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Thursday, July 1, 2021

Gratitude and Ingratitude

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Lifes lessons:  Be thankful and prayerful for what you have. 
You never know when your going to lose everything
To my readership, I can't thank you enough for all the unexpected donations, mostly all, from the notes, meant to assist in my never-ending Ongoing War Against My Liver.  So many Finlandia references I lost track.  But seriously... I can't thank you all enough.  Each and every last one of you droogish and thuggish lot, me most 'umble thanks.
No shytte there.
Other bit n pieces.
I mentioned something over on Gab.  Not really wanting to go into it here per se, but needless to say, The only thing I haven't lost now, per the country song, is the dog. 
My only brown eyed girl now apparently.  She's telling me it's gonna be ok.
<le sigh>
Yannow, I had a commenter on here a waaaays back who was talking some serious foil.  Like cray-cray IMO tinfoil stuff... that I was potentially a target for people with bad intentions.  I figured it was a case of the abyss with this guy.  I went to the websites that he linked to me, and read the emails he sent me, and man, how far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?

Seems that fucker is bottomless
The basic idea was BECAUSE I refused to go to work for a certain three letter agency back in 06, that I've been on a "harass and fuck with list" and that ALL my issues are because 'someone's watching me' and that I'm not paranoid, that someone is out to get me.  According to him:  That new neighbor?  Watching me.  That guy from work?  Reporting on me.  We're talking crazy shit here.

Times like this make it really hard to brush off weird assed rabbit hole bullshit like that Aye?
No worries tho gang.  I'm still present and accounted for.

Damaged goods but who isn't these days?

I'm made of sterner stuff.  Water = Duck's Back, wash, rinse, repeat.
No worries that I'm seeing shit or people, however, when the universe decides to fuck with me, it really decides to fuck with me.  And it's almost chartable.  Certain times of the year I can almost guarantee certain times will be exceptionally good and other times of the year will be exceptionally bad.

Good times, bad times, it's important to have GRATITUDE.  To be grateful for the small things.  That GranBebe is healthy and growing up well.  That my doggo is healthy, and that Sapper may actually have a real job here shortly.  That I still, despite the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune have a sense of humor about all the bullshit I'm currently enduring.

That I didn't go to the January 6th Buffalo Jump... Holy shit am I thankful for that.  I had someone... can't remember who who wanted me to go, and man, s'hyeah...  I do not look good in Jail Orange.  Ask me of how I know this.  Grateful that I'm still in relatively good health despite all the other times that the Universe has taken a shot at me with bugs and bullshit.  THAT in itself is a minor miracle.  Still cancer free now 10 years?  Maybe more, maybe less.

That my son and I have a solid friendship AND relationship as a parent.  He seems to genuinely like me and enjoys hanging out with me, as I do with him.  That he's got a great woman who loves him and me (as a surrogate father figure) and that they're good to go.  In fact this weekend, I'm doin him a solid.  His kitty Nook needs to be re-homed.  Don't really have the room per se, but hell, if the bugger gets along with Bob-The-Cat and The Sausage Princess, it means Spawn won't have to totally give up his kitty.  A quick aside:  reason he has to get rid of the cat is he and his woman do the Exotic Bird thing... they have a dozen rare and expensive birds... the cat was good with the birds for about 2 years, but now?  They came home and found one of the birds completely chowed on... broke their heart and cats are gonna cat.  They tried to make adjustments, but the cat needs more room to run around, and even being an 'inside cat' keeping the booger locked up in the back room ain't fair, and I guess the birds are now all weirded by the cat whereas before it'd been cool.  Guess realizing that yer buddy is actually a serial killer even affects the birds Aye?

So I told him to bring Nook over here for a trial run.  Either way, he doesn't know it, but I'm going to keep her.  Figure it's the least I can do, and the expenditure is minimal to increase the chow and litter.  Not that I'm that good about doing the box that often anyways.  In fact I need to go change that nasty sucker right after this, note to self.

