Thursday, July 29, 2021

Papiere, Bitte

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
My sourcing is... shall we say... unwilling to say anything that could be 'identifiable'... The how, where, when, who... all of it is out the window.  Can't say which country I worked with them in.  They (and yeah, I'ma use the They/Them/Theirs pronouns in hopes to keep things on the down-low.)  They however have already heard rumblings about the 'vaxport.'  That's what it's going to be called theoretically.  They have an upcoming vaykay from Ye Olde Jobbage, and were told to make sure the papers were in order before doing any travel.  Reason is, the 'vaxport' is going to be needed for any travel in, around and through the majority of the Western World.  Papers for the fam needed to be gotten and maintained as well.  As in "get them (das Papiere) now, as we cannot help you later."

Essentially, we're going to see a quick move to "Full Soviet Control" vis-a-vis borders, movement and the ability to travel.  The current rumblings of the Delta Bullshit variant?  They said this ain't shit as to what's coming.  According to them, (They's bosses) there's a massive spike coming, just in time for the horror-days, and yeah... that's the term they used "Horror-days" instead of 'holidays' when they were supposed to be travelling around and oot and aboot.  They (my peep) think it's because the 'nominal-normal spike of pneumonia and cold related flus' are ALL going to be tagged onto the COVID Hump.   

Just like they did last year.
'Cept this time, they're (not my folk) but "they" for the powers-that-be ain't gonna play. 
They like the power they were granted
They love the control factor
They intend on keeping that control no matter the cost

We, on the other hand?
We Be Fucked

They (my peep) say that the current situation?  Going to have the DotMil called out despite posse commitatus to round up 'anti-vaxxers' and whatnot.  Now, They (my peep)... shit, without going into any detail I can't say shytte.  Trust me.  To give you an idea, I'm unemployed, broke as fuck, and I had Sapper pick up some MOR paper towels, toilet paper and MOR rubbing alcohol on receipt of this news.  Everything else I already got in spades but THAT stuff was impossible to find during the last dumbass 'flatten the curve' bullshit... not that we -normally- go through a lot of it.  It was -very telling- when I had to send a 'care package' of 8 rolls of toilet paper and 4 rolls of Bounty to the in-laws in the Villages.  Even when I was in Iraq I never wanted nor had a dying need for Charmin.  I mean try it from my perspective:  I'm packing up and mailing butt-wipe, paper towels and sanitizer to my in-laws because there ain't none to be found for love nor money in one of the wealthiest enclaves in the Untied States.  Talk about dystopian weirdness Aye?

Now, for me?  Afghanistan was a different story however... no joke, the majority of 'public toilets' meaning the serviced by KBR or whoever, the shitpaper there was John Wayne Brand from of all places Kyrgyzstan.  Labeled on the outside wrapper "Is Proud Product of Republic of Kyrgyzstan" it proudly proclaimed. and maaaan... 
Wish I was kidding
You could literally see the chips of fine-cut wood processed into the shitpaper.  Gotta say though, one you get stuck using hardcore buttwipe like that for a few weeks, lets just say you prolly don't worry about being anally raped in prison so much, as your nether regions already done gone and got beat on by the wipes.

"John Wayne Toilet Paper
It's rough, it's tough and it don't take no shit offa no one, no how."

Email to Xwife: "Send. Good. Buttwipe. Now"

(She didn't of course)

So, They and thinking on it, that might be something I'm on to.
IF you have to correspond to anyone vis-a-vis anything in regards to anti-regime intel, hell, in general.

Might even be completely innocuous... USE THEIR TERMS.  Not 'he/his' or 'she/hers' but 'they' and 'them'... might help obfuscate the sourcing and even the personnel involved.  Xi/Xer is even better... word salad so to speak.  Make it so in a court of law IF you get hemmed up, that you use this exact tactic against them (xem).  Make them work for it.  Especially if you use the 'gender/identity fluid' defense...  "Prove that I'm a man".. or Waman, or a pink unicorn... whatever floats ye olde boat.  Make it Harder... harder the better.  Because if they can't prove within a reasonable doubt (this based on that there is any fairness or legality left in a court of law) that you can muddle the fuck out of xhey case against you. Or xou as the case may be.

Food for MOR thought.
So yeah, word is from on high to a middle level they, that things are -just starting-
This's a source I literally would bet my life on
Ain't many of they/them out there.
So yeah.  September October is the gambit
By December, Katie Bar the Door.  Got more, but can not go into specifics
Watch the news... if they (the bad guys) start talking about a 'vaxport' in conjunction with air travel or international travel?  I consider that particular Rubicon as crossed
Ain't no going back, 'cept through out and out war.
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. No one wants to be first, but I have a feeling once enough enforcers are defended against they'll slow down. Might cut power, food and water, but that's just a green light to some.

    1. Cutting power, food, and water is bad. Wait until they cut *money*.

    2. They won't use door kickers.
      They'll use ChiCom-style "digital gulag" methods to get the dissident proles in line for the vax.

