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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Tracking and Information Overload

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, lots of commentary here n there on this house and the backup regarding the NotVax and the whole 'passport' thing.  Amazing how the past few days the info keeps changing and changing Aye?  Seems when no one can make a decision, then no on is in charge, leastways that's my take of how bad the wheels are currently spinning in the Beltway these days.

So, one guy CraigT decided to try and shill in his uneducated opinion, to which he was immediately smacked down for.  Nice try there CraigT, thank you for playing.  Least I now know what my glownigger's handle is.  The other was a couple of links to that moron in Califrutopia who was selling vax cards out of a bar.  To complete strangers.  Positively brilliant genius level move there.  
NPR has the story here:

It's from back in May but seems to be getting more 'traction' now, which means they want you to have heard aboot it, so as to 'put the skeer on ya' if'n you were thinking as to being diabolical.  And a couple of commenters had a few things to throw out there. 

redcabinsteve said "In Texas there is ImmuTrac2. Providers are supposed to report the shot within 24 hours. I’m guessing there’s more emphasis on getting jabs in arms vs the reporting of it?"

And Syznka_man had this where he quoted from the NPR article listed above: "Although the cards are easy to fake, the actual vaccination records stored in state databases aren't as easy to hack. One state, New York, has adopted digital vaccine verification using that data, but other states have been slow to embrace proof-of-vaccination mechanisms."

This issue here, and I dunno, maybe Aesop who -is- in the Hospital Biddness might be able to come in with some explanation, but it's the same thing I've told Sapper and a few -other folk- who I communicate about potentially devious and dirty deeds (none dirt cheap however).  It, in the case of the NotVax reporting, that it's a case of "too much info and too little give a fucks".  Now it Texas, don't know how the reporting is being done.  I do know that here in Florida, once they got the program started, I call it the Wild Wild West in that there were shots being given out all over the place.  MY Publix around the corner, the WalMart in like ALL the Tampa boroughs, the Parking Lot at Raymond James Stadium (THAT was a HUUUUUGE location) for drive-through shoot-em-ups.  

Now, for the sake of argument, let me just pose this question:  WalMart... ANY WalMart... have you -ever- really seen someone who works at a WalMart,(outside of management, and even then) who actually give a shit about the job and/or their performance?  My WalMart?  I'm lucky if the shit is even on the shelves.  More often than not, if the shelf is bare, I look at the palletized 'stuff' sitting in that aisle, and 9 out of 10, the stuff I want is still in the crate or wrapped in shrink wrap, not yet on the shelves.  So... what makes you think that they kept accurate and timely records of ALLLLL the COVID VAx shots they -supposedly- gave out?

Not only that, what was the motivator for giving out those shots?  Did Wally World get a vig on "X" amount of shots?  Was there a quota?  If so, who vouches for the shot?  I watched and followed for my own edification a guy who got the shot at Publix.  He went to the desk/kiosk at the front door.  Showed his ID, girl wrote down his name that I could tell... not much more it seems, as she was done with his ID really quickly and then he went back to the 'shooter' who -I think- was the Pharmacy Tech, who swabbed and shot dude in like 2 minutes flat.  Dude was then guided over to sit for 10-15 to make sure he didn't fall out, and that was it.  I didn't ask too many questions, as I already have my bonafides as far as my local Publix is concerned, but still...  

LOTS of people supposedly shot up with the NotVax.  So many, I'm thinking that it's too many to register properly.  It's hard to get clarity when things are so scattershot and buckwild.  Add on that now?  Apparently per Miguel at GunFreeZone HERE that the key:

"Hundreds of thousands of COVID vaccine doses have been saved from the trash after U.S. regulators extended their expiration date for a second time, part of a nationwide effort to salvage expiring shots to battle the nation’s summer surge in infections.

The Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday sent a letter to shot maker Johnson & Johnson declaring that the doses remain safe and effective for at least six months when properly stored. The FDA’s move gives the shots an extra six weeks as public officials press more Americans to get inoculated"

So -now- even the expiration dates are to be questioned.
So if you have say "Moderna Lot# XYZ123" and it originally expired on July 1st
And your card has those dates
What happens when the extend to re-extend the Expiration Date to October 31st?
It's going to confuse the fuck out of everyone involved.
Essentially if you got a card, AND get in as an 'early adopter' of the "VaxPort" you should be good.
I mean I suppose if you have some of the following:

PFIZER: EL1284, EL0412, EL6208, EJ1685, EK5730, EK4176, EK5730, EH9899

Then, Moderna, with Expiration Dates:
025L20A: JUNE 28-2021
016C21A: OCTOBER 20 2021
011J20A: MAY 11 2021
026L20A: JUNE 28-2021
042L20A: JULY 05, 2021
030L20A: JULY 16, 2021
015M21A: JULY 29, 2021

But I mean I'm just some truck driver from Iraq Aye?

