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Friday, July 16, 2021

...As He Runs Screaming Off into the Distance

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
UPDATE: Some y'all been offering to hit the tip jar.  DON'T.  Please.
I appreciate the sentiment, but y'all have done enough for me.
We'll muddle through the latest kick in ye nads.  No worries.
Now, back to the show.

So, yeah.  Seems my FBI/ASP article was well received yesterday, and a LOT of good comments and whatnot.  CMDR Matt Bracken, of "Enemies Foreign and Domestic" comes by on occasion and left a mark to a imagur that he made after reading my article:
Fuckin' Aye!
Love hearing from the Commander.  Not his fault he went Navy... brain damage and all that... you gotta be brain damaged to be a SEAL.  At least he's not a Marine.  He knows who his father is.  <drum riff>

OK all interservice baggin' aside, he does good memes.  Really happy to see I gave him some 'grist for the meme-mill' so to speak.

Todays subject.
As to the title of this one?  Went out this A.M. to see Wifey off to work.  Noticed a lot of water coming out from the -left- side of the garage.  Now, those who've been here a while know my Air Conditioning had some issues that we resolved on the cheap (DIY).  Have to either way as I and like -no one- has the skrim on-hand to replace a central air unit.  Highway robbery for those Aye.  I keep this one together with prayers and bailing wire until we get another good electrical storm here and it gets fried.  THEN I can use that homeowners insurance.  That being said, the drain hose is on the -right- side of the garage.  And when there's water -anywhere- else, it means the drain is usually stopped up, and needs to be fixed.

Except today.
Today goes with "What else can go wrong?"  This time?  The water heater apparently rusted out in a spot on the bottom.  As in last night sometime.  Drained it, ANDD on top of it, the coils then burned out it would seem.  Now, thankfully it didn't burn the House to the ground BUT damn it.

Which tomb did I desecrate recently?  I know I peed on a tomb at some point.  Maybe when I was in Egypt?  I know I pissed all over Akhetaten.  Didn't have a choice.  Must have whizzed in the wrong spot...

So add that to the tab of pain in the ass.  
Good News though.  I interviewed today and it looks good.  Doesn't pay as much, but still.
Don't knock it.  Sapper starts his new gig next week.  Time for the dude to step it up methinks.  As far as hot showers, we can wait.  It -is- Florida after all... even the cold water ain't so much in the summer here thankfully.  Sort of like Iraq.  Hell in Iraq, we NEVER used the hot water.

Telling ya, Me and Phil, two bad-luck peas in ye olde poddage.

But, at least I got my sense of humor still.
<cut to Big Country running while screaming manically into the distance>

Now, couple of folks mentioned that the potential formation of the American State Police would 'involve too much red tape.'  I wholeheartedly disagree.  All it took to get the DHS and then the TSA built was executive fiat because it was an emergency.  Look for a major black-swan/flag event on the same lines domestically to get the ASP put together.  And trust me they'll be using it as another  affirmative action program, hiring those who normally couldn't wouldn't and shouldn't be in such positions of power.

Another BC True Story.  Before I went to Iraq, I was office worker, IT, type one each, underpaid.  Hadda second job working at a 'packy' as we call 'em in New England.  Specifically a liquor store.  Paid shit-money BUT the boss was cool with letting us have the 'spillage' of extra cases and bottles occasionally.  

Free Beer?  Fuck to the Yahs!

So, I was there working during 9-11.  Had another kid working with us that the boss finally fired for being, quite literally the dumbest motherfucker evvar.  Wish I was exaggerating.  This kid couldn't count.  Literally.  Gave out wrong change sooooo often that it was recockulas.  Nice guy, just stone-fucking-rockheaded-dumb.  Jethro Bodine 'least had basic nummers yaknow?  So, boss cuts him loose.  He kept coming into the store though to get his daily-daily of minis.  4 mini bottles of the most rotgut vodka ever... called "Cossack" ands was like less than a $1 a nip.  80% paint thinner... I shudder at the memory...

So, couple of weeks after 9-11, kid comes through the door.  In a uniform.  Transportation Security Administration. 
Tells me he's in the first class, and going to be doing airport security at Logan.  For like $40K a year.  I was startled and horrified, but didn't let on, not that this guy would have noticed.  What's even worse, was a few weeks after that, he showed again, this time in a suit.

He's been promoted.
To Supervisory Agent
$140K a year.

One -always- remembers that moment when your faith in the FedGov totally and completely disintegrated.  That one true moment of clarity... that exact moment.

This was mine.

This fucking rock-with-lips was now in charge of ALL of the security of Logan International Airport.

I remember thinking "God Help Us All"

Of course this's before we pretty much realized that without the FBI, there'd be zero terrorist threat in this country.  However, this asshole who couldn't count basic change was now in charge, and making MAD bank?  Whew... took a while for me to come to terms with that.  It also showed, leastway to me, and in ALL my subsequent encounters with "Thousands Standing Around" that it was a "Hero Project" much like the Civilian Conservation Corps was during the Great Depression.  Get 'worthless eaters' into uniform, make 'em into a loyal voating block, give them lifetime job security, wash, rinse, repeat.  The TSA was a "Hero Project" for the Global War on Terror instead of the Great Depression.  Give the Karens a sense of security, and employ the otherwise unemployable.

