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Friday, June 11, 2021

Back and a Clear and Present Danger

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
NOT the gallbladder.  Thanks to any and all advice etc that y'all put out, along with good thoughts.  This ish?  ANOTHER Kidney Stone.  I'm -still- high AF right now.  At least I'm not seeing double and/or passed the fuck out.  Because of all the nerve damage and skull-brain damage, the pain receptors in my carcass are a bit hard to read.  What seemed to be the gallbladder again, instead was a mongasso stone tearing me up like a mother.  Some Ultraviolence with some ultrasound (pretty cool that Aye?) broke it down from impassable to 'ground glass coming out my urethra'... we should have used that at Guantanamo Bay as a tool... I'd be ready to sell my spawn's souls, nevermind my own for that sweeeet morphine.

And speaking of which...
Monkey on my back time.  Again.  Another fun medical aspect of ye olde Intrepid Reporter of Fame and Adventure is a significant tolerance of opioids.  The dose it takes to make the ouchies numb down to tolerable would kill a platoon of junkies.  Coming off of even medically authorized stuff sucks, but hell...  That's what beer is for.  And doc wants me drink lots and lots of water and beer to flush out all the remaining issues.  They think because I quit drinking a few months ago I wasn't getting the normal flood of liquids, and my new diet, some new breakfast-substitute shake-thingie that Wifey put me on might have started me back down to stone-ville.  Something to keep in mind for all you preppers, that some of those 'liquid meals' might have unexpected secondary side effects like kidney stone formation.  

Now, onto one piece of news that I got that's fallen by the wayside as of late. Jürgen Conings in Belgium. Now, if you haven't heard about him, let me getcha up to speed. Jürgen Conings is a Career Corporal Belgian Special Forces type. 30 years IRL Wartime shooter experience. Sniper, all around badass. About 5 weeks ago, the whole "We're locking you down for COVID again" was announced for Belgium AGAIN, well, he didn't take too kindly to that and was like "The fuck you are you bullshitin' motherfuckers!" at which point he went down, drew a metric fuckton of 'goodies' from the Arms room, as well as live ammo, and left a note on his bunk saying "I'm not locked in with you, you're locked in here with me!" and left a target list of people who he was planning on perforating.
The story ist heir:
That was 5 weeks ago.
Now, I'm still friends with a former wife of one of my best friends.  She's a German Cutie who married my home boy back in the day, and after the divorce, she and I stayed friends cos he was in the wrong and a dick.  She remarried a German Airborne GSG-9 type.  Seems that this part hasn't got much play but there's a missing squad of German Troops that is running around loose too.

The word I got is that the Belgians have problems with their troops being willing to go after their now-wanted former comrade in arms.  A natural position IMO.  So, when it started being apparent that the Politicos were starting to feel like lunch meat and getting a might nervous about the rumbling among the troops and even high-higher, they called the EU.  That's the European Union assholes in Brussels.  According to the word I got, the Belgies, well, they sorta-kinda agree about the new lockdown, and think the politicos ARE playing fuck-fuck games.  So the politicos no longer trust their own troops.  So they went to the EU, who went to NATO, who pulled a Squad of German Shooters to hunt this guy down.  Much like the Brits did in the colonies... don't want to go after 'your own'?  Bring in the Hessians.  Kraut mercs pretty much.  That made everyone happy.

Until the German Squad disappeared.

No one knows what happened.  The main fear is they went rogue as well.

The KSK, (that's the actual German SF kids) The 'Kommando Spezialkräfte' is run through supposedly with 'right wing politics' and been under a lot of investigations for Nazi bullshit.  They've been getting fucked with unmercifully by their own politicians, to the point now that this squad vanished?

So it's either out of a movie, and Belgian dude took out these guys like Rambo took out the sheriffs department in the first movie 


The German KSK squaddies rolled out into the woods, found dude, yelled "Was ist Los Kameraden?  We brought the beer!" and are now planning to do dreadful and evil things to the politicians all around.

Any bets it's option #2?
That's my take.  Keep fucking around, you'll find out.
So, that's today's hot-take.  It's bringing to mind what they're going to have to deal with HERE in Estados Unidos if they decide to go full retard.  All these people trying to pozz out the Army, all the 'muh diversity' games and CRT and saying that Climate Change and Whypeeo are the "Greatest Threat of All Time"?  

Uh no.

The "Greatest Threat of All Time" to America is sitting in power currently
And ALL the troops, down to the lowest private know it and are aware
The politicos who've never stood a watch in real life, especially the Buttplugs and Hunter Bidens who use the military as a "resume checkbox" but never really tote the gear and the responsibility are the TRULY THE GREATEST 'CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER' TO THE REPUBLIC.

The 'reality call' is going to be a stone motherfucker.
THAT I can assure you.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Absolutely beautiful if true. I hope similar things can come from our own diverse military.

  2. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be option #2.

  3. Die Beir bringst! Ein prosit! Shit gets FIXED when beer’s involved. Wanna fix the G7 bullshit? 1 table, a keg & a goodly amount of wings. Get the poseur honchos outta the way & let the troops settle things. Ask any solid NCO how to properly get shit accomplished....

  4. Has there ever been a modern nation with as many retired and often disgruntled former professionals soldiers like the U.S.? Yes, keep alienating and driving out the actual soldiers, I am sure that will go well for you.

  5. I've fought kidney stones for the past seven or eight years. I found a solution - not one the doctors recommend, but it works for me.

    I currently take 2 of the Kidney COP every morning, and one 1600mg Chanca Piedra at night. It's worked to keep me stone-free for several years now.

    Highly recommended.

  6. Sorry about the kidney stone dude, I've had them too and OMG the PAIN !! For those who haven't had one, it's like pissing sharp glass. FYI drink lots of fluids like you said, but also make sure to have a water filter on your drinking water as well. I live in Florida too and the ground is all limestone which when dissolved leaves calcium and too much calcium in your body leads to kidney stones.

  7. Luck to you with the stones man, thems a cast iron bitch.

    I also hope it's door #2 WRT the Belgie and Krauts. Godspeed, bruders

  8. Wow, sorry man. Stones are how my kidney cancer was found. Most common way, actually, that such things turn up. Oh, and go #2......

  9. I drink well water (lots of limestone). A chinese urologist consulted on my stone and suggested I drink (lots of) lemonade. No repeat stones. So far so good, 'bout 15 years. Sad, but my guess, the boys in grey are one more don't believe any rumor ........worm

  10. Had a stone and ended up in the hospital. Asked the doc how to prevent it. He asked, "Do you like beer?" I said yes. He said drink lots of beer. Nice thing about beer it goes through you fast because it doesn't have to stop and change color. Door #2 please. Come to think of it we need a #2 door here...I mean a door #2. The #2 door is in D.C..

  11. Had a stone and ended up in hospital. Asked doc how to prevent it in the future. He said drink lots of beer. Beer leaves quicker than other liquids because it doesn't have to stop and change color. Door #2 please. We need a #2 door here...I mean a door #2. The #2 door is in D.C..

  12. My dad was plagued with them things too, being an absolute old-school Southron sweet tea addict. I still remember having to practically carry him back into the house after a decidedly unscheduled late-night visit to good old Dr Rankin (this was the 70s, that was still a thing back then) for a shot of Demerol. Can't say I feel your pain myself, knock on wood, but I've SEEN it.