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Thursday, June 24, 2021


Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Well, at least the week is -almost- over.  Been a long week.  I swear to any and all that's Holy I'm wore out.  Between health issues and whatnot, I'm about done in.  Work isn't hard per se, just continual.  We lost a lot of folks in the call center, (even tho we all work from home) and because of this, the call volume is such that we only get 30 seconds between each and every call.  Barely time to take a breather, never mind a drink of water.

Meh.   It pays the bills.  Barely.

The people are nice... at least I got that going for me.  The problem is when I have to deal with the Streetshitters from India.  I'm doing healthcare, and man, I swear...
Now, to be fair, the majority of them are really nice folks...  Those I can deal with.  It's the arrogant 20% that do not speeky good engrish and are pretty much incomprehensible.  And in health care, looking up medical shit?  I mean -I- have trouble with some of the terminology and I'm a fucking 'Murican and it's my primary language.

See, it's gets into the whole 'exploit the turd-world'.  Medical Billing here in the states can get expensive, and it's annoying enough that I actually called up the provider's office on my own cellie, on a break so it was on my time, and told 'em that the Hindus they hired were A) Illiterate and B) Lazy as fuckall.  They were calling in to get authorizations to submit the billing waaaaaaaaaaay outside the timely filing (180 days) and I knew that when the claims get denied, that the Vishnu Lads would blame us instead of the fact that they're slacking the fuck off. 

I mean calling me and asking for over 40 individual preauths over 8 months old?  Sure, the guy there is paying his Vindaloo Vibrants prolly $0.25 an hour, but I'm sure his invoice for the MedBilling is a sight more higher and profitable.  And when the 'Murican Companies get fucked over, he points to US and blames eeee-vil insurance MegaCorps.  Normally I wouldn't give a rats ass, but I don't want to see the company take it in the keister for Easter anytime soon, as I like the gig.

Get fucked Aye you fucking goons.
So, anyways.
'Nother thing I have issue with is dealing with -some- of the folks on the phone who're flat-out hostile.  Now, it isn't too often but I have had racial animus thrown at me.  Like you can not not hear the tonality and 'attitude' when dealing with some of the people on the phone.  I mean lets face it, if you have a dialect, and an accent, you can kinda-sorta figure out what or whom yer talking to.

In one case, it was a omfg black female Karen... couldn't miss the accent -at all-.  Immediately started in on me, being abusive, demanding the manager.  A for-real Black Karen.  Or is it Felicia?  Dunno.  Either way, I got the lead on the phone, and then I muted and listened.  The lead happened to share the same racial characteristics, and maaaaaaaaaan... I didn't say anything when the lead tried to get me written up later... I "stood on 17" so to speak.  Never use ammo if possible... save it.  I document everything, and in this case, names, times and the lies and bullshit, nevermind the way that they talked about me when they thought I'd disconnected.  Thankfully my boss knows I'm a straight shooter and professional as all get the fuck out.  I just bide my time and wait.  Of course though, when I do run into one of these people, I start using the word "nigger" in my head as a non-verbal punctuation mark on everything I say to them.  I have to be careful though, as if ONE time I slip up, I'm fried.

Some whypeepo people say black folks aren't/can't be racist.  Them folks? They obviously never worked with, been around or had to deal with them.  It's out of control.  Fucking Chicongo had a cop beaten and strangled half-to-death by 3 blacks for the sin of pulling them over for running a stop sign:

The cop?  Whypeeo from my understanding, and in this case, it's so blatant that the persecutor is actually referring felony assault charges.  Not that'll go anywhere, a 'jury of they peers' will insure they get a slap on the wrist.

Dunno 'bout y'all but I'm tired.
And the hilarity is only going to get worse.
Because all involved parties have no real clue as to just how tired the average Whypeeo are getting.
It's going to be a close thing.  ONE more summer of dis fukkin shit, and man, the blacklash is going to be spectacular.  Some shit that even out of the worst nightmares of their little fevered brains they can't or won't imagine...  They. have. no. idea.

ONLY in the US could we be doing a move backwards culturally and educationally speaking.