And the eventual creation of the American State Police?
You can bet yer bippy it's going to prioritize hiring militant blacks and 'other' minorities... any bets they even waive the citizen requirement to let illegals in?  And the 'target audience' of these mooks?

You 'n Me folks.
CRT = Caucasian Replacement Training
It's already started.
So stuff to think on.  I gotta figure out how the fuck I can get a new water heater.
<Le Sigh>
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. BC, don't know how good your back an legs are, but look around for companies that go in and rehab/strip entire hotels and motels then ask if they will trade labor for good used (removed) equipment or otherwise, if they will sell you a choice item or two off the back of the truck.

    Most of the time this stuff gets sent to the scrapyards for pennies on the dollar, in some places around here there are guys who get paid to remove all the stuff and then dispose of it (nice gig, front end money and back end money for the old perfectly usable stuff). The hotel/motel management does not want to touch it or deal with it, just make it go away so the new stuff can get installed. You should be able to find a good water heater for pennies on the dollar or a bit of hustle.

    Last resort is the tip jar but I am light at the moment, summer taxes just hit the pocketbook. Better in a month or so.

  2. Yeah Matt Bracken the cuck blocked me on Gab for pointing out all the "globalists" he constantly cried about were jews. Now he's enjoying judeo-censorship and diversity promotion despite trying to appease them. Show nothing but contempt for zog and their agents.

    1. talk about CUCKS NC Rent A Gay deleted all my posts yesterday becuase his sissy feelings were hurt. take a look at this weasel d. dagerm olana loser. typical crybaby cuckold whining and waiting for JEEEBUS! to come and save the day.. america is filled to the top with these weaklings who sport string thin arms. let the fucker burn to the ground.

      tfA-t 3/187th Infantry

  3. My FB post for today: Have any of you folks seen a meme regarding guard dogs and sheeple and wolves? Basically, it's a meme that intimates that you sheeple are safe because there is a guard dog protecting y'all from the wolves.
    The sheeple are, the vast majority of folks that let their lives be dictated by "officials". Those "officials" would be classified as the "wolves".
    The guard dogs would be all of the true patriots that fight against all those diktats and try to get some sense back into the public discourse.
    Well, just to let all y'all know....I'm seeing the "guard dog resolve to protect".....diminishing. Oh, don't get me wrong. the desire to protect is's just the definition of WHOM to protect is becoming a question that some guard dogs are asking.
    So if you are disturbed by this change in events.....better start asking yourself......what would YOU do in an emergency.

  4. Hey BC,
    Another suggestion on WH,
    Up my way, commie MD there is a plumbing supply company named Nolands, all the plumbers that buy from them bring the old WHs to there yard. most are in perfect working order and only replaced to upgrade to tankless heaters.
    Free for the taking. they even keep the known working ones separate from the non working ones.
    I've gotten 2 of them the past few years for friends. Minimal skills and some sharkbite fitters and you are GTG.
    Just a thought

  5. Try checking with local plumbing companies. Many shops may have some lightly used water heaters in their shop, that they saved after customers upgraded their water heater, but the old one still has life left. Shops sometimes save them as emergency backups, or as temporary water heaters. Also, they may have open-box water heaters they are stuck with after a customer canceled a job. The company may be willing to sell you one of these at a discount, just to clear space in their shop

  6. The money quote might get missed by some "Look for a major black-swan/flag event on the same lines domestically to get the ASP put together."

    Some people seem to think that Biden's puppetmasters forgot about their push for gun control even though it was a significant part of his platform. All the comments people sent in about changing the rules for pistol braces? Yeah the ATF is just laughing at those and in short order tens of millions of currently owned and legal firearms are going to be illegal. Same with 80% receivers and a lot other crap. All that we are missing is the big false flag, the one crazy wind-up toy the Feds cut loose who actually manages to rack up a decent body count and watch Manchin and the "Conservatives" trip over themselves to join in.

  7. Last time I replaced a WH (the joys of home ownership--it's all on you), I went to Big Box Orange Store and got one. Once I'd drained the dead one, it only took an hour or so to switch out--making sure to use NEW flex tube connectors.
    Told a friend at work about it, and he snarked "You get a permit for that?" I just looked at him and said "You hush yer mouth!"

  8. Fucking Cossacks vodka, distilled in Somerville if I can remember correctly, we used to get handles of it in plastic bottles in high school, took us awhile to equate the vicious hangovers with the plastic bottles of vodka. Thanks for taking me back. Fucking packy stores love it

  9. ASP, not so hard, they already have the framework in place with homeland securitay. all they have to do is fill it in with diversities and presto, instant stasi. get yer ass on the train, pack it tighter! when you get to the camp you can take a shower. take deep breaths, it'll save you from the covid.

  10. Your story of the TSA goon reminds me of the "Daniel" character from the "V" minseries in 1983/1984.

    Gullible exploitable useless teen who joins a gang -- the "Visitors" -- and voila he now has power for the first time in his life, as one of their brown shirt traitors who can bully the non-collaborating humans. His comeuppance is great.

    ...bonus fun if you see what Daniel's last name was.