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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Tracking and Information Overload

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, lots of commentary here n there on this house and the backup regarding the NotVax and the whole 'passport' thing.  Amazing how the past few days the info keeps changing and changing Aye?  Seems when no one can make a decision, then no on is in charge, leastways that's my take of how bad the wheels are currently spinning in the Beltway these days.

So, one guy CraigT decided to try and shill in his uneducated opinion, to which he was immediately smacked down for.  Nice try there CraigT, thank you for playing.  Least I now know what my glownigger's handle is.  The other was a couple of links to that moron in Califrutopia who was selling vax cards out of a bar.  To complete strangers.  Positively brilliant genius level move there.  
NPR has the story here:

It's from back in May but seems to be getting more 'traction' now, which means they want you to have heard aboot it, so as to 'put the skeer on ya' if'n you were thinking as to being diabolical.  And a couple of commenters had a few things to throw out there. 

redcabinsteve said "In Texas there is ImmuTrac2. Providers are supposed to report the shot within 24 hours. I’m guessing there’s more emphasis on getting jabs in arms vs the reporting of it?"

And Syznka_man had this where he quoted from the NPR article listed above: "Although the cards are easy to fake, the actual vaccination records stored in state databases aren't as easy to hack. One state, New York, has adopted digital vaccine verification using that data, but other states have been slow to embrace proof-of-vaccination mechanisms."

This issue here, and I dunno, maybe Aesop who -is- in the Hospital Biddness might be able to come in with some explanation, but it's the same thing I've told Sapper and a few -other folk- who I communicate about potentially devious and dirty deeds (none dirt cheap however).  It, in the case of the NotVax reporting, that it's a case of "too much info and too little give a fucks".  Now it Texas, don't know how the reporting is being done.  I do know that here in Florida, once they got the program started, I call it the Wild Wild West in that there were shots being given out all over the place.  MY Publix around the corner, the WalMart in like ALL the Tampa boroughs, the Parking Lot at Raymond James Stadium (THAT was a HUUUUUGE location) for drive-through shoot-em-ups.  

Now, for the sake of argument, let me just pose this question:  WalMart... ANY WalMart... have you -ever- really seen someone who works at a WalMart,(outside of management, and even then) who actually give a shit about the job and/or their performance?  My WalMart?  I'm lucky if the shit is even on the shelves.  More often than not, if the shelf is bare, I look at the palletized 'stuff' sitting in that aisle, and 9 out of 10, the stuff I want is still in the crate or wrapped in shrink wrap, not yet on the shelves.  So... what makes you think that they kept accurate and timely records of ALLLLL the COVID VAx shots they -supposedly- gave out?

Not only that, what was the motivator for giving out those shots?  Did Wally World get a vig on "X" amount of shots?  Was there a quota?  If so, who vouches for the shot?  I watched and followed for my own edification a guy who got the shot at Publix.  He went to the desk/kiosk at the front door.  Showed his ID, girl wrote down his name that I could tell... not much more it seems, as she was done with his ID really quickly and then he went back to the 'shooter' who -I think- was the Pharmacy Tech, who swabbed and shot dude in like 2 minutes flat.  Dude was then guided over to sit for 10-15 to make sure he didn't fall out, and that was it.  I didn't ask too many questions, as I already have my bonafides as far as my local Publix is concerned, but still...  

LOTS of people supposedly shot up with the NotVax.  So many, I'm thinking that it's too many to register properly.  It's hard to get clarity when things are so scattershot and buckwild.  Add on that now?  Apparently per Miguel at GunFreeZone HERE that the key:

"Hundreds of thousands of COVID vaccine doses have been saved from the trash after U.S. regulators extended their expiration date for a second time, part of a nationwide effort to salvage expiring shots to battle the nation’s summer surge in infections.

The Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday sent a letter to shot maker Johnson & Johnson declaring that the doses remain safe and effective for at least six months when properly stored. The FDA’s move gives the shots an extra six weeks as public officials press more Americans to get inoculated"

So -now- even the expiration dates are to be questioned.
So if you have say "Moderna Lot# XYZ123" and it originally expired on July 1st
And your card has those dates
What happens when the extend to re-extend the Expiration Date to October 31st?
It's going to confuse the fuck out of everyone involved.
Essentially if you got a card, AND get in as an 'early adopter' of the "VaxPort" you should be good.
I mean I suppose if you have some of the following:

PFIZER: EL1284, EL0412, EL6208, EJ1685, EK5730, EK4176, EK5730, EH9899

Then, Moderna, with Expiration Dates:
025L20A: JUNE 28-2021
016C21A: OCTOBER 20 2021
011J20A: MAY 11 2021
026L20A: JUNE 28-2021
042L20A: JULY 05, 2021
030L20A: JULY 16, 2021
015M21A: JULY 29, 2021

But I mean I'm just some truck driver from Iraq Aye?

The reality is, despite the dreams of our Wannabe Overlords is that The US and our population is just TOO BIG to be controlled like the Red Chinese.  Now those who say "But they DO have control of the population!"  Yeah... but seriously, it's the population of the Modern Up-to-Date City Living Red Chinese... the 'professional class'... the dirt poor farmers and pig-ignorant out in the far provinces?  Not so much, despite their propaganda.  It's why they have to keep the charade up.  If for one real second the Joe Chinks realized how MANY they really are and how badly they outnumber the assholes-in-charge, well, it'd get ugly real quick methinks.  They keep the leash short on the inner cities so to speak.  Most of China is still living subsistence style circa Turn of the 19th to the 20th Century.  NOT 21st Century.  They wish.

So, like here, it's information overload, coupled with the "Ain't my job"
I mean do you really think that kid at Wally World gives a rats anus if you got the shot, or if that particular shot was recorded properly?  There ain't no way to make someone give a shit.  Money talks, and minimum wage?  Pluh-leeze.  They can't even get the stock ON TO the fucking shelves Aye.

I'm not worried.

At one point in my career as a Helpdesk Tech with Dell, when they had fucked us out of a promised I think .50 cent raise or some shit, I was called on the carpet for my attitude.  Got asked "Don't you care about the team's performance?"  
Told 'em flat out:  "You pay me to be here, and to answer the phone.  You do not pay me enough to 'care'.  'Caring' costs a whoooole hell of a lot more than your willing to pay, so be thankful you got someone who at least shows up, and puts in the minimum."

Yeah... that was between contracts in Iraq... and the broad giving me flak was actually someone who'd been subordinate to me before I had left that place before, and she knew it.  I kept her in a near-state of mental breakdown on the regular, 'cos fuck that old incompetent bitch.

So, just roll with it, continue to observe.
Be the Gray Man
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Friday, July 30, 2021

Passions and Whatnot

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
First off, again my thanks to each and every single one of y'all who take the time to let me ramble like the crazed homeless doodz you see on Venice Beach.  Somewhat entertaining, and bit all over the place but damn, I do enjoy being able to vent the ole speen now and again here.  I also have to thank Art Sido, Phil from Busted Knuckles, Kenny A.K.A. Wirecutter, CA at WRSA and The Feral Drunkar... I mean Irishman for the links and mentions.  Y'all keep me going, as well as anyone else I may or may not have mentioned.  Too many for damned sure.  Mike at Cold Fury gets a special thanks for partnering with me too.  And all you readers no less.  Again, me most 'umble thanks!
'Cos we about to break the 2 Million Hit marker.
We're currently at One point 9-2 Million all time hits.
Seems like just a short short ago, December of 2020, I hit my first 500K
Shortly after February of 2021 it was my first million
Now?  More than likely within 30 days I'll have my 2 millionth hit.

