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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

The Chinese Intel

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
OK, so I get intel from a variety of locations and sources.  One of them works for a multinational that is owned lock stock and both barrels by China INC.  Now, since there really isn't any difference between public and private in China, ALL the giant multinationals out of the Land of Chin is really owned by the People's Republic of China, ergo, the CCP, i.e. the Chinese Communist Party, and thereby are also all part of the PLA, or People Liberation Army.
Everything in China is owned by the DotGov.
So, safe to say my source is working, albeit NOT in a 'senior-senior' position, but is high enough and considered a 'good' Gweilo.  Just as an aside: Gweilo, also Gwái-lóu, is a translation from Cantonese to mean White Western peepul.  Gwái is "Ghost and/or Devil" 'cos us whypeepo is white, and lóu is "Man" or "Guy"...  so they essentially call us them 'Whypeepo Debbil Folks' 

Anywhoo, my contact is a Mid-to-High level 'manager' of sorts, (not going to reveal the exact position, as I'm keeping things on the DL for them.), and has gotten some interesting data points. It seems that All employees above the director level are expats, 70% of employees are ethnic Chinese.  The rest 'local' nationals, i.e. the aforementioned Gwái-lóu.

 The 'ethnics' are citizens, but ethnically Chinese, so apparently the 'heart is in the homeland' so to speak.  Now, one of the BIGGEST bits'o intel is that the entirety of the in-country "Senior Level Staff", as well as all upper management was recalled to the homeland to get their shot(s) back home.

As in instead of going down to the Local 'Doc-in-the-Box' they, The Chinese that is, went allllll the way back to the Mainland.  Now this tells me a couple of things.
1) They either don't trust the shot being given out here in North 'Murica
2) They know that "our" shot doesn't work and/or is dangerous.
3) The fact that they don't send "their" shot here tells me ANOTHER data point:  They don't want our people inspecting and/or getting ahold of the 'real deal' that THEY are actually shooting their people with.  That in itself is potentially HUGE.

I mean from the pure economic standpoint, it's expensive to ship home all the 'bosses' to China just to get a shot, when they could easily crate up a couple of dozen vials or whatever number they -need- and ship them here.  Now, to those who say that they could have shipped them through the Embassy(s) so that no one could get a hold of them, well, that'd raise flags on the Intel Kids, and then questions might be asked...

However, either way, they sent the 'senior-senior' folks home to get the shot.  This AFTER pushing ALL the lower Gwái-lóu AND ethnic Chinese underlings to get the pfizer jab.  According to my source, the Joe Chinks went as far as to offer to pay for Uber rides/cabs to get people to and from the shot sites during work hours, on the company dime, and went as far as to send reminder emails for the 2nd shot.  While doing all of that, the Chinese themselves all waited until they went back to the Mainland to get -theirs-.

Now, my source also brought up a few other things, which as stated, they know the vax is tainted or they got a shot for something else coming down the pike. The real question is how far along are the Chinese on a virus that only kills non-Asians.  Now, for that, I haven't responded but I'll hit it now.

Recently I poasted a couple of new memes, one of which is this:
How disturbingly prophetic this may be?
BUT what it -is- though is a picture taken back in the mid-to-late 30's of a Japanese Chem-Bio Unit, aptly named "Unit 731".  Now, these fucking guys? Oh holy hell... These motherfuckers make Dr. Mengele and his bunch look like fucking choirboys. From wiki:, the short description: "Unit 731, short for Manshu Detachment 731 and also known as Kamo Detachment, and Ishii Unit, was a covert biological and chemical warfare research and development unit of the Imperial Japanese Army that undertook lethal human experimentation during the Second Sino-Japanese War of World War II. It was responsible for some of the most notorious war crimes carried out by Imperial Japan."

They operated out of Northeast China, and pretty much were the very definition of sick n'twisted. 
Reason they didn't all hang as they should of was they supposedly turned over ALL their shit the the US on the end of the war... and some of it, whelp... there have been....rumors...and suppositions and so many fucking lies you don't know what the truth is.  In fact, one of the bigger things I've noticed was the dearth or 'real-world' info on these guys.  Part of it was that the Japanese were BIG on genetic oriented weapons.  I mean it makes sense.  IF they were to build a plague-weapon based on the ethnicity of a people, it'd literally be a perfect weapon... 'dust' a city and it only kills Whypeepo/Blacks/Jews/Chinese but avoids killing the Sons of Nippon?  "Oh hell yeah!!" is what the Japanese High Command would have said... and since the end of the war, well ALL of that research has gone intentionally -missing-.

The Japs gave up (we think) all the their shit... supposedly.
The Chinese went in, after the war and went digging and rooting around... now the Japanese did their best to destroy any and all evidence, however, as anyone knows, there's always something that gets overlooked.  Either intentionally or by accident.  Who's to say the Chinese haven't been following in the Unit 731 footsteps so to speak?  If I were them I sure as hell would be... Lord knows even if it kills off 'ethnic Chinese', well, that's what they get for interbreeding with the barbarian Gwái-lóu.  Because fuck those guys.

Scary shytte Aye?
But it goes a bit of a ways in explaining the otherwise questionable moves of this particular company... and then it begs the question of how many other giant multinational Chinese owned-and-operated Conglomerates have done the same exact thing?

Inquiring Minds Want to Know Aye.
So, this one is a bit of a big one to 'chew on' so to speak.  Thoughts and comments welcome as always.  
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Deep State War?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Man, the hit keep on coming and the weirdness... it's soooo rabbit hole at this point, there ain't no telling what or where the bottom is.  
Now, couple of things... I may go all over the place with this, as it's a flow-of-thought here that I'm going to try and analyze.   

The biggest and most confusing aspect of the whole fucking slo-motion debacle is the What The Fuck is going on? and Why?  

Couple of things -popping out- to me:
There's a serious disconnect between what's happening on the ground, versus what we're hearing here stateside.  Now some of MY sources have given me some updates, all the way until they managed to get the hell out of Dodge.  There appears two major Groups: Perps and Vics.  Under Perps, there seems to be three major 'players' in the whole fuckup, and then there's the Vics, which I break down into two groups.  I  think the best way to break this down is to name and shame the players as we go.

1) "Executive Branch"  This's Slo Xi Den and 'the team'... this includes the actual shot callers because Tater Joe ain't really 'in charge' except to fill his depends, and do stupid shit, which I'm also going to cover.  State is part of this cabal as well.  The enemedia/Ministry of Propaganda ALSO get grouped in here, as opposed to their own category, as they're providing extreme cover primarily for the Executive, so, they get grouped in here for now.

2) The Intel Kids:  These are the 'secret squirrel' guys and gals.  They've been responsible (ostensibly) for all the bad intel/good intel, but they seem to be the primary 'target' if you will in this entire battle.  By far, they ain't innocent, but they seem to be the primary target for sdestruction in this threed-way battle.

3) The DotMil.  This's the Joint Chiefs of Staff primarily, and all the troops and tools at their disposal.  Not for nothing, but you'll understand where I'm coming from as we flow with this.  They're guilty as fuck, just like AL the others under the Perp category

1) American Citizens, abandoned by well, shit.   Damned near everyone.  These are Contractors, NGO workers, Aid Workers, and folks who are "Blue Passport" holders.  The Blue passport is literally the blue covered passport issued to US Citizens.  According to my sources, there's potentially 6000 folks who got left behind.  The numbers are -countrywide- as a LOT of people seem to forget that there were people ALL over Affy, scattered to the four winds when everything went completely tits up.

