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Friday, August 13, 2021

2 Million

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Late Poast today, me a-polly-olly-geez for that.  Been doing all the onboarding stuff (trying that is) ALL day long.  As in woke up at 0900, hit the PC.  No email that I'd been promised.  What follows is a description of raw fuckitude that ackchually has me a might worried.
1) Wake up, no email as promised.  Email Recruiter.
2) Recruiter emails back within 10 minute AND calls.  (Gotta say, this particular Pandit has his shit wired tight.  May not have the best English, but he's on Johnny-on-the-Spot) "I'll see what's up"
3) Begin no shit, 11 emails back and forth between me, hiring manager, and HR.  
4) HR claims to have sent ALL the pertinent info...  I email back multiple screenshots showing no, you ain't.
5) After literally 5 hours of back-and-forth emails now numbering in the dozens, I get the email to take me to the onboarding website.
6) Realize I ain't got no login info.  Cue scream of frustrated rage at HR.
7) Email HR again AND hiring manager.  Things ain't looking too keen for me right now.  Told the hiring manager (in proper PC terms) "Is it always this fucked up?"  She tells me no and apologizes.  I get the login info email 30 minutes later.
8) Go in, start the entire process to see that they ain't even got the right job listed.  Yeah, a "Lead" but I'm supposed to be in Medical Billing, NOT the Mortgage Sales area.  Queue MOR emails.
9) Told by HR "Na, it'll be fine" and fill out everything anyways.  The background check keeps requesting 'proof pictures'... Since they said that I had 'everything I needed' I proceed as best as can and complete everything in about an hour and a half.  Click "Submit" (how apropo!) and now, we wait.
10) Literally 16:55 I get an email from HR. "Yer missing all sorts of shit, and oh, BTW, here's the how to guide!  Please redo the whole thing ASAP."  Now, the manual?  What fucking manual?  OH!  The one you juuuuust attached in the email you sent me which you didn't fucking give me to begin with you stupid cow!!!!  
At fucking 5 minutes before the end of the week and workday.
So in the AM I'll start over.  For now?  Nope.  Ain't happening.

Add on I'm concerned
USUALLY the larger the organization, the more squared away they are.  That being said, I got a bad feeling.  Last time I had that I was onboarding with DynaCorp.  I literally was at CRC, on the last day, when I went over right before I got on the plane to Iraq mind you and fucking quit.  Went home.  Bagged it.  Didn't know -why- but I've learn't to trust ye olde guttage.  This back-asswards fuckery?  NOT a good feelz-good maker.
I need the gig, so I'ma gonna keep on keepin' on, but maaan the back-of-the mind niggling sensation... Not cool.  And the DynaCorp gig?  Yeeeeah that was the one that ended up with MAD rape-accusations and nefarious shytte that happened to some of the people I had been hired with.

So, anywho.
The good news tho, is now, thanks to you all, Ye Olde Bloggage broke 2 million Hits.  The first mil was back in February of this year, so an extra million in a few months.  My thanks to you all, and I hope to be around being a thorn in the side for a while.  Now thats on the blogspot site.  My backup?  No idea on numbers over there.  The counter I did have made the wordpress run like shit.  Ab-so-loot-shit.  Any suggestions for THAT site for a hit counter, leave a comment.

Otherwise, I'm here AND there so if the Vox Day me, the other they can't hit.  Thank Divemedic for that and his foresight.  So, on that, smells like the pizza in the oven is burning dammit...
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Congratulations on yer two million milestone

  2. I gotsta get a back-up and/or migrate to a new host

  3. Congrats!

    Keep on keeping on.

  4. hang in there bro, then start looking for the next gig. me thinks the current one will self expire. two million hits? hmmm, about a million of them are mine so you have two followers? lol.

  5. BCE,
    Keep looking for another job. 'Cause sure as shit through a goose, as soon as you finalize on the job shown (as opposed to the job promised), the company will hold you to the signature, not the empty words they made. Companies have a habit of conveniently forgetting unwritten promises.
    This whole thing shits, best of luck to you in finding a DECENT job.
    I'm surprised. With all the employers screaming for employees, and a good many "workers" (wankers) sitting on their lazy fat asses sucking off the Gooberment teat, I'm surprised that's it's been so difficult for you to land a good job.
    Oh, and howz it going with your kerfluffle with your previous job vis-a-vis collecting unemployment?I
    Best to you on that as well.

    President Elect B Woodman

  6. Well done, sir. Great meme too. Ohio Guy

  7. Mebbe it is just where the HQ of the outfit is located.

    I spent near 20 years with a dot mil tier 1 manufacturer and for most of that time, it ran pretty darned well where HR was concerned. Midwestern work ethic methinks makes a big difference.

    Congrats on the bloggy milestone, keep it rolling, yeeha! Rawhide..........

  8. Love your last image.
    Like most Americans, I came from peasant/tradesman roots (Spangler is Bavarian for sheet metal worker, I am in the aluminum business so not much progress there)
    I had one aristo ancestor a Marshall of France named DeNoyelles, I am descended from a second son who went to American, the rest of the family all went to the guillotines. Lucky to be the second son eh?