I mean small taters compared to the Big Time like Phil and Kenny but ,man, feels good to know I'm sort of running hot now n'again.  Yesterdays poast was pretty good hit wise.  Lots of re-links.  But hey, I'm just here to entertain and be a dick.  Besides, ain't got shit to do whilst doing the job-search/apply all days online.  Next week I have to go in-person to the Job Place... Florida Workforce or something... couple of 'hot jobs' that they -don't- necessarily put out, unless they don't get a first-time hire from this.  There's also a veteran job co-ordinator who did me pretty good last period of unemployment.

So that's on the schedule
AND thankfully the reign of terror of the GranBebe is over until the next time.  We share the custody, and we juuust finished a long haul, and man, Wifey is down for the count.  She's currently back in bed, relaxing.  Dinner is leftovers all over.  Get what you want, when you want, as the chef (moi) is taking a night off.  Last night's main meal, home-made beef stroganoff has enough to keep us fed for at least 6-7 meals.  I made a TON of it with the intent of having easy to nuke good food on deck so as to not have to cook for a bit.

Although Sunday Spawn and his woman Shorty is coming over, for dinner or brunch I'm not too sure.  Either way, Sunday night I have some Korean Bulgogi on deck.  Publix had some really good buy one get one on some thin cut sirloin.  Gonna slice it into super thin strips, season the shit out of it, and put it over rice noodles...

Love to cook.  Just wish it could be done in a way that made me money.
Which, having cooked before in a professional setting as a kid, I ain't got no use for that.  Got a fren who's a school trained Cordon Bleu chef... like real deal, and man, he does it, but his passion for it is waning as he's done it for so long.  No longer a passion but a job.

Which is the lead in to tonight's minor rant.  Prepping, training, all that?  It's a passion for like almost all of us.  For some, like JW Rawles it's how he earns his living.  Other guys like JC Dodge is a trainer who makes his living out of his passions. Me?  I peck random shytte into the 'puter on my experiences, occasionally 'getting a beer or three' "bought" for my troubles (and thank you all for that generosity!)  but my true passion is building weapons.  However, I can't (at this time at least) do it for a living (nothing really available).  In the future?  Who knows.  Thing is, being passionate about something and loving doing it doesn't necessarily mean that you can earn a living by doing it.  As Dr DeadDad used to say, "It's a shame you can't earn a living doing what you love all the time."  

The flip side of the coin though is like my school-trained Chef Bro... he did do what he was passionate about... creating fantastic food dishes in a highly regarded restaurant (Michelin Guide rated no less) for the beautiful people...  And now, unfortunately for him, at age 54?  He positively dreads cooking.  Poor guy has literally burned hisself out.  Still on rare occasion he'll cook something unreal, but it's got to be a special occasion, as he's totally -over- the work aspect.  When your passion becomes a job, that's usually when the fun stops and then?  How to deal with it?


I -do know- that when I was the Armorer for the DotMil here, that there were some days I positively did not want to go and gauge another 600 rifles.  I mean maaaan, between the paperwork and bullshit on top of the bullshit, it was maybe better that that contract ended sooner, rather than later.

It's tough to figure out, leastways for me.  I want to keep working, Aye.  I -need- the $$$.  Let's face it, until the world stops overall, there's always going to wants, needs, and must-haves.  Especially if you got a lil 'un like GranBebe, or a bigger, more domesticated version, like Wifey.  Them wimmenz tend to get expensive over time Aye.

Thig is, you need to step away occasionally
24-7-365 Doomie Pron like that dude Michael Snyder is constantly pushing?  OMG no.  Just stop already.  Shit is bad enough than to have a near-continual nonstop harangue of "The sky is falling the sky is falling!!!"  I mean any wonder why no one knows which way to jump or what to ready for?

I mean when I was a kid it was the Rooskie ICBMs we had to worry about.
Then, after that particular narrative seemed to have 'crashed and burned'
It became the eeeee-vil Mujahedeen and the Crazed Islamics who're gonna kill us all until we are dead!  Now?  Seems Whypeepo in general have become the cause célèbre who are being targeted

I mean what happened to Global Coolin... uh...Warmin... er... 'Climate Change?'
Or whatever-the-fuck the loontards jumped on to push whatever flavor of the week agenda they have?
Seems like Globohomo always has something going on in an untoward, unappreciated and to say the very least UNWANTED way that's the agenda that they're always pushing and shilling for.

Ye Gods 
As I said before, just leave us be.
Let me grow old.
Get fat(ter). (BTW:  Good news, I'm down to 327.  Not bad)
Let me see Spawn reproduce with my genetic coding being part of the mix so to speak.
I mean GranBebe is awesome but she's not got any of me code in there at all.
Now, her personality?  Definitely going to have a bit of mental coding plugged in courtesy of Moi.
But I -do- want to see my own Grans eventually.

I also do not want to eat jelly beans from the real skulls of mine enemies
I'm quite content to use my somewhat real looking one
For now.
But, if it comes to pass, it is what it is.
And nothing hurt.
Not me leastways
Them?  Notsomuch.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Papiere, Bitte

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
My sourcing is... shall we say... unwilling to say anything that could be 'identifiable'... The how, where, when, who... all of it is out the window.  Can't say which country I worked with them in.  They (and yeah, I'ma use the They/Them/Theirs pronouns in hopes to keep things on the down-low.)  They however have already heard rumblings about the 'vaxport.'  That's what it's going to be called theoretically.  They have an upcoming vaykay from Ye Olde Jobbage, and were told to make sure the papers were in order before doing any travel.  Reason is, the 'vaxport' is going to be needed for any travel in, around and through the majority of the Western World.  Papers for the fam needed to be gotten and maintained as well.  As in "get them (das Papiere) now, as we cannot help you later."

Essentially, we're going to see a quick move to "Full Soviet Control" vis-a-vis borders, movement and the ability to travel.  The current rumblings of the Delta Bullshit variant?  They said this ain't shit as to what's coming.  According to them, (They's bosses) there's a massive spike coming, just in time for the horror-days, and yeah... that's the term they used "Horror-days" instead of 'holidays' when they were supposed to be travelling around and oot and aboot.  They (my peep) think it's because the 'nominal-normal spike of pneumonia and cold related flus' are ALL going to be tagged onto the COVID Hump.   

Just like they did last year.
'Cept this time, they're (not my folk) but "they" for the powers-that-be ain't gonna play. 
They like the power they were granted
They love the control factor
They intend on keeping that control no matter the cost

We, on the other hand?
We Be Fucked

They (my peep) say that the current situation?  Going to have the DotMil called out despite posse commitatus to round up 'anti-vaxxers' and whatnot.  Now, They (my peep)... shit, without going into any detail I can't say shytte.  Trust me.  To give you an idea, I'm unemployed, broke as fuck, and I had Sapper pick up some MOR paper towels, toilet paper and MOR rubbing alcohol on receipt of this news.  Everything else I already got in spades but THAT stuff was impossible to find during the last dumbass 'flatten the curve' bullshit... not that we -normally- go through a lot of it.  It was -very telling- when I had to send a 'care package' of 8 rolls of toilet paper and 4 rolls of Bounty to the in-laws in the Villages.  Even when I was in Iraq I never wanted nor had a dying need for Charmin.  I mean try it from my perspective:  I'm packing up and mailing butt-wipe, paper towels and sanitizer to my in-laws because there ain't none to be found for love nor money in one of the wealthiest enclaves in the Untied States.  Talk about dystopian weirdness Aye?

Now, for me?  Afghanistan was a different story however... no joke, the majority of 'public toilets' meaning the serviced by KBR or whoever, the shitpaper there was John Wayne Brand from of all places Kyrgyzstan.  Labeled on the outside wrapper "Is Proud Product of Republic of Kyrgyzstan" it proudly proclaimed. and maaaan... 
Wish I was kidding
You could literally see the chips of fine-cut wood processed into the shitpaper.  Gotta say though, one you get stuck using hardcore buttwipe like that for a few weeks, lets just say you prolly don't worry about being anally raped in prison so much, as your nether regions already done gone and got beat on by the wipes.