2) Nominal and Actual US Allies.  Mostly Afghanis that have literally 'grown up' in Affy, supporting and working for the UD DotGov, DotMil and 'other' things... People don't realize that a LOT of people did the 'scut work' for the US and NATO forces, and all of them are now in extreme danger, as the Tallybananas kids consider ANYONE and EVERYONE who worked for the Great Satan to be a traitor and an apostate.  This means even Ali-the-Dishwasher in the DFAC is a dead man walking.  

Now, the issue:  I think, and this's MY OWN WORK, with bits and pieces I've gathered as we've gone over 'stuff' for the past few weeks/days, I THINK that there's a genuine behind the scenes war between the three major Perp Groups, hereby called PG for brevity now.  The PG is at war with each other, jockeying to be the Head Honchos when the smoke clears.  Because the Executive was actually 'installed illegitimately' (and this hypothesis is based on that, that Tater Joe was installed illegally) that there's a power vacuum, and nature and power-mad-motherfuckers abhor a vacuum.  Presuming the idea that the various 'powers behind the throne' have decided to go for 'all the marbles', they've gone to War with each other, and have been scoring 'points' against each other, without any consideration to the real-time impacts of said-action items they've done.  

First and foremost was State and Tater wanted to have a BIG photo-op on September 11th of this year.  -Someone- though that those optics would be great in leaving the country exactly 20 years after the initial war-starter.  Now, I got a hunch that behind the scenes the Intel Kids must have gone berserk, knowing full well that the Tallybananas kids would go bananas.  The IK have been the ones who helped broker the deal, and by altering the deal, they knew that an Honor Based Clan-Oriented group like the Tallybananas kids would completely flip their shit.  Leaks have now proven that to be absolutely dead on the money.  They (the IK) warned the EB that shit would cut loose, and they were rebuffed.  Other leaks have shown that the EB asked the DM kids if things would be manageable, and the DM said "Yeah, it'll be fine." 

Strike One against the DotMil AND the Executive side.

So, as things started to roll downhill, the Executive realized that they had a giant shit sammich on their hands, and ordered the DotMil to get out right then and there.  I think the idea was to get the DotMil out so as to NOT have casualties.  Bad optics, so get the troops clear, here and now.  A panicked uneducated choice, that led to the Bail-out/Bugout from Bagram.  Problem was, State figured that the Tallybananas kids would have the 'respect thing' going of an Embassy, and that things would be chill.  The Intel Kids seem to have been screaming at this point, and the Executive had the 'father knows best' attitude.  After all, State is made up of elite ivy-leaguers don't you know peasant?

Next thing you know, the word spreads:  The Tallybananas kids are coming, they're pissed off, and ain't fucking playing.  Panic then ensued at State, as they then realized the Capital was about to get overrun by a bunch of 13th Century Warrior-Ethos Religious Fanatics, and ordered the DotMil to get BACK into Kabul to 'assist with evacuations'.

Now, as alllll of this has been playing out, lotsa leaks.  Mostly from the Intel Kid side of the house, showing just how fucked up things have been on the Executive side.  Now, even the Ministry of Propaganda can't cover this shit up, so they go with the 'if it bleeds, it leads' and shows the lack of true leadershit that we have in the Offal Office at this point.  So, in turn, and I have zero proof of any of the following, this's all my own prognostication, based on what I've seen:

What happened then were a couple of extremely fucked up things.
State 'just happened' to 'accidentally' leave behind ALL the biometric and intel computers, databases and well, all of the IK toys and intel for the Tallybananas kids to snatch.  This was, as far as I'm concerned a willful stab in the back at the Intel Kids.

And in turn, The DotMil then actively blocked people from getting on base.  Primarily, from MY sources, it was the chickenshit 82nd Two Star who gave THAT particular order, but who the shot-caller was in DC?  More than likely Joint Chiefs level.  This was the DotMil 'getting' points against the Intel Kids by locking out the very people that the Intel Kids promised to keep safe.  It gets even uglier from there.  Word I got, was that the Marines at that one particular gate were actively ignoring the orders to NOT allow people on base.  When confronted, there were tense moments between the Army senior NCO/Officers, and the Marines, who pretty much did the right thing, and kept processing people in, despite orders to the contrary.

Now, the Intel Kids, and reminder zero proof, pure speculation and fiction BUT: I wouldn't put it past the Intel Kids to have sent out an asset to blow'd the gate up... payback to the DotMil for fucking them over... and those who think that they wouldn't do something as cold as that for political jockeying behind the scenes, remember, these are the same government agencies that have been actively doing dirty shit for 50 years against all of us.  For them to blow'd the fuck up a platoon of DotMil to advance/embarrass the DotMil, isn't that far a stretch.

And that was that.
The Chickenshit 2 Star was the last man out.  
Officially "Mission Completed"

Except it's not.

LOTS of people, countrywide left behind.
And the ultimate responsibility for ALL of this?
Apparently no one.
Not one motherfucker has been 'called on the carpet'
EXCEPT A light colonel from the Marine Corps LTC Stuart Scheller who demanded accountability from the Higher Chain of Command.  And for his efforts, they shitcanned his ass.  Relieved of command.  

Even worse?  He resigned, and he could no longer in good conscience serve under such leadershit.  But the worst is apparently the now-ongoing 'Sovietization" of this issue.  They've now ordered him to be "evaluated by mental health professionals to judge his competency"

THIS...this right here:  That's exactly what the former Soviet Union used to do... IF you had the audacity to stand up against the USSR DotMil/Gov/Pol, they declared you 'insane'... so what does this particular shitshow tell us?

Yep, full commie.  The DotMil has gone 'full commie' in the higher ranks
Never Go Full Commie

Now that it's over, I'd also say that the specious -they- whoever they are are STILL trying to provoke a violent response...  Leastways from the public-at-large....  Maybe wrong, maybe it's just 'Tater being Tater' but man, it's hard to believe that they AREN'T being provocative.  Tater checking his watch multiple times during the transfer ceremony?  The fact that when he met with the family members who were -willing- to sit down with him, (not many apparently) and him spending all his time reminiscing about his Good Son, you know the dead one?  Instead of talking to the newly grieving families about THEIR loss?  Yeah... Keeping it Classy there Tater....   Then... his casual scripted approach to the whole thing?  Man, Tell you what, them parental units got waaaay more self-control than I would have had. 

One sister of the fallen apparently screamed directly at Tater "I hope you burn in Hell!"

The very fact that they're broadcasting all of this tells me they either want to use this as prima facie reason to  25th his ass OR they're hoping that a good ole boy finally loses his shit and goes after the lot of them.

Dunno, but all of the above, to me tells me, from MY perspective mind you, that there's some serious knife-fighting going on behind the scenes.  Primarily because the guy in charge?  He ain't in charge.  In fact he's told us as much.  "I've been instructed..."  "I'm not supposed to..."  I mean wow.  Leadership?  WHAT leadership?  And what's the end game?   Right now, end result of the Bugout Boogie was to utterly and terminally damage the Intel Kids.  ALL of their assets that -didn't- get out are all, for the purposes of this, fucking dead.  The Executive Branch is floundering... and the DotMil?  No clue as to what their game is, as supposedly, this's a representative democracy, not a Junta...of course, maybe we need to modify that to a "Yet"
So we'll see.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Monday, August 30, 2021

Lots of Things

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Happy Monday!  Maaaan that takes me back... Quite a few years ago, there was a band called exactly that, "The Happy Mondays".  Late 1980's/Early 1990's band... good stuff.  Brings back other memories too, especially in light of things... School of Fish "Three Strange Days"...
We are most deeply in some "Strange Days...