The reality is, despite the dreams of our Wannabe Overlords is that The US and our population is just TOO BIG to be controlled like the Red Chinese.  Now those who say "But they DO have control of the population!"  Yeah... but seriously, it's the population of the Modern Up-to-Date City Living Red Chinese... the 'professional class'... the dirt poor farmers and pig-ignorant out in the far provinces?  Not so much, despite their propaganda.  It's why they have to keep the charade up.  If for one real second the Joe Chinks realized how MANY they really are and how badly they outnumber the assholes-in-charge, well, it'd get ugly real quick methinks.  They keep the leash short on the inner cities so to speak.  Most of China is still living subsistence style circa Turn of the 19th to the 20th Century.  NOT 21st Century.  They wish.

So, like here, it's information overload, coupled with the "Ain't my job"
I mean do you really think that kid at Wally World gives a rats anus if you got the shot, or if that particular shot was recorded properly?  There ain't no way to make someone give a shit.  Money talks, and minimum wage?  Pluh-leeze.  They can't even get the stock ON TO the fucking shelves Aye.

I'm not worried.

At one point in my career as a Helpdesk Tech with Dell, when they had fucked us out of a promised I think .50 cent raise or some shit, I was called on the carpet for my attitude.  Got asked "Don't you care about the team's performance?"  
Told 'em flat out:  "You pay me to be here, and to answer the phone.  You do not pay me enough to 'care'.  'Caring' costs a whoooole hell of a lot more than your willing to pay, so be thankful you got someone who at least shows up, and puts in the minimum."

Yeah... that was between contracts in Iraq... and the broad giving me flak was actually someone who'd been subordinate to me before I had left that place before, and she knew it.  I kept her in a near-state of mental breakdown on the regular, 'cos fuck that old incompetent bitch.

So, just roll with it, continue to observe.
Be the Gray Man
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. sooooo if we wanted/needed one of these blank cards where would we find it? but come what may, i ain't getting the vax, period, stop, end of sentence. fda told the MAKER of the thing its okay past the expiration? wtf,over? shouldn't it be the other way round? btw, has anybody heard of john doe v. donald rumsfeld? they ruled even the military couldn't be forced to take an experimental drug.

    1. Dan- could not disagree more, it appears you are not aware of how this works. These doses are all recorded in a national registry. To answer riverrider's question--

      "sooooo if we wanted/needed one of these blank cards where would we find it?"

      4chan posts them weekly. It --is-- a crime and like most things in this anarcho-tyranny we live in supposedly the feds are cracking down hard on people caught.

      With the advent of smartphones it is trivially easy to get popped for lying. Karen type enforcer scans your bar code or enters the card # and cross checks it against the national database. If everything doesn't match perfectly you just got flagged. This isn't the 1940s anymore where document forging is simple. EVERYTHING is electronically tracked in real-time so think twice before attempting that.

  2. It's tough enought to keep accurate records in a PROPER healthcare setting for procedures done by licensed professionals. When you factor in the MILLIONS of vaccinations done by people who might have gotten two hours
    of training or the vaccinations done at "drive through" venues where the victim never left the car then yes....
    it's a GUARANTEE that a lot of those vaccinations were NEVER adequately documented. But then this whole farce
    is NOT about healthcare. It's about poisoning society and wielding iron fisted control.

  3. I worked for the big W for a year. It was really hard to a give a damn. Can't go home until everything is stocked, but can't get more than 32 hours a week. Yeah. We'll totally make that happen with five people stocking for the entire supercenter. On top of unloading GM freight, all the frozen food, all meat/dairy, and the produce. Came in at 3PM usually left no earlier than 2AM. So the manager was always screeching about us having overtime.

    Want that raise? Well you better do your BS kiddie online courses. Never mind you can only do them during work hours (can't do them on break), only if the entire store is stocked, and if you don't complete all the courses within six months you will be terminated.

    Eventually everyone just said fuck it and waited to get fired or quit. So you're right about some kid at the W not giving a shit. It's a straight churn and burn. $9 an hour night shift was the average wage around here at that time. $9 didn't get you anything except a shit box on wheels and a crap shack in the hood. Where I ended up after everything went to shit with the ex old lady. Sadly I never got to bayonet a miscreant with the M44 I managed to limp away with.

  4. Imagine believing you'll fight the evil government, and then go along with identification papers. Fake or not it's paying lip service to judeo-bolshevik bullshit.

  5. Meh, don't care. it's beyond a bridge too far. (so is the shot for that matter)

    NO papers, no shot. Period. end of story.

    I'm sure it will end badly for me, but I'm not going alone.

  6. Bottom line, if you are not going to get the experimental gene therapy jabbed in your arm, you better figure out now how to make do in a world that increasingly is going to try to force you to get it.

  7. Off-topic...
    "Ohio radioactive material missing!"
    "Ohio radioactive material recovered!"
    "Ohio radioactive material allegedly hijacked by militia to be used against Michigan governess! OurBestMen© save the day!"
    In an off-the-record meeting, eric 'nuke you' swalwell and Glorious Leader 'rifles against F-15s with nukes on you' chinesium joe biden instruct OurBestMen© to form a better militia next time... "...because we need to get this show going...".

  8. The NPR story was (my bet) a plant. Why? To build the case for a digital ID that can't be hacked. Coming soon.

  9. So, you didn't even wear the minimum 13 pieces of Flair?