"John Wayne Toilet Paper
It's rough, it's tough and it don't take no shit offa no one, no how."

Email to Xwife: "Send. Good. Buttwipe. Now"

(She didn't of course)

So, They and thinking on it, that might be something I'm on to.
IF you have to correspond to anyone vis-a-vis anything in regards to anti-regime intel, hell, in general.

Might even be completely innocuous... USE THEIR TERMS.  Not 'he/his' or 'she/hers' but 'they' and 'them'... might help obfuscate the sourcing and even the personnel involved.  Xi/Xer is even better... word salad so to speak.  Make it so in a court of law IF you get hemmed up, that you use this exact tactic against them (xem).  Make them work for it.  Especially if you use the 'gender/identity fluid' defense...  "Prove that I'm a man".. or Waman, or a pink unicorn... whatever floats ye olde boat.  Make it Harder... harder the better.  Because if they can't prove within a reasonable doubt (this based on that there is any fairness or legality left in a court of law) that you can muddle the fuck out of xhey case against you. Or xou as the case may be.

Food for MOR thought.
So yeah, word is from on high to a middle level they, that things are -just starting-
This's a source I literally would bet my life on
Ain't many of they/them out there.
So yeah.  September October is the gambit
By December, Katie Bar the Door.  Got more, but can not go into specifics
Watch the news... if they (the bad guys) start talking about a 'vaxport' in conjunction with air travel or international travel?  I consider that particular Rubicon as crossed
Ain't no going back, 'cept through out and out war.
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Huh... Well Now...

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Considering how I felt about the band, this might have been the 'someone close to you is gonna die' moment.  Dusty Hill from ZZ Top has taken that last ride.  
ZZ Top was my band growing up.
My only ride-or-die band.  
I discovered them (of course) in the 80's when "Legs" got it's hawt rotation on MTv.  What male hetero teen in the 80's -didn't- discover and/or worship them back then? 
After that, it was off to the races.  Got their whole discography.  MAD bummed to hear this, 'cos of all things, "The Night of the Robin" we were watching Jeopardy, and the announcement came up that the Top was going to be playing the Hard Rock here in Tampa.  No shit I said, "Yannow, I really would love to see them before one or all of them die off, they're getting a bit old man" to Sapper.  I checked the prices and then said "Guess I'll have to see them in another life Aye?"

Guess that's dead on, pardon the pun.

That was followed up by an ad for the Rolling Stones.
What the hell is it with those guys anyways?  Someone decanted another Mick Clone and said, "You know, we need to make some more monies to finishing the pay off on this Axolotl Tank, lets do another tour!"  Keith Richards probably dusted himself off and was all like "Why not?  I'm damned either way."  You want funny?  I think that doing a story that the soldier who pierced Jesus's side with the spear?  Barry Sadler did a writeup series called Casca... about Casca Rufio Longinus.  Wouldn't it be a trip in my story, if he, the Eternal Soldier, was actually Keith Richards?

Hiding in plain sight so to speak.
So, besides that bummer, apparently they're still and were still going to do the tour, with some long-time soundman playing Dusty's part as he was having hip issues.  Seems that's why he went into the hospital.  Total bummer though.

So, other things:
Somewhere a story is breaking about the ADE which stands for Antibody Dependent Enhancement.  This's really complicated, but, MY unnastanding of it, once all the multi-syllabic words are pared down, ADE is a badness thing that can happen when you get the NotVax.  ADE?  The bad thing about antibody-dependent enhancement is that it leads to more severe disease when you’re exposed again to the pathogen, meaning an 'new variant' of COVID (or when you’re exposed after being vaccinated for it).  Essentially its why they never before allowed mRNA 'vaccines' to be made.  ALL the animal tests showed this propensity to have ADE happen, and in the end ALL the test animals died.  ALL. OF. THEM.

Word is that the ADE starts when the vaccine starts to wear off... meaning this's why they're pushing hard now for -everyone- to get vaxxed, and that booster shots are going to be needed.  Probably forever.  I dunno... I'm not near enough competent to explain this, but somehow, it seems to be important.  Mongo just an infantryman.  No know stuff like this.
What it is though, is there was an interview out there with someone who DOES know their shit.  Read the transcript to it here:

Like I said, no idea but telling.  
Something like that raises all sorts of red flags with me.
So either way, for me it's a moot point, but for the sake of argument.  
What IS on the table is the neo-authoritarian regime that Gauleiter Pelosi et. al. seem to be forming up.  This whole "Capitol Police Expansion" in regards to it becoming the American State Police?  Man, that worries me.  Last thing we need is another more-than-likely corruptocrat-ridden police enforcement group.  Tell you what, if you want to know which way the wind is blowing, watch the unions.  Those FedGov unions are the ones who really make a LOT of the power-decisions behind the scenes.  Hell, I've talked about the Senior Executive Services here... and that it's also a union shop.  Did you know the S.E.S is also like under the Department of Defense?  Has it's own rank structure and Flag too.  
Per Wiki:

"According to the Office of Personnel Management, the SES was designed to be a corps of executives selected for their leadership qualifications, serving in key positions just below the top presidential appointees as a link between them and the rest of the federal (civil service) workforce. SES positions are considered to be above the GS-15 level of the General Schedule, and below Level III of the Executive Schedule."

These are the Deep State Critters.
Unionized Deep State Critters

Remember, you probably never heard of them.  I never did until I worked with one of them in Iraq.  The guy who ultimately had me blackballed.  
Know your enemy Aye?
So, gonna quit a bit early.  Had a LONG night with GranBebe waking up at 0230 for no apparent reason, I think TBH she woke up, and decided to stir the pot.  Faked 'crying' about something, and Wifey went in to console, which lasted about 10 minutes, when she got up again, wash, rinse, repeat, until I put my foot down.  Told her under no uncertain terms to get back in bed, lay down, it's quiet time and to lay there and not make a fuss.  Or else.

Seemed to have worked.  Though I'm frazzled and tired because of it.
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Need a Laugh?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Whew!  Man, after all, I'm only human.  Sorta-Kinda according to Wifey.  This A.M. rant was brought to you by a lack of sleep, over-caffeination, and the rage beast that needed to be unleashed.  I mean we -still- have GranBebe here, and sometimes a 3 point 5 year old, well, she, despite being super-cutie-patootie, whelp, ya want to put her through a wall sometimes.  Then you read drivel like the Scumbag-in-Resident is telling us, and one plus one equals a big thermo-nooka-lar/clide detonation.
Sometimes, ya gotta callz 'em like you sees 'em
And sometimes it ain't pretty.
Unlike GranBebe... who, despite a -rough start- this A.M. well, she IS one hell of a kid (when being co-operative).  Strong willed like you read aboot though, and a bit too smart for her own good.  
New bathing suit for pool-time
Which means it'll fit for about a week.
And her?  Dunno if there's such a thing as 'too pretty' but what with my propensity for hostile action, I'd say she's got nothing to worry about, and when she gets the age to be able to safely train, she'll be getting a full education on firearms, first aid, and guerilla warfare.  

So, bit of humor... found a couple o'memes out there that cheered me up:
OK... forgot the usual... Trigger Warnings alllllllllll over the place.
To continue, Who said God is an Absurdist again?
Homeslice ain't lookin' none too good Aye?
We can say also that he's the very definition of a Democrat Voter.
He's also a great Biden impersonator now: Brain Damaged and Shitting in his pants.
Guess that answers my question... vis-a-vis God that is...
And for those who haven't seen it:
That's when his grape got squished by 2 tons on concrete...
The look on the chick in the tank top sez it all after it fell...
And then:
I'd call that "Switch: Flipped in the 'On' Position"
Of course, can't forget to have this 'un here:
Nothing I can add/say to that...
One for Sapper and the other drunkards with dynamite:
Annnnnnnnnnd lastly
Vlad's always good for a laugh.
So, hope your evening is mellow and fun!
More Later I Remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Read. My. Lips: Suck. My. Balls.

