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Thursday, June 24, 2021

How it Will Happen

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
First off, admin note: Trolls, don't bother.  I moderate.  As the Humungus said "Just go away."  No want, no need.  Lots of shitty people out there.  Get fucked Aye.

Now, onward.  In keeping with Slo Xi Bi Den and his "Nook-a-clear weapons and F-15's" speech yesterday, I thought I'd continue with my discussion of just "how" things might start shaping up. 
 It's a bit like Bracken's "Dear Police" letter he did a waaays back.  More of a description of how -I- think shit'll play out if and when people get to the point where they have nothing left to lose.

Now, mind you THIS from a DotGov who's been positively screaming that unarmed protestors and trespassers almost overthrew the DotGov...

Which is it guys?  You either need Nukes and Fighter Planes or you don't.


Any wonder we ignore them?
And then they're going to be genuinely puzzled when we start throwing rotten fruit and vegetables at them... in fact I'd say that's a great idea.  Every. Single. Time. one of these hacks appears in public, we should bombard them with rotten fruit, eggs and veggies.  Veggies especially as a symbol of Slo and his tater brains.

I mean what're they gonna do?  Charge you with Assault with a Deadly Veg?
Better yet, get your 14 and 15 year old kid to do it.... Yootful Prankage Aye?

So, the way it'll go down:
-Someone- is going to get cancelled/arrested/unpersoned as they used to call it in the Soviet Union.  Now, depending on the level of it, maybe someone's dear ole Dad gets hemmed up and jailed for political issues.  Or, worse, say the State of Florida decides to no longer follow the edicts and increasing crazy from the FedGov.  And someone gets arrested for having a Florida Driver's license as part of the 'rebellion'.  Far fetched?  Dunno.  I'm spitballin' here... either way, someone, somewhere, a dick gets trod on with golf shoes.

And someone decides that now, it's personal.
However, one can only 'nibble' at Leviathan.  I mean all well fine and dandy to dream of going after the J. Edgar. Hoover building in the District of Criminality, like in the Turner Diaries.  It's another thing altogether nowadays to pretty much resign yourself to lil annoying bites and nips here n'there.  Back when that moron wrote that shit, the surveillance state had nothing on what we got nowadays.  

As I said on Gab the other night,
Lots of agreement from the hoi polli Gabbers
If something goes sideways, it'll be the FedGov depending on FedAgents to enforce and be the bully boys like Bracken wrote about in "Enemies F&D".  The DotMil, while being currently pozzed out of it's mind, it's not completely stupid.  Outrageous dumbasshattery aside, the Troops?  They can get ordered all. day. long. to -do- shit, but ain't shit gonna get done.  If anything, the DotMil is going to 'hunker in the bunker' and stay the fuck out of the whole thing, 'cos like I said, their families come first.  In fact, watch for a migration of off-base peeps moving ON base if you want to have a strong indicator shit's about to get really reelz.  It'll take word of mouth to get that sort of news though... not that the Ministry of Propaganda is going to say anything.  I have a lot of Chair Farce kids from McDill who live in my A.O... you can be sure if they all start pulling up with rental trailers and vans to load some shit into them all around the same time, it'll be noticeable.  Means they're getting the fam out from possible reprisals.

Now, as far as FedGov workers outside of the DotMil?  Whereas the majority of the morons who're still working in Leviathan?  At some point, anyone who's working there has to now know, without a doubt, that they're on the wrong side.  The FedGov has been revealed as fuckin' corrupt as the day is long.  The FBI?  Evil. Period. Fucking. DOT.  I mean yeah, lotsa folks went in with the "I'm doing this for my country 'cos I'm a patriot and want to make a difference!"

Lots of us joined the DotMil for the same reason.
That lasted until week 3 or 4 of Basic...

Is it cynical?  Hell yeah.  It's a paycheck.  It rapidly becomes a paycheck.  Then, as time goes on, and the more time you spend, you aim for the retirement.  Once that comes,  the cynicism is complete and total.  Realizing that you spent the majority of your youth in pursuit of something intangible, one quickly realizes that you need to live on something AFTER the fact.  High ideals and patriotism and whatnot don't put vittles on ye olde table.  It's even harder after a hardcore life, when the knees are shot-the-fuck-through and the spine has had not 3  but 4 surgeries, and you can barely walk. least in the DotMil you have camaraderie, or leastways you used to.  Now with the current pozzing?  Notsomucho I'm guessing.  You can gar-ron-damned-tee that they'll watch out for their families.  

Fine and Dandy to be all "I'll drone those Islamic errrr... right wing whypeepo superpreemercists to death!!!" when you're located a full continent away and your family safely ensconced in home and hearth.

So here's the thing fat: when your at work, "doin' the do" -someone- kicks in your front door, and butchers every. single. person. in your house, as well as the family pets.  And then waits for you to get home, and does you too, AFTER showing you the severed heads of your fam, and letting you know that this is the price you pay for taking Leviathan's Groat.  Your failure at that point is complete and total.  No memory/progeny for you.  Your. Line. Ends. 

