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Thursday, July 15, 2021


Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Some days it just. don't. pay. to wake up I swear.
Got me an email today.
Are you fucking kidding me?
I mean c'mon man!!!
"This's a joke" was my first reaction.  Fucking VA issued me the one on the left a year ago.  And I've been having breathing issues... I attributed it to being a fat out-of-shape bastard who's already missing 1/2 a fucking Airbag, which mind you I don't get paid for, as I was in Iraq as a 'private contractor' and not eligible for the filthy VA disability lucre that I ought to get, seeings that the cancer I -had- was due to either Depleted Uranium exposure and/or Burn Pit exposure...  Nope... I can't even get in on any on the class action Burn Pit shit despite missing ye olde aire-baggage, courtesy Uncle Sugar's propensity to poison/kill anyone and everything, one way or another.  Even worse?  No one at the fucking VA called or told me...

Nonono.  A fucking shyster ambulance chasing law firm did the reach out.
Any wonder why we positively -loath- the systemic bullshit that is the Veterans Administration?

Now they're trying moider ya with the CPAP machine.
If it wasn't for the DotMil/VA... I swear man...
The Haj weren't even this efficient at trying to kill me I swear.

So... now I emailed them screaming bloody fucking murder, and demanding a full carcass workup.  I'm gonna be pissed if I have cancer again, let me tell ya.  And then, whilst perusing the news this A.M. I find this particular shitnugget:
Benzene in the sunscreen.
Guess which brand Papi Fuckhead bought and used prodigiously on meselves AND GranBebe?

God damn it.
Cain't win fer losing some days Aye?
S'all good... just... wow.

So, anyways, I haven't heard back from the winner yet about the win.  So's I can't announce it b/c I dunno if they want to keep the Privacy factor on.  If I don't here by close of business tomorrow, I'ma gonna have to draw another winner, as I really want to get this taken care of, and it's only fair 'cos if dude/dudette ghosts, -someone- has to be the weiner amiright?

So, more on poly-ticks later... I'm just feeling a bit off now what with the possibility of the Big C possibly making a reappearance.  That'll just be the creamy shit frosting on one hell of a turd-cake of a month for me Aye?

And everyone wonders why I drink...
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. That sucks!
    My sister told me about this a couple of weeks ago, luckily all my brothers and I use different brands.
    Take care of yourself!

  2. "Any wonder why we positively -loath- the systemic bullshit that is the Veterans Administration?"

    Only reason I didn't go in at 19 - fuckers fucked my Uncle over Agent Orange, he was blue water Navy, not brown, but they were right off the coast making water off the Meikong Delta or whatnot - wouldn't do shit about his shakes until a couple of years ago they changed it, but the damage has been done.

    Sorry to hear that they haven't changed much (if at all); I guess it's the same way with every health agency that's REQUIRED to serve people, cut 'em off everywhere you can, make the rest wait in line, and hope they die off before you have to spend money on treating them. Reasons you have to get on a waiting list for the NHS in the UK and everyone who can afford it over there comes here to pay our doctors to treat them right fucking now.

  3. Regarding your CPAP. Well, breaking down and soaking the face mask in a large ziploc full of Hydrogen Peroxide is something they don't tell you to do, but you need to do, about once a month or so. Same with the hose, fill it full of H2O2 and let it sit and eat all the mold and mildew out. Same with the water reservoir. And then scrub everything you can with hot water and dish soap. And then rinse everything.

    Then, a 1/4 teaspoon of H2O2 in the reservoir water, maybe less, and that will keep your system from growing all the mold that is inside of you.

    If you're having lung problems, have your doc check you for lung mold. It is a thing. Especially in people with lung power issues.

    And now I have to go check my grey CPAP machine to see if I'ma fucked, too!

  4. I prolly wouldn't worry about the benzene content of the sunscreen just yet. Benzene is actually used in some pharmaceuticals. I worked in a chemical plant that produced benzene as a by-product During that decade I was exposed to the pure stuff a couple times, but all the mandatory testing for cancer came back negative. And years later, still no signs of the C.
    I think a lot of this stuff labeled as a carcinogen only causes cancer in laboratory rats, which are fed extremely high concentrations over long periods, and people from California, most of which are just too stupid to live.

    On the other hand, the CPAP issue is just another example of the government awarding a contract to the lowest bidder, no matter how shitty the product. I say take the shyster's offer and sue the fuck out of 'em !

  5. man come on, you don't believe all that ambulance chaser shit do you? everything ever studied causes cancer according to them. you worried about benzene? it evaporates in milliseconds unless you drink it straight out of the bottle. its in gasoline these days, as high as 30% per gallon depending on the area formulation. you're in way more danger filling up the car or stuck in traffic.... now burn pits that's another story. we had them down the road in bosnia, in an old soviet nuke plant of all things. yeah, the stinking fog rolled in about 4 foot off the ground and lasted all day. town used it to generate a little power. i still ain't right.

  6. What Beans said x100

    We’ve grown paranoid about virus’ and bacteria but funguses are everywhere, and are mostly ignored by the medico’s.

    Oral, gut and surface skin/hair is universal. Respiratory and even epidermal (not surface but actually in the epidermis) colonisation is endemic. They’re part of our normal biome (and a major part, as with ‘our’ bacteria, of our immune defence system – they really hate ‘newcomers’) but, as with bacteria, when they start colonising areas they’re not usually part of, or expanding due to compromised immunity, we get … trouble.
    (a lot of infections are multiple pathogens all taking advantage of the breach, a report about scabies showed clearing the mites was almost incidental, the following bacterial, viral and fungal infections actually caused the damage).

    If the docs aren’t concerned, and wont treat what you suspect is a respiratory colonisation, … use chlorhexidine mouthwash. A small proportion of what you drink enters your upper respiratory tract and it’s become, if not official, protocol in respiratory infections here. ‘Not’ continuously, a week and then allow ‘your’ biome to re-establish dominance (part of the rise in auto-immune conditions such as asthma is due to the ‘sterilise everything including us’ mentality, you ‘need’ your own biome, like I said, it’s part of your defences), repeat after a week as needed. Then oral maintenance once a week.

  7. my old barber (USCG) says he gets 50% for sleep apnea..

    and if you NOT be vaxx'd you ain't gonna work no mo or go shopping for any mo sunscreen if this slag get it's way..

  8. BCE search the phrase "my cancer story rocks". It is interesting and may not work on everything C but it is another piece of information like the koof alternatives that doesn't get circulated that often. I will pray for you. Beans thanks for that lung mold information. I for a long time have reduced respiratory capacity and have wondered if it was age or health condition.