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Hey Joe!  Yeah, you.  The foul-smelling incontinent/incompetent placeholder.  Yeah, you depends-boy.  Why don't you take your 'new edicts', fold 'em into a nice sharp suppository, and stick them completely, and fully up your own ass.  Or Hunter's ass, as we've seen the propensity you have for molesting your own kids, and even your dogs, seeings how you at one point supposedly twisted your ankle while nekkidly chasing your now-put down dog... what were you ever up to with that poor pootch?  He's obviously in a faaar better place out of your stinkfinger clutches. 
While your at it, suck on my hairy balls too wouldja?  Wifey's been feeling a bit off lately, so me n the boys could use a lil servicing from a pro-ball-sucker such as yourself.

That or your cute daughter in law... you know, the hooker?  Or was that Hunter's whore?  Hard to keep track what with all the sex, drugs, kickbacks and 10% floating around there...  Maybe it was the other one you also molested according to reports.  In fact, any female member of your fambly is eligible and well trained.  You've seen to that.  Anyone is welcome, 'cept for "Granny Leather", your current 'handler'... you know, the broad you groomed from babysitter to wife?

By the by asshole, did that poor bastard trucker, who died in misery because of your lies about him it that accident who kil't wife #1?  Did he reeeeeaally cause the accident?  Or did you decide to get rid of the ole ball n'chain?  Swerved in front of him did ya?  Got me a hunch you, me and oh, I dunno the whole fucking world knows the truth of it.

'Cos you ain't done, nor said a single. solitary. truth. in yer entire wealth-robbing whypeepo- privileged life.  You've successfully bamboozled almost ALL of black 'murica, because your 'clean and articulate' negro needed a 'safe bet' for VP, and -somehow- these idiots keep showing their true colors (stupidity to the 'Nth' degree... you can't fix bone-deep dumbass) by voting A) Democrat and B) For whypeepo who genuinely don't give two fucks about them.

Talk about the turd floating to the top of ye olde punchbowl.

So, when it comes to this 're-masking shit', you can go and fuck yourself.  Much like John Wilder told ya a ways back.  Suck my hairy, unwashed taint, balls and all.  You fucking piece of shit... you're the epitome of what's wrong with this country.  A mentally-addled has-been with a pants full of poop, who's best days were behind him when his grifts were relatively unknown. 

These 'journalists' out there?  Those brain-dead brain-washed cheerleaders?  They're going to learn fast and hard how much that degree in Journalistic Leninism and Leftism really is worth when it comes time for the reckoning.  Tater Stelter is just too stupid to understand.  ALL of the Ministry of Propaganda is... this's what too many years of 'elite inbreeding' has led us too... the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the Roosevelts, the Kennedys, The Pelosi's and allllllllllllllllllll them cross married retardo-fucks have brought this country to the precipice.

And here you are, pushing us the rest of the way off the cliff.

Way to go asshole. 

It's simple Fat... here's the deal.  Either the vaccine works or it does not work.
Which is it, fuckface the dog fucker?
Make. Up. Your. Mind.
Mask or No Mask.
This getting stupider than you
And that takes work.
If you don't know, then shut. the. fuck. up.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

Nowhere in there does it say "Joe makes the rules"
So sit down, shut the fuck up, sniff a kid or three, and leave the rest of us alone.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

An Omen, Weirdness (what else is new?) and the Vax Passport

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, last night I get up to take Stella-the-Sausage-Princess out for her last download.  Open the front door and there was a -flash- of a shadow or something... no idea what it was, and it was momentary.  After a couple beers late at night, one tends to dismiss 'optical weirdness'.  Leastways whatever this was didn't trip any alarm bells.

Until I get back in, post-download.
Both cats are circling the light fixture in the middle of the room, via the floor.  The cats are sort-of-kind-of in a cold war/peace thing now... the dog doesn't care as long as she gets fed.
New cat Nook, on the left, Bob-the-Cat on the right, and Sausage Princess looking for scraps that Sapper just threw down.  And yeah, NOT intentional, but all three animals match the couch, and each other.  New Cat Nook?  Three differences:  Female, Fuzzier, and has a Tail.  Bob?  Extreme short haired male, no tail.  Which in itself leads to some interesting interactions 'cos Nook can't read Bob's body language what with no tail to use.  So, Anywhoo...

The dog's hackles go right up when she gets in, and what do I see?  A itty-bitty bird of all things in the chandelier/fixture.  It's not really a chandelier... more one of them decorative jobbies.  Seems the lil booger must have swooped -right in- when I opened the door.

Not. Cool.

I'm Irish.  Even more not cool?  T'was a Robin.  
Now, Irish Superstition:  From the blog "Caught in Southie"  I give you dis;


Remember learning that robins have red breasts because when Christ was crucified, a little robin tried to pry the thorns from his head and a drop of Christ’s blood got him?  Oh, you didn’t learn that?  Well, that’s why God loves working with robins and he uses them so often.  If a robin flies into your house, someone will die (don’t get mad at me, I don’t make the rules).  If you put a robin in a cage, all of heaven will be in a rage.  Last but not least, if you kill a robin you will lead of life of misery.  Be nice to, and also afraid of, robins."

Yeah, normal and sane folks would be like "Meh."  Problem is, I was raised by an extraordinarily superstitious Dr DeadDad.  AND, not for nothing, the first time we had a robin get in our house?  Back when I was a kid?  MomUnit's Da cashed in like two days after.  I know, I know.  But still.  I'm on tenterhooks here... waiting for ye olde 'nother shoe to drop Aye...

Wifey and I managed to wrangle the poor thing out without any injury to us nor ye olde birdie.  Poor thing was pooped from running from one side of the house to the other, and finally it just up and oot the slider out back.  Via Con Dios Birdie-Babe.  (Wifey told me it was a female, she's good like that with certain things, like male versus females on aviary.)

Which then brings me to other things like the fact that I was poking around in my pile of books I had dragged out from the power outage the other day.  Mike from CF and I have been having some conversations aboot weirdness and whatnot, cycles of weirdness, co-inky-dinks and what, when I found meselves finding this:
That's a 1952 original copy of Andre Norton's "DayBreak 2250 A.D."  OK post-apocalyptic sci-fi.  The usual Norton stuff.  Thing is, the how, when and why of this particular copy is where the weirdness kicks.  Dr. Dad had taken the promotion to "DeadDad" about 2 days before.  I was in Baghdad, and have been over those particulars before.  I was getting back in the groove, as I'm wont to do, and went over to the Liberty MWR (morale welfare and recreation tent, three lies for the price of one) where the 'donated' book that ALL the civvies gave to the troops went to die so to speak.  Mounds and piles of books.  I still have quite a number that I got as the kindle and whatnot hadn't really 'taken hold' and lets face it. 

Books are book. 
Old Friends to be well-met, enjoyed and savored like a fine cognac. 

I was perusing the rows and rows... heaping stacks and boxes full of cast-offs shipped randomly from    the states... when I came on this copy.  Moments that take yer breathe away.  Reason?  DeadDad had this exact copy that he'd given me and that I read over and over back in the day.  I don't know what happened to MY copy that he'd given to me, but some of the Sci-Fi I have are original early 1950s Heinlein's and whatnot, Asimov, all original first round publications... Ace Paperbacks like this one... the cover price for Norton's?  try $0.35 cents...  rare as fuck by todays standards.  I treasure them all, and the "Star Man's Son" copy?  Beats the ever-loving-hell out of what happened to that book, as I'm normally anal-retentive as fuck aboot my library.

And here I am, in a shitty MWR tent, in Baghdad, 2009.  And I find the exact copy of one of the books I so enjoyed back in the day, in absolutely stunningly good condition?  Yeah, I may not have gotten along so good with DeadDad, but this was definitely some sort of freaky message-from-beyond.