    3. Just remember, it is not the first to start shooting that starts the revolution. It is the second and third guy/gal/sheeple that gumps up and shouts hell yes.

  2. Im regular like a swiss watch. Two cups of coffee at 4:30 and the train left the station by 5:15. Ass wipe is a non issuse with me its like trying to wipe peanut butter from shag carpet. Gave up on that long ago. I jump from the shitter strait to the shower, scrub sparkly clean with the wifes loofah that she uses on her face. Just thought i would share this helpful hack with you good b.c. readers. You're welcome.

  3. I sense acceleration in the air . . .

  4. such passports are already illegal in most red states. Not gonna happen.

  5. Bigcountry, your friend' they' isn't telling you anything you don't already know. It's obvious, why give up on a winning strategy? The mild flu with scary name worked better than than even the craziest globalist bad guys ever dreamed. Think about it, it defeated us in a trade war with china, destroying our economy, enabled an election coup, censored political opposition, will sterilize future generations with the death jab while making billions for big pharma and big tech..... I could go on and on..
    Now what would be actually shocking and a surprise is if 'they' told you the bad guys were not going to ratchet it up to the next level with vax ports ECT ect

  6. good lord. krb tks m8 falcon and carver burn pits woooooo

  7. Shit's gonna break in August. A combination of all the truths of the stolelection coming out to the point even the enemedia can't hide all the stuffs, Joe Stink-fingers finally going Tango Uniform, more bullshit from the people in charge fucking the peasants.

    September and October are just when it becomes Sarajevo.

    There will be a point in mid-August where the road branches in two directions: one leading to a rapid turnover and change of everything and thus salvation for a few more years at least, and one leading to full-scale off-the-rails fuckery.

    Praying for the first road, but...

  8. "You could literally see the chips of fine-cut wood processed into the shitpaper."

    I was part of a student exchance with the Soviet Union during the Cold War. The Sov TP was exactly the same. Rough, rough stuff.

  9. BCE, so if you were to write a fiction novel about the coming sportiness, what would be some of the “plot twists” you would put in there, just to keep folks Turing the pages? Understand if you cannot do that. I cannot believe America is in this position. Scary. We are fairly well stocked here, will be making more runs to costco and Sam’s fir top off. Thanks for all you do.

  10. Re vaxport. Watch out for the FDA to withdraw the Emergency Authorization (EAU) just before the winter flu season ramps up and for them to give provisional full authorization. (Normally takes 4 to 6 years) Which means the Feds can force people to get vaccinated. Not the current voluntary only under EUA.

    Where this gets interesting is that a whole bunch of laws like the ADA and CRA can be weaponized against these Covidian thugs. I plan to file a CRA complaint lawsuit in my state if they try that shit based on the fact that blacks and hispanics have such low vaccination rates and whites have very high rates. So a vaxport is blatant racial discrimination. Alinsky is a great read. It turns out not only did he know how to play the game buy he hated all the right people. And the right people hated him. Like all the rich kid communists.

    If they want a race war lets give them a race war. But on our terms. In this case minorities against the Feds and the rich white people trying to make everyone carry internal passports. Just like in the Soviet Union.

  11. Just thinking out loud here but trouble will come before the "Horror Days" so Chipman can get fast-tracked into the Ay-Tee-Eff.

  12. sooooo my good colonel that thought he was going to iraq isn't now per chairman joe, so why are they still deploying? ditto for the two major natty guard commands deploying to kosovo FOR A YEAR? they're gearing up and training up and packing their bags for a fall deployment, almost ALL of my states assets.hmmmmm. God i hope your humint is wrong, but its adding up. my good o6 agrees that something is up. even during the height of the war they never deployed so many at once....anybody else's state doing that? any word from big army units? i know they switched training back to woodland tactics like the good old days of pinelandia. 82nd? 101st? anybody?

  13. Funny story about butt napkins...
    I was in Kabul in 03 and enjoyed the porta potties (the guys further downrange clued us in to what they used and why they were so happy to see the Porta Johns on their vaca's in Kabul).
    However, the local nationals (aka Haji) had no idea what inside plumbing let alone TP was all about.
    By 03 Army had learned their lesson and had designated certain Porta Johns for "Local National Use ONLY" and had helpfully put up signs in Farsi and big red "X"s along with threatening the locals with death or "disappearance" if any dared use the other Johns.
    It seems Haji doesn't sit down, instead he hops up on top and pops a squat.
    After looking inside one of the Haji Hilton's I could have sworn they didn't squat, but instead did hand stands and sprayed for distance.
    And to get back to the theme of the day... (Butt Wipes)
    But by far the biggest problem for the crews was the fact that the Haji's kept breaking the pumper trucks that emptied the Porta Johns.
    Because Haji not only could not figure out the logistics of sitting, they also had never had TP.
    So they brought their own...
    And then helpfully deposited then in the holding tanks of the Porta Johns.
    Anyone who claims that Western Culture and society hasn't advanced the human condition far beyond those cultures the left wants to import and model the new woke society on...
    They deserve a rock
    Upside the head (preferably a used rock at that)

    For those in Western Society that strongly desires a new Woke leftist society...
    Your time in the Haji Porta John is rapidly approaching,
    I just wish the rest of society wouldn't have to go along for the ride.