Quick aside: Right before I re-joined Active Duty, I spent like ALL my nights bar-hopping all around Boston... One night there was this band playing at the Blackthorn Pub which was the place to go for authentic Irish pubbery so to speak...('nother aside...the fuckers torn down the 'Thorn!!!  I googled it and it shows as permanently closed and street view shows that the place has been torn down!!! >le sigh<...anywhoo, the band was pretty damned good, and the lead singer was a hottie... they did a cover of the tune above, but the chick didn't seem to know all the words (or she was hammered, she -was- pretty plastered) and I sort of started singing along with her, and she pulled me onstage for a improv-duet.  I ain't no great shakes vocally, but I -did- know that tune like backwards and forwards... we had a blast and I spent the night getting hammered up with the band...

Turned out that the band?  Later became "Letters to Cleo" which went on to some small fame...
Gotta say, I -do- have quite a few 'odd crossings' in my life...

But, back to the original.  Not going to go too deeply into the current sit-rep.  Especially since I've been hearing from lots of folks.  Information overload, and my personal OODA Loop is almost full.  Getting to the point I need a whiteboard to start tracking all dis intel.  

And man, it's killing me because I absolutely have no one I can realistically discuss a lot of this stuff with besides Sapper.  And even then?  He don't have the clearances.  All I can do is say:

Keep your eyes open, heads on swivels and keep prepping.  
Stay 'under the radar' as best as one can.

Also, I'd advise to keep a small bugout bag in your car for any time you leave the house.
I don't go to Publix up the street without my EDC at this point... 
And if you're going to be a bit further out, make sure you have the proper stuff to E&E back to wherever you can, be it the house or a 'safe house'.  In my case,  I keep a pair of older, well-broken in pair of combat boots and two pairs of socks in the car, stashed out-of-the-way in the back.  At a minimum, make sure your footgear can git you to where you need to git to.  If anything, one beef I have with a lot of these other 'sooper-survivalist-preppers'  is they go, shall we say overboard in some of the preps.

Look, you're going to the grocery store.
You (hopefully) aren't going to be in a 'movement-to-contact' or 'run and gun' situation.
IF and in worst case scenario of a BIG EMP that 'cooks' your wheels, you pretty much just want to get the fuck out of Dodge quickly and quietly.  Now, if you DO have a 'survival wagon' such as a pre-1990 truck, you might want to have 'heavier defensive capacity' available, as -someone- might decide they want to hijack yor shytte.   Having the -only- running putt-putt in a 'fried grid' situation is going to draw a lot of attention.

Just like as I've talked about before.  
Noise and Light Discipline
Scent Discipline (often overlooked)
Trash Discipline

Now, lots of 'stuff' already out there by far moar in-depth focused folks.  Noise and Light?  Yeah that Genny runs loud AF.  And keeping it inside is contra-indicated due to carbon monoxide.  Jes' Sayin'  That's where the solar powered bank comes in handy, BUT: Lights on when there ain't no other power?  Yeah, not a great idea to be the "Beacon Shining in the Night"... 

Scent discipline can be the 'food factor'  Figure IF (or, as it seems to be approaching when) everything goes bugfuck nutz, gonna be a LOT of hungry folks, and I'd have to say that cooking up one of them rehydrated freeze dried Ribeyes where the whole starving neighborhood can smell it is generally considered a thing of badness.  You'd literally draw hungry, more-than-likely pissed off and agitated folks who are ALSO going to be armed and willing to kill yor dumbass to feed their kids than you want to deal with.  Best keep THAT in mind when we're still in the 'culling phase' 

Same goes for going out and leaving the house... Intel is going to be -key- and that usually means physical intel... recon.  And believe you me, if we go full grid-down weirdness, even if you DO have a plan to be able to get oot and aboot, you do not want to be "Mister Clean and Shiny" freshly washed and laundered.  In Vietnam, the good recon guys ate what the VC ate (local diet) and washed as they washed so as to take on the 'scent' of the country and backwoods.  If -everything- has gone completely to shit, you do NOT want to be the overly-clean dood in a room full of dumpster-smelling refugees and hobos.

Trash discipline is critical as well as you don't want to be leaving those Mountain House cans and wrappers that proclaim "Dat mothafukka gots food!" to the Orcs.  You can be damned sure that people ARE going to be eating out of the trash and maaaan, You most certainly do NOT want to be 'that guy' who's throwing away MRE/Survivalist ration wrappers. 
Again, OPSEC = TrashSec.

Be the Gray Man Aye
So, as I said, 'things' are moving
Not sure which way the levee is going to go
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Sunday, August 29, 2021

They ARE Trying to Provoke -Something-

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, I'm now of the mind that they want to provoke the enlisted DotMil into doing -something- that they can do what?  I have no idea, but word is trickling down that some absolute asshole One Star is apparently looking to earn a 'second asshole' right in the middle of his forehead. Said aforementioned asshole? That would be Brigadier General Farrell J. Sullivan, who looks like dis:
The word coming out (and I -did- check the instagram account in question), as well as a LOT of the Fecesbooks of guys and gal who actually in and part of the 24th MEU (Marine Expeditionary Unit)  The story... get ready to >goggle< at this shit... My jaw literally hit the benchtop...
Me too.
Apparently he's the Jarhead counterpart to the Eighty-Douche's 'Commander' in Bagram... you know... the guy who told the Brits to "stop making us look bad" by -ackchyually- having a thing called "Balls" and going out and actively rescuing people from the Tallybananas kids

 Yeah... THAT faggot-fucktard-in-question is named U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Christopher Donahue, now known as "DouchebagCoward" in my book.  Not to dip on the 82nd, but man, no one had the balls to tell the Gen'rul to "Get Fucked and Die in a Fire" and, as the old Nike ad used to say: "Just do it."
Not. One. Single. Officer. or. Senior. NCO.
FUCK the Eighty Douche with a rusty, broken hacksaw.

Now, to cases here: The Jarhead F.F.I.Q. here? Brigadier General Farrell J. Sullivan?  Besides being the soul-brother-from-another-mother of the overly uptight Vice Principal Strickland from "Back to The Future"?
Man, give central casting a call, they lost a dickhead in a Marine uniform apparently...

The story is HERE:

We -are- talking about a country where they literally and figuratively shit in the streets.
In every. single. ville. I was ever in in anywhere in the Middle East mind you, they do not pick up after theyselves.  If Allah wants the trash collected, it'll get collected.  Shit AND garbage is everywhere.  I can't stress it enough...
There's no escaping it.

So, now, besides a total short circuit of my breaker board I have in my skull, I cannot for the life of me wrap my head around the WHY of it.  I mean..............................

Bouncing it off of Sapper, he thinks it's part of the 'humiliation rituals' that the Elites seem to be so bent on performing on 'normal 'Muricans' and whatnot.  Somewhere I read on some more of the hardcore 'foil-oriented' intarhwehbz that the 'satanic worshiping Elites' are required to do certain things, among them, humiliate the victim... not sure, as I can't allow myself to read into some of those sites too deeply... especially nowadays as they've gone from being on the "complete whackado" list to "Jeez they may have a point or three..."

