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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Me Being Me

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Went over and decided to 'flex' over at Mikes place at Cold Fury.  I mean why not Aye?  Hopefully he doesn't do the 'ban hammer' so todays rant is over dere so to speak... see how the traffic gets driven.
The LINK is here and there in the word

Sometimes the LINK word doesn't always work at the backup site, so it needs to be done cut n'paste.  Go figure.
Hopefully this turns into a mutually beneficial thing.
So go and check it out, let me know what you think in the comments
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Big Country


  1. Good write up BC! BRILLIANT idea of "Nextdooring" SloJo's Stasi! I'm signed up in my 'hood, but turned off the notifications 'cuz I work 30 miles away so what good would they do me? But the Karens? Holy crap, NON STOP on that site! Drama galore and "suspicious characters" on the daily... F'n great idea to redirect their efforts, well done!!

  2. Mr. Country- read the link. Very good. Read comments to it. One said roundup of rural people planned. That's my dumbass. Have you read/heard anymore about that? Ya doin good here, pal! Thanks. Texson

  3. Dude, as an HOA manager, I got a HUGE laugh out of your story pullin' the HOA inspectors out with the SWC. I had a similar (though less kinetic) experience from the other perspective; got called for an inspection, turned out dude called me to HIS house vs. the house he was selling, and hemmed me up while I was in his backyard. We unfucked the situation in short order and had a good laugh about it; hilarious they fucked off completely for eight years.

    I'd have just traded info with you and been like, "You see some sketchy shit, let me know on the down-low, and if the Karens bitch about you, I'll calm their tits and let you know on the down-low..." Some of my best homeowners are ex-servicemen and women: they don't cause problems, they don't Karen, and they always come correct. Even better when they're on the Board - they don't need to be told that there's a line where they need to fuck off, as it's not their business.

    Now that I mention it... you ever think of running for your HOA Board, BC? Even if just to fuck with the Karens a bit? Usually a couple of hours (if that) one night a month if that for meetings, these days after the COVID remixed everything, it's mostly Skype or some shit, don't even need to get dressed up and leave home. You'd be surprised - participation is usually really low, probably could get elected super easy if you complete and return the Call for Candidates form in time to get on the proxy ballot at the annual meeting.

    It's too bad SWC ain't still in the AO - get him on the Board, too, and maybe one more, and y'all would be a fuckin' quorum... or would that be a "junta"? After that, it is GAME ON. Think of all the fun you had with your pranks in Iraq... the mischief you can do writing in subtle and not-so-subtle changes to the HOA Style Guide and Rules & Regulations documents could be absolutely fucking EPIC.

  4. Big,
    And I mean this in the nicest possible way... Could You Be More Devious?
    Siccing karens on the Surge Patrol, criminy.
    Geez H. Luweeze.

  5. Me thinks local police telling fed level alaphabet agency covid cult doornockers to hose off is wishful thinking.

  6. Well...I didn't acquire thousands of rounds just because it looks cute in fitty cal boxes now did I? Ohio Guy