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Saturday, July 17, 2021

Let Them Starve

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
This may or may not cause some butthurt out there, but hey, Fuck you if'n you can't take a joke.  Thing of it is, the truth hurts.  As does stupid.  And there's a whoooole lotta stupid going on worldwide out there.
How stupid you ask?  Wait til 00:15 seconds into this:
Stereotypes are a stone bitch sometimes Aye?

Seems Sou'Frica has been going through quite the spell of bullshit.  Now, I have my own theories on it.  Mainly that they did this intentionally.  Ostensibly, the -reasons- for the riots were that the Zulus were rioting because 'their guy' got convicted of being a piece of shit... corruption in Sou'Frican Poly-Ticks is like corruption everywhere in Africa.  There are no legit and honest politicians -anywhere- in Africa. 

Motherfucking Diogenes?  Rots O'Ruck there buuuuuuuuuddy.

For the less informed visitors, "Diogenes the Cynic, also known as Diogenes of Sinope, often resorted to theatrical devices to demonstrate a philosophical point. According to Diogenes Laërtius, Diogenes once roamed the streets of Athens carrying a lit lamp. When asked what he was doing, Diogenes said, “I am looking for a human being.” This quote is more commonly translated as “I am looking for an honest man.”  Hat Tip Quotesfromthepast dot com for that... Either way, an "Honest Man" nor "Human Being" is NOT going to be found in Africa among the melanin-supreme.  

So, according to the BBC: "The catalyst was the arrest last week of Zuma, with his supporters blockading major roads - the economic arteries of the nation - as they demanded the release of their political hero.

Low income levels and unemployment - standing at a record high of 32.6% among the workforce and even higher at 46.3% among young people <bold mine>  - are seen as the ticking bombs that have exploded.

Many South Africans have been shaken by the riots that have swept through Zuma's political heartland of KwaZulu-Natal and the economic hub of Gauteng.

And many feel that his successor as president, Cyril Ramaphosa, has failed to provide decisive leadership - either to calm anger over Zuma's imprisonment or to reassure South Africans that they will be safe."

Now, MY analysis:  Ramaphosa had Zuma locked up a full week before this shit kicked.
LOTS of Sou'Fricans are saying that this was planned waaaay in advance.
-Nothing- spontaneous about it.  
Very specific targets were chosen, mainly food distribution and logistics hubs

I think that they're looking for a bailout.
The ANC (Apefrican Nutjob Communists) ran South Africa completely and utterly into the ground
Took a metaphoric Concorde Jet going Mach 2, and aimed it at the ground, screaming "Equity" and "Equality", nevermind "We wuz Kangz and sheeeee-it!!!"  And of course, that finely tuned, highly sophisticated metaphoric Jet plowed into the ground at warp factor 5, leaving a smoking fucking crater.  And, methinks that Ramaphosa and HIS goons, well, they've been watching the Untied States and the Burn Loot and Murder chimpouts, and figured "Hey, they ain't done sheee-it to stop their own, and they -love- to be "The Great Whyte Savior"... IF we BLM dis place, the Liberal Whypeepo of 'Murica will come to our rescue!!!  'Member 'We are th' Wurld?'  

See, I think, and this's me, and I haven't seen anyone else talking aboot it, but I think Ramaphosa wants to ride the 'nigger guilt train' back to some semblance of economic stability.  After all, we paid for, well, shit... everyone, everywhere, whenever decimation happens, us moronic guilt ridden Whypeepo seem to step into the breech to pay for and assist everyone.

'Cept this time.
I say
After all the shit the fucking ANC has done?
Fuck those guys
I look forward to the vidya of 2023 being chewed on by 2024.  'Cept word is that it's already in progress.  MANY tweets from various black retards who rioted now complaining that "Dere ain'ts no foods".  Uh, yeah... you fucking thoughtless jungle bunnies done destroyed ALL the infrastructure and food distribution... 

Let. Them. Starve. 

Of course they won't though.  Back in the day, The Congo had some 'supply issues' and first thing the natives did was went all in, back to cannibalism.  Let 'em eat each other.  Fuck 'em.  And tell you what, usually I do not get involved in any sort of letter writing or shit to any asshole in DC, but if they start and "Aid for Apefrica" and NOT for the Whypeeo?  I'm all in on stopping that retarded shit.  Only thing I'd do if I had the wherewithal is help sponsor a Whypeeo fambly OUT of that shithole.

In fact, ANOTHER factoid being left out, which also, leastways to my thought process was that the ANC was just about to remove the ability for the common folks to own a gun 'for self defense'... meaning they were in-progress to eliminate private ownership.  They'd already started by making ALL the people who owned guns get 'training and/or retraining' from my understanding, with the intent of collecting up the non-compliant folks guns... that was suppose to happen in a few weeks.