Now, for the doubters and whatnot who've been commenting on said-aforementioned messages... the gist of it is a lot of folks are asking if the troops are grumbling about 'regular policing' of the A.O... which, under the current optics and circumstances, making sure you have total and complete accountability of all yor shit is critical... last thing they want is Private Fucking Snuffy-the-Boot leaving a full charged magazine of 5.56mm behind, or worse yet, a PVS-14... considering HOW MUCH shit that just got left behind, it'd be a career killer to have Snuffy 'forget' his NODs or -something- critical behind.  It's why we -always- did a 'sensitive items accountability check of everyone in our Platoon back in the day.

So, yeah, that does have some merit... maybe First Lieutenant Shinyballz, looking for a good Occifer Evaluation Report went overboard in interpreting said Gen'rul F.F.I.Q. orders.  But considering 'today's DotMil'?  I don't fucking think so... it used to be that 'intelligently expanding on, and interpretation of Commander's Intent' was a good thing.  Nowadays?  Notsomucho.  The nail that sticks up gets hammered down twice as quickly.

Also, to counter THAT argument, I point out to one of the messages:
"Reflip vehicles"?
Complete brain freeze here guys... and yer talking to and hearing from someone who was ordered to mow a field of dead grass and dirt.  The level of dumbasshattery here?  OMFG... it's got to be intentional, whether to demoralize so that WHEN (and not IF) Joe Chink decides to take Taiwan and/or Canada (all bets are off on my side when it comes to utter weirdness....everything is on the table currently IMO) that the DotMil is completely and utterly incapable of doing -anything- as they won't listen to the motherfucking fools in charge, as they're showing theyselves to be unworthy of being followed.

Hell, -I'd- roll a frag into the Gen'rul's Latrine, as a civilian IF I were there.
Fuck that guy.
Jes' Sayin'

Hell, in Big Country Expat's world, as the last motherfuckers I had were getting ready to 'pop smoke' on the plane, I'd have them 'seed' the entire fucking area with a lil 'fuck you' present in the form of a couple hunnerd M86 landmines.
Mena lil looking fucker id'int?
The M86 Pursuit Deterrent Munition is a nasty piece of work.  Set it down, pull pin, and get the fuck out of the way.  After pulling the pin to activate, 60 seconds after, it 'spits out' 4 lil pistons/triggers and leaves 4-20 foot long tripwires out around the vicious part about this lil fucker is the tripwire... it doesn't have to be 'tripped or caught on per se... just disturbed.  As in stepped on... or 'lightly tugged'...
The lil weights keep the wind from setting them off... only problem I could see with these is that they self-destruct after 4 hours... although I've heard from SF guys who've actually used them that you can shut off the self destruct.  

Now, me?  I'd be having my happy Tallybananas Hatin' Headhunters rigging anything and everything in the entire fucking Area of Operations to blow'd the fuck up as soon as we left, or if -someone fucked with anything.  Rig the place that "Hey, thats a cool flatscreen!  It'll go good in my Cave/Goathut!" <picks up flat screen, not noticing wire connected to claymore> KABOOM!

But nope, didn't play out that way.  
Instead, our kids, after getting their collective asses handed to them, have to be chambermaids for the Tallybananas kid by their own Gen'ruls.
Someone needs to be shot
Sooner, rather than later.
More Later, I'm fucking done after this shytteshow
I Remain The Flabbergasted Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Saturday, August 28, 2021

MOAR Blasts From The Past

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Seeings how none of us are getting out alive either way, I figured to make a bit of a lighter sort of Poast.  I mean it -can't- be a shytteshow 24-7-365, (even tho it seems to be). 
I was digging around in ye olde sock drawer putting up the Affy-Patch collection, when I came across't some 'stuff' from 'back in the day'.  In this case, it's something kinda-sorta unique.  Well, they are, but they aren't.  They're some ID's from Kuwait, and a Badge from Baghdad.  Then underneath all ye olde sockage, I found a bag full of lanyards.

Now, lanyards are the 'standard company issue el-cheap-shytte bling' that they give out, usually when yer onboarding and whatnot.  Stateside they usually get shunted off to a drawer, only to be seen again when you're leaving the company, and boxing up your shit.  I used to joke that it was the way a company marked us as 'their property'... a slave-marker so to speak... especially in light of how when they gave you one, the H.R. beeeatcha usually made it like you were being given something special.  

Are you kidding me?  But then again, we are talking Karen from H.R....
So, to continue:  
Very rarely stateside do they actually get used.  99.9% of the time when I needed to keep an access card or ID on a lanyard of some form or another, I usually used one of those 'on-the-belt' retractable lanyards.  
Mostly kept my keycard access badge in a small badge-sized pouch that would clip through the clippy was when I was working in 'secure areas' and needed to access the server room and/or the back areas that it got used the most... 

Now, OTOH, overseas?  You had to have your ID badge showing at all times.  Needed quick access and prove that you were you at any given moment.  Belt mounted badges couldn't and wouldn't cut it, in fact I think there was a regulation that you had to have your shit immediately available/visible.  The majority of folks, (contractors that is) wore something like this:
Usually had the DotMil ID in it (like in the pic) and then the large-ish pocket, you kept your Passport (never leave home without it... I literally wore mine 24-7, even in the shower during my first six months in-country... then I lern't to chill a bit. Jes' Sayin') and then also it was convenient for your credit card(s) and cash.  It never was out of arms reach.  Leastways as a newbie.

So, since we had to wear these things, sometimes, well MOST of the time, that big honking fucking chest-wallet?  Yeah... in Iraq... in 140 degree heat with a black-heat index of 10,000?  Yeah, notsomuch...   

Fucking thing started to get hotter'n'fuck, and depending on the sit-rep (security wise) you lern't when you absolutely needed to have your passport on hand, versus 'daily I don't-give-a-fuck' mode.  Since after the first year or so, one lern't pretty quickly that you could get away with less.

Especially because of the fucking heat

So, to counter the goonga-pouch (pronounced GOON-Gah), and some of the 'other' things, well, I ended up with an eclectic selection of lanyards and whatnot.
So, we got, top to bottom:
A SigArms lanyard that a factory rep gave me when we were testing some new SIG toys... the company I was running with was looking at purchasing -evvabody- a new P229, which was the SIG M11-A1 compact... we were travelling to 'strange places' and meeting 'odds and sods' that required that we be armed... In the end, it was no dice as the Chain of Command determined that we weren't responsible enough to carry weapons... 

No shit.

So, that was where -that- one came from... The others? Pretty self-explanatory.  Stanley from Kuwait, Honeywell from Affy, KBR from Iraq, and the ubiquitous souvenir PX-Special from Camp Arifjan, Kuwait with the OIF/OEF logo.

Now, truth be told, I never wore the 'corporate logoed' lanyards.  Made self-identification far too easy.  I usually wore, and as you can see, the top one is a braided 550 cord with a breakaway clip, and my ackchual plastic badge carrier... more on that in a sec.  It kept me sort-of-kind-of an 'unknown player' if you will... 
That being said, I never threw away any of my 'other lanyards'.
Glad you asked.  Simple answer: Camouflage.

