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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Irrational Belief

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogttes!
On the fons today at work and maaaan.  Had a humdinger of a call.  Wife of a Vet that no-one was helping.  Long of the short, she at one point, said he was suicidal.  That's a hard stop right there.  I let higher know what was going on, and then kept on the fon, at which point I found out he's actually threatened in the past, but not currently, as he's not even home but at work.  So oh, OK... Got it.  Relay that to higher, and told them "It's all cool."  Much different situation Aye?

Not that Higher heard any of it.
While I was still trying to unfuck the situation, the local PD showed up for a welfare check.
Whoo boy.
The wife was cool about it, and my Higher is now trying to spin it off on me that "I said" when I didn't and hopefully it'll quiet down, not that they won't try and pin something on me.  My boss whos a dear said I'm good that I ain't gotta worry.

Now then, so I'm on the fon, and apparently the world showed up.  Whaaambulance and like two cruisers.  I get on speaker and tell one of the coppers "Hey, mis-communication, everything's cool!" as her Hubby ain't even home.  She's showing them, and telling them, "Everythings cool!" Cop #1 is like "No prob, cool" but Cop #2?

I guess he was highly disappointed that he didn't get to shoot or taze someone.  <cue authority voice> "We need to verify whoever that is on the phone, as well as go to his work and check!!!!" the whole time... Wife I was speaking to was like "This guy is like being a dick."  I even said to Cop #1, "You need ole boy to chill the fuck out before he kills someone... No one there for him to HupHupHup!!!"

Man, then the very next call I get someone who starts telling me that the DotGov "Told me that this is what's going on!!!" and couldn't be moved from that... I kept trying to politely explain that "Just 'cos the DotGov said so doesn't make it the truth."
Man, De Nile ain't just a river in Egypt.
Just like Higher Higher calling in the uniformed DotGov... I mean yeah, liability, I dig that, but BEFORE calling they should have gotten with ME to ask MOR questions on the SitRep than "OMFGCallthecopsrightnow!!!!"  I understand SOP.  I was the one who initially said "Whoa suicide, hold on..." and started that ball, but damned if they didn't grab that thing and do a Forrest Gump and run alllll the way out of the stadium with that fucker.

Such is working with an all female cast so to speak.
All emotions, no logic.
Total belief in "The System"
And when I was talking to the cops?  Even one of the cops besides cop #1 said cop #2 was like waaaay too amped up.  Like dude... only thing that tells me is no matter what, never call the cops.
Too dangerous.
For ALL involved.

The stiking thing is the utter belief of the goodness and system in general.  I have trouble believing it.  It's stunning.  Like jaw dropping.  How in the hell can -anyone- believe anything that ANY DotGov agency tells you?  Like at this point, it's got to be willful ignorance.  MomUnit, bless her is sort of like that.  Does NOT want to hear anything factual that can upset the apple cart so to speak.  She gets totally bent out at the messenger.  Especially when I slip the occasional needle in about CNN, which is all she watches.  The complete dogmatic belief in shytte like that is where everything has gone wrong.  

A BIG part of it was elimination of organized religion, either by murder and/or suicide.  The murdering of religion was done by people who don't want to believe, and force others not to believe, nevermind the Commies who want you to worship the state.  The suicide of religion is the Catholic Church willfully and intentionally allowing, nay encouraging rape and child molestation... and I'm not even going there with the current as far as I'm concerned Antipope running the shytteshow right now...

Any wonder this country is in deep(er) shit than it's ever been before?
Look, I tend to not be overly religious.  That being said,, one can't go through the shit I've been through and not believe that there ain't a God or higher power.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd I'm fired.
What was that about God?
Seems I said I wanted to hit a motherfucker in the head for not doing their job.  Pure hyperbole.  
Of course just the thing for the HR Chick to grab onto and run with.
Terminated <sigh>
This's the shit that irritates the fuck out of me.
No writeup, no warning, no nuthin'.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. You scary, violent, call ops guy. That's usually a clue that something better is poppin up over the horizon. Your thoughts count in this as well so...think happy thoughts. See? Who says there aint some kind o higher higher? Ohio Guy

  2. Whut? Fired! You? I worked at a very PC airplane co. I told them- "I gotta put up with stupid shit at work... I don't have to do it at home". Fuck that. Texson

  3. Sorry to hear that. Some people are just fn idiots.
    Sending small donation to the tip jar to help out.

    1. Also sorry to hear that, I'm glad you kept your cool. I also hit the tip jar, get there a bottle of Finlandia!

  4. Fuck dude.
    Get on the damn phone and find another job if you can.
    This politically correct shit is what is really gutting this country.