Probably get the whole thing on vidya and uploaded to whatever the flavor-of-the-week host that shows utterly gruesome shit out there.
Maybe ogreish will make a comeback?
Tough call, but the revolution will be broadcast in all it's horrorshow and ultraviolence.
Best to note it if'n your part of the problem, as you've legitimized your participation on what's turning out to be the wrong team.  Everyone will eventually get 'touched' by this shitspatter.

It's unavoidable.
As Spike Lee used to say: "Do the right thing"
All you have to do is look at some of the pictures of the people who've run into 'real life'.  The ones of AntiFa who fuck with the wrong person and get the scars to show it.
The stunned deer-in-the-headlights looks are classic.
Again, Keep it in mind.
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. "-someone- kicks in your front door, and butchers every. single. person. in your house, as well as the family pets. And then waits for you to get home, and does you too, AFTER showing you the severed heads of your fam,"

    my brother from a different mother..

    it's a Rakkasan thing- no doubt

  2. Instead of waiting for the person to come home, another option is to leave the heads in front of whatever facility the enemy is working at.

    Rubber-band catapults, like you use for balloon wars, can be used to toss the heads of family members at the enemy. It's a tactic in use since, well, Day 1 of tribal warfare, which is what we are devolving to.

    And there's no need to hit the DC institutions. Local branch offices of the hated ones, the IRS, the DEA, the FBI and others, are usually in normal easy-to-get-to buildings with minimal levels of security. DC may be an armed camp, but the local fed courthouse (as we've seen in Portland and Seattle and... in DC.. Hmmmmm.)

    Not that I want it to go that way, but Mumbles McPudding Brains tossed the gauntlet down. It's one thing for some low-level flunky to make the 'We've got the keys to the Bombs, baby' statement, but the supposed presidunce? WTF?

    When Boe Jiden says it, it means that's what the senior staffs and controllers think. Which means... fucking war to the hilt. Like some senior staff member gets a box of balls on his/her/its doorstep. Balls cut from senior staffer's junior staff.

    Dammit. I want Mean-Tweets-Man back. This shit is fucked up and is past down-right-scary.

    Think nationally, act locally!

  3. The "you need nukes and jets" to win is just psy ops intended for the weak minded and gullible. Most of the left aren't insane enough to actually use nukes on American soil.....a handful like Mad Maxine might....but they are still a minority....for now. It's just posturing and preening, when you aren't TRULY in control you make tough noises to convince others...and yourself...that you are.

    1. Use "nukes" plural - probably not. Use one? On a particularly recalcitrant area? Maybe. It's not like governments haven't used WMD against civilian populations that they weren't particularly fond of before.

    2. I HIGHLY doubt thy would use ANY nukes...even just one. Because that's a Pandora's box NO sane person wants to open. It's just hot air and theatrics to scare the gullible and puff up their own egos.

    3. Nukes against a domestic population would be an unprecented move, but chemical and biological weapons have already been used before. The line has already been crossed - repeatedly. Now, it's just a question of how far past it anyone will go. Given the domestic body counts that regimes have racked up just going back to the Russian Revolution, counting on governmental restraint isn't exactly the safest bet.

  4. Biden and his ilk have been in DC 40+ years. They think the government is omnipotent, and its military might unbeatable. It's their Achilles heel. Look at A-stan right now. The Taliban are already re-taking what they lost. Un-conventional beats conventional every single time.

    History is replete with examples. Democracy always leads to anachy. That's because democracy leads its people to better standards of living, then complacency---> corruption -----> correction. We are in the complacent, but fully corrupt stage. Correction is next.

    In order to impose their vision of totalitarian control over the nation, at some point these power mad retards have to make a final push to squash the People's will to fight. In order to do that, they will have to impose, as JDY puts it, full "civilian disarmament". They simply cannot have us owning 400M+ firearms and trillions of rounds of ammo.

    Illogical as it seems.. they have no choice. Just like King George, Hitler, and Mao, they have to disarm the nation, or eventually those firearms will be employed in resistance to their ever increasing power grab.

    History is screaming at us here... and she's saying she knows The People vs. the Government is inevitable...

    1. Yeah, let's see. The Marines have no more heavy armor. The Navy is shedding 30% of the destroyers and cruisers. The Army is all 'Muh Diversity' and shit.

      What Armed Forces?

  5. like i said, "stolen military weps used in crime" any day now, mil weps put on lockdown. personnel restricted to base etc. take the teeth out of the tiger, they think, since woke-ism isn't working fast enough. they'll gin up a woke national police and stand down/defund the local/state popo too. prolly arrest them, if they follow commie protocol. then the nats become the midnight death squads taking out any threat and settling grudges. that's where solzinitzan came in with his "oh, how we burned in the camps later.." let's NOT burn in the camps later, eh. if i gotta burn, i burn some shit with we.