If I needed to 'acquire' material from, oh say a KBR lumber lot, or a supply point, showing up dressed appropriately, meaning Justin Roper work boots, Levis and a flannel shirt over a dirty t-shirt w/appropriate ball cap, while wearing a KBR lanyard?  No bullshit, -you'd be fucking invisible to 90% of the motherfuckers who may or may not have seen you-!!!!   Almost 100% TCN and LNs you -would- be -absolutely- invisible to!!!!  (TCN = Third country Nationals, LN = Local Nationals)
A lanyard in some cases, depending on the how-where-when-why-what was needed acted like the fucking "One Ring" from the "Hobbit"... put it on, and man, you become in-fucking-visable. 

"Acquired" and "Reallocated" a metric fucking ton of shytte over the years using that gag.
Look the part, play the part, and act naturally.

So, the braided one at the top, I have like 5 of them in various colors to go with my shirts... yeah yeah, BCE the fashion plate right?  Seriously though, the Filipinos who ran the laundry on Liberty used to make them for $5-6-7 bux, depending on what you wanted.  They also braided the 550 cord bracelets that we all wore...
Yep... lost the black one, but still have ALL my rest.  They'd drill out a penny to use as the 'buckle'... sort of like an Iraq version of a Montagnard Bracelet from back in Viet Nam mayhaps?  I -still- wear them occasionally... Wifey said I should go back to it... as it's part of me, and my time there.  XWife was the one who started 'embarrassing me' about them back in the day... "Not cool... wahwahwah" the usual shytte... anywho.

The added bonus if you will, in a warzone, in time of war, well, ONE of those bracelets, IF I cut it and unraveled it, has like 75 feet of skinned 550 cord in it... skinned as in no core.  Normally it holds (of course) 550 pounds of weight... One line, complete with all seven lil-itty-bitty lines inside.  However, the Filipinos take the core-lines out to make it flatter, to braid it tighter.  The outer shell on it's own is still capable of holding/pulling 250 pounds without the core.  So, yeah, 75 feet of emergency cord?  Good to go.  And the Lanyard they wove me?
Either way, thats a lot of 550/250 cord.
Now, the lil box?  'theoretically watertight' Plastic card-credit-card-ID card/money carrier. Wrap your bills up, stash 'em behind the front facing ID, and good to go.  The card you see in the pic above is the back side of the Sather Air Base Access card.
The card holder was like $5 at the PX... made for a much more handy thing that the original goongapouch.  They -did- tend to break if you landed on them when hitting the dirt during incoming, and the plastic wasn't the best BUT if'n you had good superglue, (Loctite Blue IMO) you were set as long as you didn't lose any pieces.  The hinge on the above one is on glue/fix #4 I believe, and is still operational.

Now, Cards;
Cool shit, blanked out my doxxables.  Not that y'all don't already know me amiright?  In this case, I was shocked! I tell you shocked! to see I still had my Kuwaiti ID cards.  Could have sworn them motherfuckers required me to turn in my slave-papers when I left... Go fucking figure Aye?  Too may years, too many beers.
Top one? Kuwaiti Civil Identification Card... means I was a sponsored slave.  No shit.
One below that?  Kuwaiti Drivers License, no test given, other that to insure you ain't fucking blind.  No shit there part 2.
Far Right? Sather Air Base Baghdad Iraq.  Now, THIS badge and the other 'certs' I got with it allowed me and lern't me to be able to drive out onto active runways, and to hot-load cargo planes and a whooooooooooooole slew of 'other shit' that my various jobs required.  You can -also- see I was a fat fucker in all three pics, about 100lbs more than I am currently.  (BTW: 315 as of tonight.. Huzzah!)

So yeah, figured a bit of a trip down ye olde cobblestoned memory lane.... I need something to pass on to current GranBebe, and hopefully Spawn's son/daughter, i.e. MY genetic heritage WHEN and IF...  Let them see for themselves why Papi is such a fucked-in-the-head lunatic in his dotage Aye?

So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

NOW you 'Kil't the Target" !?! RUFKM?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Sweet Jeebus (and yeah Large Marge, I'ma tryin').  But Oh! How I need wings to stay above this bullshit.  NOW, only NOW does "Tater Joe" suddenly and magically blow'd the fuck up the 'mastermind' behind the Kabul ISIS-K bombing?
Wow... just that...
'Cos do I doubt that they droned the ever living fuck out of -someone- in Nangahar province?  
Do I doubt that dood was prolly Tallybananas oriented?
Do I doubt that they blow'd up the right dood?
Oh hells yeah.
If they really wanted to blow up the dood responsible for the Kabul Bombing, then Langley'd be a smoking hole in the fucking ground about now.  Pro Tip assholes;  You're so transparent, so thin at this point, man, -you're- worthless as far as any real-time intel/actionable intel goes.  It's done.  You're done.  Most importantly we're done.  

Y'all 'shot your wad' like a bad porno movie.
Got a hunch that some poor sap in Nangahar was sitting, making hummus, whatever, and he -might- have heard the >foosh< on the missile inbound before it hit.  BUT

That's if they even actually shot a round off.
'Cos at this point, without vidya, certified statements, fuck, even doodz fingers/ears/something, as far as I'm concerned the DotGov is MOAR full of shit than GranBebe denying that she stole some M&Ms out of my bowl when I literally caught her red-handed.  (She did, I caught her, and she still lied to my face "No Papi I no steal, Gigi (wifey) said I could have some M&Ms" LMAO... got to love her)    

OK: Reality Check
ISIS, no matter WHUT the name (Currently the 'K' Model... what the fuck is up with this current crop of asshole's fascination with alphanumeric identifiers?) is a CIA created, sponsored and funded Creature that ostensibly was born, raised and fed under the Red Diaper Baby, the traitorous Obamamessiah.  His filthy nasty homosexually-oriented Paki-loving cockgobbling self is responsible for them, and every thing they do.

Seeings that when OrangeManBad took over, and utterly fucking -crushed-them like the retarded Islamic Pedo-boy-and-goat buggerers they are, isn't it fascinating, that a group that we've had ZERO TROUBLE WITH IN LIKE FOREVER (Under OrangeManBad)

That they Suddenly and Stunningly struck at our valiant but overwhelmed and under-supported troops? 
JUST in time to have all the 'Usual Suspect" Neocons (mostly from the (((Tribe))) mind you, Jes' Sayin'... don't like it, tell them to stop fucking with us... shady is shady, whypeepul shady ain't no different from Jewpeepul shady, 'cept whypeepul seem to get the stick, shitty end, type one each on the reg, and the Jews skate...)

Which then makes a thinking man go "Hmmn."
So, lets get this right:  
1) The Tallyabananas kids took over... like OVERNIGHT

2) Tater Joe and ALL the 'other' fucktards got caught with their collective cock in hand.  No hiding it... They got Publicly Shamed.  

3) Instead of 'doing the Spike Lee', they blamed OrangeManBad, circumstances and hell, even global fucking warming.  No one stepped up and fell on the sword as expected, 'cos no one wants to admit that Tater Joe -is not nominally running the showThat line about "I was instructed to..."  Are you fucking kidding me????

4) When it became apparent that Tater Joe and the rest of the fucktards weren't doing the job right, instead of doing what is called for, ie. calling for heads, assigning blame and resignations ALL over the place, along with some court martials as they so richly deserve, they:

5) Doubled down on "fucking stupid" and, with the blessing from the Neocon (((Conservative-Permanent War Party))) had a CIA Asset go and kill a fuckton of folks, kill a bunch of innocent US Marines and 'other servicemen' (I think one was Navy) in the hopes to INFLAME the nation into restarting the whole fucking shebang again.

