damn3dest thing. I had three hard-drives from my old lappies, and they managed to walk to the burn pile and pour a mixture of aluminum dust and black ironoxide all over themselves. Where that magnesium ribbon came from?? Guess they'd been hanging out with some bad chips or something, but the whole show went bright as day for 10 minutes or so. Poor hard-drives.