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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Finally Back and Stuff

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Goddamned Cat.
"Scratch harder slave!!!"
<Le Sigh>... between Wifey and -other- things, any wonder I haven't flipped Ye Olde Collective Shytte?  I credit Iraq, Baghdadland (formerly known as the Saddam-A-Go-Go) and a real sense of humor in order to keep me from going full on fucking ballista-shit-fit mode.  Ain't one ting mon, tis anodda.  Ye Olde Glasses broke today.  FML Aye?  Thankfully, they have a cheap thing of $75 for two at a local place, and the eye exam was done through the VACCN (Veterans Community Care Network).  I'm very familiar 'cos, now I can talk aboot it, that was what I was doing for a living.

For all you vets out there, pay the fuck attention.  Take notes, this -will- be on the final exam.

Optum is the company currently running the VACCN program.  VACCN gets vets appointments for medical care outside of the VA for veterans.  Meaning that if you are too far (distance wise from a 'regular VA'... very common in Buttfuck Kansas... jes' sayin'),

Or they can't get you in within a reasonable time: "We have an appointment for your cancer screening in October of 2123, is that OK?" 

OR they don't offer the services that you want, i.e. Acupuncture and other shytte... (those being the most common)

You can get the "Mission Act" as they call it or, more commonly the Veterans Community Care Network appointments.  Now, the requirements are that you're a vet, whos been seen at the VA within the past 12 to 18 months.  If you've never been to the VA?  Hard cheese on you.  Doom on you as the 'Nam Vets might say.  Now, the MISSION ACT is a bit different from VACCN.  MY area of expertise is in VACCN.  I know of what I speak.

Hell, it used to be the Veterans Choice Program.  VCP. 
Under HealthNet.  
Where I was a Supervisor of over 40 call center reps on the program.
For 3 and a Half Years until HealthNet got caught double billing the VA, and lost the contract.
Fuck man, I helped craft some of the rules for VCP.
I was there at the beginning.
And then, worked after I semi-retired doing it for a year til a few days ago when I let my emotions get away from me.  Hearing "Suicidal Vet" made me kinda-sorta lose it dig?  The fact ALSO was that I've been (or was) tracking and keeping tabs on what appeared to be an intentional and willful disregard of certain -smaller providers- when it came to being 'brought on board' to the network.  

To give you an idea, I started 'capturing' (without higher-higher knowing) specific questionable cases and keeping a record of what appeared to be a willful attempt to not bring on a provider into the network in a timely manner... For numbers, try I noticed and started keeping track of these case March 1st.  That worked, and up until the end of March after I said "Hey, lots of issues here!!!" and they involuntarily transferred me to appointment scheduling.  Meaning I would no longer talk to providers who were having trouble being brought on board. 

Now, being brought on board means that they can see vets outside of the VA.  If they're not 'in network', they aren't supposed to see the vet... that the vet is then financially responsible for the cost of treatment.  If they're in network, then they can see the vet... if they ain't, not so fucking much Aye?

THAT went on til about early June... mebbe late May... aboot two plus months.  

As soon as I got brought back over to "inbound calls" i.e. 'the bitch and complaint department' to anyone who's ever done call center work, I re-started my list.  With a two month break in collecting data?  well... total numbers of pages in my list by the time they shyttecanned me?  


In Calibri size 12 font.  Average amount of cases per page? 2 to 3, depending on how fucking many issues that cropped up.  24 times 2, average I found 48 cases.  In a 5 month period.  Of shit that should never have happened.

The case that got me fired?

A P-Shrink.  Tried to come on board back in November of last fucking year.
The veteran was getting desperate 'cos the VA said, "he ain't in network, we ain't paying."
I know exactly what he is/was/is currently going through.
If I was told I needed to get a new shrink?  Yeah, I'd lose it.
Love my current brain-washer.
This poor P-Shrink?
Has over 10 vets he was/is treating for -severe- PTSD
NOT Including our Vet of Suicidal Tendencies.

I've been told it should take a max of 45 to 60 days to get a provider onboarded, start to finish.
For this particular P-Shrink?  As of June 30th of this year, Not so Much.
To the point a VA Rep called, and got fucking verified as a VA rep saying "What the fuck is the holdup?"

That was on May 5th.

I lost my shit... especially in light of the situation.
So... here's the Deal Fat.
Far as I know?  Ain't shit been done.
I got canned, and evvabody happy.  Also, a quick note, I -was not- an Optum Employee.  Nope.. Subcontracted to a small pile of cowards who I told all of this shit to... MANY times.  "Thank you, we'll take it under advisement" kind of shit.  NOTHING was ever done.  And what's going on, whelp, it ain't exactly illegal...


From a purely moral and relative angle
The shit stinks to high fucking heaven.  I did intakes on giant fucking healthcare providers.... we're talking like HOSPITALS and shit, that were brought on so fucking quickly that even my head started doing the spin like Linda Blair in "The Exorcist"... I mean a place with hunnerds of people, literally a metric ton of paperwork, certifications, licenses, insurance... holy shit... that amount of shit to bring on a provider is really BIG.  SO much shit, that hence my suspicions something, as my favorite shady ethic (((group))) would say, something ain't quite Kosher here.

