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Thursday, July 8, 2021

Alive and Afghanistan

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Still alive here.  Still unemployed.  Don't forget the raffle ends in a week or so.  All y'all who've donated so far, eternal thanks and PBUYN.  Can't go into the whole sit-rep but a LOT of great advice from some of y'all and I'm persevering.  Depressed as hell, but holding up.  The depression about the job was actually minor.  When you know you did the right thing then hey, I'm at ease with the situation.  No real downer 'cept to figure out how to reactivate my Uber App to start literally hustling the bux.  Nope.  The BIG downer that's had me down n out is Affy.
The word broke about how we like -slinked- out of Afghanistan's Bagram Air Base in the dead-of-night.  I really couldn't put my thoughts down... 

Bit of a mental block Aye?
But I'm back now.

I wouldn't doubt if my truck is up there in that pic somewhere.
<Le Sigh>
This thing, dunno... It brought me back to another faaaar more public abandonment of a country.  Sometime in 1975 specifically.  I remember watching the Fall of Saigon? or Maybe Phnom Pen.   One of my earliest memories from childhood.  Black and white TV in the living room, DeadDad all serious, FedBro was a baby, I was about 5ish.  MomUnit crying and I remember because MomUnit was crying.  Freaked me little droog-brain out.  Vaguely remember tanks? or something crashing around and little slanty eyed people waving and yelling and whatever... fragmentary, but MomUnit over the years has confirmed the memory and that her crying upset me.

She was crying at the waste.
Lost time
Lost friends... she lost friends
Kids who went into the Corps. and ended up in the Meatgrinder that was Khe Sanh.
Couple of other kids they knew who flunked out of college and the draft caught 'em.
Another friend who's still alive and around, but at the time was horrifically wounded.
Made her cry.
I never forgot.
And then
This shit.

Any wonder I'm a bit winded and bummed?
And our media has been ALLLLL Over it.
You'd think a bit of solemnity could be done.
Instead we get all sorts of "The Taliban have the situation well in hand."
I haven't heard not. one. solitary. word. at the tremendous sacrifice our troops made.
3577 Dead.  All countries of the Coalition.  NATO and US DotMil.  That's the Affy numbers alone.

Not one mention anywhere of these figures by the true enemy of the American People, the Mass Media.
The People's Ministry of Propaganda refused mention that little figure.  Wouldn't want to focus of Xou Bi Den's overwhelming skeezy failure in his last-second "Operation Cut n' Run".  His contemptable approach to things, hell, even this particular shameful episode is in keeping with his fucked-in-the-head style... quietly wandering off without so much as a word, like an Alzheimer's patient escaping the home and wandering down the street, without purpose, without a clue and with a shit-filled diaper on, clueless as to what to do next, 'cept blame Russia! Russia! Russia!

If you can hack it, the counts are here:

No mention of sacrifice.
Plenty of the financial impact though... shows you where their heads are at.
No national declaration of solemn gratitude or thanks
No nuthin'
Only other retarded thing I heard was some midwit fucktard reporter breathlessly talking about the weapons we left behind...  So fucking what I sez Aye?  Small arms.  Big deal.  MRAPs?  So what?  Like they're going to form up a caravan of the fucking things and head to Europe overland?  And do exactly what?  10 to 1 those over-sized over-armored RVs, once they fucking break down, (and believe me they -will- break down... ask me of how I know this) they'll be stripped of any useful resalable metal, and turned into either small shelters, or just left to rot in place like they did to all the former Soviet Armor that got left behind.

Big. Fucking. Deal.

