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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Power Outage

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Sitting here nice n mellow, contemplating the next episode of Ye Olde Bloggage and >whomp<
Total power loss
Lame.  Happens occasionally.
Went to the TECO (Tampa Bay Electric Company) web to report it and whoa nelly!

Now, I -know- for certain that the 144 affected isn't just that
They -stop- taking and poasting # when its a HUGE outtage
Leastways that's what I was told when I was doing security as an Anti-Terrorism Occifer for them.
And dis here poast?
Tied into and tiered my cellie as a hotspot to one of my Lappies.
Can't game but can write and do 'other' stuff.
Man, I forgot just how quiet it can get 'round here without 'modren' stuff like power and whatnot.  I went outside to see initially if I had done fucked up and NOT paid the bill (I was sure I did but still...) and the neighbors and all, well we all checked in and yepper, no juice.  And the neighborhood itself?  Really quiet.  No central AC running -anywhere- makes it mighty quiet here now.

The odd thing is that I got an email from Spectrum saying that the internet/cable has an outage too. 

First time that's ever happened.  Now, if the cell goes out?  THEN we might be seeing something else?  Hard to say.  I'm thinking just the usual fuckup and/or drunk hitting a power pole.  Problem is our closeness to McDill AFB which is home to CENTCOM, SPECOPS and all the other DotMil "important stuff" that's there.  We'll see.  the projection is that the power is going to be off til around 22:30 tonight.  If it gets too hot/uncomfortable we got the pool.  And for boredom?  It's good to be bored.  I -am- being 'better safe than sorry' though and we're at 'low yellow' in readiness.  Firearms in Condition One and at hand.

Ya never know Aye?
So, will update as we go More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. I have been blogging long enough to remember when blogger didn't autosave your posts every second and losing connection or the webpage crashing and losing a whole post. I started to compose my posts in a word doc and then copy-pasta them over into blogger when I was done.

  2. I live in a really pretty nice neighborhood in Houston. Park across the street, and a school just past that. Both of 'em run on chill water systems. I do HVAC. I appreciate a good chill water system. They're just teh bee's knees. But they really HAVE to run 24/7/365 to avoid indoor rainfall. I waled on 'em good a year or so ago. #2 lag compressor bearings were failing. I should send 'em a bill.

  3. No disruption here, so its not nationwide. Its always frustrating waiting for power restoration, should I fire up a generator or take a nap? Decisions, decisions.
    Hope you get power back soon. Tomorrow will be warm in Florida.

  4. Outages suck big time, especially in hot and hmid environments. Moistened T-shirts and shady breezy areas help keep cool. I hope your power issues are reselved quickly.

  5. Funny thing. Lots of people are gonna be without AC. Turn it off when the power's out, just at the t-stat. Having the power come back on will often fry the transformer. It's a $10 part, but a $250 service call. I charge $50 for friends and neighbors, part included. Dirt simple. Check voltage at the tstat. No voltage means dead xformer. Check the specs on the xformer, climb onto my bicycle and ride a mile of so to Johnson supply, ride back, remove and replace. Sit in kitchen and drink the beer I have been so kindly offered while homeowner luxuriates in the return of the cool. No I couldn't possibly accept a tip you're so kind thank you.

  6. seems the "power" is going to be the death of us all

    also says, they have been putting GO into all vaccines for several years...