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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Small Hat but Funny Man

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Bit of a bummer today, as word is out that funnyman Jackie Mason went to -wherever- those of the (((Tribe))) believe they go when they die.  Unlike Christianity, Judaism isn't as clear on the Afterlife.  Either way, no matter.  Hope wherever he goes, he gets to enjoy it, as man, he definitely brightened things up 'round this place.  

One of my favorite movies 'History of the World Part 1' he was in the song and dance number "The Inquisition" as "tortured Jew #2" in the credits.  THAT was funny... 
Brooks is a genius... I'm going to be very bummed when he passes... 
Hell, I'm amazed he's still kicking to be honest
Guy is older than dirt
Still funny tho.

So, had a great talk with Mike from Cold Fury last night.  Figured fon-time would be good.  I was getting hammered up, AND I made cookies too.  Inspired by the Crumbl poast. 

OMG did I make cookies.  Dark Chocolate Flourless Cookies with home made espresso frosting w/espresso chocolate chips for the filler on the sammich.
And yeah, that one in the upper right?
Test Cookie
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Sugar Coma anyone?
Yeah... I nailed them
ALL the recibes on the whebz tho.... Man, it is getting to be a parody... "Long about 6 years ago, during my first summer in Eastern Kazakhstan, I met a foodstuff seller with his blind granson....who then told me of the most magical cookies..."

Jesus Lord Help me.
We. do. not. care. about. your longwinded, winding story of feel-goodedness and bullshit. 
Just. tell. me. the recipe!!!! 
Takes me forty minutes I swear to sort out the bullshit to get the actual measurements and ingredients.  And in the end, I ended up winging it for the most part which actually works pretty well for me.  The pain in the ass last night was judging if I had the right amount of egg white, and making sure that I didn't break the yolks while separating them.  Tricky as the eggs I got, still good, but not super-super fresh.

Worked out in the end.  
And dinner last night was insane as well.  Needed to make some space in the freezer, so I went out and got the older frozen ground beef, and collected ALL the shrimp in the freezer too.  Problem here is I'll use half a pound of large shrimp, and defrost them.  The other half goes back in the freezer, where I forget they're there.

Two weeks later, I open and use 3/4 of a bag of new bought, and put the remaining 1/4 in the freezer as well.  We hit the store for shopping, and it was time to consolidate/use up the smaller portions.  Did that the other day with the french fries too.  1/4 bag of tater tots, some random steak fries, and two partials of Oryda Crispy fries... threw 'em all  in the air fryer together... turned out pretty good.

So last night was 'consolidate and use up' the partials.  Made 5 pounds of Jambalaya by the time I was done.  Now we got meals for a week.  Turned out pretty damned good.

So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Speaking of cookies, I posted this on FeralIrishman:
    Ice Cream Sandwich
    1 -- Get a couple cookies.
    Chocolate chip, peanut-butter, molasses.
    2 -- Take a pint container of frozen ice cream.
    Turn the pint on its side.
    Slice through in one-inch slabs.
    Peel the cardboard.
    3 -- Place your ice cream slice between your two cookies.
    Mix-n-match can be fun.
    * cocoa
    * coconut
    * white chocolate chips
    * sprinkles
    * date sugar
    * chopped dates, figs, cranberries
    I got this recipe during a telepathic vision from the assistant-deputy under-cook of a minor constabulary on Rigel Seven, a twelve-armed skworm named -- near as I can tell -- 'country'.
    Any relation?

  2. Hey Big Country,
    Not a big fan of sweets, more of a savory guy.
    Here is one of my standards

    Paglia e Fieno with Prosciutto and Cream Recipe
    • Prep Time: 5 mins
    • Cook Time: 20 mins
    • Total Time: 25 mins
    • Yield: 4-6
    • 2 tablespoons butter
    • 1/4 pound thinly sliced Prosciutto di Parma
    • 1 cup heavy cream
    • salt & pepper to taste
    • 1 pound fresh green and white fettuccine or tagliatelle
    • 1/4 cup freshly grated Parmagianno-Reggiano cheeseplus additional for serving
    1. Slice the prosciutto into thin strips. Melt butter in a medium sauce pan over medium heat. Add the prosciutto and cook, stirring until it starts to crisp up, about 2 minutes.
    2. Add the cream, salt and pepper, and cook until the sauce has thickened, 2-3 minutes. Take the sauce off the heat.
    3. Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil and add the pasta. Cook uncovered over high heat until al dente and drain.
    4. Place the pan with the sauce back over medium heat, add the pasta, and grated Parmagianno-Reggiano cheese to the pan and toss until well coated.
    5. Serve with additional grated cheese on the side.
    Add crushed rosemary to the cream sauce while cooking
    Add cubed, sautéed chicken, add peas

  3. I remember Jackie Mason's "finger" incident back in '64. He was on the Ed Sullivan Show & Ed gave him the 2 minute warning with the v for victory fingers to cut the act. It seems Ed's show was going to be preempted that night so LBJ could give some bullshit speech to the masses on national TV. Mason responded by giving Sullivan the FU finger as we use to call it back then. That pissed Sullivan off & it ultimately ended up in court. Just about cost Jackie his career. Besides that, he didn't want to lump himself in with Lenny Bruce & an up & coming comedian by the name of George Carlin. A great funny man along with my all time favorite, Ernie Kovacs.

  4. Jackie Mason was not only a funny and talented guy, he was also a true conservative, an American Patriot, and ... an Orthodox Rabbi. Seriously, he got his start in comedy by telling jokes during synagogue services, and his sermons were so good that many non-Jews attended his prayer services.

  5. BC wrote, "We. do. not. care. about. your longwinded, winding story of feel-goodedness and bullshit. 
    Just. tell. me. the recipe!!!!" This is one of my wife's biggest pet peeves also. Then again, she seldom cooks (*sad panda*).

    And I can relate about mixing small quantities of leftovers. I can't stand wasting food, especially now with inflation