The INGRATITUDE out there... Hoo Boy.  Where to begin.  NOT going to touch on the personal life side.  I'm sorry and sore enough.  The societal aspects though?  Man.. talk about ingratitude. Every generation always talks about the generation that followed them as 'spoiled' or ungrateful.'  It's by the very nature of society for you people to have had it "so much harder"... the whole "Walking to school uphill, both ways in a snowstorm, Barefoot!" stuff that we all grew up with.  Every. Single. Generation. had a hyperbolic view of just 'how bad' it was growing up. 

I personally remember being all butthurt about not getting a particular toy one year... Christmas?  Birthday?  The day was inconsequential in the larger scheme, but what stuck me was how my Grandmother then relayed to me a story about the depression... and it wasn't about her, but someone she knew.  That she knew of a little girl who lived up the street who was luck enough to have a roof over her head, when so many others didn't.  Grandma told me how people barely afforded food... never mind luxuries like toys.  I remember because I felt shitty for being a little greedhead.  Probably the first time I ever felt that way, and why 40 odd years later I -still- remember that.

The people today, for a cross generational perspective are the most. ungrateful. humans. to. have. ever. lived.  They carry on their person the information and knowledge that the greats like Einstein, Edison, Hegel... all the greats would probably sold their children to have THAT MUCH information at their beck and call.  Instantaneous transmission over VAST distances for NO COST... communication to MILLIONS at the drop of a few letters on a little box you carry in your pocket.  

And what do all these people do?
Spend their time trying to tear everyone and anyone down.  
ESPECIALLY if you fail to obey them
You never hear of a Tweetstorm to build someone up do you?
Nope.  Purely a destructive force.  In fact, I personally think it's the most corrosive thing to hit society in a century.  Fucking honest-to-Christ National Socialism with an Armband isn't as nasty and divisive.  Full on "Exterminate the Jooos" via Arab Supremacy got -nuthin- on Twitter Awakened.  Critical Whypeepo Trashing?  That's cool.  "Kill all da whypeepo" and smash "whypeepo superpreemacy" and hey, we good.
The lack of awareness
The lack of Gratitude.
Lets face it... the primary motivator isn't justice.  It's revenge
Getting even for being 'lesser'
A lesser people
A lesser race
A lesser will
Hatred and Disgust, self-loathing turned outward, rather than in.
"You didn't built that."
You're ab-so-lutely Goddamned right.  I didn't, and neither did you.
Better men then we did
And, unlike you, I'm grateful they did, 'cos I'm benefiting quite nicely because of it.
The Obamamessiah, for all his 'oppressions', him, the Oprahsauraus and Meghan "I'm an Oppressed Quadroon Princess" Markle-Windsor seem to be doing just fine in all that oppression they got going on 'round here.

It's almost like they can't acknowledge their own achievement, because without whypeepo, they would never have gotten to where they are. Last time I looked, under the very definition in Webster's "Failed State: See; any and all African-Run Countries in the World, sic Liberia, Zimbabwe etc.

Need I go on?
And it's not just racial.  It's everyone with an ax to grind.  Tribalism at it's best.  The Jews play the long game... they, by dint of their beliefs, and despite any and all deflection ARE tribal like a motherfucker, to the detriment to anyone who crosses them.  The Spanish?  Still pissed at the English for the whole 'loss of the new World' thing, and the Iranians?  ne Persians?  HIGHLY bent about that whole Babylonian thing from waaaaay back.

'Murica, for all it's warts, we're hated by -everyone- because we weren't supposed to do so well.
We were the junkyard dog-rejects of the rest of the world.
The scummy refuse
The religious nutbars
The guy who shouldn't have done well.
Think "Bill Gates"
That fuckin' geek no one liked, that everyone picked on?  He's damned near the embodiment of the United States, to include the megalomania.