    MSG Grumpy

    1. I can confirm this. The company my husband worked for built bathrooms for them; they broke soon after for aforesaid reason. We can laugh all they want, but we got whooped by haj that wipe their butts with rocks. That should have been a signpost back then.

  14. It would have been hard to imagine just a few years ago but the freedom we take for granted in being able to travel from one state to the next, all across the fruited plains, might be gone by EOY. Better start to tighten up your circle and adjust your expectations, and make sure where you are *now* is where you want to be *later*.

  15. Any word from you associates weather the bad them were able to cook up a newer more improved variety to release into the wild this flu season?

  16. Any word from you associates weather the bad them were able to cook up a newer more improved variety to release into the wild this flu season?

  17. Research how to take a proper third world shit (since that is where we are headed). Starving people don't buy butt wipe.

  18. For once I hope the doom is correct. Things need to be gotten on with, like a man said to Michael Corleone, while we got the muscle.

  19. Expect "guilty beyond a reasonable doubt" to cease being the standard. Expect "innocent until proven guilty" to be laughed at. Expect "trial by a jury of your peers" to be eliminated. No more bail.... reasonable or otherwise. No public defenders. No appeals process. Expect Star Chamber proceedings with verdict and sentence determined before you even know you are a "suspect". In short expect the left to go whole hog insane to a level that will make the USSR an the GDR of the cold war look compassionate.

    1. Expect a lot of Americans to take Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's advice

  20. Who is to say. I do know the government has gone all 'in for a penny, in for 80 trillion megatons' and ghetting worse by the minute.

  21. As the last shit show started I went on the US A/AF exchange and ordered several of the jumbo packs of tp, shipped to the front door, no sales tax and if you buy $50.00 or more free shipping.
    When I do a buy from the exchange I generally but the house hold things that I need for a while, things that last in storage like dish soap and coffee to get to the $50.00 minimum.
    OBTW they sell ammo to, no taxes and free shipping over $50.00
    But the ammo shortage has hit them as well, but it's pretty easy to spend 50 bucks on an ammo buy.

  22. You’re trying to generate hits for yourself. You may have been a truck driver someplace in the Middle East, but I can tell you that your version of Rumor Control is fantasy. I’m not saying people shouldn’t prepare, but your version of “they” operate is laughable. Sit down, Specialist. The adults are talking.

    1. That's your one 'freebie.' If yer so smaht, feel free to build your own blog. I don't need to generate hits. I'm up front about how many, and who comes into MY house. The banhammer awaits any more of your foolishness and shit talking. Don't come into MY house, and throw poo on the walls, and expect to be treated with anything but the distain you oh so richly deserve. Get fucked. Thatisall.

    2. hey CraigT

      go lay down in the corner and lick your little weewee


    3. Hey guys, it looks like we might have our first "operative". So BigCounty must be doing something right..

      Just to let you know "CraigT" I've been helping some friends keep a major national anti lockdown site elsewhere "operative" free for the last year or so. Not just small time amateurs like you but state players who have a very long history of psych ops and XX operations. Usually successful in the past.

      Most of the attempts at disruption of that site were from the "auxiliaries". Retired ex military or NG equivalent. All working from the same training material. But we had a few probes from the professionals. It was easy to tell the difference. Who decided quickly to leave us alone as I dissected for the other readers of the site the exact tactics being used by the operatives to disrupt the site and undermine the reputation of various posters. And how and why they posted deliberate partial misinformation. After three sustained attempts they gave up and are now just in observation mode. But I expect another probe soon.

      All this effort by the state players was directed at probably the most successful national site at getting out independent, verifiable, and data driven information during the huge MSM COVID propaganda of the last 18 months. Been dealing with online trolls since before there was an internet. So know every trick. Including a few that are not in the operatives online psych ops training material.

      So "CraigT", you and any of your friends who might decided to drop by will be watched. BigCounty has friends who know your game and know how to play it. You will lose. So dont waste your time.

  23. I followed a link from the Curmudgeon out of curiosity and stumbled into your version of Fantasia. Glad you have your fan boys. You obviously don't need me. Again, I urge people to make contingency preparations for themselves and their families, trust only those people whom you really know, and to think for themselves. Go ahead a block me, there's nothing here that I can't walk away from.

  24. I find nothing useful here, so please block me and prevent me from accidently stumbling into this blog again. I urge your followers to think and reason for themselves. Adios, Specialist Big Country.