I'm re-reading it this week.

Yeah, odd things.  That's also why I'm worried about the Bird, 'cos the Bird?  Hoping it's not a message from 'on high'... Rather dodge that particular memorandum for record, as do the majority of us Aye?

Now, MOR practical matters:
Now y'all know I got 'muh COVID vax'
I got a card that sez I got it.  SO, I decided to get me one of them thar high falutin Vax Passports, using me card.  Saw this outfit on the newz... looks like they -might- be in line to be one of many groups that're gonna be issuing the possibly, maybe, we shouldn't-but-are-instituting a vaxx passport.

The website is
Dunno if'n they're sharing the intel that gets dropped on them (they probably are)
BUT hey, if they do?
So much the better
Means that I'm 'offishully jabbed' and they might leave me the fuck alone.
'Cos I got mine a lil while ago
I'm vaxx'd and passported now
Had to add a couple of holes to the band as my thick assed wrists are too big for that puny-human standard sized bullshit.  In fact, I actually have two bands by accident.  My first, well it disappeared.   Like NO clue what the hell happened to it, and since I started wearing it, I love the conversations I get into when I -am- wearing it... I'm sooooooo out-justicing the SJWs when I'm wearing it.  It does cost like $25 but I consider it $25 worth of well spent camouflage.  So, #1 grew legs, (turns out we found it, Bob apparently thought it was a great cat-toy)  and customer support was GREAT! 

Re-made it for me for $15 'cos they have to engrave your name AND the custom QR Code which matches up to MY personal file... yeah... they go that deep into it... the QR code is supposedly only readable IF you give the secret squirrel unlock code.  Go to the website, check it out, and if you have a vax card, I'd suggest a good idea to get the 'acceptable early-on adoption' of this passport.  Especially since it -on you- to provide the 'accurate information to Immunaband regarding your vaccination status.'  Out-Virtueing the Virtue-less is soooooo satisfying.  That and the two-tiered society they seem to be hell bent on making?  Better to have perfect papers early on before the door slams shut.

Make of that what you will.

Before they get their collective shit together Aye?
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country 

Monday, July 26, 2021

Up and Running

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, power came back at around 9-ish.  Seems that one of the BIG transformers blew up the street, and took down a sizable portion of the Area.  Now... that leaves, leastways by my LAST count two, count 'em two spares that TECO has on hand.  They standard was four, but in the past few summer months, #1 went up back in early June, and now this one.  Lead time from China on a build for one of them?  Try 4 to 5 monthsThey ain't cheap, and they sure as hell ain't easy to move around.  They got the new one in place after about 2 hours, but the jury-rigged the wiring (that I could tell) ASAP, just to get the juice flowing again.

They're still at it as of 14:00 today. 
Ahhh the Logistician in me -loves- watching the delicate ballet that is the supply-chain-in-action.  Used to get a bit of a thrill DOING it in Iraq, except in a more active participatory role.  Biggest mission I can recall was a HUGE convoy from up North... came in at the  Habur Gate between Turkey and Iraq.  My base of operations that was setting up and riding 'shotgun' so to speak was Al-Qayyarah Air Base or "Q-West", also called "Key West" by those of us there.  Waaay north of Baghdad, slightly south of Mosul.  Middle-O-Nowhere but the largest Log-Base in the North.

I had to organize the convoy... "X" amount of trucks, drivers, assistant drivers, parts, spares, shooters, Bobtails (spare trucks that were towed in case a Primary got taken out) Air Cover, MedEvac points... man... LOTS of work.  And I was just part of the team of guys who did it.  Lots of little fiddly bits to get the 'overall mission' accomplished.

People see 'stuff' on the shelf in the market... 
It's taken for granted that there's always going to be 'stuff' to be put on the shelf.
We by and large are the most spoiled humans to have ever lived

People just don't -get-that
Case in point.  Power outage last night?  OK... no biggie.  Sapper grabbed a book, I grabbed my phone and lappie to poast.  Wifey?

Yeeeeeah... gonna have to have a looong talk with her about the way things might end up going IF the shit ever really hits the fan.  30 minutes into no Air Conditioning and internet (she's been bingeing on some chick-show lately) and she goes "Maybe we should look at getting a hotel room if this keeps up."

Are you fucking kidding me? 
This does not bode well.
Told her to watch the show on her phone.  Lord knows we're paying for the unlimited DotMil plan so she should use the hell out of it.
She -sez- that if it's a real disaster she'll be able to adapt.  Judging from what she told me about her life before I was around, she's a pretty tough chick.  Just lil things like that, well, they worry me.  A bit of discomfort and she's looking for backup options ASAP?  Man, what happens when we ain't got water coming out of the taps, or even worse it IS coming out but it's so toxic that you can't use it.

Now, she does admit that she's currently spoiled rotten, by me and society in general.
Part of the reason I'm with her is she IS 'awake' and red-pilled as far as a woman can be.

They, the rest of society?
When the wheels come off, it's going to be spectacular.

So -other- things:
Couple of possibly real/possibly fake graphs and stuff from off of Blab.  One of them was the much-talked about chart from deagel:
Now, deagel is, according to sources one of the go-to think tanks that utilize all sorts of info, demographics, intelligence, birth/death rates, well... just about anything that you can quantify.  And the chart above is, shall we say, disturbing?  

By their projections, the populations of -some- countries, by 2025 are positively going to crash and burn.  The US, Russia... hell... if I were Finnish or Hungarian, I'd be slightly more than concerned.  Now as to the accuracy/veracity of these things?  Dunno.  Can't say.  But for the fact that -someone- out there, doing 'numbers crunching' came out and said "Yeah, y'all motherfuckers are gonna be dying like flies." is a bit nervous-making.

In light of the supposed 'rules' that they play by... I mean 'they' whoever -they- are, supposedly play by rules where they have to 'telegraph' what they intend to do to us... something Luciferin in it... so as to allow the targets to have a 'fair chance' at defending against -whatever- IT is.  I mean I have no idea.  I know that faaar too often has something exceptionally untoward happened and only after the fact do we look back and go "Oh shit!  It was staring us right in the face whole time!!!"

One of the weirder cases(s) in point was the World Trade Center.  A TV series offshoot of the "X Files" called "The Lone Gunmen" had a story of the -exact- thing that DID happen:

"In The Lone Gunmen’s premiere episode, “Pilot”, which aired March 4, 2001, members of the U.S. government conspire to hijack an airliner, almost hitting the World Trade Center, and blame the act on terrorists to gain support for a new profit-making war. The episode aired six months prior to the September 11 attacks."

Uh, ok.  then there was also a few album covers which showed both towers crashing and burning, as well as a "Illuminati New World Order Card Game" that came out in 1994, with such cards as these:
It's really hard for me to believe in 'stuff' like this.
But then again, if I was told in 2019 that we'd all be locked down, the election was blatantly rigged, that people would be cult-like-followers of a masking policy so bizarre and contradictory, that a bad Flu Bug was elevated to a pandemic-terror scheme to essentially establish the Post American Panopticon?  I'd be like "Someone's meds need to be adjusted."

Whew... tough to know what to believe or who to believe anymore.

I do know, IF and only IF the wheels come off completely, it's gonna get interesting -mighty quick
So, when Arthur Sido at tells you about deals and whatnot at Palmetto State or ammunition is now becoming available, best you figure out what you have, and don't have and take appropriate steps to fix what you can, whilst you can.  Got me no means right now BUT while I was gainfully employed, I got MOR powder and primers when I could, so I got that going for me.  In fact, I have a deck of 7.62 brass that I need to do a deal-deal for with one of my readers who I have comms with.  I'll give you a call later this week bro.