Until shit gets right, and people start remembering what and whom did what for whom, (if that makes any sense that is) then we're doomed as a people.  Relationshits can't last if one party uses and abuses the other perpetually.  Nonstop lying and betrayal?  Eventually, the relationshit fractures, and depending on how bad that fracture is, it can end very very poorly for the abusive party.

Jes' Sayin'
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country
No, no it ain't.


  1. Ah, sorry your life turned sideways yet again.

    But here's the 'comforting' thought. I have noticed that extremely competent people are purposely targeted and destroyed by both inside forces (bosses, cow-orkers, HR, etc) and outside forces (IRS, Other people's HR bullshit, etc.)

    You, unfortunately, are an extremely competent person. Your very existence is a threat to your fellow cow-orkers. The bitches you worked with? Females hate, with the burning passion of 10,000 suns, any male in the workplace that isn't useless and isn't gay. The only thing they hate worse than a competent male is a competent female, as bitches will fucking shiv as a group (think death of Julius Caesar, except bitches) the one competent female in any group. And then when done will turn, as a group, on the next most competent woman and so on.

    Sorry your life has turned sideways yet again.

    I hope your wife is being supportive and good. Kinda scares me you didn't refer to her in all of the above. Hard to find a decent woman anymore.

    1. RE: "wife is being supportive", I had the same thought when she wasn't mentioned and the words "everything" and "only" were mentioned in BCE's post. Not prying but I hope she is not a part of all that except as support to you, BCE.

      Keep your head up and keep fighting.

  2. We are also collectively missing Honor and Shame.

  3. .... He seems to genuinely like me and enjoys hanging out with me, as I do with him....

    That sounds like success Dad. Like you didnt sell your children out like Boomers. Your grandchildren will speak your name with reverance. Gen Z will give their grandparent the Day if the Pillow. Who gives a fuck what your ISAAC score is?

    I went from having a law practice to homeless circa 2008. That saying, freedom is another word for nothing left to lose." is true. God, Family, Nation. Nothing else matters. They can take your house away. They cant take the Spawn's love for you away and I'd bet a testicle they cant gaslight that love away.

  4. BC things happen for a reason. Sometimes it is revealed to us most times not till way later ask me how I know. Its fun to look back and think where you are and its always good. You will come through stronger and better on the other side. Peace brother.

  5. Yes, being grateful, showing gratitude no matter the trials and tribulations, is one of the great accomplishments one can lay claim to.

    With respect to the rest of your post, wasn't it not too long ago that you went on about boomers being the source of all your misery? Strive towards excellence.

  6. Courtesy
    Preserve ranch
    Self control
    Indomitable spirit

    Those are the five tenets of TKD as taught at our school

    Hang in there. It can get better.

  7. Mr. Country- 65 and retired. I gotta say I'm pretty tired of all this "boomer" shit. I had a job for 15 years that made me wonder if I was going home at the end of the day. Made my money and paid my own way. Got wise and became somewhat restrained. I hate you having grief. Learned a long time ago that the people that help you have a tendency to "appear out of the woodwork". Good luck. Texson

  8. Sorry about the tough times that you are going through. Like you, 10 years ago I went through an ugly divorce and lost everything and ended up living in my little camper. Between child support and alimony, I was broke as a joke and my Ex was living it up with the guy she cheated on me with and threw roadblocks in my seeing my kids. It was truly a dark dark time.

    Fast forward 10 years and alimony and child support are done, I met and married an awesome woman, I'm living in a gorgeous house and my life is better than ever.

    My point is that time changes things and this current situation is a bump in the road for you. 10 years ago stuff really sucked for you too but it is a lot better now and it will get better in time.
    Chin up and don't let the bastards get you down !!