  6. Just no assault with a deadly vag.

  7. I've said it before but it could use repeating. We actually outnumber them many times over. If you look at the closure rate of murder cases it is near zero when there is no obvious personal connection between the participants. So hop in your car, drive to the next state over and pop politician / media whore / professor / etc. from ~200 yards as they go into work. Then just drive home and forget about it, your part is done. If 1% of us did that there wouldn't be any of them left.

    1. There's not enough Moose to go around...
      Some hunters will be disappointed.


  8. fact, watch for a migration of off-base peeps moving ON base if you want to have a strong indicator shit's about to get really reelz.....

    Very perspicacious. will keep thisnin mind.

    "-someone- kicks in your front door, and butchers every. single. person. in your house, as well as the family pets. And then waits for you to get home, and does you too, AFTER showing you the severed heads of your fam,"

    Thanks, Brother Country for saying this. There is a certain personal Rubicon that I passed regarding what may have to be done. I am glad I am not alone.

  9. Idaho National Guard has M1 Abrams at Gowen Field in Boise, ID. IMHO, those tanks would go to Idaho. Correct me if I am wrong but National Guard is local guys. My guess is that they are unlikely to shoot their own.

    ...Not that I want it to go that way, but Mumbles McPudding Brains tossed the gauntlet down... When Boe Jiden says it, it means that's what the senior staffs and controllers think....

    Exactly. The die is cast.

    Mr. Country made a good point about not winning in the 'stan because of goat fuckers with 50 year old guns and a Tacoma.

    The 75 million deplorable aint goatfuckers with old shit. we have the latest in fire arms and other resources. The only ROE will be whatever it takes. And as Mr Country shows, we have a lot of imagination. How many .50 cals are owned in private hands?

  10. I love seeing the punks with their Fischer-Price tactical gear get the shit beat out of them.


    We are defacto at war. Its just the good guys havent started shooting.

  12. When the rubber meets the road, remember...there is no "fair fight". "Honor" is the tool of the coward. It's the most vile and treacherous who will win.

  13. "I mean all well fine and dandy to dream of going after the J. Edgar. Hoover building"

    You misspelled J. Edna Hoover.

  14. "If something goes sideways, it'll be the FedGov depending on FedAgents to enforce and be the bully boys"

    The Feds will go after some, sure. The heavy lifting? That will likely be done by militias - they're not just on the Right. Think: Arkan's Tigers, Interahamwe, UDA, etc. The military will likely pull a JNA and largely sit it out, while supplying and training the militias, and supplying them with intel.

  15. Afghanistan is our guide on how to conduct ourselves. Small groups, acting with little higher level control. Take out a target here, a target there. Death by a thousand cuts. Our military cannot deal with that very well. The last twenty years show us that. before us it was the Soviets, before them, the British. I'm reminded of Kipling;
    "When you're wounded and left on Afghanistan's plains,
    And the women come out to cut up what remains,
    Jest roll to your rifle and blow out your brains
    An' go to your Gawd like a soldier."

    The field is ours as long as we don't puss around and give it to them.

  16. re:
    Turner Diaries novel
    A well-written story about evil individuals.
    I have cannot justify executing slum-trash and bumblebrats simply because.
    That tends to re-bound.


    'nuke your Caucasian farms and Caucasian railroads and Caucasian trucking terminals'
    california Representative eric swalwell said something similar.
    I noticed his words were carefully chosen to not specify the tossers.
    Now, one of the Glorious Leader china joe biden impersonators brags the same.
    And very carefully avoids specifying who owns those nukes and how they get here.
    If I was curious, I might wonder if swalwell and biden are predicting those might be chinese nukes.
    Reading from a script.

  17. estimates are we were never fighting more than 10k taliban. we got this, if we have the will to do it.

  18. I definitely would not say the Taliban is beating the US in Afghanistan. When I was there in 2010, we happened to find a group of about a hundred of them, and managed to leave that valley with 80 confirmed bodies, and blood trails uncounted. We had 8 killed and 19 wounded. A ten to one kill ratio, in one fight, was pretty normal for us. I don't think them managing to have a half life of about a year is then winning. The thing the military is bad at, is building a new country out of disparate groups who have no desire to be a country, bordered by a country who wants them to be in disarray to prevent them from being a second front.

    1. the way an insurgency wins is by not losing ie: not being wiped out. over time it wears out the will of the govt to keep fighting. the people lose confidence in the govt the longer it goes on. you can't kill enough to win if they are fighting for a cause.

    2. 7:08

      The Taliban at Camp Bastion also managed to do more damage to Marine aviation than anyone since WW2.

      More importantly if things get this stupid, there are no forward bases or front lines to speak of. Its not like Team Evil can count on being far away and fighting a 4th tier nation. Its right at home.