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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Tom and Other Memes

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Gallbladder ish today... at the VA.  Gonna keep it quick, dirty and light, as I can't really do a hell of a lot more.  Seems that I'm going to be going under the knife later this month if they have their way.  Me?  No thanks.  Been there too  many times and these days I don't trust -anyone- outside of my P-Shrink medically speaking.  Buncha fucking hoo-doo-voo-doo motherfuckers at this point.

Used to be you could trust a doctor.
That's all for shytte now Aye?
So, for today's fun, I ackshully found my collection of "Tom" memes.  Think I might have poasted a few of them from before, but these are some of my faves, with a few 'others' intermixed:

So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid reporter
Big Country


  1. You, sir, are not quite right.

    But, of course, I laughed too, so I must also not be quite right.

  2. In case you haven't already seen this--

  3. Had acute pancreatitis, spent a week in hospital IV only no food to calm pancreas down. Took 6 more weeks for enzyme levels to reduce to the point of being safe for surgery. Didn't want to do it. Talked with friends and family for recommended surgeons to touch base with. First said its your choice but if you have another attack like the last one there's a 1 in 3 chance you wont survive it. Second doctor disagreed with first, said he would put the risk at 1 in 2 for dying. When the gall bladder clogs the digestive enzymes back up into the pancreas and it tries to digest itself, and there are not any artificial pancreas. At that point my wife gives me the looks and says 'you're getting the surgery'. It was done on outpatient basis using laparoscopy, 1" incision at belly button. I'm doing much better after the surgery. Have to limit greasy foods a little, but nothing major.
    James Johnson, ex-nuke

  4. That was fun. OG

  5. You are a warped, sick man... that is why "I love you, Man!"

  6. Love the Deadpool one. Brings back memories of Slivovica 'shine in water bottles on Eagle Base in Tuzla.

    In other funny news, taught my Boomer B-I-L how to use a ratchet strap, then jump-started my rig because he couldn't get the keys out due to the retarded Park-Cylinder Lock release sensor on the POS Captiva.

    Wonder how the B-I-L made it to 65, and whatever fag engineer thought a sensor on everything was a good idea should be used as a test dummy for "101 Ways to Kill With an MRE Spoon"...

  7. Get better. Dying now is not an option, Soldier. Your're still needed. You have mucho.valuable armorer skills and My scrawny 1/2 of an ass can use your mobile duece-n-half sized fat ass for concealment.
    Dying is for Marines because they are wimps.

    TLM E-4 13M

  8. re:

    I hear 'surgery', I think 'second opinion'.
    I would ask folks without a gall-bladder about the changes they needed to make.
    One example -- without bile, little-to-none oils/fats get digested.
    That sounds doable... except BACON! gives you diarrhea.
    Spare ribs.
    Banana Split.
    Without a gall-bladder, your body is nearly incapable of processing oil-based vitamins... A, D, E, and K.
    No more healthy Omega 3 oils to reduce inflammation.
    I would try every alternative prior to whittlin' on my delicate sensitive body.

  9. That is a trove of meme goodness

  10. Had the laparoscopy surgery years ago, no problems with oily foods. Still eat whatever I want, but have heard from others that they have had problems with
    certain foods. We are all different.

  11. When your Gallbladder goes bad it affects your ENTIRE digestive system....and there really is no "cure" other than getting rid of it. We as a species are fortunate we can live a relatively normal life without a Gallbladder. The question is not should you have it taken out.....that MUST happen forq you to have any quality of life. The question is WHO does the surgery and where. For every quality surgeon and clean well run surgery center there is a butcher posing as a doctor and a filthy facility pretending to be worth visiting. Your chore is to figure out who and where to go to insure proper care.

  12. Ditto on the surgery. I had it some years ago, doctors said if I had waited another 48 hours death was inevitable. Laparoscopic, I was back in the parking lot within 2 hours, quick recovery at home. No dietary restrictions, no problems with any kind of food (YMMV).

    GET IT DONE!! There is no practical alternative. General queasiness about doctors isn’t sufficient reason when faced with the alternative. It’s a routine surgery which is really difficult to screw up. Good luck, hoping for your continued good health.

  13. I love those sick meme's will be laughing my ass off and sharing for days, and get thyself healed surgery is pretty common and the alternative is permanent.

  14. Had the Laparoscopic to remove mine too. Put me back together with super glue too, found a chunk in my navel. Just, if I remember correctly, 3 little cuts. Doc said 6 weeks off. didn't believe him and was out on the snow machine in 2.5. No problems either with what I eat.

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