So, with them being open about 'depopulation', the-jab-of-questionable-nature, and what appears to be an attempt to start instituting some heinous MOR lockdowns and masking bullshit, it's time to start getting the mental mindset in place.  Much like what I have to do with Wifey... it's never going to happen, whatever it is, on your timeline. 

It's always when you're taking a shit
Ask me how many times in Iraq I was on the latrine when the incoming rokkits started pouring down.  Faaaar too many times for me liking.
Or in the shower
Or away from the house on business, with only your 'light' gear onhand.
Stuff like that, 'cos
All you can do it -hope- that yer ready.
And give it yer best shot
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Power Outage

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Sitting here nice n mellow, contemplating the next episode of Ye Olde Bloggage and >whomp<
Total power loss
Lame.  Happens occasionally.
Went to the TECO (Tampa Bay Electric Company) web to report it and whoa nelly!

Now, I -know- for certain that the 144 affected isn't just that
They -stop- taking and poasting # when its a HUGE outtage
Leastways that's what I was told when I was doing security as an Anti-Terrorism Occifer for them.
And dis here poast?
Tied into and tiered my cellie as a hotspot to one of my Lappies.
Can't game but can write and do 'other' stuff.
Man, I forgot just how quiet it can get 'round here without 'modren' stuff like power and whatnot.  I went outside to see initially if I had done fucked up and NOT paid the bill (I was sure I did but still...) and the neighbors and all, well we all checked in and yepper, no juice.  And the neighborhood itself?  Really quiet.  No central AC running -anywhere- makes it mighty quiet here now.

The odd thing is that I got an email from Spectrum saying that the internet/cable has an outage too. 

First time that's ever happened.  Now, if the cell goes out?  THEN we might be seeing something else?  Hard to say.  I'm thinking just the usual fuckup and/or drunk hitting a power pole.  Problem is our closeness to McDill AFB which is home to CENTCOM, SPECOPS and all the other DotMil "important stuff" that's there.  We'll see.  the projection is that the power is going to be off til around 22:30 tonight.  If it gets too hot/uncomfortable we got the pool.  And for boredom?  It's good to be bored.  I -am- being 'better safe than sorry' though and we're at 'low yellow' in readiness.  Firearms in Condition One and at hand.

Ya never know Aye?
So, will update as we go More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Small Hat but Funny Man

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Bit of a bummer today, as word is out that funnyman Jackie Mason went to -wherever- those of the (((Tribe))) believe they go when they die.  Unlike Christianity, Judaism isn't as clear on the Afterlife.  Either way, no matter.  Hope wherever he goes, he gets to enjoy it, as man, he definitely brightened things up 'round this place.  

One of my favorite movies 'History of the World Part 1' he was in the song and dance number "The Inquisition" as "tortured Jew #2" in the credits.  THAT was funny... 
Brooks is a genius... I'm going to be very bummed when he passes... 
Hell, I'm amazed he's still kicking to be honest
Guy is older than dirt
Still funny tho.

So, had a great talk with Mike from Cold Fury last night.  Figured fon-time would be good.  I was getting hammered up, AND I made cookies too.  Inspired by the Crumbl poast. 

OMG did I make cookies.  Dark Chocolate Flourless Cookies with home made espresso frosting w/espresso chocolate chips for the filler on the sammich.
And yeah, that one in the upper right?
Test Cookie
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Sugar Coma anyone?
Yeah... I nailed them
ALL the recibes on the whebz tho.... Man, it is getting to be a parody... "Long about 6 years ago, during my first summer in Eastern Kazakhstan, I met a foodstuff seller with his blind granson....who then told me of the most magical cookies..."

Jesus Lord Help me.
We. do. not. care. about. your longwinded, winding story of feel-goodedness and bullshit. 
Just. tell. me. the recipe!!!! 
Takes me forty minutes I swear to sort out the bullshit to get the actual measurements and ingredients.  And in the end, I ended up winging it for the most part which actually works pretty well for me.  The pain in the ass last night was judging if I had the right amount of egg white, and making sure that I didn't break the yolks while separating them.  Tricky as the eggs I got, still good, but not super-super fresh.

Worked out in the end.  
And dinner last night was insane as well.  Needed to make some space in the freezer, so I went out and got the older frozen ground beef, and collected ALL the shrimp in the freezer too.  Problem here is I'll use half a pound of large shrimp, and defrost them.  The other half goes back in the freezer, where I forget they're there.

Two weeks later, I open and use 3/4 of a bag of new bought, and put the remaining 1/4 in the freezer as well.  We hit the store for shopping, and it was time to consolidate/use up the smaller portions.  Did that the other day with the french fries too.  1/4 bag of tater tots, some random steak fries, and two partials of Oryda Crispy fries... threw 'em all  in the air fryer together... turned out pretty good.

So last night was 'consolidate and use up' the partials.  Made 5 pounds of Jambalaya by the time I was done.  Now we got meals for a week.  Turned out pretty damned good.

So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Saturday, July 24, 2021

On the Lighter Side...

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Bit later than I wanted to poast, but you know how it is with a 3.5 year old.
Same for last night.  
Good responses from a LOT of folks.  I appreciate the points of view, and dig all the thought that went into some of the comments.  The snarky one?  For the most part I delete, especially if they offer nothing redeeming.  Otherwise as most of you know, I even publish some of the trollish ones, just so's I can show I pretty much allow this to be a free fire zone.  Rounds, so to speak, go both ways.  Even DMV Gringo has been here in the past, though notsomuch lately.  Guess my open attitude didn't get the 'rise' out of him that'd he'd hoped for.

So, on the 'lighter side'
Wifey discovered, well, we both discovered this place a waaays back.  When we do the 'hostage exchange' as I jokingly refer to it, it's at one of those huge International Outlet-Shopping plazas.  That's when we p/u drop off GranBebe as it's halfway to each respective A.O.  Otherwise it'd be an hour and a half each way.  By sharing the distance, it keeps the motivation up to go pick up our very own lil Terrorist-in-Training.

So, there's a place there:
Crumbl Cookies.
I've been really good aboot Ye Olde Diet.  Been actively avoiding excess calories.  So it's been a bit of a plus that the nearest one was over 45 minutes away.  To say these are good cookies is like sayin Mozart was a pretty good music writer.  These things are really good, for my values leastways.  Doughy, Big, really tasty.  Problem is they -are- expensive.  Like $4 a throw.  Essentially froo-froo Organic Leftist Cookies.  Proud of the organic, non-gmo yadda-yadda.  I just know they taste really really really good.

So, yesterday, Wifey had an errand to run.  A Short hop to pick up some of her beauty supplies for an upcoming wedding she's doing.  Left me minding the store so to speak.  The usual.

Comes home with the announcement: "Do you know who just opened a store up the street????"

At first, I was like my normal snarky self... "No idea?  Chippendales?"
She reached into her shopping bag, and then whipped out my fave, a milk-chocolate chip Crumbl.

Uh Oh.
That's what's left.
Forgot to take the 'before' picture like all them daffy fucking broads who take a picture of their chow.
Needless to say, this ain't good.
Wifey ain't zigzactly known for her self-control around sweets.
Neither am I
So, they opened one up, of course right in the neighborhood.

Maaan.  Thankfully I be broke.  Easy enough excuse to avoid the place.  And I -don't- think they take EBT.  They sure as fuck better not or man, then we're really fucked.

So, that's the quick and light (well, maybe 'light' is a bit too soon to say) for today.  However, these Fat Pills are definitely only going to be able to be enjoyed rarely.  Otherwise, I'm going to go from "Big Country" to "Gargantua Country", and I'm not allowing that to ever happen again.  BT-DT at 450 pounds... never again.  I'm currently at 334 and losing, so, yeah.  "Get behind me Satan, Get behind me!!!"

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country
go to if you dare... I go for the Lulz...