  9. Now there may be some folks here who'll roll their eyes with what I'm about to impart...
    so be it...if one is unable to handle the obvious, oh well.
    "American by birth, Southern by the Grace of God."
    Beyond this, ALL AMERICANS are BLESSED, whether they understand this or not.
    Those who've been abroad, they know of which I speak. Yes, each generation slips further
    into a tyranny that tries to control them, but there again, it's up the individual to
    "make things happen" for themselves. Case in point, in 1981, after being out of high school
    a few years, I found out, quickly, that what our parents and grandparents experienced about
    being employed by the company. A business which looked out for their employees, no longer existed.
    I set out to start my own business...hey, at least I would look out for myself if no one else
    was going to. But the point I'm trying to make is this; We live in a REPUBLIC where "IF" one
    so desires, they too "make it their way". (Borrowing from old blue eyes there)
    So, one can start small with one feature to offer. Then grow from there. Offer a service which
    has very low overhead and yields high returns for the effort invested. I started out cleaning
    the rain gutters on folks houses. Drove around looking for houses that needed the service,
    with my grandfathers extension ladder on the roof of my old formula firebird. Sure, not very glam,
    but it paid the bills. I knew it would be short term, as I hoped to either add too, or advance away
    from that service. As things progressed, I was right. Folks began to ask if I would paint the exteriors
    of their house. After carefully reviewing what my limitations were, I proceeded to paint. Criteria was,
    single level houses with minimal repairs or prep. So I applied a premium primer coat and finish coats,
    and never looked back. From there I was determined to never let the weather dictate my income.
    And began painting residential "interiors" for property management businesses. Figuring I didn't
    need to be super critical, on details, just they were mostly rentals. There I honed my
    skills with estimating, a paint brush, and knowledge of materials. Then one day, while painting
    a master bedroom, I broke down how much I was making for painting the entire room, to each wall and
    from there, how much for each phase of painting. The crown, base, walls, and ceiling. It was then,
    the entrepreneurial bug bit me, and hard. I was making more to paint that one one room than I could
    make in two days, by the hour, working somewhere else. Back in 1981 that was good money. Speaking of
    being blessed...Folks, we're in the best country God ever brought forth. Sadly, we're being attacked
    from with-in. Yes, the enemy is making in-roads, further than we would like. But they've NOT won.
    And they won't ! As long as Patriots have something to say about it.
    Being an eighth generation AMERICAN, This REPUBLIC WILL NOT DIE ON MY WATCH !
    The question remains..."How about you ?" Will you defend your home ?
    Moral of the story, "You have to make IT happen" if you want to be successful.
    And you MUST have the "Heart", stay with it...and you too can be successful !
    Since those days, I've added to the list of services which are offered.
    And have grown to the point of being able to meet my needs.
    ANYONE can do this too...IF, one is so inclined. But it won't be handed to you...
    You have to earn it, and be determined to NEVER give up. Do a good job.
    Then look for the next project. And one day, you'll realize IT CAN BE DONE.
    Yes, I'm grateful, and very thankful, for what Our Lord has enabled me to accomplish.
    The Southern thing, is just icing on the cake. (Rebel Yell Here)

  10. Like my great uncle always said, "We were poor...and then the great depression hit." We'll always have some adversity in our lifetimes. Some more than others. It's how we react to it is what's really important. Life is a test. And like BCCL said, "These things happen for a reason." A good hard blade goes thru hellfire before it's quenched. Much like our soul. Keep fighting the good fight. Ohio Guy

  11. My Dad, God rest his soul, taught me what the 5 F's in Life were when I was a young boy:

    1. Find 'em
    2. Feed 'em
    3. Finger 'em
    4. Fuck 'em
    5. Forget 'em

    You can count them on each finger to help remember.

    Stay strong. You will rise up from all this.

  12. do you know what really scares these peepul?

    when a strong smart guy has everything in the world, is bored with it all, and understands the science of shoot, move, and communicate...

  13. "A single grateful thought toward heaven is the most perfect prayer." -- Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

    One of the best, most profound quotes I know of. Hang in there, ol' son. Long as you're still breathing, they haven't beat you yet.