Friday, June 18, 2021

Irish Democracy

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Yesterdays poast started some interesting mind-grinds as I like to call them.  The whole idea of a blog a lot of times it to get the brain cogitation rolling and see if others are either as crazy as I am, or if I'm completely wrong.  Me poastie from yesterday seemed to be well recieved on Gab, as I always link a new one on there.  I mean I like to spread the manure around Aye?

So I woke up this A.M. to a relatively new follower who tagged me and stated oh-so-well the thought of the Motivation on the story of the missing boom-boom. Drivata, (male? female? unknown) tagged good ole Neon Revolt with this:
Now... great analysis... not that I agree, but.
THIS is the type of stuff I like.
Now, I'm pretty sure Ole' Revolt ain't gonna respond, nor is he going to even read/acknowledge the tag.  Not exactly sure what I did but I've been long-blocked/shadow banned by him.  Not sure if it was b/c I called him a QShill/tard or the JQ I occasionally mention. 

Moren'likely it was the shill comment.  Sapper bought the $30? tome on Q he wrote, which was a collation of every. single. Q drop put in book form, and his analysis.  Instead of finding it to be insightful and whatnot, the book reeked of shill.  It was actually the reason I stopped following Q.  A book that thorough, that large?  Produced by one guy? With those production values?  

Fucking thing weighed like 5 pounds.
Of itty-bitty print.
Super glossy paper.
Now, seeings how Q DID turn out, and that grift has run it's course, he's apparently jumping on and muscling in on my 3 named man stuff.  Meh.  Looking at some of the repoasts of his 'current work' is all pretty much the beating the conspiracy drum, but with very little substance.  
Personally, I think the motherfucker glows in the dark
Hell, maybe I'm wrong.
BUT, the amount of evidence of Q being 'controlled opposition' and (((Shapiro))) being apparently controlled opposition, and the amount of people out there who are probably working for the other team, shiiiiiiit.  Everyone and no-one is suspect.   I just assume everyone is in on it.

I mean look at East Germany.
The STASI had like whut? 80% of the country spying on each other?  Not that it really, truly mattered.  Hell, reality is that was just about the only part of the East German economy that did actually work, i.e. the payments to the informants, and the spy apparatus employing everyone.

Not much different here these days.
But, back to the original theses:  The current crop o'morons is hoping/planning -something- to be able to give the excuse for a crackdown.  I completely agree with Drivata on that, and it's got it's possible plusses and minuses.  Only thing is, stolen DotMil weapons aren't going to invalidate the whole of the Army/DotMil.  It'd take something like a whole unit of doodz in DC to turn the weapons 180 and start lighting up the House of Representatives in order to get those actions taken... a purge of that size and scope needs giant bad-bad optics.

Unless it was found that a DotMil supply personnel had opened up an Arms Room (highly unlikely) and/or opened up an AHA/ASP (ammo holding area/ammo supply point) to the dreaded Whypeepo Huwhyte Sooperpreemercists, (beyond unlikely) there's no way short of an open rebellion of a Unit, on TV, for the world to see for them to be able to eliminate the basic DotMil and fold it like a lawn chair.  I mean they'd love to have it happen, but it's not going to.

Irish Democracy.
Gotta love it.

And to those who're not familiar with it, well, just being here you're actively participating in it.  "Irish Democracy" is defined by massive, passive resistance to governmental dictates and rules.  In other words:
Courtesy of Phil.
Believe it or not, until I went to his blog a few back, I'd never heard of "Because Fuck You That's Why".  Fucking great Aye?  But yeah, That's my take on it.  Irish Democracy is faaar simple, elegant and from what I can see and tell by the reaction in the intahrwebz, it's working.

The Ministry of Propaganda is confused
The Feds even more so
I mean how do you crack down on nothing?
And if they DO start something, the other part of Irish Democracy is that when and if you get fucked with, you fuck 'em right back, only twice as hard.  

Keep it up, we're doing well.

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Heh, I can't take credit for coining it because I found it on the web. I want to say it was our old friend MtnForge. I took it and ran with it though. ��

  2. BCE,
    Agree on several points...
    First and foremost, trusting people on the inetrwebbies that "like" you and suggest you join their movement/cause/belief/Multi-level get rich thingee - or advocate YOU do something...
    Is kind of like thinking the stripper actually likes you.