6) They expected everyone to get on board

7) But it ain't working

They shot their wad... they don't get it.  Jingoism, patriotism?  Nope.  Done.  They burned that particular house to the ground over the past twenty years, and only recently salted the fucking earth with this current fucking debacle.  Hell, they shitcanned a TRUE combat leader who livestreamed that Higher-Higher stepped on their collective cocks, with golf shoes, and no one stepped up to say "Hey, we fucked up."

A Marine Light Colonel.. 17 years... career combat leader.
Fraggings and Mutiny have happened over less.

OhBoyohboyohboy... as Charles Bronson would've said years ago....
The "Overseas Bloody Bucket Gambit" failed...
Next step: FBI-Run CONUS Terror-Attack Black Flag

Mark my Words on that one.
Two Weeks max. 
Hopefully I'm wrong, but it's apparent that Tater is faltering hard, no one wants the whore in there, and shytte is out of control.  If OrangeManBad was still there?  He'd already be in jail. 

Fucking cowardly legislative branch...ALL of them need to be impeached/fired.  ESPECIALLY the ones who impeached Trump over a fucking phone call... that shit seems purely fucking trivial now donit?  Fuckers'll never learn... til they get confronted.
Head on a Swivel
Avoid Crowds
Buy MOAR everything, as the budget allows.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Friday, August 27, 2021

Right in the Feelz...

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Sad news from Kenny, 'Wirecutter' over at Knuckledraggin today.  He had to put his pup Legal Lucy down today.  Totally feel for the guy, as we just recently went through it with Guido.
I've followed the adventures of CharlieGoddamit and Legal Lucy, and now Asshole Jack for the past few years.  Really really gets me in the feelz.  His poast is here:
Feel free to stop by and pay condolences.  
Kenny's good people, and Legal Lucy was really special to him.
That and after the news from Oz and the dog-murderers, if you have doggos, give 'em a cookie, a hug and tell'em that they're good dawgs... they're the most loyalest people you'll ever know.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Unspoken Things

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, now that all hell has broken loose, and Slo is literally in a Slow-Motion Collapse in front of the world, we're in some really deep shit.  Like I've never -seen- anything as fucked up as this in my 53? odd and sodden years on this shitty little mudball.
I mean literally Slo is collapsing.  he 'went fetal' according to the overseas news, and caved when hit with a relatively softball question.  Tater Joe just ain't up to it.  Fuck -I- wouldn't be up to it.  Even then though, he said he could do the job and the fucktard DemonRats said "Bestest (p)Resident EVVAR!!!"
Yeah, Not so much.  Headlines from other news from around the world:
  • "The 78-year-old President however became frustrated, gripping his notebook and bowing his head..."
  • "Biden seemed to lose track of his words and widen his eyes while taking questions from pre-approved reporters"
Hooo Boy
We truly are where no man has gone before.  If -I- was China, I'd be launching the invasion fleet to Taiwan right now!!!  And if Putin truly wants to 'take' the Ukraine, I'd say this iron can't get much hotter n'now Aye?  "Load up boys, the 'Muricans are out of it -completely-!!!"

So much for "projecting strength"

And the buck?  Passed again:
"He then tried to blame it on Trump, saying Trump planned to be out by May 1 and that he delayed it."

'You know – I wish one day you'd say these things. You know as well as I do that the former President made a deal with the Taliban that he would get all American forces out of Afghanistan by May 1. In return the was made - that was a year before.

'In return for the commitment, the Taliban would continue to attack others but would not attack any American forces. Remember that? I'm being serious. I'm asking you a question,"

The enemy-media should also be taking a long hard look at itself.
THEY had the responsibility to actually 'vet' the candidates... unfortunately they allowed theyselves to be the kingmakers.  They injected theyselves AND their toxic poly-ticks into the mix, much like the HIV Virus they are.  Hell, they're all traitors, both to the country AND the concept of 'fair and impartial'.  

I got -nuthin- for any member of the Ministry of Propaganda.

So, based on the current melt-down, another thing that we have going on is the current evacc or lack-of-evacc in Affy.  The most fucked up thing I've ever seen again.  Like what the fuck are they doing pulling Hajji out before  American Citizens????  OMFG... sure... Terps?  Families with potential death sentences?  Hmmn well there's a problem there with these 'supposed' Terps.  I put it up on Gab the other day... here is my issue:

OK, Numbers: 491,500 troops served in Affy -in total- over 20 years... ALL branches... MAX number of terps? maybe 50,000 in total. Terps had to do two things: 1) Speak English and Pashtun/whatever well enough to get the point across and 2) be willing to work for the 'Muricans under pain of death.

From experience? NOT very many 'locals' were able/willing do do # 1&2...
Most were as much as 2nd and 3rd gen. Affys who're already living in the states, and already had a green card/citizenship... Contractors like me who saw the chance to make their boodle...

Local Terps (interpreters) don't leave, don't stop, up until they GTFO as they worked for the 'bad guys' and the Tallybananas kids knew -who- they- were and -where- they lived... MOST 'locally made' terps I knew popped smoke in 2013 when the 'end was nigh'...

So this 200K+, call it a quarter-mil imports? Total Bullshit. Even WITH the extended fambly...Nothing more that a 'pack the (D) voats' wherever they end up resettling these pedo-goat-rapist affys... Which means we're going to import a 2:1 ratio of P.G.R.A. to each and every single soldier who ever served over there?

The mind boggles at such math

So just who the fuck are these 200,000 motherfuckers they want to import?
I mean the average Affy, even the Terps are like 6th grade educated goat herders... leastways the local Terps, as opposed to the US Based generational Terps.  How many of these fucking guys are actually fucking sleeper-level terrorists?  I mean they caught ONE guy already... the fucking Brits, as opposed to our morons on the ground, checked the guys, especially the military aged males, climbing onto their aircraft and lo and behold!  One of them was on the 'no-fly-wanted-genuine-terrorist list!!!!

What balls.
So who and what are we importing?  Is it that the FBI is running out of fake and gay ops to do, so it's time to import some gen-you-wine Tallybananas terror-ristas?  

Jes' Sayin'
Food for thought Aye?
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Thursday, August 26, 2021

My Take

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
OK: Couple of things here.  First and foremost, may Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. name go down in history as one of the most incompetent, retarded, incapable, fucktarded, moronic and certifiably insane chief executives to have ever darkened the Oval Orifice. 
May the fleas of ten thousand camels infest his nether regions until madness overwhelms him, and may the haunted screams of the dead torment him from now, til the day he dies, and goes to Hell, straight to Hell, do not pass 'Go', do not collect 10% for the 'Big Guy' and may Satan piss in his eyes for all eternity.  May his name forever be used as a curse, much as Vidkun Quisling is forevermore associated with 'traitor'... Let the name 'Biden' be used instead of 'Moron' or 'Retarded' from now on... Cursed be he, and all who spawned from him, evermore.

Whew... so, now that that is out of the way.  I want to congratulate the Democratic Party for doing exactly what they do best, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.  Great job you assholes.  May all and sundry who voated for that sewage-filled-skullfucked asshole be as cursed as he is as well.  Know well this:
I think that's another one of my better memes.  That and Angry Cop... man that one made me LOLz doing it... dunno if he reads this, but man, hope he ain't too offended...  Feel free to steal/copy/repoast
'Cos I know in the "Great Memewars of the Early 21st Century"?
My shit is Dank and "Shitlord Level: Epic."