Mind you -I- personally was responsible in 2013 for signing off on the demo of a metric shit-ton of MRAPs.  I also, no Bullshit, witnessed the reason for the "No Ship Home/Demo Excess" orders.  Quite literally, there I was, in 2013, on Bagram.  I waiting for a minibus to get me to work when:
Now, didn't see the plane.  
HEARD the impact.
Shit, felt that motherfucker.
Saw the fireball/impact like in the immediate aftermath.  At first I was worried it was a C-17.  When I got to work, word had gotten thru the contractor grapevine that it was a 747 Air Cargo that'd augured in.  Ye Olde Contractor Grapevine used to work quicker n' the pony express I swear.  That particular shitshow came aboot because the DotMil -tried- to ship some MRAPs out of theater via air. The heavy motherfuckers broke loose during takeoff (instead of chains, they'd used cargo straps or some such retarded shit like that,) and you can see the moment when the whole cargo 'shifted' right before the plane completely smokes in in the vidya.  End result of it was we got orders a few weeks later.
Scrap 'em.
Can't take 'em out the way they came in via Air, and overland to 'friendly lines'?
Whelp, ain't no such t'ing mon.
So, Demo Time
Link here:

7 billion in MRAPs.
65 Million of that -I-personally signed off on.  No shit... I did the 1348A-1, to include the DEMIL annexes on the excess-to-needs first go around MRAPs in Kandahar.  Almost exactly 100 of the fuckers.  $600K and change per fucking truck.  And without any sort of bullshit, some of them?  Like the lowest mileage ever on a DotMil Truck.  We're not talking about beat-to-fuckall trucks.  Nope.  Brand. Fucking. New.  Bit weather-worn, as these were replacements, some of them being the 'on deck' replacements.  Try 6.7 MILES on one of them.  Reason for this was that the trucks that units had on hand already?  Already on hand, already on their property books.  ALL the parent-child serial numbers too.  To break out a new truck from deep storage, paperwork and time wise is a stone bitch.  Most units didn't want/need the fucking hassle.  Hell, as the property book manager for 60 units, I needed the extra paperwork like another hole in the fucking grape.

So, via con Dios new trucks.  Paperwork done, they went to a scrap yard, where quite literally, they were stripped of any and all useful shit that was quick and easy to remove, and then they were pushed into they BIGGEST metal eating grinding machine I've ever seen.  MRAP in one side, large chunks of metal out the other side.  I couldn't take pics tho, as the DotMil was all 'leery' of 'bad optics' of brand new MRAPs going into the chipper.

A complete and utter waste Aye?
Of people lives, killed or wounded
Nevermind permanently damaged and psychologically shattered.
Of resources
Squandered money that would have been better spent elsewhere.
Of National Honor, if there ever was such a thing
And yet we're saber rattling at Russia...again for the ten millionth time.
""Maybe you aren't up on current events, but we just got our asses kicked, pal!" Hudson, 'Aliens'
AFTER the Russians got theirs kicked by the same exact farmers, goatfuckers, and wild-eyed Islamic Mountain men.  I honestly said in 2001 that if we -did- invade Affy, we'd lose.  Afghanistan is the "Graveyard of Empires"... The Brits tried it not once, but twice, thrice if you include them on this particular jaunt.  The USSR at the height of it's "We're Badass Ivan!" times and they got their asses handed to them as well.
By doodz with Henry Martini rifles, AKs, supplied Stingers and a patchwork pastiche of small arms for the most part.  As pure a guerilla war as could be.  Tenacious badass hardcore Islamic fuckers who died in droves but never, ever gave up.

Talk about not learning from history.

Reminds me of the socialists/communists these days... "But that wasn't real -insert ideology-  This time it'll work!"  Also like them fucking idiots saying "Voat harder" after all the current shenanigans and bullshit.  
Leave me the fuck out of it Aye.
Let me have my patch, my guns, my buzz, my woman and my family.
The rest?  I'm content to watch it burn.

So yeah, bit of a funk.
"So long and thanks for all the fish" said the dolphins.
Rather fitting that.
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. The situation in Afghanistan reminds me of a particular scene from Homeland, season 5:

    It is possible to win in Afghanistan, but it would require a level of commitment and savagery no one has been willing to invest. Not even the Russians. Curtis LeMay said, "If you kill enough of them, they stop fighting."

    We all know that those fuckers are going to follow us home, it is only a matter of time.

  2. This was all the fault of supreme asswipe Colon Powell, whose "You break it, you bought it" b.s. policy cost us probably 3500 of those 3577 lives. Ditto for the Sandbox.