    In God We Trust, all others pay cash

    I have a dear family member who Loved them some Q,
    thought that he spoketh the Word from on High...
    I am happy to say that she has smartened right up and seems to be just a tad more decernin' and untrustin'
    (kinda makes me proud of my HillBilly heritage right there)
    I seem to get the feelin' that Alphabet guys are scratchin' they's noggin's wondering why their plans didn't provoke the rubes into playing in their carefully constructed kill zones.
    I am convinced that while the three letter guys may have the occasional very smart agent or operator, they have one heck of a mill stone that guaranties the Failure of ALL plans outside of brute force or open the cages and let anarchy run amok...
    That mill stone is their Politically approved management.
    I have had the Joy of working with some of the Diversity/Politically Approved/Woke Management that currently infests these agencies...
    I Loved it when they had a Big Rally last year and ALL of the Interweb Patriots were screaming that we HAD to be there WITH weapons to stand UP for freedom...Aesop called this one right on the money
    Prayers for you and yours,
    I hope and Pray that we can vote our way back into a Constitutional Republic,
    But like Jack Sparrow said "I rather doubt it"
    I just Pray that TPTB hold off on the spicy times while I continue to get supplies with fiat bucks before the fiat bucks will become worth more as a Charmin sub than as anything useful.

    MSG Grumpy

    1. Sarge,

      Ya read my mind!

      We're on the same frequency.


  3. Check your proton mail. That was me on Gab.

  4. Read Neon long ago till the bogus Q thing got to thick. He and the millions of other talking heads on the web and media are about only one thing the money. Its all click bait for advertising. The regular blogs not so much that's why I come here except Zerohedge. The commenters there are funny as hell but very little news worth reading there.

  5. Another I like and use is FOCUS.... Fuck off 'cuz u stupid. That really confuses people because you don't have to explain beyond it innocuous meaning. I proudly wear the BFYTW sticker on the back glass of my pick em up truck canopy.

    1. Yup.
      humans, on the whole are stupid herd critters, they need to be led around with a hook in their mouths, they're groupies to any idiot with a microphone and 2 brain cells more than they have. 90%+ of the population can't do anything for themselves and that includes thinking.
      So here we are..............

    2. Wyo,

      With that attitude, you should be a Cop. Or, are you already?
      I personally believe that most of Americans, meaning from the ascendant portion of the bell curve onward to the right, will think for themselves and choose self preservation and self advantage IF given truthful and accurate information. People in confusion make poor, or no, decisions. That is the psychological situation in which a good portion of our Countrymen find themselves. Difficult times call for leadership, it is true. In the harshest of times, informal leadership arrises from the least likely (as everyone would suspect) places. Leadership must be inspirational, like Ronald Reagan, and Donald Trump... and not demanding and forceful, like a cop, or a KGB/STAZI/FIB agent. Think of the Khmere Rouge in 1975, forcing the entire population of their countrymen out of the cities and into forced labor on collective farms. Do you think they inspired anyone? That had the same attitude you just expressed about the rest of humanity.
      To your original comment, if you attend a costume party and find yourself the only one in costume, declaring, "Everyone in this room is fucked up except for me!", take another look at yourself.

    3. @Longbow,
      yeah, I'm a negative kinda asshole. Now take a good hard look around you, where do you see anyone lifting a finger to change anything, besides the hopey dopey Trump's coming back BS? Oh, I forgot, they're still recounting the votes, that counts for something, right? This nation is sitting around waiting for someone to come save them, I don't know anyone who even cares enough to know WTF is going on.
      Yeah, I know that you know a few folks who went to prepper camp or to gunfighting school and they're just itching to get the ball rolling, all .00019% of the population.
      P.S. I know all about the Khmer Rouge, I plotted their positions every day (3rdMarDiv) on a map while they were encircling Phnom Penh. And laid out LZ's in the downtown area for US Evac. Not new to reality here.

    4. @Longbow,
      BTW, Ronald Reagan's greatest acting job was in the White House, and Donald Trump is not your friend. He's the same guy who covered for Fauci, told us all to get vaxxed and bailed out his bankster buddies with trillions in Covid relief funds. What part of this isn't sinking in for you?
      I've actually been trained at Counter-Guerrilla Warfare School in how to set up teams of indigenous fighters and take the fight to the enemy, but so far I haven't met ANYONE willing to sit down and listen how it's done. They're all busy being led around by the nose by the Bolshevik media and chasing squirrels of the media variety. Al,l deception to keep the stupid masses occupied while they're lied to every minute. Did I miss anything?

  6. like i said earlier, not to purge the .mil, they have realized its too big and too full of us. no, they just need an excuse to disarm it and lock it down on base. take the teeth out of it. b4 you say can't happen, it already did in the 80's. for better part of two years we only drew weps to go straight to the range and back. training on non-wep tasks in between. sucked balls.

  7. I would say, watch not so much what people say, but watch what they DO.

    1. I've noticed the ones bitching the most are the ones who don't know what they're doing.
      Mostly ego based bravado.