  5. Hang in there Brother. Lo I walk through the Valley of Death, I fear not for thou art with me....and Mr. Country is the baddest motherfucker in the Valley.

  6. You have to be SO careful saying anything about suicide these days especially in Florida with the Baker Act. A friend's teenage kid being a dumbass said on an online chat that "sometimes I get so mad I could kill myself". Some idiot on the chat in another state called the local PD who showed up, didn't care about the details and hauled said teenager to the looney bin for a 72 hour hold thanks to the Baker Act.
    Sorry about the gig but that sounds like a really shitty place to work so maybe it's for the best.

  7. Just donated. Email me for phone number if you want to talk.

  8. No warning - this had better be a black letter (can I even say that these days?) clause in the HR manual.

  9. Do you have wrongful dismissal laws in florida? Lots of companies will throw money at you if you even suggest a wrongful dismissal accusation.


    1. Nope florida is a right to fire state they fire you without explanation. I work in commie Gainesville so i definitely have to watch what i say

  10. Keep it together. I in the other coast if you need something.

  11. Well, all I can add is that here in Cincinnati, (and supposedly many other places countrywide) is that Help is wanted all over the place. Our small company is offering $500 to any of us that can bring people in for a variety of positions from sales to warehouse. First time I think they have ever done that and I've been there 22 years.

  12. Big Country, having been the mark in two separate workplace incidents where I was accused of being, first time, a racist by a POC lesbian and, second time, a sexist by a co-worker who apparently thought I should be interested in her, you have my support. A few minutes of background and objective reflection would have headed this decision off but, after all, this is "woke" corporatism, aye. No doubt this is a very inopportune time for you to be the subject of someone's misguided effort to enforce a corporate policy. Perhaps your numerous other skills and training may offer a better alternative means of income and soon.


  13. sorry about the job. its happened to us all at one time or another. you stop and look around and wonder did that just happen. screw them, you will find a better job.

  14. from experience. unemployment is usually for acts beyond your control so usually you aren't eligible if you quit or get fired. BUT if you get fired WITH NO WARNINGS and no write up/whatever their procedure is. you get unemployment. go file.

  15. union at a gubbermint complex? As a former union steward-and yes I know the union is as FU as any company-I still relished cases like yours. I'd be chasing HR & her minions around the complex with a butcher knife. (When you see an injustice-go all in I say.) I loved having the "I have my MASTER'S in Bidness Management" types grovel before me. Listen, I was good. I had one guy & gal caught bonking each other in a (AT&T) switchroom. HIS first comment to me? "But what will I tell my wife??!??" Well, Budd, your privates only belong one place when you're married, so........Now, filthy dirty noisy switchrooms have never turned me on, but it WAS a Wednesday......boredom gets all of us. Budd got a 29 day suspension, paper removed after 1 year, and a welcome back to full pay and benefits. Your HR wimmen needs some 'splainin.You are a smart and crafty dude; another job in no time!!

  16. The churn. You were being hunted.

  17. Just had a VA claims C&P psych eval last week, she kept asking me about suicidal thoughts, and you know they're using it as a trick question, doesn't matter how you answer it, there's a catch. Yes or no, you're lying one way or another. And it's in your records.

    When one door closes, another one opens.

  18. sorry for your troubles my friend. i'll chip in when i get paid. i'll be in the same boat soon due to the vax mandate....BTW, an 0-6 just told me ALL my state's nasty guard is deploying OCONUS by the end of the year. NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE. no one left for stateside emergency. getting the non-wokes out of the way, huh? govna just called a special session for august too. another unusual move. hmmmm.

  19. You're too old for all that silly little gurl shit that you find at most jobs these days. Start your own thing. Yes you can. Figure it out. Then you'll never get fired again. Good luck.

  20. Have to be careful these days whenever you mix authorities with mental health issues. At the very minimum, the red flag laws will rip you a new one.

  21. BCE: One door shuts, another opens. Happened to me. People will always need comfort items, especially booze and tobacco. Get into any business where people will sacrifice anything to buy feel-good comestibles. Bleib ubrig.

  22. (shakes head)

    HR - never there to help the humans.

  23. What ever you decide to do, file a claim anyway. Talk to a lawyer. Make the idiots pay for their mistake. Get back pay. Sue the individual that fired you, not just the company.