    The policy should have been "We broke it, and if you don't fucking stay here fucking your goats, and leave us the fuck alone, we'll come back and break it harder next time, and then go after your families; and if we have to do it three times, you sons of bitches better be radiation-proof, because afterwards we're going to turn pigs and buffalo loose to recolonize the entire country, from scratch."

    That, they'd have understood.

    1. "You break it, you bought it" b.s. policy...."


      POS Colon could never grok that his pithy little bs saying ...was never written in stone.

      Ditto for his perfumed princes at the Pentagram.

      joe tentpeg

  3. Well written post as usual. Anything past chasing OBL in Tora Bora (assuming he was there) was a huge wasteful epph up. Should have left in early 02. Dummy George was in charge then and even though I voted for him once, I knew bt that time he was borderline retarded. What a sad 20 years and it all ultimately ended up giving us BO and now this old drooler in the WH.

    1. "Should have left in early 02."


      Once 18th Airborne Corps officers arrived...and started telling SF guys to shave their beards off...

      ...the Vietnamization of Affy began.

      joe tentpeg

  4. BC,
    Glad you are back.
    I can’t imagine your pain as I never served.
    I do remember the fall of Saigon, as I was in high school and was interested in the military.
    When we went in, we should have re-drawn the Durand line and made the Pashtun areas into Pakistan, to give the others a chance.
    Take care of yourself

  5. BC,
    Glad you are back.
    I can’t imagine your pain as I never served.
    I do remember the fall of Saigon, as I was in high school and was interested in the military.
    When we went in, we should have re-drawn the Durand line and made the Pashtun areas into Pakistan, to give the others a chance.
    Take care of yourself

  6. Also remember the civilians of Afghanistan who died, were wounded, disabled.
    Remember the hospital personal, and patients, who died or were wounded during airstrikes on the hospital in Kunduz.

  7. Yeah. Not sure about Graveyard of Empires after the turn of the century. We could have won if we'd gone Ghengis Khan on their asses. Literally no survivors or two stones stacked upon another. I consider it the biggest grift of all time.

  8. NPR story first line. "In preparation for a complete exit from Afghanistan by the end of 2014".

    7 fucking years later. They lied then, they lie today and everyday. BCE I am glad you are still with us and have great respect for you. Truly sad for all those comrades lost. Heartbreaker just as in all wars. The profiteers will get their karma when they meet there maker whom they do not believe in. Take care keep your chin up. I catch myself when I'm feeling a little down with my head down, when I do I stick my chin out. Amazing, it always makes me feel better instantly. May God Bless us all when the time comes.

  9. Glad yer still 'alive', bro; however, I can imagine that after the Affy sneak-out, that quote from Marcellus Wallace, "Nah, man - I'm pretty fuckin' far from OK" applies. The waste is incredible; I love it when I can salvage and scavenge stuff I would have gladly paid a few bux for, but just looking at those pictures, man, half that shit I know people would give their left nut for.

    Appreciate the whole cutting losses thing, but man... I gotta say, after years of building stuff myself, and managing projects to maintain and repair the infrastructure and buildings we all live in and depend on, and knowing what's coming down the pike? The waste and loss of our cities burning because some stupid ignorant kids don't believe it hasn't been tried yet will probably have me in the same state, for the same reason your Mom-Unit cried over Vietnam, and Affy is hitting you now: I viscerally know how hard people had to work to build that, only to have to watch it all vanish before our very eyes.

  10. Problem: there is no way to kill enough of them. They pop back up, and resume actions. If you kill them all, this is only one small area of their existence, so others will walk in and continue.

    Should a gone in and spent only the time needed to kill and capture all intended targets, left, leaving the dead and destroyed laying in place, with a note:

    "If you Do it again, we come back with 10 times this outcome."

  11. Far as I have been concerned we should have turned Mecca into a sea of glass. Not surprising Biden is reversing everything trump did. Covers them for if they get recalled via the audits. All they need to say is it is because we do not have a supreme leader for life. I am thinking a ND of a Nuke on Washington might be the best thing to happed to the USA as it is today.

    Sorry you are bummed and I hope things turn around for you soon. But welcome to the Thunder Dome.

    1. Been my idea a long time now. Soon after 9-11, Mecca and Medina should have been nuked instead of this Afghan and Iraq stuff.