Fucking ass backwards... They're literally and figuratively enshrining a fucking criminal drug addicted nigger...  the Canonization of St. George of Fentanyl.  A boot-lipped moron with a intellectual ability of a toadstool, who's only claim to fame is robbing a pregger chick at gunpoint and doing low grade BBC porn... and how stupid can you be?  I mean Jesus Christ, eating the Meth?  What. The. Fuck.  For fucks sakes, throw it out the window and wait for your lawyer you retard!

But no, we're going for "Full Retard" and Enstupidization to the MAX:

The new 'Murica:
Blacks too stupid to do math?  Claim it's Raycist and Sheeeit, remove AP classes from the curriculum.

Blacks refuse or can't use proper English, never mind read/write? Claim Ebonics is their "Culture" and that anything 'proper' is Raycist and Sheeeit

Blacks can't pass the SATs because they're stupid/illiterate?  Eliminate the SAT requirement for colleges because it's Raycist and Sheeeit

Police Promotion exams, Medical School Entry Exams?
ALL Raycist and Sheeeit... eliminated for 'justice and equity.'
Leastways to hear it from Donquarius and De'yonkay.

Shit like that, that tells me is that in the future, IF I need to go to the ER, and I see a black face, I'll take my chances at home with a sewing needle and aspirin.  The odds of my survival would be increased tenfold methinks.  Better to bleed out than be possibly kil't by some Socially Aware Muh Diversity THEORETICALLY Edgeahmucated  Negroid.

And to say that?  OMFG I'm now Raycist and Sheeeit.

Leastways to all them limo-libtards who're pushing this dynamic.  Fuckers who are the real racists.  Whitebread Motherfuckers who's only interaction with blacks are the 'clean cut and literate' ones that Slo Xi Den mentioned, like the Obamamessiah.  Another issue with the pig-ignorant niggers though that hasn't really been observed, is that because all the Whypeepo have been bending at the knee, washing the feet, kissing the ass, and buffering the buns of allllll these subhuman illiterate cretins, and the fact that for the most part, outside of being able to count money, numerically speaking, they've got no idea just how badly they're outnumbered come the race war.  Maff ain't a nigger's strong point as mentioned before...

Race War... ugh.
Sadly, it's going to happen methinks.  MUCH sooner rather than later.  The niggers are feeling cocky, and think that this'll all keep going one way, and that whitey is on the run. The very fact that black mobs do as they please without consequence has put them to thinking that they're running the show.

Silly that Aye?
When the whypeepo get really angry, genocide follows.
The near-continual racial discrimination against the very people who invented nuclear weapons and real civilization, well, IMO, not very smart.  But, then again, what can you expect? They keep pushing though, and pushing, and pushing, and pushing.
So yeah, I'm tired.
We all are.
We've got many miles to go too.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Can't fault you on anything you said, because, well, it's all truth.

    Had one nurse at the local hospital tell my wife that Tylenol doesn't do anything for pain or for fighting fever. Guess the Race. Another nurse, overhearing, basically came and implied first nurse was untouchable and has been a constant sore spot and fuckup.

    As to Blackness, well, did you here about Cameltoe's Juneteenth dinner at the Veep's house? Her, a roomful of whites sitting at a huge table, being waited on by black servants who were standing around to wait on them hand and foot. So, Missy Blackness catered to a table of entitled whyte peepoo while the poo black blacks had to wait on the mistress.


    Grifters gonna grift.

    Yeah, RACEWAR is a coming. In a way that even Nathan Bedford would be going like "OMFG! DUDES! Chill!" It will be so bad that the KKK will cry out in fear and disgust.

    And they only have themselves to blame.

  2. Eugene, Oregon, home of less than one percent (<1%) negroids:
    I visit elderly shut-ins.
    Two Tuesdays ago, a gang of diversity trashed a quiet suburb neighborhood.
    Breaking windshields, assaulting folks, screaming filth.
    The diversity yelled "niggah this, niggah that" at all us Caucasian folks.
    Chests pumped out while chimp-dancing yelling "niggah, whut chu gone do bout it, huh?"
    One woman holding her telephone to photograph the diversity was beaten and robbed.
    LawEnforcementOfficials told us the criminals would be released before the paperwork is complete.
    We are fortunate nobody was killed, because that would be more paperwork.
    I avoid lumping all diversity, but some seem to enjoy creating Caucasian racists.
    I often visit a Southern Methodist church to sing in the choir.
    Great fun!
    And to a one, these decent folk hate 'niggers'.
    They are past ready to do some lynching of dope-fiends, low-waist riff-raff, and anybody with loudspeakers in an earthquake car.
    So, it's not just us.
    Everybody is fed-up with slum-trash.
    And the best part about the catch-n-release punks terrorizing that quiet well-kept neighborhood:
    * as of today, none of the local courts scheduled those punks.
    I spoke otr with a bailiff pal on my large-caliber league, he says prosecutors are refusing to address anything less than the equivalent of murder.
    The potential for retaliation terrorfies them.

