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Sunday, July 11, 2021

The Lies They Tell

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Rabbit hole time!
Lies are the subject of today. 
We get a whole heaping serving on a daily basis.  To the point we can't even discern reality from faux reality these days.  The media?  There's a reason I, among others call it them the  Ministry of Propaganda.   The politicians and anyone associated with them?  As the riddle goes: "When is a politician lying?"... the answer these days is "Whenever they breathe/speak."  Just by dint of they being alive is that they are and have become the very embodiment of falsehood and cupidity.

Satan hisself couldn't do better.

Then, we get 'all the rest'  Science, ANY and all police activities, educators, religious leaders...
Fuck man.
Ain't there anyone out there who 'shoots straight no-bullshit' anymore?  Outside of the 'regular folks' out there that is?  I mean ALL the organizations out there, anything with more than five or more members seem irredeemable now.  Meatspace baby.  One-on-one is damned near the only thing you can trust, and only if that person is well-known to you.

All the listed about entities...
All the talk of teamwork
All the talk of "the greater good"
All the talk of the goodness of "Diversity is strength"
All the talk that everyone has their "own truth"

All of it is a lie.

The problem though:
They know it's a lie
To them, a lie is the truth
"It all depends on what your definition of is is."
Lies can become the truth, if told often and convicingly enough

Now, without saying, sometimes a lie needs to be told
You don't tell your 3 year old GranBebe the scribble she drew that she sez is a horse that it looks -nothing- like a horse... nonono.  You tell her what a great job she did, and reinforce her positively and love her for all she is.  You sure as hell don't tell Wifey when she asks "Does this dress make me look fat?"  
Fuck that.
I ain't stupid Jack
None of y'all are methinks (mehopes)

These are little lies for the truth.  Lies of Love so to speak.  To spare one's near and dear from unnecessary pain, unless it's going to cause embarrassment or pain if they do something clueless.  

The problem is, those running the fucking show currently?
They have no love in their hearts for anyone or anything except one thing:


No more, no less.  Raw, pure and uncut like a kilo of the purest Columbian blow, with the same sort of rush.  Afghan "Big Bad" so raw and jazzed that an OD in every shot is a guarantee.  That sort of Power is bigger, harder and more insidious than any drug could ever be.

Thats why so many people want to 'be with the cool kids'.  The ones in Power.  The decision makers.  The "Power Players"  The Kings, and even moreso, the King Makers.  To the people out there, so willing to 'wear the mask', 'take the shot', 'march for -insert cause-of-the-week-to-be-determined-'  The Social Justice Warriors out there... even 'Joe Normie', washing the feet of feral niggers...

To them, If you're going to be on one side of society, then it's a good idea to be on the side who tells everyone else what is actually "true" and what "isn't"  THAT is where the power behind shit is.  Getting Moronic Sheeple to be convinced that they (the powerful) are trying to help them, (the sheeple).  

Reality is, Powerful people?  They just want more power
Period. Fucking. Dot.
All for them, none for you.
To them, the truth is what you make it.
Hence all the fucked up cross-messaging
"Don't Wear A Mask"
"Wear The Mask"
"Wear Two Masks"
"Get the shot"
"Get both shots"
"The shots do prevent the disease"
"Shot or no shot, you're going to get the bug anyways"
Now?  The latest is that Round 3 of the COVID dash -whatever- lame ass shytte they're calling it is going to kill 70-80% of people according to a new study put out by the Brits...  if so, then why the fuck would you ever get the shot?  Amiright?

The final take from this here screed is this:  The single largest problem with those in Power seeking MOR Power, for Power's sake?  The truth is what you make of it?  They can work with that if their intent is to do something truly great for 'the greater good of the masses'. 
In the end, they themselves begin to believe the lie.

Instead of being Power-Mad Control Freaks, they're kinder and better than you.

Maybe I'm wrong, but hey, at least I'm trying to recognize the problem.
The issue is resolving it.
Sooner, rather than later.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. There's the little White Lies you tell your Granbebe or your wife and then there are the flat out prevarications told by the fake news, politicians and some religious "leaders."

  2. One of my mother's favorite old time Quaker sayings: "Everybody tis queer it seems, cept thee and me.......And sometimes I wonder about thee."
    I have a hard time understanding this lust for power, since I do not share it. But I can understand that it's a very real thing, and I can see TPTB getting deliriously, madly drunk with the authority they wield. Like any vice, it can never be satiated, only more, more, more.

  3. Don't tell your wife that her dress makes her look fat?

    Huh. Who knew?


    1. "Sweetie, it isn't the dress that makes you look fat... as you know, it's the two pre-snack pizzas and the post-snack boxes of donuts. If you want to lose a couple-three hundred pounds, you could exercise or staple your lips shut. Here, I can help by..."

  4. Agree 100% of course. Power and money.

    Its a big club and you and I are not in the big club

    - George Carlin

    Not getting better with the morons we are increasingly surrounded by.

    Also check out George Carlin anything with "Bullshit" in the title.

  5. That's why it's hard to shake the conviction: they believe the lie, internalize it, and it becomes part of them. When the lie changes, they change.

  6. Even hollyweird portrays the politicians correctly.

  7. The Japanese call those little lies 'Truths of convenience'. Nice way to put it, especially when answering the 'Dress' question.