  12. ..It is possible to win in Afghanistan, but it would require a level of commitment and savagery no one has been willing to invest....

    Exactly. you have to go Gengis Khan. Kill every male. Every damn one: infants, toddlers, teenagers, all of them. Then spread oit seed to every fertile female. Kill off older, non fertile women.
    But that isnt who we are. so we will never win.

  13. I had almost the exact same 1975 experience. Little 9 inch B&W TV, national news showing a gook male dragging a gook female through a plaza with a fountain ,she was struggling a little, pleading for her life, bodies piled around the open space, then the male giving the female a commie pistol round through the dome. Dad had been back from Viet Nam for about 4 years. I was six. My brother was one. Mom was crying watching it. In my memory was it was a fountain in a plaza, it might have been concrete benches or a retaining wall.

  14. i'm also content to watch it burn. what else is there? not even the SF or SEAL guys will step into the breach.. so much for their badass reputations........

  15. Not a waste at all. Think of all the contributions to the bottom lines of MIC companies - that is the important thing. The lives of our soldiers do not even rate a footnote in the annual reports of these companies.

  16. AF can’t be “defeated” in a traditional sense because it’s not a country. It’s just a bunch of tribes in a wasteland.

    Don’t ever forget that about half of the deaths were from 2009-2012 during Obama’s “surge”. At that time he was bailing out of Iraq, like the coward that he is, but he had to look tough for his re-election campaign so he upped the tempo in AF for no strategic reason. At least an extra 1000 dudes died for his vanity. FOAD.

    Regarding you employment, have you looked for a job in the firearms industry? They got customer service too.

  17. The only solution to this fiasco is a time machine to stop those dumb fucks from going into Afghanistan in the first place.

  18. We could never "win" in AF because it's not a functioning country or society. It's a bunch of tribes in a waste land. We forced out the Taliban, but then they just hid in Pakistan, which was off-limits to us because of the instability of that nuclear-armed regime (thanks Bill Clinton, you fat f**k).

    And never forget that all those "extra" casualties in 2009-2012 were during Obama's "surge". At that time he was bailing out of Iraq, so he upped the tempo in AF because he had to look tough for his reelection campaign. He got 1000+ guys killed for his own vanity. FOAD!

    Big Country, regarding your employment situation, have you looked for a job in the firearms market? They got customer service departments there, ya' know.

  19. I'm failing to understand WHY we should be trying to win in Afghan land, or even be there..They had nothing to do with 9-11, and it's far from clear whether Bin Laden did either..Our "humanitarian" mission of trying to inflict our own social dysfunction of feminism on them was stupid beyond belief, but giving up soldiers' lives for it was criminal...Probably our only successful mission was guarding CIA drug smuggling routes, which was probably accomplished mainly with bribery..As to the monstrous suggestion that we wipe out the civilian population so we could lord it over a pile of rocks, the repercussions of such a crime would destroy what's left of America...

  20. Wow so many people pro war. So how did Americans benefit from 20 years in Afghanistan? I'm glad I got to play with some toys in the Army but I'd never like to aid the government ever again.

  21. I'm sorry BC for you and everyone who served in that shithole. I'm sorry for those who never came back. I'm sorry for those I see at the VA who literally left parts of themselves in that horrible place. I'm sorry for those like you and my cousin who went and were never the same after they came back. I'm sorry for the billions if not trillions of dollars wasted that could have been spent so much more wisely. Finally I'm sorry for our country's citizens who believed the lies of 911 and the BS fiction of Osama bin Laden, 20 years of war, wasted lives and wasted treasure for FUCKING NOTHING !!

  22. Afghanistan was not a waste of time at all for those it enriched. On the contrary, it was quite profitable on the dead bodies of patriotic Americans. We were never there to fight a war we were never there to liberate anyone we were there to secure logistics for the opiate trade petro chemical trade and enrich the military industrial complex. That’s all it ever was. that’s all war mostly ever is. It should be obvious to most of you mature gentleman here. War is big business and war is a racket.

  23. Glad you're back. Was getting concerned at the radio silence. Thank you for your service, and boots on the ground reporting.