Instead, everyone who got retrained used that training and the places that saw the least looting/pillaging were the places defended by the gun owners who self-organized, as the Police were either out of ammo, outnumbered, or, most commonly part of the looting and pillaging.

Takeaway Lesson:  NEVER. EVER. GIVE. UP. YOUR GUNS.
So More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Yeah, Africa always wins, as the saying goes.

    And what's funny, in a sick, dark, unfunny way is the former breadbasket of Africa, ex-Rhodesia now Zimbabwe, has been openly tracking down the white ex-farm families it chased out (at the tip of a machete) in order to beg them to come back to Zimbabsia and reactivate the magic dirt so the people can be fed (at which time the white people and their magic powers will once again be put under the blade.)

    I feel sorry for the whites in SA who got trapped by the government freezing their assets, not issuing them passports and visas and allowing them to leave. And now they're facing Zulu time all over again.

    Where's the ongoing worldwide outrage for the continued systematic murders of white people, especially farmers in SA?

    In other words, I agree totally with you and fuck them all, sorry for you whites but you should have boat-peopled outta there when SA became Mandelia.

  2. I heard the huge foodwarehouse that was looted and burned was the primary distribution hub for SA and 2 other countries. The looters also destroyed cell towers and power lines. It was organized and went after specific targets.


  3. and yet the holy rollers still believe...

    they'll snivel and pray until they are rolled into the pits still waiting for divine intervention

    there are still men out here who haven't been snipped by domestication and whack job religion.

    the strong, daring, and heartless will survive

    the weak, cowardly, and dependent will perish.

    just as in nature- so it SHALL be..




    1. hey t, it's a waste of breath, and typing.
      I'm still laughing myself silly over these fools who are waiting for the Trumpster judas goat to ascend his rightful throne and lead them out of this hell into the fields of plenty.
      They'll die waiting.

  4. Here is a great article, written back in 2002 on the subject of "Letting Africa Sink"

    As far as i am concerned, let all the countries we give money to who hate our guts, sink...

    We need to support our own first and foremost and fuck everyone else...

    1. Its not support its our money put right back into the coffers of those who donated.

  5. SA and it's sporky fun is PROOF that there is no such thing as to much ammo. GOT AMMO? or be FOOD.

  6. Your first clip is from Chicago last summer.

  7. I will say it again, the only shock here is that it took S.A. this long to collapse into anarchy.

  8. I have no doubt the fucking Chinese have a hand in this.

  9. I have no doubt the fucking Chinese have a hand in this.

  10. Are you all sure you don't wanna sing, "We are the World...We are the chilluns" again? Or donate to some asshole feed the chilluns campaign? C'mon man! Oh, ye darkhearts. Btw, BC, It's about time to show that red eyed bandoleer wearin' German death head again, eh? Ohio Guy

  11. As for what happened in ZA it was organized, it was only in Zuma-land and there was barely a squeak in the rest of the country. Even Malemas heartland was quiet.

    Next time there is looting in the US the locals might take some hints from how some of the ZA shop workers protected their jobs. Looter are really really stupid..

    As for Diogenes the word he used meant "mankind". As in intelligent, superior to animals etc. The Greeks had another word for "man". As well as different phrase for "honest man". Diogenes was a bit of an asshole. Much like Socrates. But at least Socrates could take a joke and was drinking buddies with Aristophanes. Who wrote some very obscene plays which are still very funny. Even after two and half thousand years. Fart jokes, dick jokes and toiler humor never grows old.

  12. The africans here will try to one up the zulus , bet money. Fuck em

    Why? Because it makes it much harder for the Overstate to load you onto boxcars, to line you up by a ditch.

  14. All foreign aid is money laundering.

  15. Fun video here, by a ZA expat -

  16. entering the Twilight Zone... wow...

    Story on ZeroHedge:

    Miles Taylor, a former Department of Homeland Security (DHS) official, made the comment during a Thursday interview on MSNBC’s “The Reid Out.”

    “I’ve spent my whole career not as a political operative. I’ve never worked on a campaign in my life other than campaigning against Trump. I’m a national security guy. I’ve worked in national security against ISIS, al Qaeda and Russia,” Taylor said.

    “And the No. 1 national security threat I’ve ever seen in my life to this country’s democracy is the party that I’m in — the Republican Party. It is the No. 1 security national security threat to the United States of America,” he said.

  17. Im guessing.
    Do what has to be done.

  18. Indeed! Let them starve! We should be low-key shaming anyone who does this Africa first nonsense. Make it unpopular to have this kneejerk incessant fetish for alien culture. We should be cleaning up our own backyards, looking to our own kind first. Trying to save the world has won us nothing but pain.

  19. FOX NEWS VIDEO - PTA official says 'let them die' about parents fighting critical race theory

    ps. could you please add CC to your blogroll?

  20. All the tennis shoes, but not a singe book stolen,...that says it all right there.