To be honest, it reeks like Gefilte fish left out in the sun for 5 days.

A quick, easy-to-set-up single provider P-Shrink?  Should take one person about 48-72 hours (if starting on a Monday) to confirm Addy of Practice, License of Practitioner, Insurance, and confirmation of treating Vets.  I mean there's minor ephemera to be done, but hell, the contract is "plug and play" meaning it's a Dot Word Document that you add the Doc's name and the Addy and whatever -other- provider specific intel/info you have/need, plug and play, save as sign able PDF, email and call it a fucking day.  If it were ME doing it?  I'd have that fucker knocked out ASAP as it -is- a shrink for a Vet who desperately needs the treatment.

Can't fuck around with that shytte Aye?

So why the fuck is it taking sooooooooooooooooooooooo long?
Originally they told us in November that there was an overwhelming demand of providers to join the network.  I dig that.  I was told to tell providers calling to join, or check on the status of the 'join' that it was going to be 45-60 business day before they heard word ONE in regards to this shytte.

I sold that line of shit until I realized something ain't quite right.

HUUUUUUGE Hospitals getting in and up and running ASAP?
No Prob.
Single smaller places?
Not so much.
No idea for real, but I have my suspicions.  Nothing provable, and I'm not going to do conjecture that could open my ass up to a lawsuit.  Hell, What I've done here right now?  Man talk about throwing shit into the wind and blowing the whistle.  This's hopefully going to get traction, and have a LOT of people jump on the train of going after these fuckers.

So, here endth this part of the story.
Fuck 'em.

Now?  New Glasses.  Took Wifey up to the "Glasses Hut"... yeah, I can get a new pair through the VA BUT, that last time I did it through them, they fucked it allllll up, so fuck it, used my glasses insurance that I had/have a month on.  Still cost me $150 as I have to have the super-thin lenses as I am literally blind and a motherfucker.  My glasses without 'thin' extras are literally coke bottle bottoms.  , despite insolvency, that's whut credit cards are for.  The "two for (with tax) for $80" worked out to some cool shades.  Well... I think they're cool.

I went with an off-brand 'Ray Ban' look:
I even have the Uzi.
The other pair I got, part of the same dealio, just for reading/blogging/computer use, I went this way:
Both approved by Wifey... Told her I'm tired of the 'same-ole-same-ole'... been wearing, outside of the current 3 year old VA Glasses, the same exact rectangular boring assed shades.  Pics to follow in a week or two when they show.  I went "Falling Down" on my primary as I am ostensibly in the middle of 'that sort of falling down' breakdown.  So, why the fuck not look the part Aye?

And Rollins?  Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit
Wifey got a 'thing' for his "Rollinsness"  Can't say I blame her.  I'm not big into the whole plastic black one-piece frame, but, hell why not.  I met and partied and knew Rollins when I was in Baghdad.  Any doubters?
Fuck Y'all LOL
Dat you?
Yeah, Dat Me.

-I- was surprised at -how short- he was/is.  After watching Beavis and Butthead doing their bit on Henry's vidya "Liar" which was MY intro to HIM as opposed to Black Flag (who I used to listen to back in High School and early college, but never gave a fuck as to the members of the band... the music just rocked and I gave two shits beyond that)  Dude was a fucking roidmonster that I could tell in the Vidya... the link is HERE
Which I -still- love
Talk about a great song
That being said, we had lunch, hung out and discussed a lot of shit... dude IS brilliant.  Now, true funny story:  DeadDad was a college prof at U-Lowell.  I sent him a copy of the above pic.  He made it his 'desktop/screensaver' on his laptop.  

90% of his 'stoodents' would see the pic when he was setting up his PowerPoint the conversation according to him went like this:

"Hey, Dr. DeadDad... that's Henry Fuckin' Rollins Dr!!!  Who or why do you have it on your computer?  I mean that's Henry Motherfuckkin' Rollins Doc!!!"
(DeadDad used it for that exact reason on two points)

"Why yes, 'student X', that IS Henry Rollins!"

"Why do you have that pic Doctor DeadDad?  Who's the guy in the pic with him?"

<smug> "Why, that's my son, Big Country"

<shocked/horror> "Waitaminute Doc, Henry Motherfukkin' Rollins is fuckin' huuuuge Doc  he's a fuckin MONSTER in size... yer tellin us that... yer saying that that fucking monster... that's your son????"

<even more smug> "Why yes, that it is."

<subdued> "Sooooo... if that's your son, where and how does he know Rollins Dr. DeadDad?"<extremely respectful, even awed, (DeadDads words, not mine)>

"Why, My first born is a Mercenary over in Iraq, killing and murdering Godless Hajjis?  Any questions?  Now, let's continue with the lesson on page 4...."