So, to cases.
In this particular one, I am finding it 
...that ISIS, now with a "K" added on (Special K... ISIS Flavored rice-cereal?  Who knew?) ISIS-K (for Khorosan) is back after somehow, somewhere being driven off by Trump and Company... or should I say Trump drove "The Company" off, i.e. Cocksuckers In Action or the C.I.A. for those who just don't get it, but Trump essentially buried Barry's Bois. 

For anyone who was paying attention, ISIS was pretty much a C.I.A. bought-and-paid for "Rent-A-Terror" group that we used to keep shit completely and utterly destabilized in the Middle East.  Now that Trump is gone, and Bidet... er... Biden or "Slo"... Grandpa Stinkfinger, The Kidsniffer Pursuivant... or as some have taken to calling him "Obamamessiah Term Three: The Return of the Jig", whelp, ain't it interesting that a group, that Trump had cut ALL funding to, and had smashed to pulp at every turn, and pretty much annihilated on all front, that they -just so happen- to be the guys who take credit for blowing the fuck up our troops and a shitton of Afghans at Kabul the other day?
You smell that? Yeah... so do I
I smell Neocons
They reek of failed policy, and DotMil contractor Kickbacks.

As we've all seen, without the F.B.I, there'd be no terrorism here in the Untied Statz, and man, overseas?  If it wasn't for (((Mossad))) and the C.I.A. there'd probably be no overseas terrorism either...  Funny how even the Tallybananas Kids were like "Hey! Wasn't us!" when that dood blew hisself all over the scenery along with all our guys...  For that fact, the guy was at the inner perimeter... which meant he made it there, where it seems currently, ain't no one was getting through and yet this motherfucker?  In like Flynn as the term used to go.  

I smell a Big, Fat Neocon Rat.
'Cos even the Kidsniffer Pursuivant is now again talking about 'going back in' and this time doing it right.  OK... so if now yer all about 'doing it right', just what in the ever living fuck have we been doing these lo! past 20 years asshole?

Inquiring fucking minds Joe... howzabout a hint there?
Yep.  C.I.A. backed terror cell does it's 'thing'... just enough to re-enrage Mom and Pop 'Murica and try to get us gung-ho for another round of the Afghan party.  Problem is?  We planned on being home from this particular party back in May... 

We've overstayed our welcome, and the Neocons and Joe just don't get it.
No matter how many we lose, it's on the Kidsniffer Pursuivant
No matter what happens, it's on him
No matter how it goes, it's on him

My opinion?
They are flying the Hoe straight back from The Nam... she was supposed to stop off and apparently shtupp Newsome in California or something, instead they're racing her home, prolly to brief her on how to take over when either Joe dies of a cerebral hemorrhage brought on by 'stress' or they finally 25th his ass... personally, I think they'll off him... good Martyr Material and allows them to use the "It's what Joe would have wanted" for the next 3 years of retarded spring legged action from the Hoe...

Any bets?

Telling one believes anything they say anymore
In that alone, they don't understand they've lost all legitimacy.
As this meme (not mine) said:
Got a hunch they also, in conjunction with today, when they've lost on ALL points, they're going to have to do something here stateside in order to regain their initiative.  'Cos right now?  they ain't got shytte Aye?  They're flailing and floundering, and that's when Leviathan is most dangerous.  Blind anger lashing out with no true thought?  Yeah, Black Swan/Flag event here in the Statz in 3...2...1...

So, keep your eyes open, and heads on a swivel.  
Avoid Crowds
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

More Bullshit and Bombings!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, besides the fun n games... and whatnot weirdness, I'm scanning the early news today, and found meselves seeing a story on the Daily Fail talking about "Ohmahgerd! COVID and No Rooms!!!" mass hysteria again over again.

Oh STFU and gimme a break...
The hospital in question is St. Joseph Hospital in downtown Tampa.  So I called them not 15 minutes ago and asked what the wait times are and how's the capacity?  Currently, as of 10:15 a.m. there's 14 people in the Emergency Room.  Wait times they wouldn't 'officially' give me, but the girl said it's about 20 minutes right now, as they're short staffed.

Takeaways from that?
They more than likely laid off a shit-ton on people when there wasn't anyone around
That the 'surge' IS going on, but NOT to the point of mass hysteria 
And that it does sound busy, but the people who're there?
I mean it's the ER... it could be -anything- from a broken finger to COVID
Heart attacks yadda yadda...
We don't know the reason the ER is flooded.

True story time.  Back in 2006 when I was home on R&R, Spawn got somehow clubbed in the head by one of the neighborhood kids... laid his nugget wide open to the skull... like bone showing.  MAD head wound.  I slapped a trauma bandage on him (Israeli compress... works as advertised) and made ONE mistake.

I should have call a Ambulance.  Instead I bundled him off to the local ER.  We got there and Oh. My. Gawd.  Talk about overrun... There were, no joke, at least 75+ people, ALL of them from what I could tell, illegals with the sniffles and shit.  Little known fact, but we got a LOT of farms here in Central Florida, and depending on the season, we usually have a huge influx of Central American pickers.  And when they get sick, they hit the local ER as they can't be turned away.  So, the wait time went to 'insane' and I did some stupid things that eventually got my spawn seen... came really close to being arrested...

But I had to do something... we were closing in on that 'window' for the ability to get subcutaneous stiches done... I believe it's 3 hours or he was risking some serious scarring and tissue death... at 2 hours and like 50 minutes I threw a holy shit fit that scared the ever-loving shit out of a lot of people.  It DID help that I was wearing, no shit three-color DCU pants, my combat boots, and one of them gawd-awful "Mercenary T-Shirts" that now looking at it is soooo tacky but was quite the fashion statement in Iraq at the time...  Went into "-RAGE-BEAST-" mode...  I ended up getting the attention of a full bird Colonel medical doctor doing his 'extra weekend work' at the ER from McDill.  To keep up with 'current' med stuff like gunshots and whatnot, the ER Docs from McDill will work the local ERs.  You could spot this guy from a mile away, as his 'scrubs' were Camo.  Very cool IMO BTW.  

I was throwing shit-fit, loud, screaming, threatening, type one each, when the Colonel came over and braced my ass "Soldier!  What the hell are you raising a ruckus in my ER!?!"  I locked up naturally... hell reflexively, and explained.  He was so fucking cool.  Dude immediately ran Spawn in the back and stiched him up his damned self, even though some minor functionary tried to take over.

"Army takes care of it's own son."

A-fucking-Men Colonel.
Bought the guy a bottle of really good hootch as a thank you.
But yeah, I mean DiveMedic has said they're getting clobbered BUT a lot has to do with staffing cuts.  Always look to the administrators of any and all corporations to save a buck for themselves if they can by cutting staff, even if they're critical staff.

