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Monday, June 14, 2021

'Nother MRE

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Whew... full times 'round here.   Finally got nephew on the road back with his Pops, and they're on the road to continue 'other family visits'.  We got GranBebe here for the week, (our turn) and the new training is the whole potty training thing.  She gets 'it' but doesn't.  Time to get her squared away so's we can start pre-k.

Now, for me, being busy as hell, sore and mean, I said the hell with cooking last night.

Dug out a past-due Polish MRE... 'theoretically' expired on 11-2020.  Now, as with 'Murican MREs, as far as I can tell, the expiration date is more of a suggestion.  Steve1989MRE on YouTube has been known to eat 100 year old field rats.  Dunno how he's still alive.  The one that he ate and cracked me the hell up was the infamous "Five Fingers of Death" as we called the original dark-brown wrappered "Frankfurters and Beans".  5 of the most heinous hot dogs ever.  And the beans?  The ominous warning and somewhat mysterious "Bean Component: Not for pre-flight use" which always raised the question of -what if- you ate them right before taking a plane?  Shit yourself to death?  Puke?  Dunno.

So, with the idea that a lot of the Euro-MREs are more of a 'commercial container' as opposed to the foil envelope a lot of other countries like the US has, I figured to give it a shot, and I was also lazy, tired, sore and didn't want Wifey within a mile of the stove... How can toast have bones?

Jes' Sayin'

And to all who ask, I tease her about that on the reg.  So, anyways.  This one was a "Beef and Buckwheat" Polish MRE:
And the layout:
Main Meal in the big thing listed as "Mieso z kasza gryczana" which was the Beef and Buckwheats.  
Two packs of crackers
A packet of dehydrated fruit
A fruit bar, (apricot I think)
A small 100 gram tin of 'bacon', which means Eurospam.
A herbal energy drink
Spoon and accessories pack:
Salt, pepper, couple of hard candies, gum, toilet paper, wet-wipe and a bigger 'garbag bag' to stuff everything in when done.  It also had the obligatory flameless heater, which as I've observed before beats the ever loving shit out of the US MRE heater... gets the food hot
Big stuff sack too with pleanty of room, as opposed to the US model which -barely- fits the main meal pack, never mind anything over-and-above, like say the taters if there was a secondary meal pack.  
And it stays hot... unlike the 'Murican POS.
This thing could heat up multiple meals methinks.
So... I heated the thing up... maybe 10 minutes and pulled it.  I had to actually let it sit b/c it was actually too hot.  Ever since all my time in the Army and in chow halls, I can't have 'hot-hot' food... literally too hot and the skin in my mouth starts peeling.  Too many years of lukewarm chow I think.  So, on getting it pulled I opened it up:
First Observations:
Smelled good
Visible veggies.
The white stuff?  Not fat as I first thought.. it's the buckwheats... almost like mashed taters.  
And the beef?  
BIG chunks...
Tasted great
VERY filling.  Lots of real beef, as opposed to a 'Murican "horsemeat and shit" MRE... in fact major complaint I have about US meals is the shitty amount of proteins.  It's always a "beef"... more like a mystery meat is either brown or green sauce... with the sauce being 80% of the meal with 'stuff' floating in it... unidentifiable 'stuff'  The Brisket MRE being one that stands out... the 'brisket beef strips' look like the grill scrapings I used to pull off the grill when I was a kid working at Mickey D's, just not as tasty.

Now, the down side, I got these a ways back.  With shipping, about $25.  Now?  Like $40.  More real inflation there Aye?  Kind of a bitch too, because I could spend the Apocalypse chowing down on the Polack MREs.

So, thus is todays Poast.
I'm desperately trying to ab=void the poly-ticks of the day... just too much bullshit out there, and man, just how in the fuck do they think Slo is going to last the next few years?  Ain't no fucking way IMO.  He's a deader when they need to have him die... mark my words... he's going to be used as a 'martyr' somewhere, at some point to push through something that under 'normal circumstances' that shit'd never fly.   This G-7 showed just how far we've fallen, and it's only a matter of time til something real and serious happened where we genuinely get our collective national asses curbstomped.

So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Sir, it has been suggested that Steve1989's digestive system is made up of a nuclear furnace and is lined in unobtanium.

    (Seriously, I watch the guy too and it's like... why are you EATING THAT?!)

  2. Indeed, the guy’s a legend. I watch it more to see what gets put in foreign packs. I build up my own MREs ...cheaper and better stuff, easier on the menu. I just rotate things out every 6 months or so. After 21 years of C-rats (I’m old) and the first couple generations of MREs, I’ll pass, thanks. The FRH WILL burn your garage down if they’re in a milk crate and your dumbass ex pulls a snow covered car in and they get wet....don’t ask.

  3. Speaking of MRE heaters... I have not been impressed by any of the "real MRE" heaters I've tried.
    I like the MREs ok, just not their heaters. Doesn't get it done.

    I have also tried "APACK" (if I remember right) MRE-style meals, they're ok. The entrees are ok but the sides not so much. But, the APACK heaters work pretty well. Apparently for shipping regulations or something, they use a different kind of heater that isn't water-activated. It's activated by a little packet of salt water they include in the packed-up meal. The heater does work pretty well.

    I said all that to ask this: is it true that you can "plus up" the heater in a real MRE by adding a pinch or two of salt to the water you put in to activate it? I haven't tried it yet, but I have been told that.

    1. According to Steve1989, yes, adding a bit of salt does seem to juice the FRH. No idea how that works though.

  4. Have to go watch him now, just for the halibut.

    bad humor, I confess.

    1. Halibut in an MRE would be pretty impressive. I recently picked up a commercial canister type vacuum sealer that can handle retort pouches, just need to get it overhauled and I can start making my own MREs. Basically with retort pouches you load them up with whatever you can normally pressure can, seal them then toss them in a pressure canner for the standard length and they are then shelf stable.

  5. Paper, Toilet, One (1) Each, Non-Retrievable is my favorite. What window licker had to be told it was single use?

  6. The skin-bag will be retired as soon as he's 'served' 2 years and a day of 'his' term. That way the whore will get a free 2 year stint as the Big Cheese and still be eligible for another 2 full terms.

    As to MREs, part of the price increase is the increase in shipping due to fuel being so fucking much more expensive now.

    And to the fact that everyone, not just nutbags like you and me, are prepping. Shit, I've seen people buying prepper stocks now that have never ever prepped before, even when hurricane season is approaching. You know, the people that wait till the last fucking second to try to buy water and stuff and then bitch about the 'price gouging' done by the convenience store while they're gassing up while bugging out.

    Like the ammo situation. Too many people trying to buy too little of a supply.

  7. My MRE heater was 15 seconds on the exhaust louvers of a M1A1 Abrams. Any more and the pouch would plump up and explode.

  8. That Polish MRE actually looks good! I remember when MREs first came out and you learned very quickly which ones to avoid at all cost. Five fingers is the little colon death...

  9. (Don McCollor)...way back in college, a friend in the AF gave me a few survival ration fruitcake (the size of a can of Spam) with the advice to open one only after you had eaten the bark off the trees as high as you could reach...

  10. the "not for preflight use" is b/c the gas expands at altitude, really painful....slojoe's meeting putin should be epic. he had to be physically put on the x for the photo shoot,was two hours late for the press conference. he looks pitiful up here.