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Tuesday, August 3, 2021


Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
File under "Endangered Species"
The Daily Fail has the details here:

Six times the national rate
'Normal' cop-suicide is 17 out of 100000
The Fail states: 
"The four Capitol officers' deaths represents a suicide rate of 0.06 - six times as many.
It leads to fears of the long-term psychological effects the riot might have had on them and questions of whether or not any other factors may have been at play." (bold/italics mine)

Any. Other. Factors.
Dunno... can't say, but is suuuuuuuure looks like moider to me.
Moider most foul
Look, I am -not- by any means a cop-cheerleader.  I tend to think of them as the enforcement arm of the New Elites, and too stupid to know that.  The majority of them -try- to do a good job, and -some- of them may have a moral center.  Far too many of them however ARE the 'lowest common denominator' who get off on being bullies and whatnot

In fact, unfortunately IF I'm right, it means these guys might have been those 'good guys with a badge' who didn't want to play whatever evil schemes that gin-soaked Hag in the House has going on, and unfortunately, they're casualties, just as the January 6th Show Trial Victims are soon to follow.

Hard to say, but man....
This many dead mo'fos?
Dere's -sumt'ing- not right 'ere mon.
More Later as we got to go get GranBebe
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Went to the Capitol Police website - Capitol Strategic Plan page 12. It says they have 1,879 sworn and 370 civilian employees. Of which 17% / 46% are female (none of the suicides were female) and 41% / 54% were ethnic minorities (3 of the 4 suicides probably identified as white - not sure on #3). Looked like all 4 suicides were sworn LEO. Running the numbers roughly 1096 sworn LEO are not minorities. If the male female split is consistent across ethnicity then ballpark 910 are non-ethnic males. If all 4 suicides count as non-ethnic male sworn LEOs then that’s a suicide rate of .44% in that population - in a very short time frame.

  2. hmmm, i wonder what THEY had on hillary....

  3. First rule of conspiracies is to eliminate conspirators and other useful idiots when they cease to be useful. These "suicides" most certainly represented a risk of talking and saying inconvenient things. Now they can't.

  4. And on another note, Grandpa Stinkfingers calls for Governor Nipples Cuomo to resign over sexual harassment. I wonder when Nipples Cuomo is going to call on Grandpa Stinkfingers to resign?