So another on-the-spot update
Kabul, Abbey Gate:
Moment of the KA-BOOM!
Seems ISIS-K (gee, who comes up with these names?) did a suicide bombing at the gate that was jam packed with troops and civvies, possibly both 'Murican AND Affy trying to unass the A.O.  Maaaan... as Ole Remus, P.B.U.H. used to say "Avoid crowds."
Absolutely gorrdamned right Aye?
Now... Our Ministry of Propaganda, who never met a COVID body count they didn't like? Well, So far the count is "3 Marines Hurt"
Whereas the screen snips I took from some rando--Haji on-the-scene put up on Twitter... well, these are two screen captures... the quality, as you can see is shit, however, they sorta speak for theyselves.  The first one,  and then the second one were shot in a row, so there MAY be some overlap but hey... 
That blue bucket show how he's panning left-to-right

Dunno about you but that's some serious stacked cordwood-style pile o'corpses.
I mean sheesh... and the clip was all of 10 seconds, in a very narrow field of view?
The explosion pic?  That was a huge blast if it went off in the middle of some seriously tightly packed people.  This's the sort of thing where the casualty count is determined by "How many right feet versus left feet do we have?"  The larger number is how many got whacked.

I'll be curious to see what the final count is, and if we lost any troops... hopefully not.
Either way though, this's all on Slo.
That motherfucker is responsible.  
Wish they'd stop fucking with our troops, and just flat out proclaim "Jihad!" on our Leadershit and go after them directly.  Quit fucking around with 'we the peepul' per se, and go for the head assholes.

THAT would be entertaining, especially since the Leadershit would jump on the "They're attacking our representative values and our institutions!   They hate our freedoms!"

Uh no goys and ghouls, they hate what you have done to them to line your own pockets.  And seeings how any and all of our Leadershit haven't 'represented' -anything- "for the people" in like forever, I'm comfortable with them going directly to the White House and blowing it the fuck up with everyone in it.  And before you gas me about it, ain't the first time the place has been razed to the ground... First time in the war on 1812... in fact, googling it... well, well, well, well... guess when it was burned?
August 24, 1814
Huh... an anniversary without nary a mention anywhere...
Guess they don't want anyone getting any ideas

Jes' Sayin'
The second time it was razed was after World War Two... you wouldn't know it, but under FDR for the what? Almost 11 years and one month... (he would have had 16 years, if he'd lived, God help(ed) us I like to think...) but in that 11 years, maintenance apparently was on the 'back burner' so much that when Truman took over, the structural engineers realized that one good sneeze and/or fart could have literally blown the building down...

Truman moved into Blair House across the street, and the White House was literally gutted... as in the façade was propped up to keep up appearances, but the interior?  Oh yeah man... they tore it down like completely
Case in point:
So yeah, lot of people didn't know that.
If the 'bad guys' ever were to blow the place up, I'm like 'whatever'...
It's just a building, and seeings how the DotGov ceased representing the ACTUAL people of the Untied Statz, I'm like 'we can rebuild it again... ain't the first time, probably won't be the last.'

Again, Jes' Sayin'
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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Burn Notice

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
"Send lawyers, guns and money..."
Just had an interesting day.  Thankfully the new job has started, and ALL my ducks are in a row, so when the Law showed up (politely) I'll give them that, I called my lawyer, (politely), closed the door and waited til he got here.

I'm clean as a preachers sheets
Dirty thoughts only
SO, if I'm poasting incredibly lightly it's per advice of counsel.

Seems mostly it was about that AR I mentioned a waaaays back, But they also has 'other' probing questions that I deferred to my mouthpiece.  Total time spent?  About 5 minutes once the ground rules were established...  

Otherwise... I feel wrung the fuck out.
The new job IS legit, it's just ALL fucked up with the hiring process... seems no one told HR that they were hiring a total now of 250 people.  In a week,  Like zero warning.  So they got caught flat-footed and shit like everything being literally back-asswards with me was the norm, rather than the exception.

BTW: Anyone I owe $$$ resend me the mailing addy, for either items not received or 'other'... The Computer that I had all that info on, for some reason the HDD first got hit with a bleachbit style virus?  I dunno?  And then the damnedest thing, a HUGE 240+/- volt shock went through it, essentially fusing it.  Burnt it up...  No recovery, so my a-polly-olly-geez for that.  The laptop was ok, as I had it outside the machine to run a diagnostic on it... damnedest thing Aye?
Smelled pretty bad too...

So, the news today?  Not sure.  Had me hands full.
So, because of that, give me a day or so to get me shytte back together.
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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

They. Shot. Dogs.

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Whelp...Australia's gone full retard.  
Completely fucking insane-retard.  
Make that Potato-Insane
Link Here:
According to the Sydney Morning Herald: "Bourke Shire Council, in the state’s north-west, killed the dogs to prevent volunteers at a Cobar-based animal shelter from travelling to pick up the animals last week, according to council’s watchdog, the Office of Local Government."

They. Shot. The. Doggos.
Somewhere there's a lesson here:  Something about the fact that IF they're so willing to kill innocent animals, then they sure as hell wouldn't have a problem killing humans... especially those who would oppose them.
Bigger Lesson: 
Never. EVER. Give. Up. Your. Guns.
Under ANY Circumstances.
The Australians did
And now?  The Psycho-Feelz Slores in Charge have unleashed their low-IQ bullyboys and trustees on the population.  And appear to be enjoying theyselves.  Lording it over the population.
Man, what a shame
Gutless Balless Wonders
I used to admire the Aussies... 
Wanted to 'do the Outback' thang before I joined the Regular Army... 
Loved the commercials... like the beer commercial where a giant-assed boulder would land on a dude, utterly crushing him, and you'd hear a muffled "Ow!" from under the boulder, and the Announcer would say "Wimp."
Not no more apparently.  'Cos me?  It's be old fashion night-rider time.  Masks, Nooses, Trees... just add Bourke Shire Councilmembers (and family members) wash, rinse repeat.
Hang 'em high, and leave 'em for the crows to pick out their eyes from their rotting corpses.
DARE the authorities to do something if they have the balls.
Per the German 19th Century Writer/Poet Heinrich Heine (h/t Ace):
Auf Deutsche: "Wo man bucher verbrennt, verbrennt man auch am ende menschen."
Translation: "Where they burn books, they will, in the end, burn human beings too."

The names like "Dahmer", "Bundy", "Gacy" and "Gein" come leaping to mind.
And also, these were the very bureaucrats I keep screaming about. 
The small-minded apparatchiks who make the day-to-day decisions
Who don't actually pull the triggers but order it done.
Any bets the guy who did carry out this loathsome and hate-filled mission is all fucked up now?
I at least hope he is... if not?  OhboyOhboyOhboy... Y'all in Oz got big trouble with a sociopath like that running around... in fact you got a lot of trouble on that there continent... bad enough that 98% of Mother Nature is actively trying to murder you all, but now?  You can't even trust your own people, or at least the lizard-creatures in people-skin-suits you got running around loose. Doggie-Murderers?
Oh yeah, that's a 'burning at the stake' level crime...
Right up there with child-rape and such

Here in the States, I somehow don't think this'd fly
In fact this weekend when it went 'retard' at some Patriot Rally, some Shithead in Portland, someone actually unlimbered a 9mm and threw live rounds at AntiFa who're throwing live rounds at him.  Of course the patriot guy?  Arrested, even though it was obviously a running shootout. Hell, AntiFa is ON CAMERA policing up their brass so's the fuzz don't have forensics... which, keep in mind everyone, two words: Brass Catchers.  
That and that the Geheime Staatspolizei will invariably take the 'bad guys side' i.e. the easy route, so you may as well light them up too, if the case is needed.  At that point, the switch is in the 'on' position.
At that point, what difference does it make?

Tell y'all what:
Best be ready
Unlike the Aussies, we sure as fuck are
Your move assholes
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