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Saturday, July 10, 2021

Man, Well THAT Sucked

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Not a lot to say today politically wise.  GranBebe is over for the weekend, and last night we tried a new pizza joint that GunGirl told me about.  It was really good BUT:

Somewhere around 0300 this a.m., the guts, they went sideways.

And are still bubbling.
It's a bummer really... the pizza was soooo good too.  New Yawk style.  Sapper thinks it was the pepperoni.  It was heavy on the greasy side, and the four of us have been having mad gas... well, not me.  I'm not trusting any fart today -at all-.  One of those tmi days I know.

Better safe than sorry.

But, OTOH, I'm going to give it another shot at some point.  Have to see if just the cheese pizza has the same effect.  If not then it'll go on the rotation of the occasional pie for the house.  If not, whelp it is whut it tiz.

So, word is coming out from Austria about the J&J Jab.
The link is HERE

Seems 40-50 people per day are falling the fuck out after jab #2.
No word on how many have fallen out permanently.
They're spinning it as 'dehydration' apparently.

My question, hell, -everyone's- question is just what the hell is going to happen in a few months?  Myself?  I think it's a depopulation kill shot.  Notice how Bill Gates still hasn't publicly announced his vacc as of yet?  In fact -none- of the Powers That Be have, or, in the case of a few of the 'public shots' the vidyas out there show that they were faked... blatantly faked for the cameras.

The Australian Head Bitch in charge had it done so blatantly (they left the cap on over the needle) that they then turned around and said they were 'reenacting' the shot because the shot had been given in private....
Yeah... suuuuure it was.
Fucking fuckers fucking lying fucking all fucking day long.

One of the preppers out there said that they suggest stocking up on HAZMAT suits and protective gear, 'cos the bodies, when they start to stack, they're dangerous.  They are, but let me tell you, if it gets to the point you, me and the rest of the Droogs are in 'carcass collection mode' then something, somewhere has gone completely and utterly sideways.  IF it gets to the point that there's a mass die off?  Man, that's a 'hunker in the bunker' for 3 months minimum.  Leastways here in Florida, the humidity and heat'll help with the 'melt/elimination' naturally of the dead... leastways theoretically.  It's the cool(er) climes that stacked carcii become a major health hazard. 

Why do you think I'm a big proponent of Flammenwerfers? 
Better to light 'em up at a distance.

Also, as a reminder:  I still have 4 days until I pull the winner of the iTac Glock Frame.  Any and all donations are welcome as it's helping to keep the lights on here at Casa Big Country.  the paypal is for those who don't know.  So far I have about 75 entries, as some of y'all have emailed me saying thanks but no thanks.  I can't tell y'all how much your support has meant to me and wifey and GranBebe.
She's getting BIG

Makes a person hopeful Aye?
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Ummm dude, the J&J shot is a 1 and done.
    You sure you got the right jab???

  2. Cute kid but mein gott! That dog is Ah... "chunky" comes to mind. Solid like a hoss. Is that where the extra pizza is going? Inquiring minds would like to know. ;-)

    Hope you get well, the "Mexico City Trots" are not fun, been there and done that in more countries that I care to mention.

  3. I'm curious as to which side they plan on killing off first- the vaccinated (mostly leftists and morons) or the unvaccinated (with a REAL disease- possible the vaccines offer protection from their bioweapons.) From a numbers perspective, the vaccinated would lower the population somewhere between 30 and 60 percent. I'm not really seeing a downside.

  4. Not an ordie, but I did stay at the Holiday Inn last night.

    Is that Taliban holding a 68mm rocket? The latent ammo accountant in me is also wondering how the fuckity fuck fuck did we leave ordnance behind when we slunk out in the middle of the night...? Are those on somebody's books, and if so, who's?

  5. What is in those crates?


  6. I didn't get the shot for a lot of reasons, but chiefly among them from a purely practical standpoint would be the fact that the bug ain't that deadly for my demographic, and the shot being untested new tech that's been rushed onto the market skipping a lot of the usual testing stuff that takes years.

    Buuut... THEN they had to give it ALL of the aspects of a REALLY bad scam. It's free, and everyone is PUSHING it - you HAVE to get it to be socially accepted by all the Cool People on TV... but also, the people who make it are completely exempt from any liability if it causes harm.

    Fuuuuuck THAT noise. Grandpa taught me to spot a scam from a mile away.

    As for the guts... if it's just greasy-greasy, I'd say eat a PB sammitch or two to help bind it up, maybe some of them high fiber cookies or crackers. Soak up the grease and give the pipes a good scrub before dumping the load. TMI, maybe, but pretty sure nobody in this crowd cares one way or the other.

    1. It is not free and no one will say how much they are getting paid by you and me.

  7. That last meme is some good action. I can't believe what the U.S. has done... what a minute, yes I can. We fucked the South Vietnamese and the Sha-Iranians the same way. Wait for the jab die-off. It gonna be great! As far as I concerned, they can jab it up their ass. I used to plan on feeding my dog with the fresh carcasses, but not now. Texson

    1. Pups are immune to fake viruses, so let the little demons feast on the flesh of the stupid !!

  8. I lived and worked all over this particular planet.
    I eat unknowns from street-carts and unmarked doors down dark alleys.
    I thought I was tough...
    I got food poisoning twice:
    * from a well-regarded restaurant in Sacramento, California
    * from a very busy top-dollar restaurant south of Frisco, California (Daly City?)
    Just shoot me green, weak as a kitten, cranky and complaining to everybody... and then running from bed to the can.
    My flatulence was impressive.
    Minutes long and verbose.
    Machine-guns, dolphin-squeals, burps, earth-quakers.
    I wish I had the video.

  9. ...I'm curious as to which side they plan on killing off first- the vaccinated (mostly leftists and morons) or the unvaccinated (with a REAL disease- possible the vaccines offer protection from their bioweapons.) ...

    This is how I see the options. But I still rather be in the latter gategory and face whatever it is they are throwing at us with an uncompromised immune system.

  10. . ..I'm not really seeing a downside....

    so if the die off kills the fake vaxxed, what is the downside? Other than the stink? I understand all those bodies would provide a health risk, but that seems like a well known deliniated, zero sum, task us survivors could latch on to.
    I want real skulls to hold my Hersheys Nuggets with almonds, or a genuine sjw skull coffee mug.

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    ps. could you please add CC to your blogroll? thanks!