  3. On the counting bit, they just highlighted 4 stunning and brave types here and one had the gall after having a her only study hall, a her only scholarship, a her only private dormroom which she claimed was the administration isolating her even after we uncovered her demand she be given one that we were all racist and evil and had 'work to do' because when she looked at her peers there was not a 1:1 ratio of whites to minorities and the LGBT crew.

    Not sure when the last time anyone on the stage took a look at a census data sheet and not their friend circle on twitter but its not possible with a level playing field.

    Heck HR had signed me up for everything special support group wise that MIGHT match my shade of ambiguous brown and said I could unsubscribe from any mailing list that didn't apply to me. As grumpy redneck wasn't listed I'm back to zero, how sad.

  4. I don't think there's ever been a time in recorded history when so many entitled orcs where "asking for it," so to speak. Fuck, the ancient Romans would massacre entire villages of fellow Whites if they didn't all agree on the Emperor's fashion sense. Hostile orcs literally raping, murdering and stealing from their obvious superiors? Sounds like it's going to be more of a "nature restoring itself."

  5. Yeah , the negros are feeling froggy. Time for their lessons in shut up , sit down , and you might be lucky enough to walk away.

  6. My nigger fatigue meter broke along time ago.

    The "conservative" boomers that virtue signal about their Non-rascism piss me the fuck off. The Day of the Pillow comes for you race traitor boomers.

    1. I'm a Boomer and my political opinions are right of Attila the Hun. Are you mad at your Boomer parents because they gave you a faggoty name like "Troy"?

  7. ...Some whypeepo people say black folks aren't/can't be racist. Them folks? ....

    These race traitors are my enemy every bit as much as negros.

  8. Trail of destruction everywhere they go

  9. Cry Havoc! Let slip the Dogs of War.

  10. "Time for their lessons in shut up , sit down , and you might be lucky enough to walk away."

    Nope, not this time. They are going home. Republic of Congo is going to have millions of new citizens.

  11. The natives are more restless than I've ever seen them in 68 years. thanks to obammy and the democrats, mostly obammy.

    Racism was dead in the 1970's in Pittsburgh except for a few beyond hope nigs in the projects.

  12. Never take your eyes of the puppet masters. The rich white folk pulling the strings.

    The Democratic Party was always the party of race hatred and race wars. Ever since 1824. Sixty years ago the Democratic Party was whipping up race hatred so white dixiecrates and big city blue collar workers would vote for them and win elections. Sixty years later the votes that win the Democratic Party elections are black. Twenty five percent of all Dem voters are black. If blacks dont vote 80% Dem but say only 60% Dem like mexicans and asians then the Dems stopping winning most elections. State and Federal. No matter how much voter fraud they try.

    Its a very simple equation, they more race hatred the Dems can whip up the better chance they have to stay in power. And the only reason they want to stay in power is to keep plundering the taxpayer and get kickbacks. Just like they have since 1828.

    Follow the money.

  13. Opinion Mr. Country? Assuming link works.

    I dont have a problem with any of them. Some piss me iff more than others. Some are redeemable. Others arent. Your mileage may vary and that of your readers. No offense if this is too much.

  14. And in Portland, police had to shoot someone while he was getting stabby with another dude. A riot started forming, so the police announced that it was okay because the guy they shot was white.
    Check out the announcement on twitter

  15. FYI Bro, black Karens are named Ka'renisha. Trust me on this

  16. That police attack was in Aurora, not chicago


  18. "Its coming it's coming its coming!" I will believe it when I see it. South Africa 2, here we come. Sure, there will ve the occasional Michael Douglas from Falling Down here and there, but my money is on that being about it. Pretty blackpilled lately.