Friday, July 23, 2021

Todays Hit

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Todays first poast-of-the-day is over at Mike's Cold Fury blog.  It was time for another guest appearance, but even then, I'm throw it up here for those of you who want to read it.  I want to see what the traffic is like on both side of the house.  It's called "What's The Rush, Bub?"  And here it is in all it's glory.  No worries BTW.  I got another one on deck for tonight/this afternoon.  So stay tuned.

BCE here for a non-hostile takeover for a poast. Couple o'tings mon. First, I'm hitting the NonVax. Me n Sapper been bouncing some 'stuff' off of each other on the daily-daily. Usually it's like a mini-intel confab here during the Koffee Klatche in the A.M. Nothing like a good cuppa to get the brain juices flowing, and usually during my normal a.m. 'get up to speed' on the news. One thing that stuck out today was over at Vox Day's place, where he's got a Soon-to-Be Doctor emailing him on how the Medical Industry is putting the screws on the docs to get the shot.

The Link to it is HERE

The thing that hit me though is the updates at the end of the writeup.

Seems to me that there's strange things afoot at the Circle K so to speak. Word -I'm- hearing is that anyone with the NonVax are the ones getting sick. Mike has even hit on it, and a whoooole lotta others, Borepatch, Miguel, Pete at WRSA and Peter from Bayou Ren have been asking "Why the rush?" I mean as far as we know, yeah yeah, "Winter is Coming". Cold and Flu bugs mutate and usually if a pretty nasty bug is out there floating around, Round #2 is usually worse than Round #1.

Now, consider this. COVID-19, IMO and FWIW, was a 'wet fart' of a bug for like 99.3% of the population.
They however, in order to secure control and oust Orange Man Bad and stop the nasty tweets ramped up the rhetoric to 11 on the Amp. Shit... they actually dialed that fucker up to 19. Scared ALL the old folks.../ and then sucessfully stole the election... shit, we'll call it the 'selection'.
But for -some unknown reason- they then started rolling out the NotVax.
Even though it, by all past measures, shouldn't have been rolled out.
The Swine Flu vax rollout in the late 70's? Kil't aboot 100 people, numbers fluctuate depending on sources,


100 deaths was enough to shut that shit down cold
The NonVax? We can't get any sort of straight answer, but we -do know- either by their own slips and or anecdotally from personal experience (my ex-nephew being one) that this NonVax is dangerous and is fucking up ALL sorts of people across a VAST demographic. And yet they've been ramping up the rhetoric to MOR Vax Hurry Hurry Faster Faster!!!!

So, this begets the question of "What's the rush Bub?
Think I have an idea, lemme bounce it offa ya.
Reason they're now in full on panic mode is they (Our Madmen/Powers That Be) know that Joe Chink made AND released a manufactured bio-war weapon, designed to fuck us up during the election. I think it was done as a 'slap on the wrist' for Orange Man Bad's Economic Sanctions against them. What was unexpected (I think) was that the fact that everyone (including meselves) bought in initially so hard and were scared silly.

This right there, then gave those fucking guys, whoever or whatever you want to call them, call 'em the "Ones who Want to Rule"... that Gates geek motherfucker... Soros... all the suuuuuuper billionaires who think that the world is theirs to be ruled over, and we're useless eaters and dammit, there's just too damned many of them.
Well, to fuckers like that, who have made no secret of their wishes to depopulate significantly?

This became the Golden Opportunity

Run with me on this a bit more. They saw a perfect chance to start the process, and make it look like it was a natural event, much like the in real life Black Plague which damned near wiped out Europe back in the day. Numbers vary because of time, but at least 30% of the world population got aced out, and upwards of 60% bought it. Now, we know and they know this ain't and wasn't no gorramned Black Death.
In order to make sure there's a BIG wipeout later, they made and designed a NonVax, and have been using it to start the process. They used the fear factor to get as many people on board as possible, and set a date to 'trigger' it off. Reason I say that is, they're currently freaking the fuck out because ONLY 56% is supposedly vaxxed. And right now? Part of the freakout is that the naturally occurring mutation (Delta Variant) is starting to activate the kill shot too early.

People ain't completely stupid
And as I like to say God is an Absurdist
Don't Fuck with Mother Nature
She too, is a bitch
It's becoming MOR and MOR obvious that the NonVax ain't working and wasn't supposed to.
That the "Delta" variant IS a -bit- more lethal, but mostly to those who're supposedly now vaxxed

CDC Guidelines and Definition for Immunization and Vaccination: "Vaccine: A product that stimulates a person's immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease, protecting the person from that disease. ... Immunization: A process by which a person becomes protected against a disease through vaccination."

To me peepers, the NonVax is just that... a non-vaccination.
So then just what the fuck is it?
Telling ya, it's a depopulation plan. And the reason for the near-psychotic race to get ALL the people NonVaxxed is because those who aren't are gonna start to realize that bad things were/are planned, and that the nebulous "They" are responsible for a whoooooooooole lotta deaths.
And as Mike n Me both say payback is a stone-cold furious Motherfucker
Tell you what. Hope I'm wrong.


If around what should be the 'normal flu season' comes, and the Lambda or whatever fucking variant comes out and starts mowing down people in wholesale lots, I'ma thinking 'enemy action'. What say you? Discussion please in the comments. Am I right or do I need to get the tinfoil adjusted again?

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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Finally Back and Stuff

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Goddamned Cat.
"Scratch harder slave!!!"
<Le Sigh>... between Wifey and -other- things, any wonder I haven't flipped Ye Olde Collective Shytte?  I credit Iraq, Baghdadland (formerly known as the Saddam-A-Go-Go) and a real sense of humor in order to keep me from going full on fucking ballista-shit-fit mode.  Ain't one ting mon, tis anodda.  Ye Olde Glasses broke today.  FML Aye?  Thankfully, they have a cheap thing of $75 for two at a local place, and the eye exam was done through the VACCN (Veterans Community Care Network).  I'm very familiar 'cos, now I can talk aboot it, that was what I was doing for a living.

For all you vets out there, pay the fuck attention.  Take notes, this -will- be on the final exam.

Optum is the company currently running the VACCN program.  VACCN gets vets appointments for medical care outside of the VA for veterans.  Meaning that if you are too far (distance wise from a 'regular VA'... very common in Buttfuck Kansas... jes' sayin'),

Or they can't get you in within a reasonable time: "We have an appointment for your cancer screening in October of 2123, is that OK?" 

OR they don't offer the services that you want, i.e. Acupuncture and other shytte... (those being the most common)

You can get the "Mission Act" as they call it or, more commonly the Veterans Community Care Network appointments.  Now, the requirements are that you're a vet, whos been seen at the VA within the past 12 to 18 months.  If you've never been to the VA?  Hard cheese on you.  Doom on you as the 'Nam Vets might say.  Now, the MISSION ACT is a bit different from VACCN.  MY area of expertise is in VACCN.  I know of what I speak.

Hell, it used to be the Veterans Choice Program.  VCP. 
Under HealthNet.  
Where I was a Supervisor of over 40 call center reps on the program.
For 3 and a Half Years until HealthNet got caught double billing the VA, and lost the contract.
Fuck man, I helped craft some of the rules for VCP.
I was there at the beginning.
And then, worked after I semi-retired doing it for a year til a few days ago when I let my emotions get away from me.  Hearing "Suicidal Vet" made me kinda-sorta lose it dig?  The fact ALSO was that I've been (or was) tracking and keeping tabs on what appeared to be an intentional and willful disregard of certain -smaller providers- when it came to being 'brought on board' to the network.  

To give you an idea, I started 'capturing' (without higher-higher knowing) specific questionable cases and keeping a record of what appeared to be a willful attempt to not bring on a provider into the network in a timely manner... For numbers, try I noticed and started keeping track of these case March 1st.  That worked, and up until the end of March after I said "Hey, lots of issues here!!!" and they involuntarily transferred me to appointment scheduling.  Meaning I would no longer talk to providers who were having trouble being brought on board. 