<complete and utter respectful silence>

After that, apparently the threats of "I'm going to the Dean" about DeadDad being a 'big meanie' went completely silent and any other issues, vis-a-vis behavior and or other shit, specifically the niggers being niggers, doing unfounded and unwarranted accusations of raaaaaaaaycism and shit... yeah, that shit went away with a MAD quickness.  They pretty much knew the underlying 'fuck with DeadDad and get vanished' was a real potential.

Anywho.  It's been a long night, and I'm late between the cat(s) and whatever.  I'll hit y'all tomorrow in the A.M. as I have to get up to take a job-evaluation online test for a potential job.  Wish me luck and say a prayer.  Til Then
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Ha! Cartoon 10/10.
    Hope you get the gig if it works for you.

  2. I have no idea who that Rollins guy is but that story reinforces a lot of what I already assumed about the whole VA thing.

  3. I live in a mid-western state.

    My billing for community care for acupuncture is very similar to what you describe above.

    My provider was already in-network from Tri-care? I think, but switching over to the new system, the VA wouldn't give even a prospective date to when her provider number would be updated and added to the "new" list of authorized establishments. After about 3 months of dicking around with the provider calling her contacts at the VA and me calling my PCP at the local VA campus, with no success, my provider asked me if I was willing to call an 800 telephone number and make a complaint.

    Why, sure I will!

    Dialed the number.


    "White House. How can I help you?"

    I filed my complaint, detailing all the calls that I had logged, names, dates, etc. Within 10 days my provider was "golden". She got a personal phone call from Higher-Higher in Cincinnati, OH apologizing for the delay and mis-communication.

    The most ironic part to me is that my U.S. Representative in Congress not only sits on the VA Committee, but at that time was the Chairman of the technology sub-committee for the VA. He, himself, a naval reserve veteran that did a year's active duty while a sitting congressman and crowed and crowed about it- the SACRIFICE, the AWFULNESS of what veterans go through. IIRC, he's part of JAG corp in the Reserves. When calling and writing him about my issue, it was all, "My hands are tied. You'll have to deal with this on your own." I told his phone flunky that I expected more out of a shipmate than this crap and wanted to talk to the REP's Chief of Staff. The COS called me a couple weeks later with Four! Count them, FOUR! lawyers with him on the phone and asked me to lay my story out for him. None of the five said another word after that except at the end, and it was, "Is that everything, sir? We'll let you know if there's anything we can do." CLICK. Never heard another word and never got a follow-up letter of any sort. I burned all my correspondence with the Rep. and swore I would never have any contact with him again. It wasn't this single issue that angered me, there were several issues in other areas of government that the Rep. wouldn't respond to, or if he DID respond, it was a two-page "word salad" letter that never answered the YES or NO question that I had asked.

    I get all my meds outside the VA system. I attended VA townhalls at the campus, and then after COVID hit, they were doing tele-townhalls. The biggest gripe I heard was that vets were not able to get their insulin(s). Their VA PCP would write the Rx and the VA Pharmacy would reject the Rx, not as invalid but that the vet needed to go back to the PCP and ask for a particular insulin(s). Do you, Big Country, know anything about that issue? It has been going on for right at 2 years now. Veterans were talking about their blood sugars running into the 600's (coma or deadly) but were trapped in the system.

    Thanks for letting me vent.

    Blue Tile Spook
    Used VA since 2007

  4. My first real exposure to Rollins was the spoken word album Get in the Van (on the road w/ Black Flag). Excellent listen, made him instantly identifiable vocally for me forevermore.


  5. Saw Rollins at 924 Gilman St in Berkeley. In the '80's. Good, but Circle Jerks did better live shows.

    Damaged / Black Flag on the car stereo was the soundtrack to driving around LA at night back then. That and Fear. And the Subhumans. And the Angry Samoans..

    Everything was just like in Repo Man. But without the flying car bit. Knew people just like that. The characters in the movie. Repo Man was less a movie more a documentary. Of very strange times.

  6. Any chance of dropping the dime on your former employer and getting them fragged by the VA?

  7. the covidcide is the only way to wipe clean the un-payable entitlement tsunami that the murkins have been accustomed to

    the med profession danced and twerked on jewtube as they went along with the scamdemic and now they will have to pay the piper ah, i mean the needle. i hear talk of mandating the jab for all VA staff... my NP makes around $130k a year, so she'll have a big decision to make pretty soon. bet they ain't dancing now eh?

    tfA-t will just tell them to eat shit and die. tfA-t don't need their blood/hush money when it comes down to it. fact is, there is no way to continue the pensions and benefits for so many many millions. just imagine the cascading domino effect to every system when the die-off begins and the terminations and walk-aways start happening. got preps?

    either way, the boog most certainly approacheth

  8. re -- Henry Rollins, spoken word
    Up until a couple-three years ago, I could get these on satellite:
    * Winners News Network
    * All Comedy, All The Time.
    Each played snippets of recorded talks and stage performances.
    Rollins was on both.
    Check into Rollins discussing his teenage job at a pet-shop.
    It will change your thoughts on goldfish...

  9. Any doubters? Fuck ya'll i love you b.c. i come here when i need a dose of strait up unadulterated truth. I don't need the pic, and your not in tinfoil hat world on the cinky vax.