Now, being brought on board means that they can see vets outside of the VA.  If they're not 'in network', they aren't supposed to see the vet... that the vet is then financially responsible for the cost of treatment.  If they're in network, then they can see the vet... if they ain't, not so fucking much Aye?

THAT went on til about early June... mebbe late May... aboot two plus months.  

As soon as I got brought back over to "inbound calls" i.e. 'the bitch and complaint department' to anyone who's ever done call center work, I re-started my list.  With a two month break in collecting data?  well... total numbers of pages in my list by the time they shyttecanned me?  


In Calibri size 12 font.  Average amount of cases per page? 2 to 3, depending on how fucking many issues that cropped up.  24 times 2, average I found 48 cases.  In a 5 month period.  Of shit that should never have happened.

The case that got me fired?

A P-Shrink.  Tried to come on board back in November of last fucking year.
The veteran was getting desperate 'cos the VA said, "he ain't in network, we ain't paying."
I know exactly what he is/was/is currently going through.
If I was told I needed to get a new shrink?  Yeah, I'd lose it.
Love my current brain-washer.
This poor P-Shrink?
Has over 10 vets he was/is treating for -severe- PTSD
NOT Including our Vet of Suicidal Tendencies.

I've been told it should take a max of 45 to 60 days to get a provider onboarded, start to finish.
For this particular P-Shrink?  As of June 30th of this year, Not so Much.
To the point a VA Rep called, and got fucking verified as a VA rep saying "What the fuck is the holdup?"

That was on May 5th.

I lost my shit... especially in light of the situation.
So... here's the Deal Fat.
Far as I know?  Ain't shit been done.
I got canned, and evvabody happy.  Also, a quick note, I -was not- an Optum Employee.  Nope.. Subcontracted to a small pile of cowards who I told all of this shit to... MANY times.  "Thank you, we'll take it under advisement" kind of shit.  NOTHING was ever done.  And what's going on, whelp, it ain't exactly illegal...


From a purely moral and relative angle
The shit stinks to high fucking heaven.  I did intakes on giant fucking healthcare providers.... we're talking like HOSPITALS and shit, that were brought on so fucking quickly that even my head started doing the spin like Linda Blair in "The Exorcist"... I mean a place with hunnerds of people, literally a metric ton of paperwork, certifications, licenses, insurance... holy shit... that amount of shit to bring on a provider is really BIG.  SO much shit, that hence my suspicions something, as my favorite shady ethic (((group))) would say, something ain't quite Kosher here.

To be honest, it reeks like Gefilte fish left out in the sun for 5 days.

A quick, easy-to-set-up single provider P-Shrink?  Should take one person about 48-72 hours (if starting on a Monday) to confirm Addy of Practice, License of Practitioner, Insurance, and confirmation of treating Vets.  I mean there's minor ephemera to be done, but hell, the contract is "plug and play" meaning it's a Dot Word Document that you add the Doc's name and the Addy and whatever -other- provider specific intel/info you have/need, plug and play, save as sign able PDF, email and call it a fucking day.  If it were ME doing it?  I'd have that fucker knocked out ASAP as it -is- a shrink for a Vet who desperately needs the treatment.

Can't fuck around with that shytte Aye?

So why the fuck is it taking sooooooooooooooooooooooo long?
Originally they told us in November that there was an overwhelming demand of providers to join the network.  I dig that.  I was told to tell providers calling to join, or check on the status of the 'join' that it was going to be 45-60 business day before they heard word ONE in regards to this shytte.

I sold that line of shit until I realized something ain't quite right.

HUUUUUUGE Hospitals getting in and up and running ASAP?
No Prob.
Single smaller places?
Not so much.
No idea for real, but I have my suspicions.  Nothing provable, and I'm not going to do conjecture that could open my ass up to a lawsuit.  Hell, What I've done here right now?  Man talk about throwing shit into the wind and blowing the whistle.  This's hopefully going to get traction, and have a LOT of people jump on the train of going after these fuckers.

So, here endth this part of the story.
Fuck 'em.

Now?  New Glasses.  Took Wifey up to the "Glasses Hut"... yeah, I can get a new pair through the VA BUT, that last time I did it through them, they fucked it allllll up, so fuck it, used my glasses insurance that I had/have a month on.  Still cost me $150 as I have to have the super-thin lenses as I am literally blind and a motherfucker.  My glasses without 'thin' extras are literally coke bottle bottoms.  , despite insolvency, that's whut credit cards are for.  The "two for (with tax) for $80" worked out to some cool shades.  Well... I think they're cool.

I went with an off-brand 'Ray Ban' look:
I even have the Uzi.
The other pair I got, part of the same dealio, just for reading/blogging/computer use, I went this way:
Both approved by Wifey... Told her I'm tired of the 'same-ole-same-ole'... been wearing, outside of the current 3 year old VA Glasses, the same exact rectangular boring assed shades.  Pics to follow in a week or two when they show.  I went "Falling Down" on my primary as I am ostensibly in the middle of 'that sort of falling down' breakdown.  So, why the fuck not look the part Aye?

And Rollins?  Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit
Wifey got a 'thing' for his "Rollinsness"  Can't say I blame her.  I'm not big into the whole plastic black one-piece frame, but, hell why not.  I met and partied and knew Rollins when I was in Baghdad.  Any doubters?
Fuck Y'all LOL
Dat you?
Yeah, Dat Me.

-I- was surprised at -how short- he was/is.  After watching Beavis and Butthead doing their bit on Henry's vidya "Liar" which was MY intro to HIM as opposed to Black Flag (who I used to listen to back in High School and early college, but never gave a fuck as to the members of the band... the music just rocked and I gave two shits beyond that)  Dude was a fucking roidmonster that I could tell in the Vidya... the link is HERE
Which I -still- love
Talk about a great song
That being said, we had lunch, hung out and discussed a lot of shit... dude IS brilliant.  Now, true funny story:  DeadDad was a college prof at U-Lowell.  I sent him a copy of the above pic.  He made it his 'desktop/screensaver' on his laptop.  

90% of his 'stoodents' would see the pic when he was setting up his PowerPoint the conversation according to him went like this:

"Hey, Dr. DeadDad... that's Henry Fuckin' Rollins Dr!!!  Who or why do you have it on your computer?  I mean that's Henry Motherfuckkin' Rollins Doc!!!"
(DeadDad used it for that exact reason on two points)

"Why yes, 'student X', that IS Henry Rollins!"

"Why do you have that pic Doctor DeadDad?  Who's the guy in the pic with him?"

<smug> "Why, that's my son, Big Country"

<shocked/horror> "Waitaminute Doc, Henry Motherfukkin' Rollins is fuckin' huuuuge Doc  he's a fuckin MONSTER in size... yer tellin us that... yer saying that that fucking monster... that's your son????"

<even more smug> "Why yes, that it is."

<subdued> "Sooooo... if that's your son, where and how does he know Rollins Dr. DeadDad?"<extremely respectful, even awed, (DeadDads words, not mine)>

"Why, My first born is a Mercenary over in Iraq, killing and murdering Godless Hajjis?  Any questions?  Now, let's continue with the lesson on page 4...."

<complete and utter respectful silence>

After that, apparently the threats of "I'm going to the Dean" about DeadDad being a 'big meanie' went completely silent and any other issues, vis-a-vis behavior and or other shit, specifically the niggers being niggers, doing unfounded and unwarranted accusations of raaaaaaaaycism and shit... yeah, that shit went away with a MAD quickness.  They pretty much knew the underlying 'fuck with DeadDad and get vanished' was a real potential.

Anywho.  It's been a long night, and I'm late between the cat(s) and whatever.  I'll hit y'all tomorrow in the A.M. as I have to get up to take a job-evaluation online test for a potential job.  Wish me luck and say a prayer.  Til Then
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country